IMG Chapter 150 Buns and Male God

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“Porridge and buns. I wanted to have Xiao He deliver some for you, but since you’re here, we should eat together.” Luo Lingxing smiled and gestured for the others to come in. As for why Ye Luohan knew that he’d cooked the food instead of buying it, Luo Lingxing ignored this question.

“Then I’ll have to trouble you,” Ye Luohan walked into Luo Lingxing’s room very naturally, without the slightest hint of politeness. Xiao Ming, who was standing behind him, couldn’t help but twitch the corners of his mouth.

He knew about the relationship between Ye Luohan and Luo Lingxing, but the key point was that Luo Lingxing didn’t know. Was it good to be so bold? This was the first time he’d seen Ye Luohan like this. Could he not act so obvious!

“Xiao He, I’ll have to trouble you to distribute the food to the rest of the crew for breakfast,” Luo Lingxing pointed to the breakfast that had already been packed and said.


“Xiao Ming, go help Xiao He,” Ye Luohan naturally said. They couldn’t eat for free without doing anything.

Xiao Ming was already unable to complain to the other party. He knew that the other party didn’t want him there as the third wheel. He didn’t understand how Ye Luohan, who was indifferent to emotions in the past, could suddenly become so enlightened. Could it be that once someone falls in love, they could understand themselves without needing a teacher?

Love really was a powerful weapon that could change a person.

In fact, what Xiao Ming didn’t know was that Han Junzhan had put in a lot of effort in chasing his wife. Since he didn’t have much of an understanding on this matter, he would go online whenever he was free to look up strategies and learn from other people’s experiences. That was why Han Junzhan was rich in theoretical knowledge at this time. He was just waiting to be able to use this knowledge.

Xiao Ming and Xiao He left to deliver breakfast, leaving only Ye Luohan and Luo Lingxing inside the room.

Luo Lingxing served two bowls of porridge, then brought out all the buns with the two fillings, except the portion he’d left behind for Xiao He and Xiao Ming. “This is pork shiitake mushroom filling and these are vegetables with winter shoots. You can eat whichever you like. No need to be polite,” Luo Lingxing called Ye Luohan over and said.

At this moment, they sat at the table, eating together. This gave Luo Lingxing a very familiar feeling, as if they had done something similar to this many times before. However, it was clear that he and Ye Luohan hadn’t known each other for a long time. This was only their second time eating together.

“Mn.” Ye Luohan naturally wasn’t polite and directly took a bun with pork and shiitake mushroom filling.

Luo Lingxing’s buns weren’t large. An adult man could eat it in one bite. It was white and plump, looking very cute. If a woman saw them, they might be reluctant to eat it. Unfortunately, there were only two men sitting there right now.

Ye Luohan lightly took a bite. The rich meat filling flowed into his mouth, teasing his taste buds. It was so delicious that he almost swallowed his tongue as well. Even if this wasn’t his first time eating it, he felt this way every time he ate one.

Neither of them spoke, but the atmosphere around the two was unusually harmonious, as if warm and gentle bubbles would float around them. The scene was as beautiful as a painting. This lasted until He Yi and Xiao Ming returned and ruined the atmosphere.

“I’ve left some for you guys in the kitchen. Bring it over and let’s eat together,” Luo Lingxing said to He Yi.

“Brother Xiao, you go and sit. I’ll bring it over.” He Yi happily went to the kitchen to bring over the porridge and buns.

When he was at the Han residence, he heard that young master Luo’s food was very delicious. Unfortunately, he’d never had the opportunity to eat it. He didn’t expect that he’d get the chance to eat young master Luo’s food after becoming his assistant. His heart filled with all sorts of expectations.

Xiao Ming sat beside Ye Luohan. The attack of coldness could clearly be felt. He couldn’t help but grumble in his heart.

Hey, hey, hey. Can you not act like this? You can’t forget about your agent just because you have a wife now. We’ve been together for many years, and I’m just having a meal. Do you have to act like this?

When he first entered the room, the atmosphere was different. It was warm and gentle. It was only a few seconds but the atmosphere immediately changed. Besides, he wasn’t the only one who destroyed their two person world. He shouldn’t have to endure all of the criticism.

Xiao Ming was speechless and frantically complained in his heart. Especially after Ye Luohan confessed his innermost thoughts, his image had started to collapse in an unpredictable direction.

He Yi quickly brought out the porridge and buns. Xiao Ming unceremoniously took one and took a bite without much thought. He wanted to use this chance to divert his attention.

“It’s delicious. Xiao Luo, where did you buy these buns? I’ll make sure to go there every day in the future.” Xiao Ming had only taken a bite but was immediately conquered by the delicious flavor and hurriedly asked.

Following Ye Luohan meant that they ran to numerous sets all the time. They’d even been here countless times in the past as well. They’d already tried all the surrounding restaurants. He never knew about a restaurant that served such delicious buns. They wasted so many days. If he knew there was this bun shop earlier, he would have eaten there every day. Compared to this bun, the other breakfasts he’d had before were difficult to swallow. Ye Luohan didn’t speak, but the contempt in his eyes was very clear in showing what he felt.

“Young master Luo made these. You can’t buy them,” He Yi kindly explained to him, but his speed of eating didn’t decrease in the slightest.

It was no wonder that his young master liked eating young master Luo’s food so much. It was beautiful and it was so delicious. Even he couldn’t stop eating it.

“He made it himself?” Xiao Ming was obviously shocked by this answer. He looked Luo Lingxing up and down. This boy didn’t look to be the age of knowing how to cook. Weren’t kids this age still going to school and eating food cooked by their mothers? How could they have time to cook for themselves?

Xiao Ming’s admiration for Luo Lingxing grew even more. At such a young age, not only did he have to shoot films, he also took care of his studies. His acting was pretty good and his cooking was very good as well. This child was simply a target of jealousy. Compared to him, he (XM) was simply a useless person.

“Do you think he’s you?” Ye Luohan viciously said.

Hit with this shot, Xiao Ming wanted to spit out blood.

“Brother Xiao, have a taste of the porridge. It’s also very delicious.” He Yi saw that the atmosphere between the two people wasn’t right. Perhaps that was how they usually acted with each other, but he still opened his mouth to try and solve the problem.

Xiao Ming didn’t pay attention to his artist. He used a spoon to scoop up a spoonful of porridge and sent it to his mouth. The fresh taste conquered him again. He currently didn’t have time to speak or evaluate the taste because his entire focus was on the porridge and buns. He sent the food to his mouth bite after bite, like a refugee who had been hungry for a long time.

“So embarrassing,” Ye Luohan elegantly took a sip of porridge and calmly said.

Xiao Ming’s hand stopped halfway to eating the porridge for a second. In the next second, it returned to its previous speed.

For the delicious porridge, I’ll endure it. Xiao Ming thought this in his heart.

The four adult men completely finished the table full of porridge and buns. They all ate until their bellies were round and they couldn’t even walk anymore. Even Luo Lingxing ate a bit too much. It was probably because he hadn’t eaten what he’d cooked in a long time, so he didn’t hold back. The same could be said for the others.

He Yi rested for a bit, then started to clean up the dishes on the table. Xiao Ming ate their food, so how could they let them do all the work? And so he forced himself to stand up to help out, leaving Ye Luohan and Luo Lingxing to stare at each other.

They ate, and the food was digested as well, but Ye Luohan had no intention of leaving. Luo Lingxing looked at Ye Luohan with a trace of doubt in his eyes. He also wanted to wait for everyone to leave so that he could continue to watch those people bounce around. If they didn’t leave, how could he summon the Spirit Mirror? He didn’t want to be dragged away and studied.

Xiao Ming saw that his artist didn’t have any intention of speaking and saw the hint of the other party wanting to send the guests out. So he could only quickly say, “I heard that Xiao Luo opened a studio recently, and it’s going smoothly. Are you going to sign any artists?”

“Not yet. Brother Chen is taking care of everything at the studio,” Luo Lingxing said. The meaning was clear, which was that he was unclear about the latest happenings at the studio. If they wanted to know anything, they would have to ask Brother Chen.

Xiao Ming was stunned by the other party’s natural attitude of “pushing work onto others”. His next words were stuck in his throat suddenly, so he couldn’t let out a peep for a long time.

Probably disgusted that Xiao Ming spoke so slowly and didn’t get to the point. Ye Luohan asked instead, “My contract with Huan Xing Entertainment has expired, and I don’t plan on renewing with them. Does your studio have plans to sign new artists?”

After Ye Luohan finished speaking, the atmosphere became strange.

Xiao Ming couldn’t help but roll his eyes inside his heart. He had a deep understanding of Ye Luohan while he lied through his teeth. What did he mean his contact with Huan Xing Entertainment was going to expire? They had just renewed it last year. It was renewed for three years, so there were still two years to go. If Huan Xing heard these words, they would definitely cry.

He Yi was very shocked in his heart. Although he had gained some knowledge about the entertainment industry, in the short period of time, he already knew what kind of status Ye Luohan had. It was simply the equivalent to his own young master’s status in the military or maybe even higher. Among artists, if Ye Luohan declared himself in second place, then no one would dare to call themselves first. A celebrity like this, with a single nod, not a single agency would reject them. Moreover, they would offer them the best conditions just to be able to sign him at their agency.

However, the entertainment industry’s Male God was taking the initiative to sign with young master Luo’s agency. Moreover, it was with a studio that was only just established. He had phrased his question like a request, as if young master Luo didn’t agree, the other party wouldn’t force it either. He believed that if Brother Chen was here right now, his reaction wouldn’t be any better and might even be even more exaggerated.

On the other hand, Luo Lingxing was very calm and didn’t have any special reaction. With Luo Lingxing acting this way, it made Ye Luohan a bit nervous.

Whether in the military or in the entertainment industry, Ye Luohan had never been nervous before. However, while facing Luo Lingxing, the rare nervousness appeared. If this was known to others, this would definitely break countless people’s images.

“You’ll have to find Brother Chen for this. He’s the one handling the studio. I’m not sure about the specifics,” Luo Lingxing said very innocently. After all, since the establishment of the studio, he never handled anything related to it. Currently, he had no clue on the status of the studio.

Ye Luohan:…

Xiao Ming:…

He Yi:…? He Yi saw this and became anxious. He wanted to accept on young master Luo’s behalf. He was worried that this was how young master Luo would respond. The other party would think that he was being arrogant, making this entire matter blow up. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Even if he didn’t handle anything in the studio, they still needed to agree. Once this chance passes, it would never come back again.

However, Ye Luohan was unexpectedly not angry nor did he show any displeasure. Instead, a faint smile drew at the corner of his mouth as he said, “In that case, I’ll contact Chen Hongliang.”

At this moment, Xiao Ming’s expression was very hilarious. He never knew that Ye Luohan would compromise with someone to this degree.

He Yi’s expression was like this (*。V。*). He never expected that even when young master Luo didn’t agree, the other party still had the intention of cooperating with them. It was really…really great!

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