IMG Chapter 204 Luoluo is Jealous

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They were obviously real boyfriend and girlfriend, but it felt like they were having an affair. This feeling was both novel and made them both excited.

“Ah’Xuan, don’t blame Little Yu. He just doesn’t want to see me get hurt.” He Mingyue was a bit conflicted as she spoke. Some of her brother’s behaviors were unacceptable, after all.

“I don’t blame him. I understand him very well. If I had a sister who was going to get married, I would want to test my future brother-in-law as well. So I’ll use my sincerity  to show him that I’m serious. I believe he will bless us with all his heart.” Du Ruixuan gently looked at his fiance. It was her kindness and strength that moved him.  “Thank you, Ah’Xuan.” He Mingyue looked at him with emotion in her eyes.

Usually, when couples looked at each like this, the next step was kissing. Of course, this was also written in the script. However, everyone knew that Ye Luohan never accepted kissing scenes, so when there were kissing scenes, they would take advantage of the camera angles. He wouldn’t even have to touch the other person’s cheeks.

However, Luo Lingxing didn’t know this, so when he saw the two about to kiss on the set, his eyes suddenly widened. An unusual fire suddenly lit up in his heart. He wanted to rush forward and push aside the obstructive crew from this set.

He didn’t know why he was feeling this way at this moment, but he clearly knew that he didn’t want Ye Luohan to hug anyone but him. He didn’t want Ye Luohan to kiss anyone but him, regardless if that person was a man or woman.

Although Ye Luohan was acting with Zhao Mengran, he kept looking at someone from the corner of his eyes. At this moment, he felt proud when he saw that person’s eye seem like they were about to breathe fire.

For Luoluo to behave like this, doesn’t that mean he was jealous? Luoluo did have him in his heart. Luoluo was also possessive like him.

They were actually still hugging and not releasing each other. They even dare to kiss each other. Luo Lingxing stared at the man and woman in the middle of the set and secretly gathered a trace amount of spiritual energy in the palm of his right hand. He then threw it toward Ye Luohan and Zhao Mengran when no one was paying attention.

“Ah!” Zhao Mengran suddenly screamed. Her body fell to the side, but Ye Luohan, who was originally “hugging” her, suddenly let go for some reason, causing Zhao Mengran to fall to the ground in embarrassment.

“Cut! This scene has passed.” Feng Ruiyu frowned and looked at the scene in the camera. Although the fall at the end ruined the overall perfection of the scene, the scene he wanted to capture was still there. The ending would be directly cut out.

As soon as he heard the director yell “cut”, Ye Luohan didn’t even look at Zhao Mengran, who had fallen to the ground, much less help her up.

The others might not know why Zhao Mengran fell, but he could clearly see it. It was because Luo Lingxing used his spiritual energy. And he naturally wouldn’t go against Luo Lingxing’s intentions or else he would be the one who has to face the consequences.

Ye Luohan had an unrestrained smile on his face as he ran to Luo Lingxing.

“Luoluo,” Ye Luohan called. Anyone could tell from his voice that he was in a good mood.

“Hmph!” Luo Lingxing snorted arrogantly, then turned around and walked toward Feng Ruiyu, completely ignoring Ye Luohan, who was following him.

He dared to hug another person right in front of him! What a scandal! Even if he was just filming, he couldn’t do that. He needed to follow the family rules and not shock his husband!

This was the first time Ye Luohan saw Luo Lingxing acting so arrogantly. He thought it was very cute. Luo Lingxing was always very calm and steady, and for the first time, he behaved like his age. He couldn’t see this enough and was overflowing with love.

“Director Feng, why did you call me over?” Luo Lingxing asked, but his tone was much colder than before, even to Feng Ruiyu. The reason Ye Luohan and Zhao Mengran had such a scene was because the director arranged it, so the culprit was the director.

Poor Feng Ruiyu didn’t know he had angered Luo Lingxing. He ignored Luo Lingxing’s cold tone, or perhaps Feng Ruiyu was just a dense person.

“Oh, here is the second half of the text script. Here.” Feng Ruiyu handed the second half of the text script to Luo Lingxing because Guan Anhua had told him before that Luo Lingxing liked to read text scripts.

“Okay.” Luo Lingxing accepted the script, passed Ye Luohan, who had followed him, and returned to sit at his spot and sit down to read the script.

“Luo Lingxing, what do you want for lunch? I’ll have Xiao Ming go buy it,” Ye Luohan sat beside Luo Lingxing and asked in a flattering tone. He didn’t notice the pale expressions of the people around him who had heard his words.

“The crew has boxed lunches,” Luo Lingxing said coldly. His eyes stayed focused on the script.

The surrounding people couldn’t help but take a step back in horror.

“The crew’s boxed lunch isn’t good. I’ll ask Xiao Ming to get something from the best restaurant, and you can eat whatever you want,” Ye Luohan continued. He thought a tempered Luoluo was really cute. If it weren’t for the fact that there were many people around now, he would have taken Luoluo into his arms and kissed him.

At this moment, the others took nth steps back until there was only a large space surrounding Luo Lingxing and Ye Luohan. It was like the two of them had been possessed, otherwise how could they behave so strangely?

Were they actually possessed or had they heard wrong?

They didn’t expect to ever see Ye Luohan try and please someone one day. This person still didn’t even appreciate it. It was too shocking.

It turned out that their Male God was this kind of Male God!

It turned out their well-behaved Luoluo was actually this kind of Luoluo!

“I’m not eating it,” Luo Lingxing continued to refuse. His eyes stayed on the script and on the same page for a long time. It was a shame nobody noticed.

“It’s not healthy for your body to not eat. Why don’t you have some sweet and sour pork ribs? Or Braised short ribs? Shredded duck?” Luo Lingxing said out each of Luo Lingxing’s favorite dishes to try and tempt him.

Sure enough, he saw the other party’s eyes change. If they weren’t familiar with him, they wouldn’t have noticed it.

Ye Luohan was very satisfied by this observation. He then used his hand to beckon Xiao Ming and told him what to order for lunch, then waved his hand again to signify for him to leave and not disturb his alone time with his precious wife.

The corners of Xiao Ming’s mouth twitched. He tried hard to resist the urge to slap Ye Luohan.

This guy was his boss. This guy was his boss. This guy was his boss. Xiao Ming repeated that three times, calming himself.

Sure enough, people in love were stupid!

Ye Luohan finally realized the horror of Luo Lingxing’s jealousy. Even if everyone ate together at noon and everything seemed to be back to usual on the surface, even until the end of filming, Ye Luohan could feel that the person in his family was acting cold toward him.

In the future, he would never deliberately get close to others to get Luoluo to be jealous. Not only did it make him feel uncomfortable, but he simply felt at a loss being treated so coldly and harshly by Luoluo.

After the filming ended, Ye Luohan took Luo Lingxing and drove back to the Han residence. They didn’t stay at a hotel.

“Luoluo, I was wrong. Don’t ignore,” Han Junzhan returned to his normal appearance when they returned him. He pitifully followed behind Luo Lingxing and begged for forgiveness.

“Young master, Xiao Luo, what’s wrong with you two?” Aunt Lin had stayed in the living room, waiting for the two young masters to return home. When she saw the abnormal expressions of the two people, she asked them worriedly.

“We’re fine. I made Luoluo a bit angry today, so I’m trying to coax him,” Han Junzhan said, a bit uncomfortably. This was the first time he acted this way in front of Aunt Lin.

“Xiao Luo has a good temper. You just have to coax him a bit more and it’ll be fine. I’ll go make dinner for you two.” After Aunt Lin heard that, she let them be and smiled as she walked into the kitchen.

Han Junzhan had a bitter face. If he was that easy to coax, he wouldn’t have had to coax him all day long. He swore to never make Luo Lingxing jealous again in the future. Others found making their partner’s jealous fun, but Luoluo’s jealousy would kill him!

“Do you know that you were wrong?” Luo Lingxing sat on the sofa, raised his head to look at Han Junzhan and asked in a cold tone.

Seeing that Luo Lingxing was finally willing to talk to him, Han Junzhan was very excited and hurriedly nodded. He indicated that he knew he was in the wrong and deeply understood his mistake.

The scene of having his tail between his legs, if the people in the military district saw this, they would want to poke their eyes out.

“Then why don’t you tell me what you did wrong?” Luo Lingxing continued. Since Han Junzhan was standing and he was sitting, his neck hurt from looking up.

“Sit down and talk. Looking up is uncomfortable.”

When his wife spoke, Han Junzhan had to obey. He immediately sat beside Luo, then began to list his mistakes.

“I shouldn’t have gotten close to that woman.”

Luo Lingxing nodded.

“I shouldn’t have touched that woman.”

Luo Lingxing nodded again.

“…” Han Junzhan didn’t speak any longer and only looked at Luo Lingxing expectantly. He had already reviewed his mistakes, so Luo Lingxing should forgive him now, right?

“Is that all?” Luo Lingxing asked.

“That’s all,” Han Junzhan quickly replied.

Luo Lingxing frowned, obviously unsatisfied as he continued speaking, “Think about it carefully. IS there really nothing else?”

Han Junzhan thought about it with much difficulty. Except for these mistakes, the only other thing was the fact that he deliberately acted like that to make Luo Lingxing jealous, but he couldn’t say that. He wanted to sleep in Luoluo’s bed tonight. Correct. After Major General Han’s unyielding efforts, he was finally able to climb into his wife’s bed.

Han Junzhan extremely regretted it at this moment. For a brief moment of happiness, he might have to return to the days of solitude.

“Think carefully about it again. If you can’t remember, then sleep in the guest room tonight,” Luo Lingxing said with a frown.

Getting close to that woman, he had endured it. Hugging that woman, he had endured it. However, the most unbearable thing was that he had dared to kiss that woman too. And he’d kissed him in front of him (LLX). Even if he was acting, it wasn’t allowed!

Such an important matter and he actually didn’t admit it. It could be seen that he didn’t actually reflect on himself. Han Junzhan’s heart was in turmoil. He cautiously asked, “If I say it, then does that mean I won’t have to sleep in the guest room?”

“If you have reflected on it, then you don’t have to,” Luo Lingxing replied.

“Then you have to promise me that if I say it out loud, you definitely won’t make me sleep in the guest room,” Han Junzhan bargained.

“If you keep blabbering, then just blabber in the guest room!” Luo Lingxing said impatiently, making Han Junzhan stunned.

“I shouldn’t have done all those things to purposefully make you jealous. I was wrong. I really have reflected on my mistakes, and I promise to never make the same mistakes again in the future,” Han Junzhan hurriedly promised. He was worried that he really would have to sleep in the guest room.

When Luo Lingxing heard this, he shot a sharp gaze over and gritted out, “You’re not allowed to sleep in the room tonight!”

Luo Lingxing hadn’t expected that Han Junzhan had done all of this on purpose. How damnable. If he didn’t teach him a lesson, then he really would turn the sky upside down tonight!

“You said I wouldn’t have to sleep in the guest room if I said my mistakes out loud,” Han Junzhan said aggrievedly.

“Then sleep in the study!” Luo Lingxing yelled, then turned around and went back to his room. He slammed the door shut, the door almost hitting Han Junzhan’s tall nose.

Han Junzhan: T_T I made my wife angry tonight and was locked out of our room by my wife. What should I do? Help! Urgently waiting online!

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