Reborn in the Eighties to Raise Cubs

Novel Tag: (RERC)
Chinese Title: 重生八十年 养崽崽
Author: 水晶翡翠肉/Crystal Jade Meat
Chapters: 138+10 extras (complete)
Translation Status: ongoing
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The young single man, Xu Zhao, recently graduated from university and was ready to embark on a major task at his job when he was suddenly transmigrated to the eighties where there was no internet or TV. It would’ve been fine if he had no money, but he unexpectedly had a two-year-old son as well: one he birthed himself.

The son had nothing to wear.
The son had nothing to eat.
The son had no toys to play with.
The son still didn’t have a “daddy.”

How would the son live without him? Xu Zhao decided that he would raise the son.

One sentence summary: Reborn in the eighties to take the baby to enjoy in the pinnacle of life.

Tags: business, farming, mpreg, poor to rich, single father, transmigration


Chapter 50

Chapter 100


Chapter 1 Son That Fell From the Sky

Chapter 2 A Bowl of Noodles

Chapter 3 Classmate

Chapter 4 Frozen Treat

Chapter 5 A Bag of Wheat

Chapter 6 One Wish Fulfilled

Chapter 7 An Attempt

Chapter 8 Decision

Chapter 9 First Income

Chapter 10 Selling Popsicles

Chapter 11 Missing One Piece

Chapter 12 Trying It Out

Chapter 13 Contract

Chapter 14 Another Wave

Chapter 15 Parents

Chapter 16 Splitting the Family

Chapter 17 Buying land

Chapter 18 Parents and a Child

Chapter 19 Handing in the Grain Tax

Chapter 20 Preparing For a Rainy Day

Chapter 21 Meeting

Chapter 22 VIP 3 CH Release Special

Chapter 23 New Ideas

Chapter 24 Plumped Up

Chapter 25 Changing Hands

Chapter 26 New Clothes

Chapter 27 Passing Thought

Chapter 28 Pulling Weeds

Chapter 29 According to the Plan

Chapter 30 Operation

Chapter 31 Smooth Sailing

Chapter 32 Riding in a Car

Chapter 33 Sample

Chapter 34 Store Won Over

Chapter 35 Buffer

Chapter 36 Good People Will Be Rewarded

Chapter 37 In the City

Chapter 38 Having a Meal

Chapter 39 Sending Home

Chapter 40 Approaching the Festival

Chapter 41 Arrangements

Chapter 42 Bestseller

Chapter 43 Mid-Autumn Festival

Chapter 44 Fight

Chapter 45 Injury

Chapter 46 Arrest

Chapter 47 Missed

Chapter 48 Building a House

Chapter 49 Growing Vegetables

Chapter 50 Very Beautiful

Chapter 51 Hands

Chapter 52 Cooperation

Chapter 53 Set in Motion

Chapter 54 Unsupportive

Chapter 55 Books

Chapter 56 Cooking Noodles

Chapter 57 Sprouts

Chapter 58 Selling Vegetables

Chapter 59 Borrowing Money

Chapter 60 Eating Together

Chapter 61 Trying It Out

Chapter 62 New Shoes

Chapter 63 Potato

Chapter 64 Succeeded

Chapter 65 Cake

Chapter 66 Coat

Chapter 67 Down Jacket

Chapter 68 Approaching the Minor Spring Festival

Chapter 69 Start Selling

Chapter 70 Not Enough to Sell

Chapter 71 Chart-Topping

Chapter 72 Riding a Tractor

Chapter 73 Hidden Schemes

Chapter 74 Falling into the Sewer

Chapter 75 The One Who Drives the Big Car

Chapter 76 How Awkward

Chapter 77 Snow

Chapter 78 Accidental Meeting

Chapter 79 Admission

Chapter 80 Going on a Blind Date

Chapter 81 Blind Date Failed

Chapter 82 Leave It up to Fate

Chapter 83 Don’t Have a Cold

Chapter 84 Witnessed

Chapter 85 Going to the Imperial Capital

Chapter 86 Getting Along

Chapter 87 Fighting Over the Mirror

Chapter 88 Attraction

Chapter 89 Like

Chapter 90 Reluctant

Chapter 91 To Lay Bare

Chapter 92 A Step Forward

Chapter 93 Familiar

Chapter 94 Fighting

Chapter 95 Concern

Chapter 96 Watermelon

Chapter 97 Interacting

Chapter 98 Selling Watermelon

Chapter 99 Paying a Visit

Chapter 100 Covering Eyes

Chapter 101 Wanting to Go to School

Chapter 102 Discovered

Chapter 103 Want to Know

Chapter 104 Expanding

Chapter 105 Delectable Sweet Potato

Chapter 106 Everyday

Chapter 107 Unable to Walk

Chapter 108 Visitors

Chapter 109 My Second Grandpa Cui

Chapter 110 Can’t Go

Chapter 111 Replacement

Chapter 112 Hug Him

Chapter 113 Take Medicine

Chapter 114 The Sixth

Chapter 115 Kiss

Chapter 116 Battle of Wits

Chapter 117 Conjecture

Chapter 118 You’re Not Him

Chapter 119 I’m Not Playing With You

Chapter 120 Fear

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