IMG Chapter 103 Encountering Space Pirates

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Luo Lingxing felt his heart suddenly beat faster. A current slowly spread from his heart to the rest of his body, making him unable to react for a second.

“Oh my, is Xiao Luoluo overcome with emotion? Are you excited?” Yang Luo Lingxing came up to tease Luo Lingxing. Ye Luohan let the other person down, and Luo Lingxing quickly returned to normal as he hazily remembered the rules of the game. He cooperated by nodding and said, “The Male God’s voice is soothing and nice to listen to.” But in fact, he wasn’t really aware of what he was saying.

“Luoluo is too light. You should eat more.” Ye Luohan’s voice transmitted through the microphone to all corners, including the viewers in front of the TV.

One can imagine what kind of wave this ship would set off online once this program’s episode finished.

“Wowowow… They officially gave us some candy. It’s too sweet. What should I do if I die from this sweetness?”

“Han-Xing ship is official. I’m about to drown to the sound of the Male God saying ‘I luv you.’ His voice is too sexy and affectionate!”

“The little prince should be with Yang Fan.”

“Luoluo is obviously meant to be with the Male God. The Han-Xing ship is the way to go. All the other ships can stand aside.”

”What does the Yang-Luo ship amount to? The Han-Xing ship is now canon, okay? Didn’t you see the candy the official team just gave us? Moreover this is the biggest candy that has ever been released in the movies.”

“I’m looking forward to the screening of this movie. I will definitely drag my friends to watch it ten times.”

“The Han-Xing ship is the true ship. Han-Xing ship forever!”

Ye Luohan looked at the forum comments on his terminal. The corners of his mouth curved up a bit as he was very satisfied with the current pair shipping.

The Han-Xing ship was canon and the other unofficial ships had been cut off in its early stages. That Yang-Luo ship or whatever was very grating to the ears. That kind of ship shouldn’t exist at all.

Yang Fan was merely a sect leader in the film and had only protected Luoluo a couple of times. How could it compare to him and Luoluo who were a couple inside the movie?

Ye Luohan’s agent saw Ye Luohan act like this and suddenly shivered, feeling that something wasn’t right.

After catching up with the announcements, the promotions had finally come to an end. up next, they just had to wait for the movie to screen. And at this time, the school also had their winter break. Luo Lingxing suddenly went from being so busy that he didn’t even have time to sleep to being in a state of idleness with nothing to do.

“Xiao Xing, have you gotten used to the Emperor Star? If you need anything, tell this third brother of yours.” Luo Bingze instructed Luo Lingxing through the video.

“Third brother, everything is very good,” Luo Lingxing obediently replied.

“That’s good. I watched all the films and programs you were in. Our Xiao Xing is so amazing. You acted very well. I heard you filmed a new movie recently. When it screens, third brother will definitely reserve all the seats,” Luo Bingze said with a smile. He was very fond of his youngest brother.

“Me too, me too! I’ll definitely bring my classmates and reserve all the seats.” Luo Bingxu’s head suddenly squeezed onto the screen from the side as he smiled and said.

“Get over there.” Luo Bingze pushed Luo Bingxu’s head aside before turning back to Luo Lingxing. “I heard that filming was very tiring. Xiao Xing, you must pay attention to your health and make sure to rest. If you’re too tired, don’t film anything. We’re not lacking in anything.”

“Mm, I got it. I’ll pay attention to my body.” Faced with the concerns of his family, Luo Lingxing felt his heart warm and his mood became very good. The familial affection that he had missed for a long time made him very happy.

“It’s going to be New Years soon. Xiao Xing, when will you return? My dad and the others hope you will come back soon.”

Luo Lingxing thought about how he hadn’t been back for half a year and since he didn’t have any work recently, he said, “I’ll head back in a couple of days. I shouldn’t have any work before the new year.”

As soon as Luo Lingxing finished speaking, the handsome face on the screen immediately blossomed in a smile. “Then I’ll send a private spaceship to pick you up.”

“It’s fine. I’ll take the public spaceship back,” Luo Lingxing hurriedly replied.

“Alright, fine. Call me when you get here. I’ll pick you up.”

“Okay,” Luo Lingxing replied.

The video was quickly turned off. In the final moments, Luo Lingxing could hear Luo Bingxu shouting that he wanted to speak with him, and he couldn’t help but chuckle softly.

It was so nice to have family accompany him in his life this time!

“You’re going home?” Han Junzhan came over and asked beside Luo Lingxing and asked. He slightly furrowed his brows.

He had just heard Luo Lingxing say this, but he hadn’t intentionally eavesdropped.

“Mm, the school is on winter break and I finished my work for now. Since it’s going to be the new year soon, I plan to head home and take a look,” Luo Lingxing said.

Han Junzhan’s brows furrowed even deeper. He wanted to say something but realized there wasn’t anything he could say. With his current position, he couldn’t ask him to stay, so he couldn’t help but feel a bit upset. If they had become true husbands, then Luo Lingxing wouldn’t be going home for the New Year.

“When are you leaving?” Han Junzhan asked in the end. In his mind, he was planning how he could finish all the matters at the military district in a couple days. He also had his annual leave for the New Year. He also hadn’t returned to the Flowing Cloud Star in a while, so he could use this chance to visit his grandpa.

“Tomorrow,” Luo Lingxing said. He didn’t have anything to do here, so it was better for him to go home earlier. Moreover, he missed his family members.

“So soon?” Han Junzhan’s brows furrowed even deeper. Even if he worked as fast as he could, he would still need at least a week to deal with everything and assign all the tasks.

Luo Lingxing had a bit of doubt and asked, “Is there a problem?”

“It’s nothing. I’ll take you to the space station tomorrow,” Han Junzhan said.

“Mm, thank you,” Luo Lingxing politely thanked him.

“You don’t have to thank me in the future,” Han Junzhan said. Everytime he heard those two words, he felt a sense of distance.

“Okay.” The next day, Han Junzhan personally drove Luo Lingxing to the space station. Before letting him board the spaceship, he urged and instructed him a million times. This was probably the most Han Junzhan had ever said at once.

“Don’t talk to any strangers after getting on the boat and don’t take what other people give you. If you get hungry, eat the things inside your space button. Aunt Lin prepared a lot of food for you. If you don’t have anything you need to do, you should stay in your room. If anything happens, call me. Once you reach the Flowing Cloud Star, make sure you text me at once. You understand?” Han Junzhan instructed in great detail.

“Mm, I’ll keep it all in mind.” A smile hung on Luo Lingxing’s face. He had always been attentive to the goodwill others showed him.

“Alright, you should quickly get on. We’ll meet again in a few days,” Han Junzhan said.

Luo Lingxing didn’t understand, but it didn’t affect him. He waved to Han Junzhan, then entered the spaceship.

Since the Emperor Star and the Flowing Cloud Star were a bit far from each other, Luo Lingxing booked a room so that he could rest so that he didn’t have to stay in the same room with strangers for too long.

Han Junzhan waited until the spaceship took off and disappeared from sight before leaving the space station.

Luo Lingxing sat on the edge of the bed, the scene of the universe passing by outside the window. Luo Lingxing wasn’t the same as before when he was curious about space since he had ridden in numerous spaceships while rushing back and forth to promote the film. If one saw something strange often enough, one would eventually get used to it.

From Emperor Star to Flowing Cloud Star, the spaceship needed to fly for two days, and during the trip, they also had to dock at several different planets for a short period of time to drop off the other passengers. Therefore, if there wasn’t a need, Luo Lingxing didn’t leave his room.

It was rather boring on the spaceship, but fortunately Luo Lingxing cultivated the entire time so he didn’t feel that time was passing very slowly. Instead, being able to cultivate without being interrupted was exactly what he had wanted.

However, on this day, when Luo Lingxing woke up from his cultivation, he heard nosy footsteps from outside. There were also curses, scolding, and other people’s screams. The sounds were getting closer and closer to his room.

Luo Lingxing’s hearing was better than most. His room was near the corner, and in the beginning, he could only hear what they were generally saying, but it became clearer and clearer.

“Don’t move. Be good and stand still or else I’ll shoot you!” A coarse voice reached Luo Lingxing’s ears followed by screams of fear. He could even hear the occasional sounds of gunshots.

Luo Lingxing slightly frowned. This situation was obviously not normal. Although he had never encountered an accident in space, he had encountered this kind of situation in his previous life.

Before Luo Lingxing could come up with a plan, his door was brashly knocked on. Those people probably knocked on each door to search and had finally reached him.

Luo Lingxing naturally wasn’t afraid of these people. Even if his cultivation wasn’t high right now, he had no problem protecting himself. However, before he understood the entire situation, he wouldn’t act blindly without thinking. Moreover, this wasn’t his previous world that he was familiar with, and they were also still flying in space.

Those people seemed to have run out of patience, and after knocking a few more times, they suddenly kicked the door open. Several tall and burly men stood by the door, and when they saw Luo Lingxing, the eyes of a few of them suddenly flashed with a disgusting light.

“Oh, today’s harvest is good. This boy is very pretty. We’ll send him to our boss, and when our boss is tired of him, I hope he can give him to me.” That lewd man looked Luo Lingxing up and down, the more he looked, the more his obscenity became obvious.

Of course, this wasn’t the first time Luo Lingxing had encountered people who coveted and lusted after him. However, those people had gone to see the god of death quickly after. Although he hasn’t made his move yet, he carved the faces of these men into his memory and would definitely get his revenge later.

Luo Lingxing’s cold gaze swept around, which made those men excited for no reason.

“Haha, this boy’s gaze is very energetic. I haven’t seen a boy like this in ages. I’m sure he’ll be very fun to play with…ah!” As that lewd man said these obscene words, his gaze made others get goosebumps. Before he could finish speaking, he screamed out “ah” and fell down. Both his hands covered his privates as he screamed out in pain.

Seeing this, the others were confused and didn’t know what had happened. How did he suddenly fall down?

“What did you do to him?” a relatively intelligent and clear-minded person saw that Luo Lingxing wasn’t the least bit scared and asked. This was the only thing he could think of, otherwise why would his companion suddenly fall without any warning?

It was also because of this that he became even more cautious against Luo Lingxing, worried that he would follow in his companion’s footsteps.

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