RERC Chapter 143 Extra Five

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Xu Zhao was also shocked.

Cui Dingchen slightly lowered his head and looked at Xu Zhao’s abdomen. His abdomen had always been flat, but now it was indeed slightly raised. However, Xu Zhao’s other parts didn’t have any signs of fat at all. A word instantly appeared in his brain.


At the same time, Xu Zhao also reacted. He looked at Mother Xu dazedly, then looked at Cui Dingchen. Cui Dingchen said, “Let’s go to the hospital and check.”

Xu Zhao nodded.

Cui Dingchen then drove Xu Zhao to the hospital. They reported that Xu Zhao was over four months pregnant and even asked if this was Xu Zhao’s first time being pregnant. How could he not know? In fact, this was indeed Xu Zhao’s first time being pregnant. He was completely dumbfounded. It took a while for him to come back to his senses. He turned to look at Cui Dingchen.

Cui Dingchen was also stunned at first, but at this moment, his face was full of joy.

Xu Zhao couldn’t help but ask in disbelief, “Am I really pregnant?”

Cui Dingchen nodded.

Xu Zhao continued to ask, “Didn’t you use contraceptives?”


“Then how did I get pregnant?”

Cui Dingchen thought for a second, then said, “We didn’t use it one time.”

“Which time?”

Cui Dingchen looked at Xu Zhao and said, “Think about it yourself.”

It was more than four months ago. Cui Dingchen had gone to Shanghai for a business trip and was away for over two weeks. He missed Xu Zhao so much and couldn’t wait till the next day to go back. He returned home that very night in the middle of the night. They were like newlyweds again, and as soon as they met, the fire that had been suppressed flared up again. It was a night of passion and contraceptives didn’t come to mind at all. Who would have thought that this would happen after only one night.

Xu Zhao immediately regretted it. They shouldn’t have based it on chance. They were now in trouble, and he was now pregnant. After the check up, they went home. Besides him, everyone else was very happy, especially Cui Dingchen. He had already treated Xu Zhao well, but now he almost placed Xu Zhao up into the heavens. After a day, he was able to accept the matter of getting pregnant, since men were able to give birth in this world, after all.

It was just that he still felt a bit awkward inside, so he didn’t allow his parents to say anything about it.

Cui Dingchen asked, “What about Xu Fan? Shouldn’t we let Xu Fan know? He’s been wanting a little sister for a long time. Besides, your belly will slowly get bigger. Everyone will be able to see it.”

Xu Zhao’s head hurt as he said, “Let’s wait and see and talk about it later.”

Cui Dingchen listened to Xu Zhao and nodded immediately. However, he didn’t listen to Xu Zhao on everything, like for work for example, or holding Xu Fan, or on certain tasks. Xu Zhao had to listen to him or else what if he hurt his body?

Xu Zhao couldn’t refute. He listened to Cui Dingchen regarding their daily life. He usually wore loose clothes, and since it was still the early stages, nobody could really see anything. However, after six months, it didn’t matter how loose his clothes were, they couldn’t cover Xu Zhao’s belly. The villagers were the first to guess, then it was Da Zhuang’s father. Everyone knew that Xu Zhao was pregnant. The next time the villagers saw Xu Zhao and Cui Dingchen, they were all very eager to congratulate them. They worried over Xu Zhao’s body and as soon as they saw Xu Zhao doing work, they would immediately come over to help and tell Xu Zhao to go rest.

It was as if Xu Zhao was pregnant with the entire South Bay Village’s child.

Xu Zhao felt helpless, but he accepted the villagers’ kindness. There was only one person who didn’t change and that was Xu Fan. He was often told by Cui Dingchen that he couldn’t hug Daddy or make Daddy hold him, but every day after school, he would always cuddle into Xu Zhao’s arms.

It was the same for today.

Xu Fan wore his red scarf and carried his small backpack. He walked with Da Zhuang as they ate cookies. He raised his head and saw Xu Zhao and immediately ran up to him with joy.

“Daddy! Daddy!”

Just as he was about to pounce on Xu Zhao, Auntie Liu, from the village, stopped him.

“Sanwa, you can’t hug your Daddy like that.”

Xu Fan turned his head and asked, “Why not?”

“Your little sister is inside your Daddy’s belly.”

Xu Fan looked at Xu Zhao’s belly which looked like it was hiding a ball inside. He looked at Xu Zhao with suspicion. Xu Zhao stepped up and patted Xu Fan’s little head, then held Xu Fan’s small, meaty hand and said, “Let’s go home. Auntie Liu, we won’t bother you anymore. We’re heading home.”

“Be careful.”


Xu Zhao held Xu Fan’s small, meaty hand as they walked home.

Xu Fan kept staring at Xu Zhao’s belly. Even after arriving home, he kept staring at Xu Zhao’s belly as if he found something extraordinary that he couldn’t figure out.

Xu Zhao laughed and asked, “Xu Fan, what are you looking at?”

Xu Fan raised his little head and pointed at Xu Zhao’s belly and said, “Is my little sister inside here?”

Xu Zhao said, “It might not be a little sister.”

“Then what is it?”

“Maybe a little brother.”

“I don’t want a little brother. I want a little sister.”

“Why is that?” Xu Zhao asked.

“Because little sisters are obedient.”

“Little brothers are also obedient.”

“I don’t want a little brother. I want a little sister.”

Xu Zhao felt helpless as he said, “Then what if I give birth to a little brother?”

“If you give birth to a little brother…” Xu Fan thought for a second before saying, “T-then we’ll stuff him back inside.”

Xu Zhao: “…” How cruel.

After that, in order to have Xu Fan accept a little brother, Xu Zhao and Cui Dingchen would use different methods everyday to tell Xu Fan stories of brotherhood. They would tell Xu Fan how great and amazing having a little brother would be and how handsome the little brother would be. Xu Fan very slowly started to accept having a little brother. Xu Zhao then once again told Xu Fan that he might have a little brother or a little sister in his stomach.

Xu Fan leaned into Xu Zhao’s body and said, “A little sister is fine, and a little brother is fine too. I’m the big brother. I’m their big brother.”

Hearing this, Xu Zhao gave Xu Fan a big thumbs up, “Son, you’re amazing!”

Xu Fan kept nodding. “I’m very amazing!:

He said it very cutely and looked very adorable. Xu Zhao couldn’t help but wrap an arm around Xu Fan and kissed Xu Fan’s little cheek and said, “Our little guy, do you eat cuteness to grow up?”

Xu Fan started to giggle as he incoherently babbled, “I don’t. I don’t eat cuteness to grow. I eat steamed buns, apples. I also drink milk and eat peanuts.”

Xu Zhao seemed to have understood, then looked at Xu Fan and said, “Did you get hungry after?”

Xu Fan munched his small lips then said, “Daddy, my belly said it wants to eat meat, a lot of meat. Little brother also wants to eat. Little sister too. I-I-I also want to.”


After going around in circles, it seemed that he just wanted to eat meat. Xu Zhao pinched Xu Fan’s small, meaty face then called Cui Dingchen to make Cui Dingchen. Cui Dingchen immediately came out from the office and asked Xu Zhao what he wanted to eat. In these past two years, Cui Dingchen had become an all-round nanny. He served Xu Zhao in all sorts of ways that he was able to do everything now. He said he would cook, so he went to cook. After cooking, he accompanied Xu Fan to take a nap.

Familiarity bred fondness. Xu Fan was slightly more accepting of Cui Dingchen now, the Big daddy. After Xu Zhao got pregnant, Cui Dingchen had a better understanding of life. Life came from nothing. It was meant to experience the bits and pieces of life. Xu Fan also came from nothing, and he had been absent in his life, so he was even more attentive to Xu Fan now.

When he spoke with customers and friends who were fathers, they would talk about children to learn how to be a father. Naturally, he became more gentle. While he was more gentle, he was still powerful, making others feel at ease.

That was why Xu Fan was willing to have an afternoon nap with Cui Dingchen.

Seeing that Xu Fan couldn’t sleep, Cui Dingchen spoke up, “Xu Fan, how about Big daddy tell you a story?”

Xu Fan instantly refused, “Don’t.”

“Why not?”

Xu Fan had a face full of rejection, “Your stories aren’t good.”

“…Aren’t good?”

“Not good.”

Cui Dingchen showed weakness to Xu Fan and said, “Then why don’t you tell Big daddy a good story?”

Xu Fan turned his head to look at Cui Dingchen.

Cui Dingchen said, “Big daddy has never heard a good story, so why don’t you tell me one, okay?”


“Then go ahead.”

Xu Fan opened his mouth to say, “Long, long ago, there was a big mountain. Inside the mountain…t-then…”

Then…Xu Fan fell asleep from telling his own story.

Cui Dingchen kissed Xu Fan then got up from the bed and headed up stairs to find Xu Zhao. Xu Zhao was sitting on the bed reading a book. When he saw Cui Dingchen enter, he quickly asked, “Xu Fan is asleep?”


“He didn’t chase you away?”

“Why would he chase me away? He likes me even more than before now.”

Cui Dingchen looked proud.

Xu Zhao reminded him, “Plastic.”

Cui Dingchen thought so as well. Any time he had conflict with Xu Zhao, Xu Fan, or even Mother and Father Xu, Xu Fan would immediately throw his father under the bus. In any case, in Xu Fan’s heart, the most important person was Xu Zhao. After that was Mother and Father Xu, Mother Cui, Cui Qingfeng, Father Cui, big car, his toy car, and in the last place was finally his big daddy. This was probably his punishment for being absent for five years.

Since it was his punishment, he was willing.

However, he wouldn’t let his second baby continue to punish him. He kissed Xu Zhao’s belly and asked, “How do you feel today?”

Xu Zhao replied, “Very good.”

“Did they kick you?”

This question…Although it had been over half a year since Xu Zhao became a pregnant woman, no that wasn’t right, a pregnant husband? Pregnant man? In any case, he had been carrying a child for half a year, but he had been influenced by the twenty-first century, so he still thought it was weird. He felt very awkward as he replied, “I was kicked.”

“How disobedient.” Cui Dingchen had a face full of smiles as he rubbed Xu Zhao’s stomach.

When Xu Zhao looked at Cui Dingchen and saw his joyous expression and recalled how Cui Dingchen had been busying himself these days, the “awkward: feeling he had in his heart disappeared.

Cui Dingchen really loved him, and he really loved Cui Dingchen. He loved him so much that he thought giving birth to his child was a very happy thing. Afterward, it didn’t matter how much bigger or heavier his stomach became, or even the fatigue, backache, and anything else, he felt it was nothing. Meanwhile, as Cui Dingchen overworked himself to losing weight, it finally became the ninth month.

While they were packing up to head to the hospital, Xu Zhao felt pain in his stomach. The entire family instantly went into a state of flurry. Cui Dingchen directly carried Xu Zhao to the car. Mother and Father Xu followed, and Cui Dingchen started driving.

Xu Fan, who was carrying his little backpack on the way home, saw this scene. He didn’t know what had happened, so he let out a yell as he cried out.

“Daddy! Daddy!”

The author has something to say:

Author: Sanwa, do you go to school everyday?

Xu Fan: Yep!

Author: You never missed class before?

Xu Fan: Nope.

Author: Why not?

Xu Fan: Because I-I’m the class monitor!

Author: (⊙o⊙) So amazing! How did you become the class monitor?

Xu Fan: I won the fight.

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