IMG Chapter 205 Promise to Each Other

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After a good night’s sleep, Luo Lingxing opened the door early in the morning and was startled by a huge object outside his door. When he looked closely, it turned out to be Han Junzhanm, who was curled up in a ball.

“Luoluo, morning.” Han Junzhan rubbed his eyes and greeted Luo Lingxing in a daze.

Luo Lingxing looked at his sleepy eyes, messy hair, and slightly prickly beard. His face carried a distressed expression that he hadn’t noticed earlier.

“Did you sleep here all night?” Luo Lingxing asked, feeling sorry for him.

“You wouldn’t let me sleep in the room. The study is cold, and the guest room is uncomfortable, so I made a nest here,” Han Junzhan said aggrievedly as he gave Luo Lingxing a pitiful look.

Luo Lingxing pursed his lips. He didn’t sleep, but it was undeniable that he had been moved by Han Junzhan’s actions. His heart felt sour and tight.

“Luoluo, I know I made a mistake. I promise I won’t do it again in the future. Can you forgive me this time?” Han Junzhan said coyly. In order to get Luo Lingxing’s forgiveness, he was willing to go for broke.

In fact, when he learned that Han Junzhan had slept outside his door all night, he had already forgiven him.

He even thought that he had acted a bit unreasonable. After all, it was just acting.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snub you yesterday. It’s just… It’s just that I don’t like seeing you kiss other people,” Luo Lingxing honestly expressed his feelings.

“Kissing other people?” Han Junzhan thought about it for a while and finally knew the crux of the problem. He suddenly felt a bit annoyed. It turned out that the thing he needed to reflect on that Luo Lingxing mentioned yesterday was this. If he had known it was about the kiss, he would have long explained it clearly. It seemed like this night of laying in the cold quilt had been in vain.

“Luoluo, I didn’t kiss that woman yesterday. That woman isn’t as good-looking as you. How could I kiss her? We just used our angle to make it look like we were kissing, but we didn’t actually kiss. Our lips didn’t even touch,” Han Junzhan hurriedly explained.

Hearing this, Luo Lingxing was stunned. Had he misunderstood? His face suddenly became hot.

“Come down and eat. We’ll head to the set later,” Luo Lingxing said before heading downstairs first, but he was suddenly hugged by Han Junzhan.

“So Luo Lingxing, you forgave me, right? That’s great. I definitely won’t get close to any men or women in the future.” Han Junzhan hugged Luo and couldn’t help spinning them in circles a few times. He was very excited.

“Let me go. I’m going downstairs to eat.” The corners of Luo Lingxing’s mouth tugged up in a smile. This kind of life didn’t seem too bad.

“Mn. You head down and eat first. I’ll wash up.” Han Junzhan watched Luo go downstairs. There was a slightly confused look on his face as well as a triumphant expression.

Sure enough, the advice from online was useful. After Han Junzhan was locked out of the room last night by Luo Lingxing, he posted online for help: I made my wife angry tonight and was locked out of our room by my wife. What should I do? Help! Urgently waiting online!

He had heard Xiao Ming talk about this before in the past, and he’d tried it this time since it was so urgent. However, he didn’t expect someone to reply so quickly.

Commenter 1: Kneel down and shout: Wife, I was wrong. Forgive me! Trust me, it’ll definitely work.

Commenter 2: Previous commenter, have you tried that yourself yet? You seem very familiar with the action. Commenter 3: If you were locked out by your wife, then just go sleep in the guest room. Commenter 4: The previous commenter must not have a wife or girlfriend. Commenter 5: I agree that Commenter 3 doesn’t have a girlfriend or else he wouldn’t have made such a bad suggestion. Commenter 6:  OP, what did you do to make your wife angry? Tell us so we can give you advice and help you find the right solution. Commenter 7:…

When Han Junzhan saw this, he thought about the stupid thing he’d done. He would never tell anyone about the stupid thing he’d done, even if it was a stranger, since it was too embarrassing. Even if the internet separated them and they didn’t know each other, he still wouldn’t tell them. And so he continued to wait for other people’s advice.

Commenter 22: OP, you can sleep in the guest room for a night. The next day before your wife gets up, wake up and mess up your hair a little, then make a little nest in front of your wife’s door and wait for your wife to open the door to make it appear that you slept outside the door all night. Your wife will feel sorry for you, then forgive you. I have tried this trick before and it really works. Commenter 23: Oh, it turns out that this is how you trick me every single time [evil smile]. You can sleep in the study for a month!

Commenter 24: What happened with the previous commenter?

Commenter 25: Was commenter 22 caught by his wife?

Commenter 26: Commenter 22, say something if you’re there. Commenter 27: He went to sleep in the study. You guys can go. I advise the OP to not do this. Commenter 28: Sympathizing with commenter 22. I hope everything is okay. Commenter 29: For the happiness of us comrades, commenter 22 has sacrificed himself. How admirable! You came all this way just to be made a fool.

Han Junzhan saw commenter 22’s suggestion. Out of all the suggestions, this one seemed the most normal, so he decided to try it out. He didn’t expect the result to be so good. That person really was experienced. As for commenter 22’s wife’s suggestion, Han Junzhan directly ignored it.

After washing up, Han Junzhan went downstairs and  happily ate with his wife.

Luo Lingxing was halfway through eating when he put down his bowl and chopsticks and looked at Han Junzhan.

“What’s wrong? Does it not taste good? I’ll have the kitchen remake it,” Han Junzhan said and was about to head into the kitchen.

Luo Lingxing stopped him and said, “No. I have something I need to talk to you about.”

“What is it?” Han Junzhan placed down his bowl and chopsticks and waited for Luo Lingxing to speak.

“Let’s make a promise. In the future, we will no longer accept any roles that have kissing scenes. We can’t have too much physical contact with actresses either. It’s best to find roles that don’t have many scenes with actresses. What do you think?” After Luo Lingxing finished speaking, he watched Han Junzhan’s reaction.

When he was on set yesterday, he thought about it. He didn’t like seeing Han Junzhan having contact with other actresses, even if it was for work. He planned on telling the other party after they got home, but who knew there would be “mishap” at home.

Every time he thought about this “mishap”, he became embarrassed. After all, he was the one who first made trouble without any reason.

“Okay. You have to keep this promise as well.” Han Junzhan couldn’t wait to make this agreement. He didn’t like acting with women anyway. If it weren’t for the fact that Luo Lingxing accepted this film, he wouldn’t have followed.

This promise only benefited him. In the future, he could openly not have Luoluo have contact with actresses.

God knew, when he saw those actresses approach Luoluo, how jealous and angry he got. He didn’t want to affect Luoluo’s filming, since his current career needed it, after all. He couldn’t afford to be picky. However, he believed that before long, Luoluo would be able to make his own choices and choose what kind of films to act in.

“Mn.” Luo Lingxing nodded, indicating that he would keep the promise as well.

And so, the “bloody case” caused by the mistaken kiss came to an end. Although Han Junzhan paid a small “price” from it, at the same time, he also got the result he wanted the most. The advantages outweighed the disadvantages. The price was definitely worth it.

Ye Luohan and Luo Lingxing appeared on set again. After yesterday’s filming ended, the two left together. Now that the two were here together, it should have been everyone’s focus. But at this moment, everyone’s attention was on Feng Ruiyu and Zhao Mengran. Nobody noticed Ye Luohan and Luo Lingxing, this pair.

“Do you even have a brain? My crew is not allowed to give out any news before filming ends. I haven’t even released the promotional photos yet, and you dare to post on Weibo.” Feng Ruiyu’s roaring voice came from afar. Everyone watched from a distance, not daring to approach.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” Luo Lingxing asked Xiao Ming.

“What else? Someone wanted to hype up you and Luohan together,” Xiao Ming said disdainfully.


“Someone posted a photo of you and Luohan on Weibo. You can go on her Weibo and take a look,” Xiao Ming said, distracted. He knew Ye Luohan hated being tied up with others and used for hype. It could be said that this woman touched his reverse scale. And she even dared drag Luo Lingxing into this! Didn’t she know how possessive Luo Lingxing’s man was? She was seeking death!

Ye Luohan immediately opened the terminal and looked up Zhao Mengran’s Weibo to find her newest update from last night after finishing work.

Zhao Mengran V: The little brother I met on set was really cute. In the film, we play brother and sister as well. [photo] Also, I didn’t expect to be able to act with your Male God. Is everyone looking forward to the finished product? [photo]

In the first photo, Zhao Mengran and Luo Lingxing were talking and laughing. This photo should have been taken when Zhao Mengran came to find Luo Lingxing. The other party probably had secret intentions at that time.

The second photo was one directly from filming. The props, costumes, and even the people’s actions were clearly visible. This was already leaking the entire crew.

Zhao Mengran didn’t have many Weibo fans. Most of her fans were older and didn’t use Weibo, and she didn’t have many younger fans. Plus, since it was posted at night, they didn’t incur much losses.

“I didn’t know I couldn’t post on Weibo,” Zhao Mengran said with tears in her eyes. It was as if the tears would fall out in the next second.

“Aren’t you supposed to act as her agent? If she wanted to post on Weibo, why didn’t you stop her? She might not know, but shouldn’t you have?” Feng Ruiyu pointed his finger at Lin Huihui. Those two photos were obviously taken by Lin Huihui. Lin Huihui opened her mouth, as if to say something, but was interrupted by Feng Ruiyu. “Delete the Weibo post immediately. How could you not even understand this rule as an agent? I really question how you became an agent in the first place.” Feng Ruiyu’s words were so poisonous that no one could argue back, not to mention two women, who were suddenly scolded until there were tears in their eyes.

It was the first time Zhao Mengran was scolded like this. When Guan Anhua was her agent, he would always remind her on what to do, and would even help her do her job. No one had ever scolded her before, and had only praised her for doing good. But the first job with Lin Huihui as her agent became like this, making her very annoyed.

Sure enough, it was better when there was no comparison.

Zhao Mengran deleted the Weibo post in frustration. When she looked up, she saw Guan Anhua standing not far away. She showed a coquettish and aggrieved expression to him out of habit. When she showed such an expression in the past, the other party would immediately rush over to comfort her. This time, however, Guan Anhua turned his head, as if he couldn’t see her. The emotions in her eyes suddenly turned complicated.

If…If Guan Anhua could be her agent again, how great would that be. She wouldn’t make as many mistakes then, and others wouldn’t scold her.

Guan Anhua liked her so much in the past. If she asked him, he should be very happy to be her agent again. After all, besides her, nobody else would take him. If she gave him such a good opportunity, he probably wouldn’t tell anyone what happened in the past. It was a good way to kill two birds with one stone.

Zhao Mengran was satisfied with the idea she came up with. She never even considered that the other party would reject her. From her impression of Guan Anhua, he would never reject any of her requests.

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