IMG Chapter 201 Acting Like a Big Shot

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On the day he joined the crew, Luo Lingxing came with Ye Luohan. Nobody expected to meet Ye Luohan here. After all, this was a low-budget movie that wouldn’t be able to attract a big shot like Ye Luohan. Plus, the director was Feng Ruiyu, a cutting-edge director in the industry. No matter how they looked at it, they shouldn’t have been able to get Ye Luohan.

“Is the Male God here to visit? His relationship with Luo Lingxing is as good as rumored. Luo Lingxing joined the crew on the first day, and the Male God was actually the one who brought him here. I’m so jealous,” a little artist said with an envious expression.

“But doesn’t Luo Lingxing have a fiance? Why didn’t Major General Han send Luo Lingxing here himself? I thought Major General Han would be the one to bring him here,” another little artist said with much regret. She originally thought she would be lucky enough to meet the youngest and most powerful Major General in the empire.

“Major General Han must be very busy. How could he have time to bring him? And besides, this is a set. Major General Han, who’s a soldier, doesn’t wouldn’t like this kind of place.”

“That’s true, but Luo Lingxing really is amazing. His fiance is Major General Han. I heard the two of them are about to get married. Plus, he’s good friends with Ye Luohan. Both the great Male Gods are in the palms of his heads.”

“Married? So soon? Where did you hear this news?”

“You probably haven’t gone online recently, huh? Everyone online is going crazy over this. Major General Han even made an official post on his Weibo.”  “Since you’re here, go change. The first scene will be yours.” Feng Ruiyu wasn’t as excited to see Ye Luohan as other directors. He spoke casually, then went to do something else after speaking. The little artists who were watching were confused by these words.

“Does the director mean that the Male God is our male protagonist?”

“For real? Does our director have such great abilities to be able to invite the Male God to act the male lead? The Male God’s salary must be terrifying. Does the director even have enough money?”

“Probably not, otherwise our film set wouldn’t look this…simple.” Several of the staff members couldn’t help but complain.

“I might not have enough to invite him here, but I have enough money to let you guys go.” A sound came from behind them, and all the staff members heard Feng Ruiyu grit his teeth. They immediately straightened their spines, glanced at each other, then rushed to their respective posts. They pretended like they hadn’t noticed the director nor what he’d said.

The staff members didn’t dare discuss this, but that didn’t mean other people wouldn’t, especially those little artists and celebrities. Ye Luohan, who they could only see on TV or the big screen, it was their first time seeing him in person.

Although they entered the entertainment industry, their statuses were low. Nicely speaking, they were artists, but being more truthful, they were just extras. They never had a chance to meet those great gods in the entertainment industry. They were no different than those fans who longed to see their favorite celebrities all day long.

Ye Luohan played the male protagonist Du Ruixuan. Luo Lingxing played his brother-in-law, He Mingyu. Du Ruixuan was He Mingyu’s senior from the same university. The two met first, then Du Ruixuan met He Mingyu’s sister, He Mingyue, and was moved by this generous, cheerful, and strong girl. So he started dating He Mingyue. The two reached the point of discussing marriage.

He Mingyu was a sis-con. Because He Mingyu and He Mingyue’s parents passed away when they were young, He Mingyu was single handedly raised by his elder sister. He was very dependent on his sister. Even though Du Ruixuan was his senior and a friend, when he heard that he was going to marry his sister, He Mingyu formulated a series of tests to gauge Du Ruixuan’s ability and sincerity toward his sister. This was where the story began.

Because it was a modern, light-hearted comedy, it wasn’t difficult to shoot. However, the director was still strict. In the eyes of others, the shot was perfect on the first try, but Feng Ruiyu always found fault and had them redo the scene. However, it was this nitpicking of his that ensured all his films became popular.

“Director Feng, I wonder which actor is playing He Mingyue?” I want Luoluo to get to know her first, since he has a lot of scenes with the female lead later on. He’d only just debuted, so there are a lot of things he doesn’t understand. It would be better for them to get to know each other first before filming,” Guan Anhua gently asked Feng Ruiyu.

Feng Ruiyu’s already frowning brows knitted tighter together, so tight it could capture a fly. His expression obviously showed that he was unhappy, making Guan Anhua question if he’d said something wrong.

Although he hadn’t been in the industry for long, his agent skills were still there. He had a lot of experience and lived a lot of life. His speech had become mellow, so it was unlikely that he’d said the wrong thing.

“Go see why she isn’t here yet. And tell her that if she doesn’t arrive soon,then don’t even bother coming,” Feng Ruiyu said to the assistant beside him.

 In fact, Feng Ruiyu wasn’t very old. He was still in his twenties. He had a handsome baby face, which was very likely. It was probably because he had a serious and gloomy expression that many people didn’t dare get close to him, much less joke with him.

Hearing Feng Ruiyu say this, Guan Anhua understood the actress who played the female lead hadn’t arrived. It had been over an hour since they started filming, but the female lead hadn’t arrived yet. It was no wonder Feng Ruiyu was so angry.

At the same time, he had a thought in his mind to tell this to Luo Lingxing later. Towards actors like this, they only needed to maintain a friendly appearance. There was no need to develop a deep friendship with them. After all, an actor who wasn’t on time was either a big name or had a personality problem.

Director Feng, Sister Zhao is here,” a staff member said to Feng Ruiyu.

Guan Anhua followed their line of sight, and his eyes widened slightly. He was stunned for a moment, and his whole body stiffened. The gentle expression on his face froze, and his mood turned complicated.

He knew that after returning to this industry, he would bump into this person eventually, but he didn’t expect to meet them so soon.

With Guan Anhua seeing Zhao Mengran now, he didn’t feel any pain in his heart, only unwillingness.

Because there was no love, it wouldn’t be painful. However, the fact that she bit the hand that fed her as well as suppressed him made him feel very unwilling and furious.

He worked hard to push that person to the highest point, film queen. Not only did the other party not show a trace of gratitude, but she even kicked him away. How could he not be unwilling?

He understood that humans strove to go to a higher place, but wasn’t this too ruthless a method to use?

It was obvious that it wasn’t all his fault. He was clearly the victim in this. Why did he have to withdraw from the industry in embarrassment and make way for that pair of scummy man and woman couple? He was unwilling, absolutely unwilling. That scummy couple’s happiness was based on his pain. He was not the Virgin Mary. He wouldn’t let other people insult him like this.

If Luo Lingxing’s previous words had him regaining his fighting spirit, then at this moment, when he saw Zhao Mengran again, his fighting spirit was burning hard. The glory that belonged to him would be regained.

“Director Feng, morning,” Zhao Mengran greeted Feng Ruiyu with a smile, ignoring the others around him. She didn’t notice Guan Anhua at all.

Zhao Mengran was wearing a sleeveless dress at this moment, revealing her graceful figure. Although she was nearly forty years old, because of good maintenance, she looked like someone in her early thirties.

“Are you going to the banquet dressed like this?” Feng Ruiyu sneered very impolitely. He looked at the women in front of him, who was late but still dressed up, and frowned.

“Don’t we still have the opening ceremony? If I dress fancy, then I won’t embarrass the crew,” Zhao Mengran said in a coquettish voice. Who knew if she actually thought she was being generous or if she  saw herself above others. She didn’t notice the strange expressions on the people around her either.

“Sister Zhao, I’m sorry. Our crew won’t have an opening ceremony.” The director’s assistant kindly reminded her. Even if there was, with how late she arrived, the ceremony would have ended already.

“No opening ceremony? How can that be? The opening ceremony is to pray for and bless our crew that everything will go smoothly. If there’s no opening ceremony, what if we don’t get the god’s blessing? Little Feng, this decision of yours is wrong…” Zhao Mengran relied on the fact that she was older and had entered the industry earlier to place herself in the senior position. She even reprimanded Director Feng.  “Our Director Feng has never had an opening ceremony for any of his films,” the director’s assistant continued to explain with a smile on his face. God knew how much Feng Ruiyu, who was standing beside them, was ready to explode.

He had worked as Feng Ruiyu’s assistant for a long time and could basically read Feng Ruiyu’s expressions most of the time. At that moment, he was practically reaching the breaking point, but Zhao Mengran pretended she didn’t understand Feng Ruiyu’s way of doing things and had her own thoughts. Other directors had an opening ceremony to pray that filming went smoothly.

It was said that this habit had been passed down from a long time ago, and it was basically a superstition at this point. However, the people in this industry would rather believe it than not. It didn’t take much time anyway. They could also invite the media and gain some traction for the film, so this habit continued.

However, Feng Ruiyu never believed in these things, so there was no so-called opening ceremony. When it was time to film, he would directly start filming.

“The camera crew is ready. Prop master, set everything up. Let’s continue filming!” Feng Ruiyu turned around and continued to look at the camera in front of him, completely ignoring Zhao Mengran’s words.

Ye Luohan and Luo Lingxing were in the process of filming. They didn’t have a good impression of Zhao Mengran because of Guan Anhua, so they naturally took the initiative to say hello. They pretended not to see her at all.

This was the first time Zhao Mengran had been ignored. She couldn’t control the expression on her face. She felt aggrieved and uncomfortable. After becoming a film queen, everyone would try to curry favor with her and hope that she would support them. But now, everyone here directly ignored her. It was too . much.

“The juniors nowadays are so impolite. They don’t know how to greet their seniors when they see them,” Zhao Mengran said angrily. She deliberately didn’t control her volume, causing the people around her to clearly hear her.

The smarter artists and agents pretended not to hear her. The impulsive ones made a nasty face. In the past, Zhao Mengran was indeed amazing. She had a high position in the entertainment industry. After becoming film queen, everyone gave her respect. However, the entertainment industry changed quickly. Not to mention a couple of years, even one year was enough for many people to surpass her. It was enough for them to rush forward and leave her forgotten in the dust.

Therefore, many young artists at the scene, especially the younger ones, didn’t know who Zhao Mengran was. Plus, everyone had their own pride, so they naturally wouldn’t take the initiative to come over and greet her.

“You also need to restrain your temper. This director is different from other ones. His temper is very weird. He won’t treat you better just because of your status. Young master Zhou obtained this role for you after much difficulty. If you upset the director, he won’t hesitate to replace you,” Zhao Mengran’s agent hurriedly reminded her.

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