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Although she participated in the previous Golden Fox Film Awards, because Ye Luohan and Luo Lingxing stole the show, there were very few reports and photos of her. There weren’t many directors who came looking for her to make movies or TV series. Moreover, she looked down on those small endorsements, so she asked her husband to use his connections to find a film for her.

She had no hope of joining a famous director’s set for the time being. So she could only join this new director’s film. Although the box office numbers of his previous movies weren’t high, they’d won awards before. If she could get the Best Female Protagonist award for this film, then she would be able to make way for a comeback. She wouldn’t have to worry about opportunities in the future then.

Therefore, even if Zhao Mengran was unhappy, she was still able to differentiate what was important, so she tried her best to suppress her anger. However, all of this was in vain when she saw Guan Anhua.


Seeing Guan Anhua, Zhao Mengran forgot herself and let out a shout that instantly attracted the other’s attention. Feng Ruiyu, who was already in a bad mood, was even more annoyed by Zhao Mengran’s screams.

If he had known earlier, he shouldn’t have let this woman join the crew. He had seen her previous works before and thought her skills weren’t bad. She also had the looks. Plus, his good friend was the one who recommended her. That was the reason he selected her. However, he didn’t expect so many things to happen only on the first day.

In fact, what Feng Ruiyu hated the most was troublesome matters. He especially hated people who brought about trouble.

“What…what are you doing here?” Zhao Mengran looked at Guan Anhua with shock. Her expression was like seeing a ghost.

“Sister Zhao, pay attention to your image,” Zhao Mengran’s agent, Lin Huihui, whispered to her. She didn’t understand why Zhao Mengran had such an expression.

She looked at Guan Anhua. The other party was quite handsome. He wasn’t ugly nor scary, so why did she have such a reaction?

It was like Zhao Mengran had woken up from a dream, only to remember that this was the film set. She hurriedly put away her surprised expression and returned to a calm one. It was as if nothing had happened just now. If only she was able to put away the mood that shone in her eyes… “Film queen Zhao, I’ve been looking forward to meeting you,” Guan Anhua greeted. He had to grit out the words “film queen”.

Zhao Mengran’s expression looked like it was about to collapse again. She pretended to be calm, but she didn’t dare look at Guan Anhua.

“Do you know him?” Lin Huihui whispered to Zhao Mengran.

She had only started working with Zhao Mengran after Zhao Mengran decided to make a comeback, so she didn’t know the people Zhao Mengran were related to in the past.

“I don’t,” Zhao Mengran replied. It was clear that she wanted to cover something up, but Lin Huihui didn’t ask about it.

At this moment, Luo Lingxing had just finished filming. He walked over and gently said, “Film queen Zhao, do you know my agent?”

“He’s your agent? Wasn’t your agent Chen Hongliang?” Zhao Mengran suddenly lifted her head and asked. She wasn’t able to manage her expression.

Most people who knew Luo Lingxing also knew that his agent was Chen Hongliang. But why did Zhao Mengran know this as well?

This was because the other party left too “deep” of an impression on her during the previous Golden Fox Film Awards, so she looked up Luo Lingxing afterwards.

“Brother Guan is now in charge of my studio, and Brother Guan took over for him. Is there a problem, Film queen Zhao?” Luo Lingxing blinked and gently smiled.

“No,” Zhao Mengran replied,  but her heart wasn’t calm at all. She didn’t expect to see him here at all, or rather, she didn’t expect to see him ever again. Hadn’t Guan Anhua already withdrawn from the agent world? So why did he show up here, representing this ignorant child?

Zhao Mengran looked at Luo Lingxing with unkind eyes.

“Since Film queen Zhao doesn’t have a problem, then I’ll head over there with Brother Guan to rest. Goodbye.” After Luo Lingxing finished speaking, he left with Guan Anhua to rest without even looking back.

Many people witnessed the situation. Although they didn’t know what exactly was going on, but to gossips, they would always be able to quickly pick up the critical points of the gossip.

Guan Anhua and Zhao Mengran’s relationship had been very low-key, so not many people knew about it. However, many people knew that Guan Anhua used to be Zhao Mengran’s agent. After all, Zhao Mengran and Guan Anhua used to be famous. Their falling out was especially very popular, garnering countless reports on it.

These reports could still be found on the internet, but in recent years, both Zhao Mengran and Guan Anhua rarely appeared in front of people, so everyone gradually forgot about this matter.

“I didn’t expect Guan Anhua to be Zhao Mengran’s old agent. I heard he used to be very powerful. Now that he’s Luo Lingxing’s agent, he will definitely lead Luo Lingxing to higher planes.”

“It says online that Guan Anhua withdrew from the industry after he had a falling out with Zhao Mengran. Why did he come back?”

“I heard the situation was very complicated and hectic, but Star Entertainment suppressed the matter.”

“Doesn’t Star Entertainment belong to Zhao Mengran’s current husband? My goddess is so amazing to have married such a good husband.”

“That’s right. When Zhao Mengran married into the rich family, so many people were filled with envy. She’s a film queen and also married a good husband. Countless people are jealous of her life.”

“I don’t think so. Guan Anhua took Zhao Mengran under his wing as soon as she entered the industry, and single-handedly put her into the film queen position. In the end, she had a falling out with him right after becoming a film queen. Moreover, Star Entertainment completely suppressed Guan Anhua as well. She’s too ungrateful.” A girl sneered at Zhao Mengran.

Before she had any contact with this woman, she didn’t think anything about it. But now that this woman had arrived late, and was so self-important, she didn’t have a good impression of her.

“Look at this report. It says that Guan Anhua liked Zhao Mengran back then and didn’t want her to marry into a wealthy family, so he used the position of film queen to threaten her. He even said that if she didn’t listen to him, he would make sure she was suppressed. Young master Zhou made the decision to block Guan Anhua for the sake of his beloved woman.”

“For real? I didn’t expect Guan Anhua to be that kind of person. Now that he’s Luoluo’s agent, wouldn’t it be unfavorable to Luoluo’s future?”

“It doesn’t look like it. There must be a secret behind this. Luoluo has good foresight. Since he decided to make Guan Anhua his agent, then the other party must have a good character. These reports can’t be fully trusted. Isn’t the thing the media is best at is chasing the wind?”

“Regardless of anything, these two people met again, and they’re even in the same small crew. They’re bound to see each other again, so a good show is definitely waiting for us.”

Several girls gathered around, searching for old reports. If it weren’t for Guan Anhua and Zhao Mengran appearing on set at the same time now, very few people would have known about it. They would have all just considered Guan Anhua Luo Lingxing’s new agent.

But now that the two were here together, they gradually dug up reports about the past.

Luo Lingxing, who was sitting on the side resting, clearly heard these words. He only knew there was a grudge between Guan Anhua and Zhao Mengran, but he didn’t expect there to be something like this as well.

Luo Lingxing opened his terminal and searched up a few reports from that time period. He hadn’t originally planned on looking into this matter since this was between Guan Anhua and Zhao Mengran. Guan Anhua’s revenge must be completely by the man himself, so he only planned on providing him an opportunity to extract the revenge. He didn’t expect that Guan Anhua was still a scapegoat. He couldn’t just sit by since this would affect himself and the studio as well.

Guan Anhua wasn’t calm either, but he hadn’t forgotten his duties. His ability to separate his private and public life was a good quality of his, so he placed his focus on Luo Lingxing.

“What are you looking at?” Guan Anhua came to Luo Lingxing’s side and asked.

Luo Lingxing directly showed the reports he was looking at to Guan Anhua. Seeing these familiar reports, Guan Anhua’s face quickly paled. His fists were clenched as he tried to control his emotions.

He thought he could forget about these matters, but now that he was seeing them again, his emotions returned to how he felt back then.

“Luoluo, none of these reports are true. They’re all framing me!” Guan Anhua said angrily, but he was helpless. He was just one person. His words paled against the words of many.

“I know, but you have to deal with these quickly. As an agent of Jun Ling Studio, I know you have the ability to do this. If you have something you want to do, go ahead and do it. Jun Ling Studio will take responsibility for you,” Luo Lingxing said calmly.

Thinking about it, it was true. Regardless of how powerful Star Entertainment was, they couldn’t ban an agent for no reason at all. Moreover, he was a gold level agent to boot. They had to find a way to get the public opinion on their side.

Luo Lingxing didn’t know what kind of turbulent waves were flowing in Guan Anhua’s heart.

“Luoluo…” Guan Anhua was very moved by Luo Lingxing’s words, but he was also aware of the cruelty of reality. “Although Star Entertainment couldn’t compare to Huan Xing Entertainment, they could still be regarded as one of the leading agencies. If they find out that I belong to Jun Ling Studio, they will definitely find a way to deal with our studio.”

Although he knew that Luo Lingxing’s fiance was Major General Han Junzhan, the Major General was part of the military district. The difference between that and the entertainment industry was as great as a mountain’s. He couldn’t influence this space but. If Star Entertainment wanted to ruin Jun Ling Studio, Jun Ling Studio would be powerless. He…would be bringing disaster to Jun Ling Studio.

“Since you have already signed to our studio, you are now part of Jun Ling. As a person belonging to Jun Ling,  you can’t be afraid of others. You can’t retreat. If you have a grudge, you must extract revenge. Jun Ling will provide you with the opportunity and the backing, but you must still do these things by yourself. If you can’t do it, then Jun Ling will also deny that such a person belongs to us,” Luo Lingxing said coldly.

“I understand,” Guan Anhua replied. From that moment on, he had a stronger sense of belonging to Jun Ling Studio. He had really transformed, officially saying goodbye to his past and welcoming a new version of himself. He would return all the grievances and suffering that had been placed on him before.

Although he didn’t know why Luo Lingxing had such confidence, his words gave him confidence as well. No matter what, as a member of Jun Ling, he couldn’t be afraid!

Zhao Mengran was sitting in the seat furthest away from Luo Lingxing and the others. The set wasn’t that big, so she could clearly see them by turning her head.

Looking at Guan Anhua’s calm expression, Zhao Mengran’s slender hands clenched into firsts. She tried to control her turbulent mood.

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