RERC Chapter 144 Extra 6

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Cui Dingchen, who heard the crying, rolled down the window and said a sentence to Da Zhuang’s mother, “Sister-in-law, please help us take care of Sanwa for a bit. Thank you.”

The people of South Bay Village were simple and helpful people. Xu Zhao and Cui Dingchen often helped the Li family with Da Zhuang and Da Ni’Er. Da Zhuang’s mother naturally happily agreed.

The car soon disappeared.

Xu Fan cried as he chased them.



Da Zhuang’s mother hurriedly went forward and picked up Xu Fan. Although she worked in the field year round, Xu Fan was struggling too hard. She quickly called Da Zhuang’s father over. The husband and wife carried Xu Fan to their courtyard, closed the door, and called Da Zhuang and Da Ni’Er over to comfort Xu Fan.

It was only then that Xu Fan stopped crying.

Da Zhuang’s mother picked up Xu Fan and wiped his little face with a wet down, then took out two cookies and gave it to him. He sat in the courtyard and whispered, “Come, eat some cookies. Sanwa is the best child. Sanwa isn’t crying anymore. Your daddy is fine. Your daddy went to give birth to the child. Once he’s given birth, he’ll be back.”

Xu Fan’s eyes were red as he asked, “Will Daddy come back?”

“He will.”

“T-Then will Daddy sleep for a long, long time again?”

Da Zhuang’s mother suddenly remembered when Xu Zhao had gotten injured last year and fell into a coma for over two weeks. It was no wonder that Sanwa cried so abnormally. She reached out and touched Xu Fan’s little head and smiled and said, “He won’t, he won’t. Don’t worry. Your daddy will come back soon, and  he will give you a little brother or sister.

“I want a little sister,” Xu Fan still wanted a little sister like Da Ni’Er.

Da Zhuang’s mother added, “Alright, then he’ll give birth to a little sister. Alright, no more crying, okay?”

Xu Fan was particularly obedient as he said, “Mn, I won’t cry.”

“Then go play with Da Zhuang and Da Ni’Er.”


He came down from Da Zhuang’s lap and took the cookies to find Da Zhuang and Da Ni’Er, who were playing in the sand. Da Zhuang saw Xu Fan holding two cookies in his hand and said, “Sanwa, give me a cookie.”

Xu Fan hugged the cookies to his chest, twisted his body, and said, “No.”

“If you don’t give me, then I won’t let my little sister play with you.”

“I won’t play with your little sister. I have a little sister now too,” Xu Fan said with confidence.

Da Zhuang asked, “You have a little sister?”

“M-My daddy with g-give birth to my littler sister very soon. I will be a big  brother very soon.”

Da Zhuang couldn’t say anything else.

Da Ni’Er walked over and stumbled over her words. “I-I also want to eat cookies.”

Xu Fan’s attitude softened as she said, “Then call me big brother.”

Da Zhuang didn’t let Da Ni’Er call him that, so Da Ni’Er didn’t.

Xu Fan held a cookie in one hand and sat on a small stool to think for a while before handing a cookie to Da Zhuang. Afterward, Da Ni’Er returned it by calling him “big brother”. He then played with Da Zhuang and Da Ni’Er in the sound before heading to Da Zhuang’s house to have a meal. When Da Zhuang’s family settled down for an afternoon nap, he went to class. After class, he came back and saw Mother and Father Xu. Xu Fan instantly called out, “Grandpa, Grandma!”

“Baobao.” Father Xu laughed and walked up to hug Xu Fan.

Xu Fan raised his little head and asked, “Where’s my daddy and big daddy?”

Mother Xu replied, “At the hospital.”

“What are they doing at the hospital?”

“They’re at the hospital taking care of your little brother.”

Xu Fan continued to ask, “Then what about my little sister?”

“There’s no little sister, just a little brother.”

Xu Fan widened his watery eyes and asked, “Why is it a little brother and not a little sister?”

Mother Xu smiled and said, “Silly child. It’s because you had a little sister. The child inside your daddy’s belly is a little brother. You don’t like it?”

There was no little sister—Xu Fan lowered his head and didn’t speak. He tilted his head to look at Da Ni’Er’s pigtails. He liked little sisters more and more. He carried his backpack into the courtyard, feeling very disappointed.

The next day, Mother and Father Xu brought Xu Fan to the hospital to see Xu Zhao and Siwa1. Mother Xu especially gave Siwa to Xu Fan to see. He looked like a small, red ball. His face was wrinkled like an old man.

Xu Fan was startled, turned around, and hugged Father Xu’s leg.

Mother Xu curiously asked, “Sanwa, what’s wrong?”

Xu Fan rubbed his small face against Father Xu’s leg.

Mother Xu asked again, “What’s wrong? This is your little brother. Didn’t you pick the name Siwa?”

Xu Fan continued to stay silent.

Mother Xu called out,” Sanwa, you don’t like your little brother?”

“Little brother is very ugly.” Xu Fan’s emotions seemed to have been raised to the limit, and he let out ah “ahh” before starting to cry. “I don’t want a little brother. Little brother is so ugly and scary. Like a monster.”

Father Xu: “…”

Mother Xu: “…”

Cui Dingchen: “…”

Even Xu Zhao, who was laying in bed, started to sweat. This must be what they call “ugly crying”. He was still very weak and didn’t have any energy to pay attention to Xu Zhao. Not long later, he fell asleep again. Every day was eat, sleep, eat, sleep, and pretty soon, Siwa was a month old. Everyone was very happy.

Only then did Xu Zhao realize that ever since Xu Fan cried from Siwa’s ugliness, he would avoid Siwa when he could. Every time Xu Zhao and Cui Dingchen or someone said “Sanwa, bring your brother’s milk bottle over”, “Sanwa, bring two pieces of paper for your little brother”, he would deliver the goods then run away.

Xu Zhao was very worried. He looked at Cui Dingchen and said, “What should we do?”

Cui Dingchen asked back, “Do about what?”

“Xu Fan doesn’t like Siwa.”

“He doesn’t dislike him. He’s just scared.”

“Then what should we do?” Xu Zhao frowned.

Cui Dingchen smiled and rubbed the “川” away from Xu Zhao’s frown and said, “Don’t worry. He’ll start liking him soon. My mom, dad, and older brother also wanted a little sister at first. When I was born, they weren’t happy at first, but later, I became the one they doted on the most.

Xu Zhao asked with doubt, “Is that so?”

Cui Dingchen nodded.

Xu Zhao was very worried. He was worried that the relationship between his two sons wouldn’t be good. He would try different methods everyday to try and get Xu Fan close to Siwa, but Xu Fan would always refuse. He could only go with the flow and hope that Xu Fan would slowly change his mind. It was already close to the new year again, so Xu Zhao and Cui Dingchen were very busy.

Mother and Father Xu watched over Siwa.

Xu Fan was on vacation and played with marbles, steel hoops, and eagle catch chickens with Da Zhuang and Da Ni’Er. They played until noon when the villagers started calling the kids for lunch. It was only then that Xu Fan headed home. When he returned, he heard Siwa cry out, so he headed inside the main hall to take a look. He saw a small cradle and sitting beside the cradle was Father Xu.

Father Xu slowly rocked the cradle, but Siwa continued to cry.

Xu Fan asked, “Grandpa, why is Siwa crying?”

Father Xu replied, “He’s fussy.”

Xu Fan was silent and didn’t enter the main hall. Instead, he turned around and walked toward the kitchen.

Mother Xu, who was cooking inside the kitchen, asked, “Sanwa, what are you doing?”

Xu Fan didn’t speak.

Mother Xu said, “Go coax your little brother. Go see why he’s crying.”

Xu Fan made a face and refused, “I’m not going.”

“Why aren’t you going?”


“Then you’re just going to let him cry?”

Xu Fan pulled at his head.

Mother Xu said, “Go on. Go see your little brother. Grandma will make your braised pork soon. If you don’t go see him, you won’t be able to eat it later.”

Xu Fan had no choice but to enter the main hall and walked to the small cradle. He looked at the crying Siwa. Siwa’s little face was red. Although the “wrinkles” had smoothed out, his forehead was still dirty. He wasn’t as good looking as little sister Da Ni’Er. He stomped his little feet. His voice was still full of the milky flavor as he said, “Stop crying!”

Siwa immediately stopped crying.

Father Xu took advantage of the situation and said, “Sanwa, look. Look how your little brother listens to his big brother.”

Xu Fan tilted his head down to see Siwa. Siwa closed his little mouth, looking very pleasing to the eye. His small arms stretched out. He involuntarily reached out as well. His small, meaty hand gripped another smaller, meatier hand. Siwa instantly laughed. His laughing sound was very small and revealed two rows of pink gums. In fact, it wasn’t pleasant looking, but it tickled Xu Fan’s heart, making Xu Fan laugh as well.

“Little brother,” Xu Fan called out.

Siwa laughed again.

Xu Fan called again, “Little brother.”

Siwa continued to laugh.

“Little brother.”

Siwa laughed without pause.

Xu Fan instantly became happy and held Siwa’s hand without letting go. Speaking of which, it was strange. Every time Siwa cried, as long as Xu Fan came over, Siwa would instantly stop crying. Every time Xu Fan called out “little brother”, Siwa would make a small laughing sound, laughing until his eyes squinted and his pink gums peaked out. It was very adorable.

Slowly, Xu Fan no longer rejected Siwa.

Xu Zhao was finally relieved.

Cui Dingchen said, “Their relationship is still fragile. Once Siwa becomes prettier, Xu Fan will like him even more.” Siwa was already very beautiful, but he was only recently born. His eyes, nose, and other features weren’t defined yet.

Xu Zhao nodded.

Cui Dingchen wrapped an arm around Xu Zhao and said, “Don’t worry. Our sons will definitely be close and love each other. It will be in the future as well. Just look, Siwa laughs whenever he sees Xu Fan now. Who knows, the first person in his heart in the future might be Xu Fan. As for Xu Fan…”

Before he could finish speaking, a child’s crying came from outside. The crying was far but getting closer.

Cui Dingchen was surprised.

Xu Zhao said, “It’s not Xu Fan. It seems to be one of Xu Fan’s playmates, Da Zuang2.”

Soon after, Da Zuang came in crying. He saw Xu Zhao, and the crying intensified as he said, “Xu Zhao’s daddy, Xu Zhao hit me.”

Xu Zhao wiped his sweat.

Cui Dingchen asked, “Where’s Sanwa?”

Before Da Zuang could say anything, Da Zhuang came in holding Da Ni’Er’s hand. As soon as he entered, Da Zhuang said, “Uncle Xu, Sanwa ran away.”

“Ran away to where?” Xu Zhao asked.

Da Zhuang honestly said, “Ran to my house to hide.”

Xu Zhao continued to ask, “Where did he hide?”

“Sanwa won’t let me say. I can’t say.” After Da Zhuang finished speaking, he turned his head to Da Ni’Er and said, “Da Ni’Er,  you can’t say either.”

Da Ni’Er nodded, “Big brother, I won’t.”

The corner of Xu Zhao’s mouth twitched.

Cui Dingchen said, “Da Zhuang, tell us. Uncle will give you candy later.”

It was time to test their plastic-like friendship. Da Zhuang instantly sold out Xu Fan. “He’s hiding behind the door of my main hall.”

Xu Zhao immediately went next door and pulled Xu Fan from behind the main hall’s door and asked, “Did you hit Da Zuang?”

Xu Fan held his little head and stayed silent.

“Why did you hit him?”

Xu Fan angrily said, “He said my little brother is ugly.”

Xu Zhao: “…”

Cui Dingchen: “…”

The author has something to say:


Author: Sanwa. I heard your little brother, Siwa, is very ugly?

Xu Fan: Not ugly!

Author: Must be right? I heard you cried from how ugly he was?

Xu Fan stomped his feet: Not ugly.

Author: Ugly.

Xu Fan lifted his bottle: I’ll smooter3 you!

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  1. Means fourth child. ↩︎
  2. This is supposed to be Da Zhaung, but I changed it a bit so we don’t get confused. Idk the author chose such a similar name ↩︎
  3. He said smother wrong ↩︎

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