IMG Chapter 151 Completely Abandoned

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After finally sending Ye Luohan and Xiao Ming off, He Yi also left. Luo Lingxing closed the door and placed a barrier around the room. Even if the window wasn’t closed, anyone outside wouldn’t notice anything unusual inside the room.

Using spiritual energy to conjure up the Spirit Mirror, Han Yameng’s figure appeared. Luo Lingxing watched with relish, as if watching TV, and waited for an opportunity to make a move. In any case, he had all day to play with this person, otherwise the day would be wasted.

At this moment, Han Yameng didn’t have the crazy expression from last night. Instead, the brilliance of a film king had been restored. Unfortunately, his reputation in the entertainment industry had already sunk too low.

Han Yameng went to the agency as usual. In the past, whenever he went to the agency, the entire company would be very polite to him. Those little celebrities and newcomers would act like bees seeing honey, calling out “senior brother” and “senior” to him, along with all sorts of compliments.

However, when Han Yameng appeared at the agency this time, the atmosphere was obviously different from usual. Many people looked at him without respect or adoration, but with ridicule and contempt instead.

Han Yameng clenched his fists and tried to ignore those dagger-like stares. However, he was unable to block out the unbearable words that kept entering his ears.

“My god. How does he have the face to come here? If something like that happened to me, I probably wouldn’t have the face to come back,” a young artist said to the friend beside them.

“He must be here to ask the agency to help him settle the issue. He won’t be able to handle the matter with just his own strength. Unfortunately, he probably doesn’t know that the agency has decided to abandon him.”

“Really? He’s still a film king, after all. The agency is actually going to abandon him?”

“Even if the agency is reluctant to do it, there’s no other choice. His reputation is already ruined. Who would want him as their ambassador? Not to mention, I heard that the person who’s trying to ruin him is someone even more powerful than the upper-management of our agency. How could our company even protect him?”

“How pitiful.” Although that was what he said, this person’s expression was obviously enjoying this situation.

Han Yameng’s forehead twitched, but he still tried to control himself. He was different from before. He came to the agency for an important matter. Once he overcomes this difficulty, he would definitely make these people who kicked him while he was down pay.

“Yo, I was wondering who it is. Isn’t this our film king, Han Yameng? Why do you have time to come to the agency today? Oh, right. I almost forgot. Film King Han is internet famous now. Your photos are everywhere. I heard that many films and ads have removed your scenes and endorsements. No wonder you have time to come here. Sigh…It’s so nice to have a vacation. Unlike me, who has to attend an announcement later. I want to rest for an entire day too.” A man with heavy makeup stood in front of Han Yameng and sneered. His words were full of menace and snark.

Han Yameng endured it for so long and had been on the verge of bursting. Seeing his nemesis at this time, it was natural that he was unable to hold it in.

“You damn tranny. Don’t think that just because I’m having a hard time right now that you’ll become the agency’s number one. Dream on. As long as I’m alive, I’ll never let you see the light of day!” Han Yameng viciously glared at Xue Mingqi.

Xue Mingqi’s expression instantly changes. A sore spot was obviously poked at.

He and Han Yameng were artists who had entered the agency around the same time. His abilities and appearance weren’t bad, and his development was quite smooth at the beginning. However, who knew which backer Han Yameng obtained later on to be able to snatch away all his resources and roles, and even suppressed him at every turn. No matter how hard he tried, he was unable to get ahead.

After being suppressed by Han Yameng for so many years, Xue Mingqi was filled with resentment and anger. Now seeing Han Yameng fall down, how could he not be ecstatic?

“Heh. You better take care of yourself first. It’s hard to say if you can stay at the agency or not. How are you going to continue suppressing me?” Xue Mingqi said sarcastically. He was over the moon with happiness. God was fair, and finally let this man receive his karma.

“You…” Han Yameng saw the sneer that was directed at him. He couldn’t stand the happy expression the other party had on. He wanted to make a move, but he was stopped by his agent.

“Yameng, calm down. This is not the time or place,” Han Yameng’s agent persuaded him, but there was a trace of impatience in his eyes.

Xue Mingqi accepted it as well. He didn’t really want to battle it out with Han Yameng here. He had an announcement later. If he attended it while injured, he would be giving free gossip to the reporters.

Han Yameng viciously glared at Xue Mingqi, threw out a couple words, then followed his agent to the top boss’ office.

Luo Lingxing watched the scene that was even more dramatic than a TV drama through his Spirit Mirror. He watched with relish. As long as it was a place with people, something would happen. Whether it was his past life or this current one, this phenomenon was the general law of the jungle. However, in this situation, the strong had become the weak, and the weak strong. This was a lot more unpredictable than his previous life. It could be said that in a single breath, roles could be reversed. Nothing was permanent.

Luo Lingxing furled his lips. He planned to head to the kitchen to make some snacks. Always watching like this could get a bit boring. Eating while watching something is the real “viewing” experience. Moreover, he could also record a video for Bilibili.

Luo Lingxing sporadically posted four to five videos onto Bilibili. As an uploader on Bilibili, this frequency was very low. But even so, it didn’t detract from God Luo’s popularity on Bilibili.

Although there weren’t many videos, God Luo had become one of the most famous great Gods on Bilibili. Everyday, there would be a large number of fans waiting on his homepage, which was empty aside from his videos. Even if they stayed for a long time, they still wouldn’t get a single response. However, everyone was still happy to do so.

Luo Lingxing regretted not filming the process of making the buns this morning. If he had, he would have had another video to upload.

However, there were still a lot of steamed buns from this morning. He originally planned to leave them for this after, but Luo Lingxing decided to finish them now instead. However, if he remade them now, he wouldn’t make them the same as the fat white buns from this morning. He pinched the flour into various animal shapes. They were also smaller than the buns from this morning, but the stuffing didn’t decrease at all.

Luo Lingxing’s hands were very quick. Couple with the use of spiritual energy, the animal buns turned out very cute and lifelike, causing others to love them.

It wasn’t long until noon, and these animal buns could be used as his lunch or snacks while he watched the “drama”.

Luo Lingxing cleaned up the kitchen and came out with the buns. Han Yameng was arguing with a fat man in a suit, who looked furious. It seemed that their conversation wasn’t pleasant, but Luo Lingxing was currently in high moods.

After watching for a bit, Luo Lingxing determined that the man in the suit inside the Spirit Mirror was the president of Han Yameng’s agency. Speaking to him was the main purpose of his trip this time.

If there was anyone who had the power to help Han Yameng right now, then it was the president of this agency. An artist under his agency encountered problems, so the agency could help to resolve it. However, looking at it now, it appeared that the president was set on abandoning him. It was no wonder that Han Yameng was red with anger.

Even if he was flushed with anger, Han Yameng didn’t dare show it on the spot. After all, this was already his last life-saving straw.

The corners of Luo Lingxing’s mouth raised slightly. He quietly pointed his finger, and the image changed. Han Yameng, who had been holding back for a long time, finally couldn’t help but slap the desk. The president, who was sitting at the desk,expression instantly darkened. Han Yameng’s agent was even more startled.

“You f*cking speak so well. Isn’t it just that you don’t see any value in me anymore and want to kick me aside? I’m telling you, I, Han Yameng, am the type of person who will give back what I was given. If the agency doesn’t fix this problem for me, then I’ll make public all the deeds the agency has done in the past. When that happens, let’s see if the agency can still stay active then!” Han Yameng viciously said. There was a trace of struggle in his eyes. It was obvious that he hadn’t planned to say this, but he found that he couldn’t control his mouth at all.

“Are you threatening me?” The president’s face had turned even more ugly. Although he had shrinked all sorts of responsibilities in the past, he didn’t expect them to have such a huge falling out, nor did he expect Han Yameng to dare say these things.

Han Yameng’s agent was also anxious. If they truly annoyed the president, then Han Yameng’s path to stardom would be ruined, and even he would be implicated. He hurriedly wanted to make up with the president, but he didn’t expect to be interrupted by Han Yameng.

“I didn’t…” Han Yameng was just as anxious. He wanted to explain, but he couldn’t control the next thing that came out of his mouth. “I am threatening you, so what? You just watch. If I’m ruined, I will definitely pull this agency down with me. I won’t suffer alone!”

When Han Yameng said this, his face was pinched, looking crazy. He made the president so angry that his face turned red with rage.

The president picked up the phone and yelled, “Call the security guard up to kick Han Yameng out of the company!”

The security guard came up soon after, grabbed Han Yameng, and dragged him out. His subordinates showed no mercy.

“Just you wait. I won’t let you off!” Han Yameng struggled as he ruthlessly shouted. The image he had cherished in the past was completely gone. Countless employees and artists watched with amazement as he was dragged out. After this struggle, Han Yameng had completely broken off with his agency.

Han Yameng’s agent couldn’t wait to draw a line with Han Yameng as well. They originally came to seek help, but he didn’t expect things to turn into such a mess.

“Are you brainless? How could you say those things?”

“I…I don’t know why either. I didn’t mean to say that.” After Han Yameng calmed down, he thought about what he had said with some lingering fears. He was like a demon, saying things that he didn’t mean at all.

“I must have been possessed or something. That wasn’t me. It wasn’t me,” Han Yameng anxiously explained. However, his agent was already thoroughly disappointed in him. No, it should be said that he was in despair.

“Yameng, I can’t work with you anymore. You’re on your own now.” After saying this, his agent walked away without looking back.

Han Yameng’s eyes were red with anger that they were popping on. His expression was very ugly.

Luo Lingxing ate a little horse-shaped bun as he calmly watched the scene. Of course, he knew that Han Yameng hadn’t intended to say those words to the president, but those true words were hidden in his heart. He just helped him speak them out.

Hmm, there was no need to thank him.

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