Be a Little Landlord

Novel Tag: (BLL)
Chinese Title: 做个小地主吧
Author: 知南山桂/ South Mountain’s Osmanthus Trees
Chapters: 88+1 extra (complete)
Translation Status: ongoing
Novel Updates:


Transmigrate into a scholar turned fool; work hard to live a good life.

Tags: business, farming, gongPOV, mpreg, poor to rich, transmigration



Chapter 1 Woke Up

Chapter 2 Lunch

Chapter 3 Making Money

Chapter 4 Learning to Read

Chapter 5 Wild Vegetables

Chapter 6 First Visit Home

Chapter 7 Ji Qian

Chapter 8 Ji Family

Chapter 9 Ox Cart

Chapter 10 The Bookstore

Chapter 11 Story

Chapter 12 Writing Letters

Chapter 13 Grindstone

Chapter 14 Tofu

Chapter 15 Wonton

Chapter 16 The Village

Chapter 17 Hi

Chapter 18 Donkey

Chapter 19 Carrot

Chapter 20 Firewood Shed

Chapter 21 Heart-to-Heart

Chapter 22 Pulling the Grinding Disc

Chapter 23 Opening a Store

Chapter 24 Renting

Chapter 25 Sincere

Chapter 26 Cloth Store

Chapter 27 Mold

Chapter 28 Muddy Waters

Chapter 29 Grand Opening

Chapter 30 Imitation

Chapter 31 Reminisce

Chapter 32 Price

Chapter 33 Pork

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