IMG Chapter 203 Male God Was Wronged

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Looking at Guan Anhua’s calm expression, Zhao Mengran’s slender hands clenched into firsts. She tried to control her turbulent mood.

She never thought Guan Anhua would dare reappear in the entertainment industry. Even after being banned by Star Entertainment, there was actually still someone who dared hire him.

Back then, for the sake of her future and to marry into the rich Zhou family, she had a complete falling out with Guan Anhua. In order to not let him destroy her happiness, she…even urged Zhou Shaodong to ban him. If…If this matter was brought up again and the truth was dug up, not to mention her comeback, but all her previous hard work would be completely ruined.

No, she would never allow that to happen!

She wondered if Luo Lingxing knew about the past or not? Judged by what he’d said to her, he probably didn’t know, right?

It made sense. If the other party knew about these things, he would naturally know that Guan Anhua was the agent Star Entertainment banned. And he probably wouldn’t dare to hire Guan Anhua.

Thinking of this, Zhao Mengran made plans in her heart. Guan Anhua had retired for a few years, and just as those matters were gradually forgotten, he returned, representing an unsuspecting newcomer so that he could stay.

Hmph. He shouldn’t think that nobody would catch on to his plan. Since Guan Anhua only dared to represent newcomers like him, then she would make sure he completely gave up this idea.

Seeing Guan Anhua leave Luo Lingxing’s side, Zhao Mengran didn’t know what he wanted to do, but she thought this was a good opportunity. Sure enough, even god was on her side.

Zhao Mengran walked toward Luo Lingxing with a smile and sat beside Luo Lingxing with familiarity and said, “You must be Luo Lingxing. I didn’t have time to chat with you earlier. We play siblings in this film. If you don’t mind, you can call me Sister Ran.”

Generally, other little artists called her Sister Zhao, but Zhao Mengran asked Luo Lingxing to call her Sister Ran. She obviously wanted others to think they had a good relationship and were close. She wasn’t trying to promote him.

Although Luo Lingxing still had shallow qualifications, his popularity wasn’t low. Especially after the Golden Fox Award, his popularity soared. This was his most popular period. If she could be tied to him, then it would be very beneficial to her comeback.

In the past, it was always others promoting him. She never needed to promote others before, but the current situation was pressing. She had to do this.

“Sister Ran? Where do those words come from? I must ask you for more advice in the future,” Luo Lingxing said with a smile, but he actually minded a lot. Why the heck would he want to call this woman Sister Ran? They weren’t close! Not at all!

“Luoluo, you must like joking. I hear others call you Luoluo, so I’ll also call you Luoluo. Luoluo, I heard your agent used to be Chen Hongliang, but he’s not the leader of your studio, right? The future really is right following Luoluo. Chen Hongliang must be really grateful,” Zhao Mengran smiled and continued.

“Brother Chen is a really capable person. The fact that he could reach his current position is all due to his own efforts,” Luo Lingxing replied casually. A trace of impatience flashed in his eyes, but nobody noticed.

“Is the person who was with you your new agent?” Zhao Mengran asked seamlessly.

“Mn. Brother Chen referred to him, saying he’s very capable. He helped countless actors become film kings and film queens,” Luo Lingxing “truthfully” replied.

“Luoluo, you just entered the entertainment industry, so you still have little experience and don’t know as much. Your Sister Ran has seen many things and knows more than you do. Your Sister Ran isn’t trying to sow discord, but I heard your current agent has offended someone and has already been banned. If that person finds out that he became your agent, he might ban you as well,” Zhao Mengran said with a worried expression, as if he was actually worried about Luo Lingxing.

“Did something like that really happen?” Luo Lingxing asked, pretending to be surprised.

He could already determine the other party’s purpose for coming here.

“Why would your Sister Ran lie to you? He hasn’t appeared in the entertainment industry for several years now, right? That was because he was banned,” Zhao Mengran said with a sad face.

“Then I really have to consider it. If that’s the case, it really will affect me. Thank you for telling me, Sister Ran,” Luo Lingxing thanked her with a lot of “sincerity”.

“I see you as a kindred spirit and that’s why I told you. Luoluo, you should rest. It looks like it’ll be my turn soon. Your Sister Ran will leave first.” Zhao Mengran was happy, thinking her goal had been achieved.

“Okay.” Luo Lingxing nodded. His eyes were dark with an uncertain emotion. The corners of his mouth curved up in an evil arc.

This woman really thought of him as a newcomer who knew nothing about the entertainment industry. She actually spoke so straightforwardly with him. It made him wonder how she’d survived in the entertainment industry all these years and gained the title of film queen. Could it be that her brain deteriorated after marrying? Adding on the fact that it had been a long time, so she had forgotten the rules of the entertainment industry?

“What did she say to you?” Guan Anhua asked, walking over.

When Zhao Mengran came to find Luo Lingxing, Guan Anhua was close by and saw it all. Facing the woman he’d once loved, all he felt was sadness. He was sad for his total devotion in the past. He was sad for his lack of smarts. He was sad that he’d almost ruined his life because of her.

“She just told me you were banned,” Luo Lingxing said calmly.

Guan Anhua tightly clenched his fists. He tried to control the expression on his face so he wouldn’t reveal what he was thinking. He and Zhao Mengran were already a thing of the past!

“I really question your tastes. How did a woman like her become a film queen? She even hooked up with someone else and had them ban you. If you can’t deal with a person like her, then wouldn’t that mean you’re too weak?” Luo Lingxing said.

“In fact, she rarely came in contact with the dark side of the entertainment industry in the past. In order to have her keep her innocence, I removed all the darkness for her…” Guan Anhua spoke of his past in a low tone.

When Zhao Mengran first entered the entertainment industry, she was just an ignorant, little girl. At that time, Guan Anhua had already represented countless popular celebrities and had already seen the dirty side hidden behind the glitz and glam of the entertainment industry. So he’d been tempted when he met an innocent and ignorant girl like Zhao Mengran.

In order to protect the innocence of the woman he liked and prevent her from coming into contact with the dirty stuff, he helped her with almost everything. All she had to do was film with a peace of mind.

He worked hard for a long time, thinking the woman he was working hard for was still the innocent and beautiful woman he saw when he’d first met her. However, when he wasn’t paying attention, the woman had gradually been infected by the entertainment industry. When he’d realized it, the other party had moved away from him and ran into the arms of another man. It was all to raise her status and live a greater and better life.

“No wonder,” Luo Lingxing muttered.

No wonder he felt that with Zhao Mengran’s current status, her words were too straightforward and thoughtless. And after wondering for a long time, he now knew that it was because she had been constantly protected. Now that she lost her protective umbrella, she no longer knew how to deal with others.

Back then, after Zhao Mengran left Guan Anhua, she married Zhou Shaodong not long after and became a wealthy wife. Although she accepted this position, nobody made things difficult for Star Entertainment. In fact, it could be said that they all let her do as she wanted. This resulted in the fact that nobody ever cleared things up with Zhao Mengran, causing her to have a personality like this. She would probably offend countless more people in the future.

To be honest, Luo Lingxing didn’t think Zhao Mengran was suited to be in the entertainment industry.

“But that is your business. I hope you can figure it out yourself,” Luo Lingxing said to Guan Anhua. This could be regarded as a test for the other party. After all, if he could properly handle a matter like this, then if more things happened in the future, he might not be able to handle those either.

After all, he represented him now. Situations would always pop up. In this regard, Luo Lingxing was very self-aware. He didn’t know why those flies always rushed forward to be abused, but since they dared to provoke him, they naturally had to prepare themselves to be abused.

“I understand,” Guan Anhua immediately responded. Luo Lingxing was clearly a twenty-something year old man, but he didn’t know that when he faced the other party, the other party felt like an elder. That made him always unconsciously obey the other party. Was it because Luo Lingxing was his boss?

“Luo Lingxing, come here!” Feng Ruiyu roared from a distance.

Luo Lingxing quickly stood and walked over without hurrying. That was the place Ye Luohan and Zhao Mengran were filming their scene together. 

Although He Mingyue, who was played by Zhao Mengran, was Du Ruixuan’s fiancee, there actually weren’t many scenes with the two of them together. On the other hand, Ye Luohan and Luo Lingxing, and Zhao Mengran and Luo Lingxing had more scenes together. After all, Luo Lingxing’s character ran through the entire film.

“Cut! Start over! You’re his fiancee, not his fan. When you look at him, please control your eyes and don’t reveal your fangirling gaze. Do it over!” Feng Ruiyu yelled at Zhao Mengran.

Zhao Mengran was yelled at by the director in front of so many people. She felt embarrassed and wronged. But she didn’t dare show it. In the case of Ye Luohan, she couldn’t help but show an infatuated expression, so she was yelled at by the director several times in a short period of time.

Luo Lingxing had already come over, but Feng Ruiyu was yelling at Zhao Mengran and forgot that he’d called Luo Lingxing over.

Luo Lingxing didn’t feel like he was being ignored. In fact, he acted like an audience and stood to the side while watching the set. Ye Luohan’s eyes were full of impatience. Although he hid it well, as his fiance, he could tell.

Ye Luohan noticed Luo as soon as he came. When he looked at him, the impatience in his eyes instantly turned into grievance and pity, like a large good wanting to be comforted by his master.

“Be good,” Luo Lingxing slightly moved his lips and told Ye Luohan. He couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Do it one last time! Ready, action!” This was the scene where He Mingyue finally escaped the surveillance of her younger brother and secretly went on a date with Du Ruixuan.

They were obviously real boyfriend and girlfriend, but it felt like they were having an affair. This feeling was both novel and made them both excited.

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