IMG Chapter 200 Department Head’s Warning

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The vacation ended soon, because the cast list of ‘My Brother-in-Law’ had already been decided, it was about time to start filming.

‘My Brother-in-Law’ was a low-budget comedy. The target audience was relatively small. Logically speaking, it wasn’t the best choice for Luo Lingxing, who was rising in his career. However, he decided on this film even before filming for ‘Supreme Duel Heros’ started. Back then, they never thought Luo Lingxing would win the Golden Fox Awards Best Supporting Actor. But if they break the contract now, they would have to pay the penalty.

However, Luo Lingxing didn’t have any intention of breaking the contract. Although the budget for this film was small with a small target audience, the script was quite interesting. It was different from all the roles he’d played before, so he planned on being in this film.

Chen Hongliang generally didn’t interfere much with Luo Lingxing’s choices. He knew that while usually looked gentle, he in fact had a stubborn side. As long as it was something he decided on, nobody could make him change his mind. This was further proven by the vacation he insisted on after the Golden Fox Film Awards.

Others would wish to use every single precious moment of time. After all, this was the best period to grow one’s career, and they would have even more job opportunities. However, all he wanted to do was pay. Nobody could contact him for over a month, which made his agent very stressed.

In the past, Chen Hongliang would be the one stressed out, but after Guan Anhua became Luo Lingxing’s agent, he was able to experience Chen Hongliang’s feelings. The two of them understood each other very well.

“‘My Brother-in-Law’ is directed by the cutting-edge director Feng Ruiyu. Although he’s a newcomer in the directing industry, he’s very unique and talented. The films he shoots always take a different route, so although the target audience is small, the chance of winning a reward is relatively large. If you can win an award with this movie, it will be even more helpful to your future career.” Before Guan Anhua entered the crew, he gave all the general information about the director to Luo Lingxing first.

This was the first crew Guan Anhua would enter after entering the agent world, so he naturally didn’t want anything to go wrong.

“Mn.” Luo Lingxing quietly listened and memorized all the information he gave.

“The filming location is on Emperor Star this time. The crew also has a line of hotel rooms set up. If you don’t want to stay at the hotel, you can go home everyday, but I suggest you stay at the hotel. After all, the director sets the schedule, so it’s not certain when filming will start each day. It’ll be more convenient to stay at the hotel and be on call,” Guan Anhua continued.

“Got it,” Luo Lingxing responded obediently. He already had an idea.

When he went home that day, Luo Lingxing went to find Han Junzhan and explained to him the problems before he went to the film set.

“Brother Guan suggested I stay at the hotel during filming,” Luo Lingxing confessed.

Han Junzhan was happy that Luo Lingxing took the initiative to tell him this. Didn’t that mean the other party considered him to be his husband?

“Isn’t the filming on Emperor Star? When the time comes, we can come back together. Don’t stay at the hotel. The hotel won’t be as comfortable as home,” Han Junzhan said. In the future, they could be together even more openly since they already made their relationship public.

“The filming schedule isn’t the same everyday. We might have to film very late some days,” Luo Lingxing continued. The other party was also an actor, so he should already be aware of this.

“What are you afraid of? I’m here. It doesn’t matter how late it is,” Han Junzhan automatically lit up as he spoke sweet words.

Luo Lingxing’s face reddened slightly, but he understood Han Junzhan’s meaning. “You want to accompany me to the set? This director is different from our previous ones. He won’t let other people visit.”

This was what Brother Guan and Brother Chen had told him.

“If I can’t visit, then I can go to film, right?” Han Junzhan didn’t care. He would find a way to be with his wife.

A surprised expression appeared on Luo Lingxing’s face as he said, “You’re also going to participate in this film?”

He gave an affirmative noise.

The cast of ‘My Brother-in-Law’ was carried out in secret this time. Except for the director and assistant director and the actors themselves, nobody knew who the other roles were. Therefore, Luo Lingxing didn’t expect Han Junzhan to be participating in this film as well. He’d never heard the other party mention it before.

This film didn’t have any publicity before the start of filming. This was also due to Feng Ruiyu’s eccentricities. He didn’t like having his mind disturbed by any comments before filming.

Once Feng Ruiyu started filming, he wouldn’t pay any attention to online news, as if he blocked out everything around him. He also didn’t like it when his actors were affected by online comments during filming, so he wouldn’t release any news about his film before he finished the film.

Some people thought that if he didn’t promote it, his box office numbers wouldn’t be good in the future.

In fact, the films shot by Feng Ruiyu in the past were popular. The box office numbers could be described as miserable, but he obtained the awards. It was still admirable. This could be regarded as one of his talents.

And the most important thing was that he himself didn’t pay attention to box office numbers, so it was extremely difficult to find investors. After all, investors aimed for box office profits. As a result, if they invest and lose all their money, only a fool would continue investing.

Therefore, ‘My Brother-in-Law’ was a low-budget movie. However, Feng Ruiyu would never admit that it was because he couldn’t find any investors.

“Of course, you’re leaving the house, so I can’t stay at home alone,” Han Junzhan pretended to be pitiful and said aggrievedly.

Congratulations on upgrading the romance level by one.

“You’re playing the male lead?” Luo Lingxing asked even though he already had the answer. Who would ask a superstar like Ye Luohan to play a supporting role.

“Of course,” Han Junzhan said proudly.

In fact, when Ye Luohan rose to this position, he could already choose whatever scripts he liked. Moreover, he had always been willing. It didn’t matter if the director was famous or not or what their status was, he only looked at the script. If he was interested, he would accept the role. If he wasn’t interested, he would refuse. It was also because of this that countless unknown directors gained fame overnight.

Ye Luohan had also accepted the script for this film, which was basically working for them for free. This was a low-budget film, after all. The cost of production alone might not be enough to pay Ye Luohan’s salary.

And the reason he accepted ‘My Brother-in-Law’ was entirely because of Luo Lingxing. It could even be said that he had Xiao Ming find Feng Ruiyu. Although Feng Ruiyu had a strange personality, he wouldn’t reject a golden pie landing on his head. With Ye Luohan joining, a box office for this film was guaranteed at the very least.

Although Feng Ruiyu didn’t care about box office numbers, he wasn’t stupid enough to completely disregard it. After all, he still needed funds to shoot his films or else he would fall into an embarrassing state like with ‘My Brother-in-Law’.

However, although the funds for filming were low, his requirements for himself and his actors weren’t. All the actors he worked with had a lot of experience.

Since Han Junzhan was also part of the filming for ‘My Brother-in-Law’, Luo Lingxing naturally didn’t have any complaints.

“Brother Guan, reserve a hotel room for me,” Luo Lingxing told Guan Anhua, but he didn’t say whether he would stay in it or not.

If filming ended early, he would go home with Han Junzhan. After all, no matter how comfortable a hotel was, it couldn’t be more comfortable than his own home. If the shooting ended late, then they would rest at the hotel.

Soon, it was time to join the crew. Luo Lingxing received an email from the department head of Imperial University’s Film department before this. It clearly started with the number of times Luo Lingxing had attended class this semester as well as exam results. He solemnly warned Luo Lingxing that if he didn’t return to school and failed the final exam, then he would have to repeat the grade.

“You’re a celebrity, but first and foremost, you’re still a student. Your studies haven’t been completed yet, so you need to finish your responsibilities and obligations as a student first. Otherwise even if you become a popular star, you would be an unqualified one. The final exam is in the middle of the month. Your attendance is really insufficient, and your usual grades are at a zero. If you fail the final, then you have to repeat the grade. You have to be a good student and attend your classes next year.”

Department head An Zhiqun was quite impolite, but he sounded responsible. After reading this email, Luo Lingxing didn’t feel angry but felt that the dean was a responsible person. He rarely went to school this semester and only went back to participate in the exams before leaving again.

He was a celebrity, but he was a student first. Since he was a student, studying well was naturally the most important thing. The department head of his school was actually unhappy about his students debuting, because in his opinion, it would affect their learning.

Luo Lingxing probably wasn’t the only one to receive an email like this.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for Xia Yuan to send over a video call. When his figure appeared on the screen, Xia Yuan’s always smiling face was crestfallen.

“Xiao Luoluo, I received an email from the department head. I’m going to fail my classes, sob sob…” Xia Yuan said with a sad face.

Since participating in ‘Interstellar New Singer’, he often asked for leave from school. This was now the critical time to prepare for his album, but he received an email from the department head, which came down like a bolt from the sky.

“Don’t panic. I got one too,” Luo Lingxing said.

“You also got one? Then what are we going to do? I haven’t listened to many lectures this semester. How will I pass the final exam?” Xia Yuan said pitifully. He wasn’t worried about his specialized classes, but he always had a low grade on his cultural classes. There was definitely no hope this time.

“I remember Xiao Kai had good grades. Ask him to tutor you. There’s still a bit of time before the final exam. You’ll definitely be able to catch up,” Luo Lingxing comforted.

“That’s right. Xiao Kai is also going to take the final exam. What about you, Xiao Luoluo?” Xiao Luoluo was also worried about Luo Lingxing. The other party attended classes even less than he did, and the time he spent studying was less as well.

“I’m fine. I’ll find time to review the material. We won’t fail our classes. Don’t worry,” Luo Lingxing said with a smile.

Luo Lingxing’s smile seemed to have some sort of magic, making others unconsciously not worry.

“Mn, then I’ll go find Xiao Kai for tutoring. Xiao Luoluo, good luck. I’ll visit your class if I have time,” Xiao Yuan said, trusting him. He energetically hung up the call, then went to find Yang Zekai.

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