IMG Chapter 195 Being Honest With Each Other

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“You should be able to see those white spots, right? Those are Power of Faith. Power of Faith is actually the power generated by the people of your world by worshiping others. A celebrity, for example, has countless fans who like them. The energy of that love from the fans will become Power of Faith, and that Power of Faith generated for that person can only be absorbed by that person. Others can’t absorb it,” Luo Lingxing explained carefully.

Han Junzhan understood. That was to say, no matter how high someone’s spiritual root was or how good their talent was, if he couldn’t obtain Power of Faith, he wouldn’t be able to cultivate. He was relieved with the current situation. At least in this world, Luo Lingxing was safe. There weren’t many people who could compare to him.

“Try and absorb the white spots into your body,” Luo Lingxing continued to the next step.

Han Junzhan used his entire concentration to feel these white spots and find a method to absorb these white spots. However, these white spots were like naughty children and didn’t obediently let themselves be sucked in. On the other hand, they floated around him, as if they were provoking him.

Han Junzhan was someone who was earnest and eager in everything he did. The more he was unable to absorb the white spots, the more he didn’t want to give up.

Time unknowingly passed. Han Junzhan didn’t seem to notice this as he fought against th white spots one by one. The reality was as he wished, and he finally found a way to absorb the white spots. When he opened his eyes, he realized it was completely dark outside.

Luo Lingxing had gone to hunt prey and just returned. When he saw Han Junzhan open his eyes, he smiled and said, “There’s no need to rush. It takes a certain amount of time to absorb them in your body…You’re done?”

Luo Lingxing spoke with surprise when he was halfway through with his sentence. It was rare to see him so flabbergasted as he was now when he found the Power of Faith slowly entering Han Junzhan’s body. Although it wasn’t much, it clearly showed that he was able to absorb energy.

Even if he was known as a rare genius in his previous life, it still took three full days for him to start being able to absorb energy. He didn’t expect Han Junzhan to complete it in just one day. What terrifying talent.

“Although the absorption amount is small, I was still able to do it. Is this level okay?” Han Junzhan didn’t know what level of speed he had compared to  Luo Lingxing’s previous world.

“Mn, it’s very good.” Not only was it very good, he was just terrifying. Luo Lingxing added the last part in his heart.

After gaining Luo Lingxing’s confirmation, Han Junzhan was very happy and took the initiative to take the prey from Luo Lingxing’s hand and dealt with it off to the side.

Luo Lingxing handed the processed meat to Han Junzhan and asked, “How do you feel now?”

“Very comfortable, but what happens to the Power of Faith that enters my body? They feel very chaotic within my body, but I don’t sense any other movements,” Han Junzhan asked the question he was thinking about.

In fact, he was very surprised he was able to look inside his body, but he quickly calmed down. After all, cultivation was a very magical thing. Being able to look inside his body wasn’t anything special.

“There’s no problem. After you start cultivating the secret text, you’ll be able to control the Power of Faith and turn it into spiritual energy,” Luo Lingxing said and handed the <Supreme Mystic Yang> to Han Junzhan and had him look it over.

Han Junzhan grabbed the secret text and felt a burst of powerful and domineering energy that threw him in a fit of concentration.

Could this be the true power of cultivation? It was really exciting. It was no wonder that so  many people in the cultivation world pursued the <Supreme Mystic Yang>. Han Junzhan found that he could only turn the first page. When he wanted to flip to the second page, it was like the second page was glued to the rest of the book. No matter how much effort he used, he wasn’t able to flip it.

“Study the first page first. Only after you’re proficient in the cultivation of the first page and your cultivation level is sufficient will the second page automatically appear,” Luo Lingxing said.

Han Junzhan read the first page and found the words and pictures to be very difficult to understand, but there was a wonderful feeling that attracted him as he read.

Han Junzhan controlled the Power of Faith inside his body according to the mental method from <Supreme Mystic Yang> and slowly let them run along his meridians. It took him a long time to complete the first cycle. But when he did the second cycle, it was faster. His mental energy improved. With each cycle, it took less time than the previous one, and his mental energy slowly increased as well. He found that after running the Power of Faith through a certain number of cycles within his body, they would condense and concentrate in his dantian.

“Luoluo, is the energy condensed in the dantian at the end spiritual energy?”

“That’s right. In the end, spiritual energy will gather in the dantian. After gathering a certain amount of spiritual energy, you can start to build your foundation.” Luo Lingxing was very satisfied with Han Junzhan’s high comprehension level. It made teaching very convenient.

“Luoluo, you previously said that Power of Faith is created from like, right?” Han Junzhan asked. He felt that the Power of Faith was really magical. He never knew that liking someone could produce power.

“That’s right. If you don’t have Power of Faith, even if you can cultivate, your cultivation speed will be very slow, so not everyone can cultivate,” Luo Lingxing explained.

“Then did you enter the entertainment industry for this reason?” Han Junzhan remembered Luo Lingxing’s previous actions. He didn’t seem to want fame for fortune. He wasn’t like the other artists who entered the entertainment industry and were crazily seeking fame and fortune, and would even do anything to become famous. Luo Lingxing didn’t care about things like that.

“Mn. It’s because I found this is the quickest way to gain Power of Faith,” Luo Lingxing said very honestly.

“Luo Lingxing, there’s something I want to tell you.” Han Junzhan put down <Supreme Mystic Yang> and spoke as he earnestly looked at Luo Lingxing.

In fact, he should have told the other party this matter after Luoluo’s confession, but when he thought about it, the nature of his matter was different from the other party’s.

Although he never wanted to hide it from Luoluo, he never took the initiative to bring it up. When he had wanted to mention it later, he missed the best time to. He kept feeling like if he told Luoluo, he would be deceiving him. This was especially the case after Luoluo’s confession. The deeper the guilt in his heart, the more afraid he became of Luoluo’s reaction after confessing.

He could see that Luoluo wasn’t someone who liked being deceived. If…if he confessed and Luoluo felt like he was being deceived, there was a good chance that he would…never pay attention to him again and might even leave his side. If that happened, he really didn’t know what he might do.

It was because of this that he chose not to confess to Luo Lingxing at home.

It could be regarded as him being selfish. He thought that if confessed in the public space Planet Seyfert, even if Luoluo couldn’t accept it at first, he wouldn’t be able to leave this planet or his side. When the time came, as long as he worked hard to show Luoluo his determination and sincerity, he would be able to regain Luoluo’s trust.

“What is it?” This was the first time Luo Lingxing had seen Han Junzhan use such an expression, which raised his curiosity about this matter.

Han Junzhan’s mood at the moment was very apprehensive. This was the first time he’d felt such emotions. Even in the face of zergs in the past, his facial expressions wouldn’t change.

“Luohan, my other identity is Ye Luohan.” Han Junzhan’s heart fluttered. He had to say it sooner or later.

“???” Luo Lingxing obviously didn’t understand. His mind was filled with question marks.

Han Junzhan directly brought up his system page and clicked the option to change his system. Then, his appearance changed right in front of Luo Lingxing. He changed from the familiar Han Junzhan to another familiar person.

Luo Lingxing’s eyes widened slightly as he watched the changes of the person in front of him. He was very surprised, because even in his previous life, the only people who could change their appearance so quickly were cultivators above Nascent Soul.

He was shocked the other party could change his appearance so quickly and ended up ignoring who the other became changed into.

“Can all the systems here change someone’s appearance?” Luo Lingxing asked. He’d only witness the other party change their appearance after they opened their system.

“No, that’s because I have a dual system .I have a celebrity system and a military system, so the system gave me a mask.” Seeing that Luo Lingxing wasn’t angry, Han Junzhan cautiously explained himself.

“Dual system?” Luo Lingxing was a bit surprised. Although he didn’t have a system, he knew that the people in this world only had one system. He never heard of anyone having dual systems.

People who had dual systems in this world were just as rare as someone like him who didn’t have a system at all. However, he never expected Han Junzhan to have dual systems.

“Luoluo, aren’t you angry that I hid it from you?” Han Junzhan nervously asked. He would have to face this sooner or later.

Luo Lingxing looked at Han Junzhan suspiciously, only to find that the other party had turned into Ye Luohan. his mind was too focused on the matter of dual systems just now.

“Luohan?” Luo Lingxing subconsciously called out.

“Mn. Luoluo, if you’re angry, you can vent to me. I can accept anything, as long as you don’t leave me.” Han Junzhan spoke in a low tone. If Zhang Xuan and the others were here at this moment, their jaws would drop.

“Why would I be angry?” Luo Lingxing was confused.

He finally understood why he felt there was something off so many times yet unable to figure out why. Now that he saw Han Junzhan was Ye Luohan, many previous experiences were explained.

For example, when he participated in the grand ceremony after the new year, he had eaten too much during the new year, so he’d gained weight. Brother Chen hadn’t known this, yet Ye Luohan had sent him clothes that fit perfectly.

Or when Luohan came to eat at his place before, the first thing he would ask was “what did you  make?”, not “what did you buy?” as most people would have.

Or another example was Han Junzhan sent him to the space station. The first time, Han Junzhan had left in such a hurry that he didn’t even wait for him to enter the space station. Not long later, Ye Luohan came over as well.

There was also the reason why Ye Luohan, who only accepted one film a year, would cooperate with him again and again. And also the reason why he signed a contract at his studio.

There was finally an answer for all these matters.

“Aren’t you angry that I didn’t confess this to you earlier?”

The surprise came too suddenly, and the young Major General, who was usually calm, was stunned.

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