IMG Chapter 199 Internal Energy Cultivation

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They had obviously only just returned. What in the world did he have to do to go out this late at night? And he was going to spend the night out as well? Which bastard dared to invite his wife out? He better not find him or else he wouldn’t be spared!

No, he had to go see who this bastard was. He had to let this wild man know that he, Han Junzhan, was Luo Lingxing’s fiance. He was the one who was about to become Luo Lingxing’s husband. Nobody else had a chance.

Han Junzhan no longer cared about kidnapping Luo Lingxing and taking him to bed, much less eating dinner. All he wanted to know was where Luo Lingxing was and who he was with?

Han Junzhan walked outside as he called Luo Lingxing. Fortunately, the other party quickly picked up.

“Luoluo, where are you? Aunt Lin said you just went out?” Han Junzhan asked calmly, but his walking speed didn’t decrease at all. His sharp eyes carefully examined the surroundings behind the man on the screen. It seemed a bit familiar.

“I’m at the studio. There’s a matter here with Brother Chen, so I can deal with it,” Luo Lingxing replied honestly. He didn’t notice Han Junzhan’s intentions at all.

“Since it’s a small problem, why did you tell Aunt Lin that you wouldn’t return tonight? Aunt Lin was worried about you and thought something happened to you.” Han Junzhan was completely lying without blinking an eye, but fortunately, Aunt Lin didn’t hear him or else his majesty as a young master would be gone.

“It might be late when I finish handling the matter. I was worried I’d be loud and disturb your sleep if I returned home late. The studio has a resting room, so I might as well sleep here tonight,” Luo Lingxing explained.

Hearing this, Han Junzhan’s mood finally relaxed. It was fine as long as he wasn’t with someone else.

“It’s fine. I’ll head to the studio to find you now. I’ll pick you up then,” Han Junzhan said with a smile.

“Okay,” Luo Lingxing nodded and replied. The corners of his mouth lifted in a sweet smile.

Chen Hongliang, who was already anxious, was forced to eat a mouthful of dog food again. His mood became depressed.

In the end, Luo Lingxing naturally didn’t spend the night at the studio. After he returned, he said goodnight naturally, then went back to his room to sleep. Han Junzhan didn’t even have a chance to speak and could only watch as the other party closed his door.

As a result,  his abduction plan was declared a failure.

When they ate breakfast the next morning, Han Junzhan mentioned what Zhang Xuan told him yesterday to Luo Lingxing.

“Okay, no problem,” Luo Lingxing replied happily. His current body still needed exercise. It wasn’t possible to continue fighting beasts, so the army was his only option.

Moreover, he knew those people were all Han Junzhan’s subordinates, so he was happy to guide them in fighting to improve their combat effectiveness. After all, this way, Han Junzhan would be much safer when he led his team out on missions in the future.

“Don’t tire yourself out. Those people are too energetic. If you get tired, just leave them be,” Han Junzhan told him in advance. After all, he knew his soldiers best. He was happy if they could improve their combat effectiveness, but if Luo Lingxing became tired because of this, he would feel very distressed. And the after-effect of him being distressed would mean that the group of people’s training would increase fivefold.

Didn’t they want to improve their combat effectiveness? Then they needed to lay a good foundation first. And increasing their training fivefold would definitely increase their physical strength.

At this moment, the soldiers who were still sweating hard and training hard were looking forward to their major general’s wife coming over to teach them. He had no idea what the Major General in their hearts were scheming.

Han Junzhan took Luo Lingxing to the military district and was warmly welcomed like never before. If Han Junzhan had brought someone else at this moment, these proud soldiers might not show them any respect and welcome them even if they were Major General Han’s future wife. After all, the people in the military district didn’t pay attention to identity. The only thing they paid attention to was ability and military merit.

Soldiers advocated for the strong. The reason Han Junzhan had such a high status in the military district was entirely because of his strong military force and outstanding military exploits. It wasn’t because he was a member of the Han family.

Moreover, Luo Lingxing had laid a good foundation when he’d trained the new recruits previously. And the fight with Zheng Xuhe had him gaining respect and admiration from the soldiers. After all, someone who could defeat the commander of the third legion should be the person most suitable to become the Major General.

“Welcome Major General Han and Mrs. Han!” The soldiers of the first legion shouted in unison. If it wasn’t for their serious expression, they would have thought they were entering a restaurant.

“Boss, sister-in-law, you’re here.” Zhang Xuan walked over happily. His way of addressing Luo Lingxing had changed from the moment Han Junzhan’s proposal was successful.

“Sister-in-law?” Luo Lingxing was confused. Was he talking to him?

“Just call him young master Luo. Don’t call him sister-in-law.” Han Junzhan thought Luo Lingxing wouldn’t like an address used for women, so he quickly added.

“Yes, sir!” Zhang Xuan and the others immediately responded. To soldiers, their duty was to obey the orders of their superiors.

Luo Lingxing moved his lips, but he didn’t end up speaking in the end. In fact, he didn’t call what others called him. It was just a title, after all.

Seeing that Luo Lingxing wasn’t unhappy. Han Junzhan breathed a sigh of relief. In fact, he liked it when everyone called Luo Lingxing sister-in-law, since it showed his claim on him. But if the other party didn’t like it, he would always respect the other party’s wishes.

“Sis…young master Luo, when will you teach us martial arts?” Zhang Xuan’s eyes flashed with eagerness. The fighting style Luo Lingxing showed before was something they’d never seen before, but it was very powerful.

When the other soldiers heard this, they also looked excited. For soldiers who admired the strong, who wouldn’t want to become even stronger?

“Who wants to learn?” Luo Lingxing asked.

When the soldiers heard this, they looked at their regimental commander with great anticipation. After all, their boss was the one who chose who got to learn.

“Luoluo, would the number of students affect you?” Han Junzhan asked. He had to take Luo Lingxing’s body in consideration first.

“No, but according to reason, starting to practice martial arts at this age was a little late, but their physique is good. If they practice diligently, they may be able to make up for their age,” Luo Lingxing said. The martial arts he’d learned was from a master his imperial father found for him when he was still with the royal family. They didn’t rely on spiritual energy but internal energy. Therefore the younger they started to learn, the better, making their ability to adapt stronger as well, and it would be easier for them to learn internal energy.

He was already 19 years old when he started studying with this body, which was actually very late, but he was also cultivating. After adjusting, he now had a small success. But he wasn’t sure if these people could learn. It was certain that they could improve their current martial arts, but if he wanted to compare with those martial arts masters from his previous life, it would definitely be impossible.

When Han Junzhan heard this, he fell into thought before making a decision.

“You all follow Luoluo and learn, then choose 20 recruits with the best potential from this period and learn with them. My requirement is that you cannot lose to any recruit. If anyone loses to a recruit, then they must start over from recruit training. Be ready to be punished with double the training,” Han Junzhan said sternly to all the soldiers of the first legion.

The age of the recruits was much younger than these people. According to what Luo Lingxing said, then the younger people would have an advantage. When the time came, it would be better to promote their learning. Only when soldiers were strong could their country be more powerful.

“Yes, sir!” Everyone immediately responded. At the same time, they secretly made up their minds to train hard. They had been in the military for many years. If they couldn’t even compare to a new recruit, then even without their regimental commander saying anything, they wouldn’t have the face to continue staying here.

“I’ll give you five minutes. Assemble at the training ground!” Han Junzhan ordered, “Zhang Xuan, head to the recruit training camp and select 20 recruits.”

The soldier and Zhang Xuan, “Yes, sir!”

The duty of soldiers was obedience. They wouldn’t have even a sliver of doubt for the commander’s orders. In an instant, the soldiers who originally surrounded Luo Lingxing and Han Junzhan dispersed completely. Their speed was admirable.

The people of this world were well trained. They were almost able to match up to the guards in the palace. Luo Lingxing secretly thought this in his heart.

Han Junzhan and Luo Lingxing also went to the training grounds. The training grounds they came to wasn’t an ordinary training ground, but a mecha training ground. Since this was where they trained with mecha, one could only imagine how large the place was. The only place that could hold everyone from the first legion was here.

When Han Junzhan and Luo Lingxing arrived, all the soldiers stood there in neat and straight rows, waiting for their superior’s inspection.

Zhang Xuan also quickly brought over the 20 selected recruits to the training ground to report.

“Reporting to the regimental commander, I have brought the 20 recruits. Please give your orders.”

“Get in line!” Han Junzhan said.

“Yes, sir!” Zhang Xuan took the 20 recruits and stood in front of the other soldiers.

“It’s actually late for you to start learning martial arts, but if you work hard, you can make up for it. I have a book here. You should carefully study according to what it says. Remember not to rush for quick success. Don’t be greedy for speed, and take it step by step. Only by laying a solid foundation can you gain twice the result with half the effort later,” Luo Lingxing carefully instructed the soldiers who were about to become his “apprentices”.

He then took a copy of the internal strength method from his space and handed it to Han Junzhan and said, “This book was left by my master. Junzhan, copy it and give each of them one. Have them practice according to the book everyday. If there’s anything they don’t understand, you can call my terminal.”

In fact, it was quite surprising that Luo Lingxing had this in his space, but even if he didn’t, he remembered the methods from the book very well. There was no problem writing it down, but this saved him a lot of time.

“Okay.” Han Junzhan took the book but didn’t look at it. He had already started to cultivate, so he was no longer curious about this kind of martial arts method. After all, he knew that spiritual energy was much more powerful than internal energy.

“Did you hear that? If I’m not here, Zhang Xuan, Zhao Chongzhuo, and Lin Mingying are in charge. If you have any questions, you will ask them directly. I will only check your progress once a month. If the progress is too low, I will cancel your qualifications to study. In addition, you cannot lack on your daily training,” Han Junzhan continued.

“Yes, sir!” The soldiers looked excitedly at the internal method in Han Junzhan’s hand. Although they didn’t know what it was, since it came from Luo Lingxing, it must be something good. Maybe their moves written in the book were the moves Luo Lingxing used before. As long as they learned it, wouldn’t they be able to reach Luo Lingxing’s level?

Thinking like this, everyone looked forward to it even more.

“Boss, did you have the 20 recruits learn with the first legion because of the friendly competition in the future?” Lin Mingying asked.

There were a total of four legions. Every year after recruitment, they would have a friendly competition in order to test the training results of the recruits during the enlistment period. It was also for the honor of the military district.

Han Junzhan didn’t deny this. As the regimental commander of the first legion, he had to protect the honor of the first legion, and Luo Lingxing’s guidance would enable these recruits to grow.

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