IMG Chapter 194 Beginning to Cultivate

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“By the way, what do you mean by cultivating? As for spiritual energy and Power of Faith and whatnot. Tell me about it carefully.” Although Han Junzhan didn’t quite understand what Luo Lingxing said, he grasped that spiritual energy and Power of Faith were the key to cultivating. If he were to learn more about this, would he also be able to cultivate?

“My world had an abundance of spiritual energy. Spiritual energy could be used by cultivators to cultivate. Spiritual energy can improve your cultivation. While your world doesn’t have spiritual energy, it has Power of Faith. It can also be turned into spiritual energy to be used in cultivation,” Luo Lingxing said. He slowly condensed a white mist in the palm of his hand, motioning for Han Junzhan to take a look.

“This is spiritual energy condensed. When the spiritual energy is gathered to a certain extent, you can break through to a higher level of cultivation. Spiritual energy can also be condensed to the most basic spiritual skills such as fireballs and waterballs. With the improvement of cultivation, the mastery of spiritual energy will become even more proficient and more advanced spiritual skills can be used.”

Luo Lingxing spoke as he transformed the white mist-like spiritual energy into a fireball then a waterball.

Han Junzhan looked at the ever changing spiritual energy in Luo Lingxing’s palm and was very surprised. Although some systems could back fireballs, waterballs, and the like, what their systems created were merely special effects. It wasn’t real, and couldn’t hurt people. However, he could clearly feel the temperature of the fireball in Luo Lingxing’s plan. It was a real flame. A flame that could hurt people.

He never knew that cultivation, something that only appeared on TV, was actually real. When they were filming ‘Supreme Duel Heros’, the setting took place in a cultivating world, but it wasn’t exactly the same as Luo Lingxing described.

However, at the same time, he was also glad that the people in their world couldn’t cultivate. Otherwise Luo Lingxing, who had regressed in his cultivation, would be in a lot of danger here. It really was too fortunate.

“Then what level is your cultivation at now?” Han Junzhan continued to ask.

“Cultivation can be divided into twelve major stages from low to high, they are Foundation Building, Enlightenment, Fusion Stage, Heartbeat, Gold Core, Nascent Soul, Body Separation, Mind Separation, Merge Stage, Meridian Void, Mahayana, Tribulation. My current cultivation level is at Fusion Stage,” Luo Lingxing said.

“Then what was your cultivation in your previous life?” Han Junzhan silently remembered this level. It seemed that the world was a lot more powerful than theirs.

“Mahayana Stage. I was one step away from Tribulation and ascending,” Luo Lingxing said.

But don’t underestimate this step. Countless people would be such in Mahayana for the rest of their lives and never be able to ascend. Even if they were lucky and reached the Tribulation, 99% of them would die at this stage. There were very few cultivators who could actually ascend.

Han Junzhan thought that Luo Lingxing should be very powerful in his previous life. After all, how could a person who could fight against the king of the demon sect not be powerful? But he didn’t expect him to be at the Mahayana Stage. This was only one step away from becoming an immortal.

It seemed he really needed to work harder or else he’d be a lot weaker than his wife. That would be too embarrassing. “You said our world has Power of Faith, so can the people in our world cultivate as well?”

Han Junzhan didn’t know the requirements for cultivation, but since Luo Lingxing could cultivate in this world, did that mean there was even the slightest chance that other people in their world could cultivate as well? As long as there was a glimmer of hope, he wouldn’t give up.

“As long as you have a spiritual root in your body and a suitable secret text, then you can,” Luo Lingxing replied with a nod.

“Then can you help see if I can cultivate?” Luo Lingxing words gave Han Junzhan hope. If he could cultivate, his strength would be even greater, then he could better protect Luoluo.

“Your body has a very high quality spiritual root, and your cultivation talent is very good. I have a secret text that suits you well. I can guide you in cultivation,” Luo Lingxing said.

In fact, this was Luo Lingxing’s true goal. He hoped Han Junzhan could cultivate. After all, cultivation could prolong a person’s lifespan.

“Okay, then I’ll trouble Teacher Luo to guide me,” Han Junzhan joked.

“But we can’t cultivate here. There are too many people, and I just reached the Fusion Stage. I need to consolidate my cultivation. Can we go to the planet you found me last time? That planet is a great place to train,” Luo Lingxing said to Han Junzhan.

Han Junzhan knew the planet Luo Lingxing was referring to. It was Planet Seyfert.

Thinking of the scene of seeing Luo Lingxing fight against the giant beast with his bare hands on Planet Seyfert before, he was very surprised then. Now it seemed that Luo Lingxing had used spiritual energy.

However, it still surprised him. He didn’t expect that the lowest level of cultivation was already enough to have a hand-to-hand match with beasts. He could only imagine the kind of terrifying power one would have after reaching Mahayana. Probably the best mecha warrior in their country would disappear with a wave of his hand.

If…if the people in their military could also cultivate, then they could strengthen their armed forces. They would have an advantage when facing the zergs in the future. It was a really tempting thought.

However, Han Junzhan also knew the less people who knew about this, the better, and the more beneficial it would be for Luo Lingxing. He would never ignore Luo Lingxing’s safety.

In addition, if the cultivation method really was leaked, it would inevitably cause many families to wildly chase after it. After all, these people could use any means to improve their strength. The empire would probably have a riot then, so it was better to keep this matter a secret.

“Okay, I’ll arrange it,” Han Junzhan said, hugging the person in his arms tighter. Such a previous baby, when could he finally have him?

Luo Lingxing’s confession was very useful to Han Junzhan. He felt that he had a place in the other party’s heart or else he wouldn’t have revealed this secret. Then…

“Luoluo, have you told anyone else about this?” For example, the people of the Luo family, Han Junzhan hurriedly asked. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust the Luo family, but the less people who knew about something like this, the better.

“No, you’re the first,” Luo Lingxing replied honestly. If Han Junzhan wasn’t the dao companion he’d recognized, this secret would have followed him for the rest of his life.

Luo Lingxing’s reply made Han Junzhan feel like he was riding a roller coaster. He ascended to heaven in one fell swoop.

He was the first one to know. He was about to cultivate with Luoluo. Sure enough, he was different from others in Luoluo’s heart.

Han Junzhan went to arrange the affairs in the military district. AS for the affairs in the entertainment industry, he was used to dealing with it very casually. He handed it all over to Xiao Ming to deal with. So even if he disappeared for three to four months, the other party wouldn’t be surprised.

“Everything is ready. When should we leave?” It was rare for Han Junzhan to be excited about something, but this time, he couldn’t wait to head to Planet Seyfert and quickly cultivate.

“The sooner, the better,” Luo Lingxing replied.

“Then we’ll leave today,” Han Junzhan instantly replied. He had already told Aunt Lin that they would be leaving for a while, so there were no issues at the Han residence.

“Mn.” So Han Junzhan directly looked at Luo Lingxing and left the Emperor Star on his private spaceship.

“Boss, what are we going to do at Planet Seyfert?  Are we going on another mission?” Zhang Xuan asked while aboard the spaceship. He hadn’t received any notifications, and besides, what mission could they even carry out on Planet Seyfert? All that was there were beasts.

“You talk too much. If Boss tells us to go, then we go. Besides, if there really is a mission, why would the boss take his private spaceship? Idiot.” Zhao Chongzhuo glared at Zhang Xuan.

Luo Lingxing boarded the spaceship and saw Zhang Xuan, Zhao Chongzhuo, and Lin Mingying, these three familiar people. He looked at Han Junzhan with confusion. Why was he bringing these three people? Although the spiritual roots of these three were good, they didn’t have much Power of Faith around them. If they started cultivating like this, who knew when they could reach the Foundation Building Stage.

“We’re taking them just in case. We’ll keep them on standby on the spaceship,” Han Junzhan explained to Luo Lingxing.

Luo Lingxing didn’t have an opinion on this. As long as they didn’t hinder his training, or else they’d drag him down.

The trio who were accused of “dragging people down,” were still confused by the mission, but they believed in Han Junzhan that it almost became blind faith. They weren’t worried that they’d be sold off by the boss. Usually, except for those mercenaries who wanted to make money and would risk their lives to hunt beasts on Planet Seyfert, nobody else would come to Planet Seyfert. And so Han Junzhan had Zhang Xuan park the spaceship in the air above Planet Seyfert.

“You guys stay on the spaceship. You’re not allowed to leave the ship unless I give the order. If anything happens, contact my terminal,” Han Junzhan ordered.

“Yes, Sir!” Zhang Xuan and the others immediately saluted and accepted the order.

Han Junzhan then used his mecha to take Luo Lingxing to the planet and found a suitable place to land.

This was Luo Lingxing’s second time seeing Han Junzhan’s mecha, and he even got to sit in it this time. Every time he saw it, he liked it even more. He really liked this big fella. He also had a mecha in his space, given by Luo Bingxu, but he hadn’t ridden it yet.

He knew that he had to wait until his physique was upgraded to Grade B before he could learn how to ride a mecha. His current level was Grade C, but he wasn’t in a rush. As long as he continued to cultivate and improve his cultivation, his physique would rise sooner or later. “Should we rest for the night or start cultivating now?” Han Junzhan asked happily. He hadn’t felt this excited in a long time.

“Let’s rest for the night. Adjust your mentality, and I’ll teach you how to cultivate tomorrow,” Luo Lingxing said.

Han Junzhan didn’t object. Although he couldn’t wait to try new things, he would never disobey Luo Lingxing.

“You can’t rush cultivating. You must calm your mind, face your heart, and seek and conform to your natural instincts so that cultivation will be easier. Otherwise, no matter how much spiritual energy you gather, if your state of mind isn’t ready, it will only hurt your cultivation instead,” Luo Lingxing said calmly.

Han Junzhan quickly adjusted his mentality. In fact, he was usually someone who wasn’t prone to emotional fluctuations, but this was a special occasion, so he couldn’t control it. After listening to Luo Lingxing’s words, he finally calmed down.

The next day, Luo Lingxing prepared to guide Han Junzhan on how to start.

Luo Lingxing took out the most basic pill from his space first and handed it to Han Junzhan. “Eat it.”

Han Junzhan didn’t ask what it was and stuffed the pill inside his mouth without any hesitation. The pill melted, making his body feel very comfortable.

“This pill can help you feel the Power of Faith as soon as possible. Relax, close your eyes, and try to feel the Power of Faith around you with your heart.” Luo Lingxing’s voice was like a crisp spring, and sounded very crisp and good.

Han Junzhan was guided by his voice and slowly felt the Power of Faith around him. At first, the scene in front of him was pitch blank. Slowly, there seemed to be one or two naughty white spots swaying in front of his eyes, and gradually, there were more and more white lights. He was surprised to find his entire body seemed to be covered in white dots of light. He had never seen this before.

However, he knew these things were the Power of Faith Luo Lingxing had mentioned.

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