The Interstellar Male God

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Chinese Title: 星际之国民男神
Author: 灸尾妖狐/ Demon Fox With Fiery Tail
Chapters: 405 (complete)
Translation Status: ongoing
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When a genius cultivator transmigrates into a new world, he suddenly becomes a loser without a system. After being chased out of his family, he’ll cook delicious foods when he’s ravenous. He’ll fish when he’s bored, and in his free time, he’ll shoot movies. He’s really living the good life. However, there’s an annoying person who always comes seeking trouble. Although I may have a gentle personality, that doesn’t mean I’m a pushover!

Tags: acting, arranged marriage, cooking, cultivation, livestreamer, transmigration



Chapter 1 Mutual Destruction

Chapter 2 Transmigrating to Another World

Chapter 3 You Have the Husband’s Family

Chapter 4 Four Older Brothers

Chapter 5 Older Brother’s Too Powerful

Chapter 6 Meeting the Fiancé

Chapter 7 I’m Han Junzhan

Chapter 8 Meeting the Agent

Chapter 9 Starting Out Again

Chapter 10 Three Ze Dealership

Chapter 11 Encountering a Scumbag

Chapter 12 Flaunting His Coyness

Chapter 13 I Want this Car

Chapter 14 Give Me the Car

Chapter 15 The Mystical Beast Series

Chapter 16 Spirit Pumpkin Congee

Chapter 17 Seeing Junzhan

Chapter 18 Hitting a Wall at Every Turn

Chapter 19 I’m Not Eating the Congee

Chapter 20 Becoming Terrified From Seeing the Car

Chapter 21 Resuming School

Chapter 22 Performing Arts Major

Chapter 23 New Classmate

Chapter 24 Inevitable Dispute

Chapter 25 Weird Dormmate

Chapter 26 You Don’t Want me Anymore

Chapter 27 There’s Also Braised Pork

Chapter 28 Share the Meat With Me

Chapter 29 System Guide

Chapter 30 Attending Director Qian’s Class

Chapter 31 The Empire’s Male God

Chapter 32 Picking the Performance

Chapter 33 Records of the Demon Cultivator

Chapter 34 Crushed by the Imposing Manner

Chapter 35 Foundation Complete

Chapter 36 Filming Equipment

Chapter 37 I’m Back

Chapter 38 Filming Gourmet Food

Chapter 39 Caught Red-Handed

Chapter 40 Sending to the Dorms

Chapter 41 Visiting the Dorm

Chapter 42 Gaining Fans

Chapter 43 A Foodie

Chapter 44 Open Auditions

Chapter 45 Walking Through the Back Door

Chapter 46 Audition Quota

Chapter 47 Preparing For the Audition

Chapter 48 Attending the Audition

Chapter 49 Audition Concluded

Chapter 50 The Rise of CP Fans


Chapter 51 Won’t Eat His Food

Chapter 52 Passing the Audition

Chapter 53 Joining the Crew

Chapter 54 Little Prince Luo

Chapter 55 The Male God Visits

Chapter 56 The Return of the Male God

Chapter 57 Easily Fatigued

Chapter 58 Morning Routine

Chapter 59 Scattering Itchy Powder

Chapter 60 Stunning Everyone

Chapter 61 I Can Paint

Chapter 62 Flow Smoothly

Chapter 63 Shoot Concluded

Chapter 64 Exercising

Chapter 65 Running Ten Thousand Meters

Chapter 66 Persist On

Chapter 67 Surging Waves

Chapter 68 One’s Hands Full

Chapter 69 The Ditzy Luoluo

Chapter 70 One of the Face Slaps

Chapter 71 Breaking Through

Chapter 72 Husbands

Chapter 73 Reign of Terror

Chapter 74 A Weibo Post

Chapter 75 Weibo Argument

Chapter 76 Classmate Fans

Chapter 77 First Kiss Gone

Chapter 78 Uncle And Niece Struggle

Chapter 79 Military District Swaps Pointers

Chapter 80 Dating Strategy

Chapter 81 Exchanging Gifts

Chapter 82 Tiramisu

Chapter 83 Movie Invitation

Chapter 84 Free Publicity

Chapter 85 Gathering of the Big Names

Chapter 86 Ignoring Provocation

Chapter 87 Acting With the Male God

Chapter 88 Receiving the Role

Chapter 89 Company Interference

Chapter 90 Termination of Contract

Chapter 91 I’ll Stay at the Hotel

Chapter 92 Taking Promotional Photos

Chapter 93 You Are My Nobleman

Chapter 94 Comments Going Astray

Chapter 95 Falling in the Water During Filming

Chapter 96 Fever From Falling in the Water

Chapter 97 Slow Recovery

Chapter 98 Defaming Post Fight

Chapter 99 Truth Emerges

Chapter 100 An Eye for an Eye


Chapter 101 The Great Change to the Ending

Chapter 102 Promoting with the Male God

Chapter 103 Encountering Space Pirates

Chapter 104 Savage Space Pirates

Chapter 105 Providing Support

Chapter 106 Obvious Feelings

Chapter 107 Saving Xiao Bai

Chapter 108 I Found You

Chapter 109 The Charm of Barbecue

Chapter 110 Inevitable

Chapter 111 Returning to Flowing Cloud Star

Chapter 112 Comforting Fans

Chapter 113 I’m Back

Chapter 114 A Great Barbecue

Chapter 115 Old Man Han

Chapter 116 Cloudy Mist Spirit Tea

Chapter 117 Retracting the Engagement

Chapter 118 Confessing Feelings

Chapter 119 Eating Dumplings

Chapter 120 Madly Boasting the Grandchildren

Chapter 121 Cannot Be Worn

Chapter 122 Movie Premiere

Chapter 123 Male God Comes to the Rescue

Chapter 124 Clothing Ambassador

Chapter 125 Disgusting Person

Chapter 126 Changing Ambassadors

Chapter 127 Support From the Male God

Chapter 128 Colluding Together

Chapter 129 Unexpected Turn of Events

Chapter 130 No Despair if You Don’t Compare

Chapter 131 Dark Horse Bankrupt

Chapter 132 Don’t Want to Sign

Chapter 133 Auditions for Jun Ling

Chapter 134 Returning With Injuries

Chapter 135 Feeding the Major General

Chapter 136 Small Counterattack

Chapter 137 NG Three Times

Chapter 138 If Anyone Should Leave, It’s You

Chapter 139 The Male God Arrived

Chapter 140 Continuous Attack

Chapter 141 Xia Yuan Competing

Chapter 142 Weibo S*x Scandal

Chapter 143 The Male God’s Late-Night Snack

Chapter 144 My Fiancé

Chapter 145 Transition Chapter

Chapter 146 Film Nominee

Chapter 147 Revenge is Best Served Cold

Chapter 148 Time Has Come

Chapter 149 Nightmare Punishment

Chapter 150 Buns and Male God


Chapter 151 Completely Abandoned

Chapter 152 Completely A Cannon Fodder

Chapter 153 Interstellar Superstar

Chapter 154 Conference Start

Chapter 155 Reporters Asking Questions

Chapter 156 Male God Signs

Chapter 157 Going Home Together

Chapter 158 Pink Kiss

Chapter 159 Multiple-Choice Question

Chapter 160 The Second You

Chapter 161 Try It

Chapter 162 Shocking the Audience

Chapter 163 Sugar Before Spice

Chapter 164 Prelude to Counterattack

Chapter 165 A Big Gift

Chapter 166 Problem And Solution

Chapter 167 Chasing Wife

Chapter 168 Reports Escalates

Chapter 169 Complete Break

Chapter 170 Engagement Going Public

Chapter 171 Major General Impersonated

Chapter 172 Noble Help

Chapter 173 Major General Appears

Chapter 174 Plot Reversal

Chapter 175 Xi Family Meets Misfortune

Chapter 176 Revenge Is a Must

Chapter 177 Wrap-up Banquet

Chapter 178 Not Taking Responsibility

Chapter 179 Return to Emperor Star

Chapter 180 Su Family’s Retribution

Chapter 181 Su Family’s Retribution Part 2

Chapter 182 Su Family’s Retribution Part 3

Chapter 183 Xia Yuan’s Male Fan

Chapter 184 Jun-Ling Drama

Chapter 185 Pamper Song

Chapter 186 Final Champion

Chapter 187 Mysterious Guest

Chapter 188 Meeting Guan Anhua

Chapter 189 Red Carpet Partner

Chapter 190 Walking the Red Carpet

Chapter 191 Calm and Collected

Chapter 192 Ceremony Closed

Chapter 193 The Secret of His Background

Chapter 194 Beginning to Cultivate

Chapter 195 Being Honest With Each Other

Chapter 196 Extreme Talent

Chapter 197 Marriage Proposal Success

Chapter 198 Kidnapping Failed

Chapter 199 Internal Energy Cultivation

Chapter 200 Department Head’s Warning


Chapter 201 Acting Like a Big Shot

Chapter 202 Emergence

Chapter 203 Male God Was Wronged

Chapter 204 Luoluo is Jealous

Chapter 205 Promise to Each Other

Chapter 206 Complete Disappointment

Chapter 207 Strange Strike

Chapter 208 Junzhan’s Foundation Building

Chapter 209 System Limitations

Chapter 210 Signing Another Newcomer

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