Be a Little Landlord

Novel Tag: (BLL)
Chinese Title: 做个小地主吧
Author: 知南山桂/ South Mountain’s Osmanthus Trees
Chapters: 88+1 extra (complete)
Translation Status: ongoing
Novel Updates:


Transmigrate into a scholar turned fool; work hard to live a good life.

Tags: business, farming, gongPOV, mpreg, poor to rich, transmigration



Chapter 1 Woke Up

Chapter 2 Lunch

Chapter 3 Making Money

Chapter 4 Learning to Read

Chapter 5 Wild Vegetables

Chapter 6 First Visit Home

Chapter 7 Ji Qian

Chapter 8 Ji Family

Chapter 9 Ox Cart

Chapter 10 The Bookstore

Chapter 11 Story

Chapter 12 Writing Letters

Chapter 13 Grindstone

Chapter 14 Tofu

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