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Luo Lingxing shook his head and said, “The dual system is your secret. It wasn’t the right time to tell me in the past, but I’m your dao partner now. It’s appropriate to tell me this now.”

He didn’t blame Han Junzhan, because he knew how rare having a dual system in this world was. It would definitely be very troublesome if this was known by others. So it was normal to conceal it. Plus, he’d also hid his previous life before as well, so this wasn’t a big deal to Luo Lingxing.

But for Han Junzhan, this was a big surprise. He couldn’t help but be excited and hugged the person tightly in his arms.

To be able to obtain such a treasure in this lifetime was his greatest luck. He wouldn’t let go. He would never let go for the rest of his life.

“Luoluo, I love you,” Han Junzhan said affectionately. His dark eyes were full of love.

Luo Lingxing felt that his heartbeat was uncontrollable again. It beat faster and faster, almost jumping out of his chest. His face was also still hot. This was an amazing feeling. Is this what humans called “like”?

“Luoluo, I’ll spoil you and love you. I’ll love you for a lifetime. In this lifetime, I won’t ever let you go.”

Han Junzhan confessed affectionately. He slowly lowered his head and pressed his soft lips against the other party.

Hearing this, Luo Lingxing’s heart melted into a warm sweetness. His body gradually relaxed, and his hands unconsciously moved to the other party’s neck, as if supporting his gradually paralyzed body. He enjoyed the warmth of his lover.

Gradually, Luo Lingxing learned from Han Junzhan kissing him and slowly responded to the other party.

Feeling Luo Lingxing’s response, Han Junzhan was simply ecstatic. He knew that from this moment on, their hearts were deeply connected.

The next morning after breakfast, Luo Lingxing took Han Junzhan to aimlessly walk in the forest. Those who knew the situation knew that they were training, but if they didn’t know, people would think the two were on a date.

Because Luo Lingxing didn’t know much about Planet Seyfert, he could only continue to walk aimlessly. He planned to attack any beasts they encountered and continued to walk if they didn’t encounter any. Fortunately, it was only the two of them, and they didn’t need to return to a specific place to rest, so they didn’t have to remember the path they took.

“Luo Lingxing, can you tell me about your previous life?” Ever since Han Junzhan found out that Luo Lingxing was from another world, he was very curious about Luo Lingxing’s previous life. He wondered what kind of family could raise such a person.

“My previous life?”

“Mn. It’s best if you started from when you were born.” Han Junzhan grabbed Luo Lingxing’s little hand and asked with a smile. He acted as if they really were on a date.

Han Junzhan was very satisfied with this place. Although there were wild beasts here, the environment was very good. Most importantly, there was no one else here to disturb them.

“I was born in the imperial family. My father, mother, and royal brothers were very good to me…” Luo Lingxing slowly started talking about his previous life.

In fact, he couldn’t remember many things from when he was a child. After all, more than a thousand years had passed since that time. Only the things that had left a deep impression still remained.

Han Junzhan listened quietly and didn’t interrupt. Except, he was surprised by Luo Lingxing’s background, although he kinda expected it. Only the imperial family could raise an imposing person like Luo Lingxing who didn’t care much about worldly matters.

After all, to be born in such a family, he was destined to see, touch, and experience many things that ordinary people would never be able to in their lifetime. This was also the reason why he would behave lackluster and disinterested in many things.

It was no wonder that his acting skills in ‘The Enchantress’ were so good. He was basically acting out his real life. After all, no one could perform more like a real prince than him.

“Later, my master took in me…” Luo Lingxing suddenly stopped speaking. He stared to the front with guarded eyes, and his entire body became vigilant.

“There’s beasts.” Han Junzhan also sensed the beast’s aura immediately. He took the initiative to protect Luo Lingxing by putting him behind him. He was ready to summon his mecha at any moment.

“Roar!” Not long later, the surrounding trees began to sway, and the ground trembled a bit. It was enough to show how powerful this beast was.

“Luo Lingxing, wait…” Han Junzhan wanted to have Luo Lingxing enter the mecha, but he found that Luo Lingxing was already running toward the beast faster than he could. He was suddenly shocked into cold sweat and hurriedly tried to catch up. This beast was about three three meters high and ten meters long. It was like a giant hill in the face of humans. Others would want to get as far away from the beast as possible. It was only Luo Lingxing who would take the initiative to right straight up to the beast. His eyes even shone with an eager light.

He hadn’t tested his strength yet since reaching the Fusion Stage, so he wanted to test it out with this beast.

The beast watched the petite human who rushed towards him. His eyes flashed with deep disdain as he roared at the other party. He was expecting to see the human tremble in fear, but he never expected to be greeted by a powerful attack instead.

Luo Lingxing concentrated his spiritual energy into his right hand and slammed out the spiritual energy at an extremely fast speed, cutting a deep hole in the rough skin and thick flesh of the beast. The beast suddenly screamed out painfully. His big, copper eyes were full of anger as he glared at the small Luo Lingxing hatefully.

It was unforgivable that a petite human, who he looked down upon, was able to harm him!

However, Luo Lingxing wasn’t afraid of the beast at all. His spiritual energy blade kept cutting the beast. There were some small fireballs mixed in as well. After a while, the skin of the beast became scorched, and the beast became even more irritable.

His long tail flicked toward Luo Lingxing, but Luo Lingxing was petite and nimble. Before the beast’s tail could reach him, he had already jumped on the beast’s back and continued to add new wounds onto the beast’s body. “Roar!” The beast kept shaking his body, trying to throw the human off, but Luo Lingxing lowered his center of gravity and held on tightly. He also found time to add a few more blade wounds.

Han Junzhan chased them and saw this scene. The huge beast was scarred, wailing constantly, and kept shaking. Meanwhile, Luo Lingxing was lying on the beast’s body and giving him sneak attacks.

This wasn’t the first time Luo Lingxing had fought against a beast, but he had never clearly seen how Luo Lingxing had fought with beasts before. This time, because he had started cultivating, he could clearly see the spiritual energy Luo Lingxing used to constantly cut the beast. It was sharper than any sword.

This was also the first time he had officially faced the use of spiritual energy. He realized just how powerful spiritual energy really was. Those mercenaries or soldiers who dared fight against beasts all had to rely on mechas. If they didn’t have the protection of their mecha, they would be in extreme danger when facing beasts. However, Luo Lingxing could hunt a beast more than ten times his size all by himself. He was even unscathed. This was more than enough to see how powerful cultivating was compared to the power of their world.

Han Junzhan strengthened his determination to cultivate hard, because he wanted to protect the person in front of him from getting hurt and not have to work so hard.

In the few seconds while Han Junzhan was strengthening his resolve, Luo Lingxing had already subdued the beast. At this moment, the beast fell on the ground, taking its last dying breath. The surrounding became a mess because of their fight.

“Luo Lingxing, are you alright?” Han Junzhan hurriedly stepped forward to check Luo Lingxing up and down to see if he was injured anywhere.

“I’m fine. This beast isn’t powerful,” Luo Lingxing said with a bit of disgust.

Although this beast was quite large, it was very clumsy and didn’t have high attack power, so he didn’t have any sense of accomplishment from fighting it.

Han Junzhan couldn’t hold back a chuckle. The person in front of him was probably the only person in the world who would disdain a beast for being too weak. One had to know that this so-called weak beast was an existence that others didn’t want to touch at all. They would all want to hide when seeing it.

“Even if it isn’t powerful, you can’t suddenly jump out like that next time. I’ll be worried. At the very least, you have to take me with you,” Han Junzhan discussed with Luo Lingxing very seriously. If this happened a few more times, he would be scared out of his wits.

“No, you’re too weak to deal with these beasts,” Luo Lingxing said unceremoniously.

Han Junzhan: …

Fine. He knew that he was just starting as well. But he had a mecha. While riding his mecha, these beasts wouldn’t be able to attack him. But to be called weak by his wife still hurt his pride a bit.

And so, Han Junzhan cultivated more diligently after that.  During the day, he followed Luo Lingxing to find beasts to fight and practice with. Then, he would cultivate throughout the night.

In the beginning, he would feel tired from cultivating all night, but slowly, with the accumulation of spiritual energy in his body, not only would he not be tired after cultivating at night, he would even feel energetic. So Han Junzhan used the night time to cultivate even more enthusiastically.

Luo Lingxing would also cultivate at night to recover spiritual energy that would be consumed during the day. However, he didn’t dare let down his guard, after all, the two of them were in the forest. They might encounter wild beasts at any moment, so they needed to maintain a certain level of vigilance.

With the passage of time, Luo Lingxing solidified his cultivation at the Fusion Stage. The spiritual energy in his body became even more condensed. Han Junzhan’s cultivation gradually improved as well. He would also find some small beasts to test his skills. Although his spiritual energy was still very weak, it was enough to cause damage to small animals, such as hares. The prey hunted these days were basically all killed by Han Junzhan with his spiritual energy.

The first time Han Junzhan came back with the prey he had killed with spiritual energy, Luo Lingxing was surprised. “You killed this with your spiritual energy?” Luo Lingxing looked at the wounds on the prey’s body and the lingering spiritual energy on it, then asked in disbelief.

“Mn, but I still used a lot of effort. I feel exhausted after using it.” Han Junzhan truthfully told Luo Lingxing the situation, because Luo Lingxing was the only one who could give him guidance here. He didn’t feel that talking about this was shameful. Only by telling the truth could he receive the correct treatment.

“The reason is because your spiritual energy is exhausted. You’ll be fine as long as you replenish your spiritual energy,” Luo Lingxing looked at Han Junzhan and said, as if he was only now recognizing him.

He didn’t expect the other party to learn how to use spiritual energy so quickly. After all, the other party had only cultivated for a few days. He would have been an eye-catching existence in his previous life.

Sure enough, Han Junzhan’s cultivation talent was very high, almost to the point of being terrifying. Handing over the <Supreme Mystic Yang> for him to cultivate was the correct decision.

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    Gradually, Luo Lingxing began from Han Junzhan killing him and slowly responded to the other party.

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