IMG Chapter 207 Strange Strike

Zhao Mengran was so angry that she wanted to stomp her foot, but she was afraid that others would see and that would damage her reputation, so she had to restrain herself.

When Luo Lingxing saw Guan Anhua coming back with an unhappy expression, he knew the conversation must have been unpleasant, so he didn’t ask about it.

Guan Anhua, who had always been gentle, pulled a long face on set all day. His expression told everyone not to approach him. Zhao Mengran didn’t go near him again either.

“Would you like to get a drink?” Luo Lingxing asked Guan Anhua. He felt that Guan Anhua needed to vent or else his thoughts would easily affect his mood, which would then affect his work.

“Will it be okay if you don’t go back?”  Guan Anhua asked. He knew how possessive that person was over Luo Lingxing.

“It’s fine. I already told him,” Luo Lingxing replied.

“Then let’s head to Dark Night and drink to our heart’s content!” Since that was the case, Guan Anhua wouldn’t care about it anymore. He really needed to vent or else he’d suffocate himself.

“Then I’ll call Brother Chen and have him come and accompany you to drink.” Luo Lingxing didn’t plan on stopping him and helped him find a drinking buddy. He had to film tomorrow and couldn’t drink.

“Mn. Let’s bring Xiao Ming with us too. We’re not returning until we’re drunk!”

Dark Night was a relatively private bar. The person who opened this place had a strong background, so no one dared make trouble here. The security and confidentiality here was very good, so many celebrities liked to come here to drink.

Luo Lingxing and Guan Anhua came to the reserved private room together. Xiao Ming and Chen Hongliang were already inside. Han Junzhan actually followed them too, and even ordered alcohol for them.

“What are you doing here?” Luo Lingxing was a little surprised to see Han Junzhan.

“I was worried you’d drink too much and won’t have anyone to take you home.” Han Junzhan stood up and pulled Luo Lingxing to sit beside him. He then had the three others happily drink together.

In fact, he was worried that Luo Lingxing would get drunk and try to find someone to kiss. He still remembered how Luo Lingxing acted when he was drunk last time. He didn’t expect Luoluo, who was usually steady, would turn into a kissing monster when he was drunk. Fortunately, he was the one by his side this time, or else someone else would have taken advantage of him.

“I still have to film tomorrow, so I’m not going to drink,” Luo Lingxing said.

“That’s great. It’s better if you drink less, or else it would be troublesome. If you want to drink, you have to drink with me. Don’t go out drinking with others alone,” Han Junzhan instructed.

“Okay.” Luo Lingxing nodded in response. In fact, he really wanted to tell the other party that cultivators couldn’t get drunk, but when he thought about him not wanting to drink with ordinary people, he thought to just forget it.

“How can a person be so selfish and not even know it?” Guan Anhua took a sip of alcohol and said indignantly.

He had a new experience today. He had been with Zhao Mengran for many years, but it was the first time he’d become deeply aware of how selfish she really was.

“The year she became film queen, Zhou Shaodong immediately proposed. I originally thought that she would take our relationship into consideration and take care of it, but she agreed to the proposal without hesitation.” Guan Anhua spoke about the specific things that had happened back in the past in a self-deprecating manner. He thought he could talk about it calmly, but he was probably stimulated by Zhou Shaodong again today, that even the tone of his narration became more indignant and sarcastic.

Guan Anhua and Zhao Mengran’s relationship was very low-key back then. Not many people knew about it. He worked hard to push Zhao Mengran to the position of film queen, and planned on proposing when she gained the title, but who knew that someone else would do it first.

In fact, it wasn’t the first or second time Zhou Shaodong pursued Zhou Shaodong. It was very high-profile every single time. Many people knew about it, and it had aroused the envy and jealousy of many people, but Zhou Shaodong didn’t say much. So although Guan Anhua was jealous, he was very satisfied with Zhao Mengran’s actions. But who knew that after the film festival, the two announced the high-profile news of their marriage. The news was like a hammer to his heart, knocking him straight to the ground.

After Guan Anhua heard this news, he went to Zhao Mengran, who knew that Zhao Mengran actually told him. “Anhua, thank you for taking care of me for all these years. I was young and didn’t understand love. I thought I liked you, but it was only when Shaodong appeared that my heart felt excited. I now know that my feelings for you in the past were like feelings for an older brother…”

Older brother, my butt! At that time, Guan Anhua couldn’t hold back his anger.

But in the end, Guan Anhua still chose to let go. He could understand if Zhao Mengran had misunderstood her feelings, after all, this girl really wasn’t that old when she entered the industry. And he had taken care of her the entire time. Her personality was very simple, and it was understandable that she could have misunderstood her own feelings. But what really chilled him was Zhou Shaodong blacklisting him. Zhou Shaodong didn’t have any intention of helping him out either.

“From that moment, our relationship had broken completely. As a result, she actually wanted to meet up with me today to tell me to go back to being her agent. What do you think is in her head? After everything that happened, how could she think without any guilt that I would return to her? Guan Anhua was speechless. He grabbed his glass and took a big gulp with his head held high.

Had he been depressed for all these years for nothing, meanwhile the other party hadn’t even realized her own mistake?

“Really? Did something like that really happen?” Chen Hongliang asked with surprise.

He didn’t expect his goddess to be such a person. Sure enough, gods needed to be worshiped from far away. They couldn’t get close to each other or the god would be pushed off the altar and destroy their illusions.

“Isn’t the only person you can blame this on yourself? Who told you to do everything for her in the beginning and block everything from her? This led her to become stupid. She can’t even recognize her own mistakes. That’s why she thinks you’re the same person who obeyed her back then,” Xiao Ming said, sneering.

In fact, they really had nothing to say about how kind Guan Anhua treated Zhao Mengran back then. He had also constantly reminded him more than once to teach Zhao Mengran on how to deal with things by herself and not to protect her so tightly. After all, they were in the entertainment industry. If their personalities were too simple, how would they carry on in the entertainment industry in the future? It was easy to offend people. But Guan Anhua didn’t listen.

Zhao Mengran was also lucky. She was protected by Guan Anhua before and married Zhou Shaodong soon after becoming film queen, then she’d become a full-time wife. She didn’t have much contact with the entertainment industry then. But when she came back this time, she didn’t care about Guan Anhua protecting her, so she suffered some loss. That was why she wanted Guan Anhua to return to her.

“After doing so many disgusting things, she still has the face to ask you to go back? Isn’t she afraid of implicating herself by making Zhou Shaodong jealous?” Chen Hongliang was speechless by this woman. It seemed that if it weren’t for Guan Anhua back then, with such a character, Zhao Mengran would have never reached the position of film queen in this lifetime.

“From what I see, if Zhou Shaodong really does blame her, she might put all the blame on Guan Anhua. She’s done something like this before too. She definitely takes you for granted.” Xiao Ming couldn’t help but add. His gaze flitted to Guan Anhua’s body.

When the two were in love, Zhao Mengran didn’t do this kind of thing. However, they were boyfriend and girlfriend, so the boyfriend always became a scapegoat for his girlfriend. But now that the two of them had nothing to do with each other, they weren’t even strangers at this point, he wouldn’t do that anymore. But with Zhao Mengran’s strange character, it might be possible that she would try again.

“In any case, Anhua, you should stay far away from this woman in the future. If you get too close to her, nothing good will happen,” Xiao Ming persuaded.

“Do you think I want to get close to her? I want to stay as far away from her as I can. Who knew that I would meet her on my first job. I’m really too unlucky.” Guan Anhua raised his head and took another drink. The hot feeling continued from his throat to his stomach. It was very refreshing.

“Come, come, let’s drink. We’re not going home until we’re drunk. After we sleep and wake up tomorrow morning, everything will start anew. Just let that woman mess around in her home.”

“That’s right. Let’s drink.”

The three of them happily drank, while Han Junzhan whispered to Luo Lingxing to the side.

“Luoluo, I feel like my cultivation has reached a bottleneck recently. I can’t absorb much Power of Faith,” Han Junzhan told Luo Lingxing about the problem that had plagued him for several days.

At first, he thought it was because he wasn’t diligent enough, but after being like this for a few days, he knew there had to be something wrong. Luo Lingxing grabbed Han Junzhan’s wrist and sent a trace of spiritual energy into Han Junzhan’s body to investigate.

Using spiritual energy to probe someone’s body was actually very dangerous. If the explorer had bad intentions, it was easy to cause irreversible damage to the person being explored. So the person being investigated had to really trust the person investigating.

“You’re almost at Foundation Building,” Luo Lingxing said in surprise.

When they left Planet Seyfert, Han Junzhan was already about to reach the level of Foundation Building. After cultivating these days, the other party was only one step away from Foundation Building now, but because he had no experience, he didn’t know how to do that. That was why the speed of absorbing Planet Seyfert had decreased.

“So how do I break through?” Han Junzhan asked excitedly. After cultivating for so long, he finally had some small results. This way, he could be one step closer to Luo Lingxing.

“When we go back tonight, I’ll help you break through,” Luo Lingxing said.

“Then let’s go back now.” Han Junzhan couldn’t wait to say that. He then turned and said to the other three, “Luoluo and I are heading back first. Call Xiao He when you finish drinking, and he’ll drive you back.”

After he finished speaking, Han Junzhan couldn’t wait to pull Luo Lingxing out of the bar.

Chen Hongliang, Xiao Ming, and Guan Anhua looked at each other with the expression of “understanding” on their faces. They could be as obscene as they wanted.

“I didn’t expect the Major General to be like this. Look at how anxious he looked. We’ve only been here for less than an hour too.” Guan Anhua had drunk a lot, and he was already a bit dizzy by now. During normal times, he wouldn’t have said something like that.

“Actually, that person is a tsundere. His usual expression is very cold, but he’s very warm in his heart,” Xiao Ming also complained.

“Yep, that’s right,” Chen Hongliang echoed.

Major General Han, who didn’t know that people were complaining about him at this moment, smoothly took Luo Lingxing back to the Hen residence. They went straight upstairs, without even noticing that Aunt Lin had welcomed them back.

“Strange. Why is the young master suddenly so eager today? Perhaps…” Aunt Lin suddenly showed an expression of understanding. Her face warmed up. She returned to the kitchen and told the chef to add porridge on the menu tomorrow.

They were hot-blooded youth, after all. And the two have made their relationship public already. Now it was time to discuss the marriage, so it was normal to have these impulses. She was an experienced person. She understood!

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