IMG Chapter 198 Kidnapping Failed

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As soon as Han Junzhan returned to the Emperor Star, he couldn’t wait to post on Weibo. He wanted to share this happy news with everyone.

Han Junzhan V: Luoluo has agreed to my marriage proposal. o(n一n)o~  Although Han Junzhan wasn’t a celebrity, he was the empire’s youngest Major General. He had many fans who worshiped him. After his marriage contract with Luo Lingxing was announced, his fans had risen like rockets. The number of fans could almost reach the same level as an A-list star. It was obvious that his Weibo would also cause a sensation.

“Look at the Major General showing off. He even used a cute emoji. Have you been abducted and replaced? Give us back our Major General.”

“Wow… The Jun-Ling ship is throwing out sugar again, and it’s tooth-aching sweet sugar. I’m feeling swollen. I think I can eat this sugar for a lifetime.”

“I’ll also eat for a lifetime. Jun-Ling ship has finally come to a positive result. I’m very grateful. PS: Great Major General, when is the wedding? I’ll go watch.”

“Previous poster, take me with you to watch.”

“I’ll watch +1”  “I’ll watch +10086”  “There’s no hope for the Han-Xing ship now. In fact, I think our Male and Luoluo are also very compatible.”

“Congratulations to the Major General for obtaining the beauty. You have to take good care of our little prince.”

“Congratulations to the Major General for obtaining the beauty. Speaking of which, how long have you two been together and you’re already getting married? It is illegal for you to abuse us single dogs like this, but I don’t mind. Please continue the abuse. I will eat more dog food to make up for it.”

“Congratulations to the Major General for obtaining the beauty…”

The Weibo comments were full of “congratulations to the Major General for obtaining the beauty”. Fans were very happy to swipe the screen. There were occasionally one or two Han-Xing shippers mixed in, but they were quickly drowned out by the Jun-Ling fans’ comments.

Han Junzhan read the comments and felt proud. He was happy. He couldn’t wait to announce the wedding date now. Unfortunately, he didn’t know when the wedding date was yet. After all, the parents from the two families needed to discuss it. If it were up to him, he would have taken Luo Lingxing to have the wedding right away.

On the other hand, he also wanted to give the other party an unforgettable wedding. After all, the engagement was too low-key, and the proposal was hastily done. The wedding ceremony couldn’t be rushed.

Han Junzhan informed the Han family that he was going to marry Luo Lingxing and asked the elders of the Han family to discuss it with the Luo family. Meanwhile, he and Luoluo had another job lined up.

“What’s going on with your Weibo? Are you really going to marry Luo Lingxing?” Xiao Ming’s figure appeared on the terminal screen as he asked.

“Of course,” Han Junzhan replied as a matter of course. There was no way he would joke about such things.

Xiao Ming couldn’t help but rub his forehead and said helplessly, “My lord, Lord Han, next time, can you please tell this little one such things first before posting it on Weibo?”

It was too sudden, he almost didn’t know how to react. Now the Internet was about to explode. News exploded everywhere about Han Junzhan and Luo Lingxing’s marriage. One of them was clearly a newcomer in the entertainment industry, and the other wasn’t involved in the entertainment industry at all (at least as Han Junzhan’s identity). Still, he obtained all the headliners and even obtained some of the hot searches on Weibo. Who knew how many celebrities who wanted to obtain the hot searches were vomiting blood right now.

Jun Ling Studio’s phone was also blowing up, and Chen Hongliang was kept busy.

However, comparatively, he was a bit lucky. At least Han Junzhan didn’t use Ye Luohan’s Weibo to publish the news or else the storm wouldn’t just be this much.

“There won’t be a next time,” Han Junzhan said coolly. Marriage was a lifelong commitment. How could there be a next time?

“Have you confessed to Luoluo about your identity?” Xiao Ming suddenly remembered an important matter.

“Mn,” Han Junzhan replied.

The other party had confessed such an important secret to him, so how could he still have his own secrets? Not to mention, he never intended to hide it in the first place.

“That’s good.” Xiao Ming breathed a sigh of relief.

Since the two of them had decided to get married, it was better to clear things up or else it wouldn’t be good if they had conflicts in the future. The most important thing was that if Luoluo found out he was an accomplice, his life would turn miserable.

“If there’s nothing else, I’m hanging up,” Han Junzhan said. He still had to go find Luoluo. Since the two decided to get married, he needed to live together. So he would kidnap the other party and bring him to his room tonight.

Xiao Ming saw the expression Han Junzhan accidentally revealed and became speechless. It turned out that those who fell in love were all the same. It didn’t matter what kind of person they were in the past, once they fell in love, it would be the same for everyone.

“There’s nothing else. I…” Before Xiao Ming could finish speaking, the other party’s figure had already completely disappeared. Looking at the black screen, Xiao Ming choked back his next words.

Han Junzhan decisively hung up the video. When he was about to go find Luo Lingxing, the prompt sound of a video call sounded again. His originally smiling expression instantly became gloomy.

“What is it?” Han Junzhan looked at the person on the screen and said in a cold voice.

To dare disturb his time with Luoluo, it had better be something important. Otherwise, they were in for double the training tomorrow.

Zhang Xuan, who didn’t know that his boss was currently plotting against him, was on the other side of the call and said, “Boss, bring sister-in-law to the training camp tomorrow. Everyone is looking forward to seeing sister-in-law. Besides, they all want to learn martial arts from him.”

Since the time they saw Luo Lingxing and Zheng Xuhe fight, everyone admired Luo Lingxing very much. They had a deep interest in his fighting skills. They would be very happy to have the opportunity to learn from him.

Han Junzhan was pleased to hear Zhang Xuan call out “sister-in-law”. His expression turned a bit better.

He actually wanted to throw out the two words “not free”, but when he thought about how interested Luo Lingxing was in the military camp, he didn’t dare make the decision for him.

“I’ll ask Luoluo first. If there’s nothing important, don’t call me.” After Han Junzhan finished speaking, he immediately hung up the call and even temporarily blocked Zhang Xuan and the others. No one could stop him from doing what he wanted tonight.

However, as soon as he took three steps, a string of calls came through, as if they’d all planned it. Cross-popping veins appeared on Han Junzhan’s forehead. His expression turned dark.

He really wanted to turn off his terminal directly, but when he saw the three words “Lin Yalan”, he paused his action in blocking people. This was his sister-in-law. For her to call so late, it must be related to Lin Yalan. He immediately connected the call.

“Sister-in-law, what’s the matter?” Han Junzhan asked.

“Junzhan, I contacted Uncle Luo today. They will arrive at Emperor Star in a couple days to discuss the marriage. I wanted to inform you in advance,” Lin Yalan said in a gentle voice. It had been a long time since they had such a happy event in the family. They could finally have a celebration.

“Okay, I’ll be home then,” Han Junzhan replied.

Meanwhile, Luo Lingxing also received a video call from his uncle.

“Xiao Xing, the Han family came to find me today and said they wanted to discuss the marriage date between you and Junzhan. Have you decided? If you don’t agree to this, nobody can force you into it,” Luo Jinggen asked worriedly.

The original engagement between Luo Lingxing and Han Junzhan was the result of discussions with his two younger brothers. This was in order to help Luo Lingxing forget about his previous relationship and move on, but he also knew that most arranged marriages that were decided by the elders didn’t contain any love. A marriage without love was an unhappy one, so he hoped Luo Lingxing could think this through.

They proposed the engagement, so if they proposed to cancel the engagement now, it would inevitably affect the friendly relationship between the Luo and Han families. Even so, they would not sacrifice their nephew’s happiness.

“Uncle, Junzhan and I have already decided. I get along with him well. No one is forcing me,” Luo Lingxing replied with a smile, trying to reassure Luo Jinggen.

This matter was something he wanted. If he didn’t want it, naturally nobody could force him, not even his uncles.

When Luo Jinggen heard Luo Lingxing’s answer, he finally let out a sigh of relief and said, “That’s good. Then us uncles will help you prepare for the wedding. Rest assured, uncle will definitely prepare the wedding of the century for you and make everyone see you get married in style.”

As a child of the Luo family, he naturally deserved the best.

In this regard, the Luo family’s and Han Junzhan’s thoughts coincided.

Han Junzhan ended the conversation with Lin Yalan, took three steps, and when he didn’t see any movement in his terminal, he took three more steps. When there still wasn’t anything, he was finally relieved and rushed to Lin Yalan’s room.

Since the two were about to become genuine husbands, they needed to adapt to each other’s lives. They should start adapting now.

Although they stayed the night together on Planet Seyfert, they were busy cultivating and didn’t have the mind to care about anything else. So naturally it didn’t count.

However, just as Han Junzhan walked up to Luo Lingxing’s door, Aunt Lin suddenly appeared carrying dinner.

“I’ll help you take it to Luoluo,” Han Junzhan said as he tried to take the tray from Aunt Lin.

“No need. This is for you,” Aunt Lin said with a smile.

“What about Luoluo’s share?” Han Junzhan asked in confusion. Generally speaking, even if Aunt Lin forgot his share, she wouldn’t forget Luo Lingxing’s.

“Xiao Luo just went out. It seemed someone was looking for him, and he rushed out. He wanted me to let you know that he might not return tonight.” Aunt Lin relayed Luo Lingxing’s words to Han Junzhan. She didn’t notice the blow her words gave Han Junzhan.

Han Junzhan: …

Did Luoluo hide because he was aware of his plans? Or was it really a coincidence?

Thinking about it, it had to be a coincidence. After all, this was a last minute plan. He’d just come out of his room, and before he could even see Luoluo, Luoluo had already left.

“He went out?” It took a while before Han Junzhan could find his voice and he asked stiffly.

“Mn, he just left a few minutes before I came upstairs. I thought you knew.” Aunt Lin inadvertently gave Han Junzhan another blow.

They had obviously only just returned. What in the world did he have to do to go out this late at night? And he was going to spend the night out as well? Which bastard dared to invite his wife out? He better not find him or else he wouldn’t be spared!

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