IMG Chapter 197 Marriage Proposal Success

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Time passed as the two continued training. Before they knew it, it had been a month since they arrived at Planet Seyfert.

During this time, Luo Lingxing and Han Junzhan had been fighting beasts every day during the day. The beasts in this area would now hide far away whenever they smelled Luo Lingxing and Han Junzhan’s scent, causing the two to challenge beasts less often per day.

If this was seen by others, their mouths and eyes would be wide open.

“When do you plan on heading back?” Han Junzhan asked, because he knew that the movie Luo Lingxing had accepted was about to start filming.

Moreover, he and Luo Lingxing had skipped out on the publicity for ‘Supreme Duel Heros’. The director was probably about to go crazy.

However, just let him go crazy. He didn’t like participating in the publicity for the crew anyway. Coupled with the incident with Luo Lingxing from a while ago, it was enough to promote ‘Supreme Duel Heros’ in advance. Even if they didn’t attend this time, the ratings for ‘Supreme Duel Heros’ definitely wouldn’t be low.

“Tomorrow,” Luo Lingxing replied. Although it was only a month, the effect was still very good. At the very least, his Fusion Stage was higher than before, and his spiritual energy was even more condensed. This was good enough for them to continue next time.

Moreover, Han Junzhan’s cultivation was also smooth going. It had almost reached the Foundation Building Stage. This was a very unnatural speed. Even when he first started cultivating, it took him a full three months to build his foundation. At that time, he was already considered a genius among geniuses. Building a foundation in a year was already considered good.

As a result, a more terrifying existence appeared, and it was a heaven-defying one there. There really was always someone better.

“If you only improve your cultivation without going through actual combat, it’s easy for your cultivation to collapse, which will be unfavorable for later cultivation. That’s why we have to find an opportunity to return here for experience in the future. This place is very good,” Luo Lingxing said.

“Mn. I can bring you here whenever you want,” Han Junzhan said with a smile. As long as the other party was happy, it was all that mattered. And even though the beasts here were large, they were still weaker than Luo Lingxing. If anything, the beasts here probably didn’t want them to return.

Moreover, he also needed to work hard and surpass Luoluo as soon as possible, so that he could protect him. “Then let’s go hunting,” Luo Lingxing proposed.

“Okay.” Han Junzhan unconditionally supported Luo Lingxing’s proposals. Especially requests that only involved the two of them, he liked it even more. When he returned to the Emperor Star, the time where the two of them could be alone would be greatly reduced, that was why he greatly appreciated his time at Planet Seyfert.

There weren’t many large beasts in the hunting area. It was usually Han Junzhan hunting them with his spiritual energy. Those small animals weren’t powerful, so they were perfect to use for Han Junzhan’s practice.

During this time, Luo Lingxing would find a tree trunk to sit on and watch Han Junzhan kill the animals.

This time was no exception either. But today, Luo Lingxing felt a strong killing intent. His eyes suddenly focused on the direction the killing intent was released, but it suddenly disappeared, as if it had never existed in the first place.

Luo Lingxing looked in that direction carefully and released his spiritual energy to explore the area but found nothing.

He frowned. He couldn’t have imagined it. That killing intent was just there a few minutes ago, but now it was gone. Moreover…he felt a hint of demon sect aura as well.

Whenever Luo Lingxing tried to explore more carefully, the aura disappeared again, making him unable to determine if it really was a demon aura or not.

Logically speaking, it shouldn’t have been a demon aura. After all, this world was completely different from his previous world. He came here by accident, and it was impossible for the demon sect to come here as well. There were no demons in this world. It was p;robably a beast with a similar aura.

Han Junzhan jumped up to the tree trunk and saw Luo Lingxing in a daze. His delicate little face showed a confused expression, which was really cute. He couldn’t help but take the person in his arms and pressed a tempting kiss on those red lips.

“Luoluo, what are you thinking about?”

“Huh?” Luo Lingxing raised his little head and stared blankly at Han Junzhan. The brief touch just now almost seemed to be an illusion.

Han Junzhan watched Luo Lingxing like this. He couldn’t hold back any longer. The brief kiss was a result of him restraining himself, yet in the end, this little guy dared to tempt him. Did he not realize just how attractive his current appearance was? If he was able to hold back, then he wasn’t a man!

And so, Han Junzhan unceremoniously stole Luo Lingxing’s lips again. He carefully licked and bit them, going deeper into the other party’s mouth as he led the other party’s little tongue to dance together. It wasn’t until his body reacted that he reluctantly let go of the other party and tried to calm his desires. He didn’t want to scare the other party.

If it wasn’t for the bad surroundings, he wouldn’t have let the other party go at all. He really wouldn’t wait to marry him. He wanted the other party all for himself.

He wanted him so much his body was about to explode.

“Luoluo, let’s get married.” Han Junzhan’s deep and magnetic voice slowly sounded in his ears. It was like a lover’s whisper filled with temptation

In fact, Han Junzhan didn’t expect to propose to get married under such circumstances, and he said it so foolishly. He was ashamed.

In his fantasies, the marriage proposal would be a grand scene. He wanted to give Luo Lingxing a romantic and unforgettable proposal.After all, the people on the internet said that their partners liked romantic proposals such as those, and the success rate would be much higher as well.

But words that spilled out like water couldn’t be taken back. Han Junzhan could only anxiously wait for Luo Lingxing’s answer. He was even ready to be rejected.

After all, not to mention romantic, there was nothing here. It was all barren mountains and fields. Probably nobody would propose on Planet Seyfert.

In certain aspects, Han Junzhan was speaking the truth. After all, no couple would go to Planet Seyfert for a date for no reason, nor would they propose here. They were the only couple to do so, and would probably be the only couple to do so. This was absolutely unprecedented.

“Okay,” Luo Lingxing readily agreed. After all, he’d already decided on the other party being his lifelong dao partner, so he would naturally marry him as well. To him, it didn’t matter when they got married.

Moreover, after getting married, they could do dual cultivation. That would be very beneficial to improving their cultivation.

In his previous life, his master had mentioned dual cultivation to him before, telling him that if he could find a dao partner to accompany him for a lifetime, then he should use dual cultivation to improve their cultivation. It would benefit them both.

It was a pity that he’d never met someone he’d wanted to dual cultivate with, so he’d always been cultivating alone.

After coming to this world, he’d finally met someone. Looking at Han Junzhan and thinking about the dual cultivation method his master taught him, Luo Lingxing’s little face turned red. Unfortunately, the excited Han Junzhan didn’t notice.

“You’re agreeing to marry me? You really agree?” Han Junzhan, who had always had a steady personality, was incoherent with excitement at this moment. There was no demeanor of a cold-blooded Major General right now. At this moment, he was just an ordinary man who had succeeded in his courting.

Seeing Han Junzhan’s happy expression, Luo Lingxing couldn’t help but laugh. His heart was filled with sweetness. It turned out that he liked this feeling. It was very comfortable.

“Then let’s go back to the Emperor Star now.” Han Junzhan picked up Luo Lingxing. He could care less about the poor prey lying on the ground. He couldn’t wait to return to the Emperor Star and ask their families to help prepare for the wedding.

Luo Lingxing was suddenly picked up, so he subconsciously wrapped his arms around Han Junzhan’s neck to stabilize himself. He found Han Junzhan’s eagerness funny but also very sweet. That was why he didn’t plan on stopping him.

Han Junzhan contacted Zhang Xuan, then drove the mecha and brought Luo Lingxing into space to return to the spaceship. He didn’t notice that not far from the place they’d left, a pair of eyes revealing a strange light stared straight at Han Junzhan’s mecha as it disappeared into space. After a while, it gradually disappeared into the forest as if it never existed in the first place.

“Boss, what were you doing on the planet with sister-in-law?” Zhang Xuan waited for Han Junzhan and Luo Lingxing to return to the spaceship and couldn’t help but ask.

They had obeyed their boss’ order this past month and stayed on the spaceship. They were almost suffocated, but they couldn’t head out. He was very interested in what his boss and Luoluo were doing alone on the planet. He wondered if these two were…if they were… “Don’t show such a lewd expression. It’s no wonder you don’t have a girlfriend yet.” Zhao Chongzhuo gave Zhang Xuan a metaphorical slap in the face, then took his place and couldn’t help but complain.

“Boss, you didn’t come to Planet Seyfert this time just so you two could live in your own little two person world, right?” Zhao Chongzhuo couldn’t help but ask. If it was the case, it was too cruel on them.

“Complaining about me? Aren’t you the same?” Zhang Xuan couldn’t help but mutter.

Lin Mingying didn’t join in. He was concentrating on piloting the spaceship, but his eager ears showed his true intentions.

“Luoluo has agreed to marry me. We’re returning to start planning the wedding,” Han Junzhan said excitedly. He completely ignored the problems of his two idiotic subordinates. He just wanted to announce the good news to everyone, so that they could share their happiness with him.

Zhang Xuan, who’d been pushed down just after recovering: …

Zhao Chongzhuo, who was still standing but about to follow Zhang Xuan’s footsteps: …

Lin Mingying, who was piloting the spaceship: …

Did they just imagine hearing that? Could it be that they’d gone crazy from staying on the spaceship for too long? So they were hearing things?

Otherwise why did they hear their boss say that he’d proposed and was about to get married?

This was too unnatural. The boss had such a cold personality and was taciturn. Nobody dared to get close to him. They used to think the boss would only have his mecha for the rest of his life,  but who knew that he would suddenly make his marriage contract public, gain a fiance, and now he even announced that he was getting married.

This was just too unnatural. Even someone like their boss had someone now, so how could good men like them were still single?

God was too unfair to give them such different treatment. Even if they were single dogs, single dogs still deserved rights!

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