IMG Chapter 206 Complete Disappointment

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Zhao Mengran posted on Weibo last night and deleted the Weibo post early this morning. The sharp-eyed fans and the media still noticed it.

She was still a celebrity, after all, and her every move was under the surveillance of the media and fans. Even if they deleted the post right after posting on Weibo, someone would notice, not to mention this post was up all night.

Many fans left a message on her Weibo, asking their goddess what happened. In addition to the fans, there were also some haters.

“Goddess, what happened? Why did you delete such a good Weibo post?”

“Beauty Zhao, what happened here? Why did you delete the Weibo post?”

“What else could it be? Someone discovered that she used the Male God and Luoluo to hype herself. Seriously, can’t she use a better way to try and gain hype?”

“Isn’t a certain person already married and a full-time wife? Since that’s the case, they should just take care of their husband and children at home. Why come out and mess around and even pull our Male God and Luoluo into the mess. Don’t be so shameful.”

“If a certain person wants to make a comeback, then just do it. Why are you pulling in our Male God and Luoluo to hype you up? Seriously.”

Many of Zhao Mengran’s haters were active right now. When Zhao Mengran posted last night, it leaked the cast for the film, and she gained the attention she wished. It even landed on the hot search by her fans and the Male God’s brain-dead fans. Many fans saw it this morning.

It was precisely because of this that Feng Ruiyu knew Zhao Mengran posted on Weibo.

“What should we do now?” Zhao Mengran looked at the haters who scolded her on Weibo, then looked at Lin Huihui with an aggrieved expression.

She did get a lot of attention because of the Weibo post, but she was also scolded a lot. This wasn’t the first time she’d been scolded, but it was the first time she’d been directly scolded. She felt very aggrieved.

In the past, these were all things Guan Anhua helped her with. She didn’t have to face them directly.

“Post an apology on Weibo and say that you deleted the last post because it accidentally involved the information of the crew. In order not to spoil anything, you had to delete it. If you do this, many of the fans who saw the post last night will also know that you’re filming with the Male God. It’ll also bring a bit more attention to it,” Lin Huihui suggested.

“Fine.” Zhao Mengran reluctantly wrote an apology post on Weibo and uploaded it.

Although she could continue to use Ye Luohan as a hype, she was still very uncomfortable, because this was the first time she has apologized to her fans on Weibo. A situation like this had never happened before, so her dissatisfaction with Lin Huihui increased. She was more and more eager to get Guan Anhua to return.

Taking advantage of the gap during filming, Zhao Mengran’s eyes fell on Guan Anhua. She watched him take care of everything Luo Lingxing needed and suddenly felt a little jealous. All these care used to belong to her.

She became even more anxious to get Guan Anhua to return to being her agent. She turned on her terminal and looked at the familiar number on her terminal. She sent a text message without any hesitation and heard the notification of someone’s terminal from not far away.

Zhao Mengran thought, maybe after today, Guan Anhua would become her agent again. Then all the amazing treatment Luo Lingxing was enjoying at this moment would belong to her again.

Guan Anhua read the text message on her terminal without an expression on his face.

In the past, if she had sent a text message like this, he might have been very happy and rushed to the appointment. But today, when he saw the text message, he no longer felt anything.

“What’s wrong?” Luo Lingxing took a drink of water, and felt that his agent seemed a bit strange after reading a text message. Although he couldn’t glance anything from the surface.

“It’s fine. Someone just asked me to get coffee,” Guan Anhua said calmly.

“Zhao Mengran?” Luo Lingxing guessed. Besides this person, no one else would do this.

“Mn.” Guan Anhua nodded.

“The shoot should end early today. You can arrange the rest of your time,” Luo Lingxing said.

He didn’t expect Zhao Mengran to initiate contact with Guan Anhua. After all, the matter in the past was very sensational. Putting the matter of being girlfriend and boyfriend aside, even if they were just normal agents and artists who caused a fuss like this, the people involved would usually want to pretend that the past never happened. However, Zhao Mengran was a strange person, completely treating it as if it actually had never happened. She wasn’t embarrassed and even took the initiative to contact him. Her personality was really something.

“I understand.”

Zhao Mengran had been staring at her terminal after sending the message to Guan Anhua, but a reply never came. She thought it was impossible, and at the same time, was very unhappy. So she continued sending messages to the other party, but still, she didn’t get a reply. Zhao Mengran didn’t give up, and sent one after another. In the end, Guan Anhua didn’t even bother looking at them any more and directly turned off his message notifications. Out of mind, out of sight.

Zhao Mengran couldn’t sit still. This was the first time she hadn’t received a reply after sending a message to him. This made her a bit flustered. From her impression of him, the other party should have sent a reply within seconds of her text. Sometimes, he would even directly make a video call to him.

Zhao Mengran’s restlessness caused her to make frequent mistakes during filming, making Feng Ruiyu reprimand her. This made her feel even more wronged.

Whether it was the matter of Weibo, the matter of Guan Anhua, or the matter of being scolded by the director, everything made her feel like she was being wronged. But she didn’t have a way to vent. The person who could comfort and tolerate her the most was no longer by her side.

Who knew what the reason was, but Zhao Mengran decided to go to Luo Lingxing’s side.

“Sister Ran, did you need something?” Luo Lingxing asked, his tone showing alienation.

However, Zhao Mengran didn’t speak and just looked at Guan Anhua with aggrieved and pitiful eyes instead. She tried to find the familiar distress and pity that should have appeared in the other party’s eyes, but unfortunately, none of it was there.

“Did you need something?” Guan Anhua asked coldly.

“Can I speak with you?” Zhao Mengran continued to say, aggrieved by Guan Anhua’s cold tone. “What is it? You can just say it now. I have some matters here and can’t leave.” The refusal in Guan Anhua’s voice was obvious.

“I’ll have Lin Huihui come help him. Can you come with me over there to chat?” Zhao Mengran’s voice already carried a hint of pleading and pity. If it was any other man, they definitely wouldn’t have refused.

Although Zhao Mengran was in her thirties, because she maintained herself well, she was very beautiful. Making such a pitiful and weak expression always aroused a man’s desire to protect. She used to be very good at making these kinds of expressions.

After all, men preferred weak girls.

Luo Lingxing didn’t speak. The decision was all up to Guan Anhua. But in his opinion, Zhao Mengran didn’t seem to be like what he’d thought. Or rather, this woman seemed very stupid.

He didn’t know what kind of environment she grew up in to have such a character.

In the end, Guan Anhua still went to the side to speak with Zhao Mengran, making Zhao Mengran’s mood lighten.

“What did you want to say?” Guan Anhua asked. Seeing Zhao Mengran again, he felt very conflicted.

“Why didn’t you reply to my text message?” Zhao Mengran said with an accusatory voice. She carried a bit of coquettishness in her voice, as if they were a pair of awkward good friends or boyfriend and girlfriend.

“I didn’t feel like it,” Guan Anhua replied bluntly.

Zhao Mengran choked on her words for a moment, then thought about her ultimate goal and continued, “Let’s not talk about that. How about we head to Black Wing after shooting and get a cup of coffee?”

Looking at Zhao Mengran’s expectant expression, it overlapped with the figure of the girl from a few years ago. However, Guan Anhua knew that the woman in front of him was no longer the simple girl she used to be.

“Crap, I have some work I need to finish up. I don’t really have time. Ms. Zhao, if you don’t have anything else to say, I’ll head back first,” Guan Anhua said very politely and coldly.

“What did you call me?” Zhao Mengran thought that she’d heard it. This was the first time Guan Anhua had called her “Ms.”.

“Ms. Zhao.” Zhao Mengran frowned and said unhappily, “You used to call me Ranran.”

“As you said, I used to do that, but now you have nothing to do with me.” Guan Anhua’s tone was a bit rushed. Anger gradually rose from the bottom of his heart.

Originally, he thought that he could push these emotions down and start over again, but who knew that he would meet this person on his first job. And most importantly, she could talk to him like nothing happened. He really wanted to know what was going on in this woman’s head. Did she think all those things didn’t happen in the past?

Zhao Mengran saw that Guan Anhua was getting angry and became a bit flustered. She thought that since he was reminded of the past, he was thinking about the matter of being blacklisted.

She really did feel guilty about that matter, but she didn’t think she’d done anything wrong. She just wanted to go higher and build a more stable future. She was pursuing her dreams.

And as long as he was willing to be her agent, this matter would be solved.

“Then can you return to being my agent? I know it was wrong for Shaodong to blacklist you, but if you become my agent, he won’t block you anymore. You can continue in this industry. It’ll kill two birds with one stone, right?” Zhao Mengran looked at Guan Anhua expectantly.

However, Guan Anhua looked at Zhao Mengran as if she’d said something weird. He had been with her for many years, and this was the first time he thought that she was actually stupid.

Did she really think that after all of that happened in the past, the two of them could shake hands and be done with it all like it had never happened? or did she think that she was giving him a gift by letting him be her agent, and that was why he should accept?

This woman thought way too highly of herself.

Obviously, she was the one who cheated and married someone else, but now she was acting like nothing was wrong and wanted him to continue as her agent. He really wanted to pry open her head and see what was inside.

Guan Anhua really didn’t have any desire to talk with Zhao Mengran. He turned around and was about to leave. He felt that he needed to calm down. Just how cold-blooded did someone have to be to casually mention the thing that hurt their ex-boyfriend the most right in front of them.

Was he the only one who cared about what happened in the past and she didn’t even give it a thought? Then what had he been depressed about for all these years? Thinking about it, Guan Anhua wanted to laugh at himself.

Because of this woman, he not only lost all his feelings, but also his career and future. If it weren’t for Luo Lingxing’s appearance in his life, he could still be living in depression now, and perhaps even for a lifetime. But this woman could casually say, “Come be my agent and you can live like before.”

Hehe. It was his first time realizing just how selfish Zhao Mengran really was.

He understood that humans did what was best for them, but he didn’t expect a person to be this selfish and not even realize it. It was the first time for him.

“Anhua, don’t go. You still haven’t answered me.” Zhao Mengran grabbed Guan Anhua’s sleeve, stopping him from leaving, but Guan Anhua waved her away.

“I’m Luoluo’s agent now,” Guan Anhua said, gritting out each word.

“As long as you’re willing to return to being my agent, I’ll find a way.” Zhao Mengran thought the other party was put in a difficult position, and didn’t hear the hidden meaning.

Guan Anhua was completely disappointed in Zhao Mengran now. “I won’t change my job.”

After speaking, he left without turning back, not caring about anything Zhao Mengran said.

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