BLL Chapter 22 Pulling the Grinding Disc

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“The matter between husbands at night…”

“…” Lin Lixuan choked for a moment. He looked down at the watery, shiny eyes of the person in his arms under the dim light. He was speechless for a moment.

He was shocked by his straightforwardness and persistence by this handsome youth…

Ji Yan’s head was full of questions and gently wiggled his head to silently urge Lin Lixuan to react.

Were they going to do it or not?

Lin Lixuan, who came back to his senses, read this sentence from the youth’s pure big eyes. He stayed silent for a while. He decisively pressed the person to the pillow, behaving a bit rough, but he was still gentle when he covered the youth with the blanket. He turned and walked to the table to extinguish the candle, then returned to the bed with a little light from the torn paper covering the window. He squeezed into the quilt and hugged Ger Yan into his arms—This was the first time they had been so intimate since they had gotten married. In the past, they slept in their own blankets, with a clear line separating the two of them.

In the dark environment, only the sound of each other’s breathing could be heard. Ger Yan closed his eyes and unconsciously stroked his own belt with his right hand, as he quietly waited for the other party’s next move.

Who knew that the next step would not be the development that he’d expected…

Lin Lixuan took him into his arms, pinched every corner, then mumbled, “Sleep!”

This…was different than saying yes…

Ger Yan opened his eyes, writhing and struggling in Lin Lixuan’s arms. Lin Lixuan quickly held the person down and touched his thin waistline and comforted him. This touch soothed him, making Ger Yan not dare to move again.

Before Ger Yan could speak, Lin Lixuan teased his ear. “Can you tell what I’m petting? Just a handful of bones that only poke me. After my little husband gains a bit more weight, then we can think about that matter again!”

Ger Yan covered his ear and dispelled the sensitivity that warmth breath had caused him. “I’ve gained a lot of weight.” The last time he’d met his mother, she specifically told him to eat less at the Lin residence. He shouldn’t eat and drink like a man. She also said he got a lot fatter than when he was at the Ji residence.

His appetite was naturally bigger than others. He didn’t expect it to be this way either…Also, were his bones really that sharp? Lin-dage probably preferred soft women…

Moreover, just now he was called his “little husband”—Ji Yan, the little Shuang’er who had begged his husband to sleep with him without changing his expression, blushed when he heard this form of address.

Lin Lixuan used his finger to poke at the youth’s hot cheeks. He pinched them before releasing them. Ger Yan was angry but didn’t say anything. He could only stare at the initiator with wide eyes full of accusations. Lin Lixuan leaned over and chuckled as he said a few words into his ear. He was finally able to calm down his little Shuang’er who was eager to sleep with him.

After a series of stumbling blocks, Ger Yan finally gave up his plan of sleeping with him for the time being. He would wait till tomorrow to head into battle again. As for tonight…he was already recognized by Lin-dage. Lin-dage had said that he wouldn’t marry a woman…and that he liked him.

Ger Yan kept reminiscing about what Lin Lixuan had said, then finally closed his eyes. At this time, it was already past their usual bedtime. Soon after he closed his eyes, Ji Yan fell asleep.

In the dark, Lin Lixuan opened his eyes and listened to the steady breathing of the person beside him. He let out a silent sigh before pressing a gentle kiss between the youth’s forehead. The young man who’d been kissed trembled. His mouth moved, as if he was having a sweet dream.

“Mother told me to watch over you and make sure you don’t carelessly spend money…”

Lin Lixuan was shocked. He held his breath as he looked over. Ger Yan’s face was stable, as if he had a meeting with a great duke. He let out a sigh, blushing with shame. He didn’t know what this little thing dreamed out about…

In the face of the youth’s straightforward feelings, Lin Lixuan didn’t dislike it, but just…Although Ger Yan was already eighteen, his figure was no different from that of an ordinary fifteen or sixteen year old boy. Because he was illiterate, he had never seen the world. His pure and immaculate eyes were like mountain springs flowing through a secluded empty valley.

Forget it. He would just have to pay more attention to nourishing his little prey.

In the early morning, the sky wasn’t wasn’t bright yet. The gray light and mist enveloped the entire land. The yellow branches and leaves had condensed frost on it. The grass trembled in the wind. The crystal dew drops silently fell on the soil. The usual breakfast for the farmers in Jade Creek Village was leftovers from the previous night alone, freshly cooked white porridge, or freshly steamed buns. Although the white porridge couldn’t really be called porridge. The so-called white porridge for ordinary people was more like rice soup. The steamed bun, of course, wasn’t a sweet white flour steamed bun, but a yellowish dry, hard, thick flour steamed bun.

In the past, breakfast at the Lin residence was mainly porridge and pickles. Now a bowl of soy milk and eggs were added. They made the soy milk themselves, and the eggs had been selflessly contributed by the old hens in the firewood shed. There were a few new roosters in the house now. Who knew if it was because they were trying to compete for favor or what, but Zhao Liniang’s hens had increased the frequency of laying eggs. Zhao Liniang, who collected eggs everyday, smiled with happiness as she carried a basket full of dark eggs. When she had free time, she liked to head into the village and complain to the other peasant women, “My old hen lays eggs randomly now. Just today, I found one in the ashes of the incense burner—they really know how to find places! Sigh…There are so many eggs laid every day, but I have to go find them.”

With more eggs, it wasn’t only Lin Lixuan’s privilege now. Zhao Liniang wasn’t like those stingy people. Since he had a portion now, she would never be hard on her family. Ger Yan also ate eggs every day with her.

Ger Yan had just eaten a hard boiled egg, and hurriedly ran to the firewood shed to lead the donkey over to pull the grinding disc. On the way, he frightened two little roosters, making them croak. The old hen was also frightened and jumped on the firewood. Lin Lixuan told him to slow down and drink some water after eating the egg so that he doesn’t choke.

The little donkey had just been brought home yesterday and was in good spirits. When Ger Yan took the reins and bought him out, he acted arrogantly. He scrutinized the little rooster and old hen on the side of the road. His eyes were full of disdain. Even if he was a prideful and arrogant little donkey, he still needed to pull the grinder.

Ger Yan touched his back and smoothed his mane. The little donkey obediently followed, sniffing his fingers. Lin Lixuan smiled and walked over and said, “This donkey is in good spirits. I bought a good one, right?”

Ger Yan happily nodded and agreed, “Lin-dage, you’re really good at picking one… It’s just…this donkey is a little bit more expensive.”

Still worrying about the price. Lin Lixuan rubbed his nose. The donkey was here as a horse replacement, so quickly tied the rope to the grinder on him.

The plump soybeans have been soaked in well water overnight. The beans, that had soaked enough water, were full and soft. The slender fingers poured the soybeans into the stone trough. Ger Yan tied the hemp rope, then led the donkey to pull. Even if the little donkey’s arrogance was as high as the sky, he still had to lower his head and work hard to pull the grinder.

They didn’t didn’t have to push the grinder with their own hands. Lin Lixuan sighed as he thought of him. It was good to have livestock power. His lips hooked up in a smile, before he turned around to do other things. Ger Yan stayed by the donkey and watched him pull the grinder. He would occasionally feed the donkey a few handfuls of soybeans.

Ger Yan never got tired of watching their newly purchased little donkey pulling the grinder. He followed the little donkey’s figure tirelessly going round and round with his eyes. When Lin Lixuan, who had written a few characters and did a set of punches, returned, Ger Yan was still watching the donkey with great interest.

Ger Yan really liked animals. Lin Lixuan laughed in his heart. It seemed buying the donkey was the right choice.

When Lin Lixuan came by again a while later, he felt that something was wrong. The donkey had worked for over an hour, and his spirit had diminished. His steps were staggering slowly. However, Ger Yan’s distressed and pitiful expression was a bit over the top. He looked as if he was ready to step in for the donkey. This was too astounding. Lin Lixuan rushed over and dragged him away so he couldn’t watch anymore. It was the donkey’s job to pull the grinder, not the human’s.

When the Shuang’er was pulled away, the donkey looked up at them. Lin Lixuan also glanced back. “I purchased you to pull the grinder, to free ourselves, and increase our productivity.”

The little donkey lowered his head again and continued to work.

Since the night the pair of husbands had their heart-to-heart, some changes had integrated into their relationship like the spring rain moistening the dry desert. They became more intimate. The relationship between them oozed sweetness like sugar. In Lin Lixuan’s opinion, Ger Yan seemed to have become bold. He would take the initiative to ask him for things.

When Lin Lixuan was scribbling on the drawing paper, Ji Yan actually came up and asked him to teach him how to draw. Lin Lixuan had never been stingy when it came to his studious spirit, so he was naturally willing to teach him how to draw as well. Ger Yan, who had been praised, blushed, then learned how to use the brush with Lin Lixuan. After completely focusing on the lecture, he presented his drawing to the other party, looking as if he was presenting a treasure.

Ger Yan had been learning how to write for a while. His posture for holding the brush was perfect, and the words written were also presentable. This would be the first drawing he’d done…

Lin Lixuan smiled as he unfolded the drawing. His lead lowered as he looked at the work. The drawing on the white paper was nothing other than the newcomer in their family—the little donkey.

“It’s good.” Lin Lixuan folded the white paper.

“Really?” Ger Yan’s eyes were shining. He didn’t expect Lin Lixuan to say it was good. However, he was still uncertain. “But I don’t think my drawing looks like the little donkey at all…”

Even he knew it didn’t look like him. Lin Lixuan smiled as he looked at him. If it weren’t for the blurry round bump beside the “donkey”, he really wouldn’t have known what his little husband drew. This donkey was round around the stomach and thick around the shoulders, looking much like a pig.

He saw Lin Lixuan smile. No matter how stupid he was, he had to know that even he had been fooling himself. He was now ashamed and quickly snatched back the white paper. Lin Lixuan didn’t react right away and the paper was snatched. Ji Yan folded his drawing in half, put it in the pocket of his sleeve, and decided to secretly find a place to hide it. After all, this was his first work, so he couldn’t lose it.

However, he would never let Lin-dage see it again!

After Ger Yan’s mother looked for him the previous time, there was no follow-up, because something had happened within the Ji residence these past few days.

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