IMG Chapter 208 Junzhan’s Foundation Building

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After returning to the room, Luo Lingxing set up an enchantment to prevent external factors from disturbing Han Junzhan’s breakthrough.

Han Junzhan sat on the bed, his legs crossed, and his hands on his legs. In a meditative posture, his eyes slightly closed, feeling the Power of Faith around him and guiding the Power of Faith into the spiritual vein in his body.

“Concentrate. Don’t get distracted. Feel it with your heart and start again.” Luo Lingxing’s warm, soft voice sounded in his heart, making Han Junzhan feel very relieved.

“Sort out the spiritual energy and break through the barrier,” Luo Lingxing continued, guiding Han Junzhan on how to break through the barrier of the Foundation Establishment Stage. He sat across from Han Junzhan, mobilizing the spiritual energy in his body to help Han Junzhan gather the Power of Faith around him. Because this was Han Junzhan’s first time breaking through and he’d never had experience in this before, the time it took to get to Foundation Building was a lot longer than it took Luo Lingxing.

Aunt Lin had experienced something like this where they didn’t leave the room for two days previously before. She also knew that youths had good physical strength, so she wasn’t as worried as last time. In fact, she was very relieved.

Although this was all a misunderstanding, it also saved a lot of trouble.

After two days and two nights of fighting, Han Junzhan finally succeeded in Foundation Building. He opened his eyes, and the faint light flowed through, making everything look more profound and charming.

After Foundation Building, his body and five senses were more perceptive to his surroundings. His body’s ability to attract Power of Faith increased as well.

“This is a wonderful feeling,” Han Junzhan said with a sigh.

At the beginning of his cultivation, he was already excitedly surprised. IF this was before, he wouldn’t have believed that such wonderful things existed in the world, but after reaching the Foundation Establishment, he’d discovered even more wonderful things. Stage

“As your cultivation increases, your perception of all things will change as well,” Luo Lingxing said with a smile. His smile was very gentle.

Han Junzhan stared at the smile on Luo Lingxing’s lips, as if he was bewitched. He pulled the other person into his arms and couldn’t help but pull closer. The taste of him was even more wonderful and enticing than he’d imagined.

After reaching Foundation Building, it turned out there were still other benefits. Cultivating really was the correct choice, Han Junzhan thought silently in his heart.

Luo Lingxing nestled in Han Junzhan’s arms. His little face became even more red, and his heartbeat turned faster than before. After realizing that he also liked Han Junzhan, it became really easy for him to become even more immersed in the kisses.

As a cultivator, he shouldn’t have indulged in his desire too much, but perhaps it was because this wasn’t a true cultivation where and they didn’t need to brace against attacks from other cultivators all the time, so he was much more honest and indulgent in his body’s desires.

However, at this moment, Luo Lingxing was still ignorant of this matter. After all, he was a thousand-year-old virgin. For him to understand these things, it would take a lot longer. There was still a long way to go for Han Junzhan’s happiness.

“We should head out. Aunt Lin is probably worried,” Luo Lingxing said.


When Han Junzhan walked out of the room with Luo Lingxing, they saw Aunt Lin not far from their room. She was looking at them with a warm expression., especially when she turned to Luo Lingxing. Her eyes were full of subtle warmth and pity.

However, when Han Junzhan asked her about it, she showed a hint of complicated blaming.

“How could you make Xiao Luo stand up so quickly? He should be laying and resting more,” Aunt Lin said to Han Junzhan with an expression that said “you need to be more considerate”.

Luo Lingxing: ???

Han Junzhan: …

“Xiao Luo, Aunt Lin prepared vegetable porridge for you. It’s been cooking for several hours. It should be very thick and delicious. Aunt Lin will bring it to you now,” Aunt Lin said with a smile, as if the person who glared at Han Junzhan earlier wasn’t her.

Luo Lingxing and Han Junzhan glanced at each other. One didn’t understand the implied meaning in Aunt Lin’s words, and although the other understood, the reality was that they didn’t do anything. All he was doing was breaking through his Foundation Establishment Stage to Foundation Building.

However, he believed that even if he told the truth, nobody would believe it. On the other hand, he might be regarded as a scumbag instead.

“Go down and eat,” Han Junzhan said.

When Aunt Lin came out with the porridge, she found that the two of them were already sitting at the dining table. She looked at Han Junzhan with a silent reproach in her eyes.

Han Junzhan couldn’t laugh or cry. He really wanted to become one with Luo Lingxing, but looking at the situation now, he knew that Luoluo wouldn’t be open to this aspect. He couldn’t forget him. The two had finally advanced a lot, so he couldn’t let their progress digress. Not to mention, he didn’t want to either.

“Xiao Luo, come, drink some porridge.” Aunt Lin carefully served the porridge to Luo Lingxing, then brought out some oily side dishes.

“Thank you, Aunt Lin,” Luo Lingxing thanked her. He didn’t think anything of Aunt Lin’s actions.

“This porridge is very delicious. Aunt Lin’s skills have improved a lot,” Luo Lingxing said sweetly.

“Xiao Luo, as long as you like it, Aunt Lin will cook it again for you next time.”

After eating, Luo Lingxing and Ye Luohan, who had taken two days off, returned to set. After all, they had a lot of scenes.

Speaking of which, they realized that ever since they started working together, they would always take time off for each film. Especially when they started filming ‘Supreme Duel Heros’, they would basically ask for leave every two or three days. It was hard, but the director agreed each time as well.

“Won’t you two stay home and rest? Xiao Luo, can your body endure it?” Aunt Lin was very worried. They hadn’t stepped out of their room for two days and two nights. That showed just how intense their actions were. Under these circumstances, could he really stand it? It was all the young master’s fault for not knowing how to control himself.

“My body is fine. I’m fine.” Luo Lingxing didn’t know what Aunt Lin was talking about. His body felt very good. Cultivating these past few days didn’t make him feel tired. Instead, he was in good spirits.

“Aunt Lin, I’ll take good care of Luoluo. Don’t worry. We need to head out now or else we’ll be late.” After Han Junzhan finished speaking, he quickly pulled Luo Lingxing out the door. He was afraid if he wasn’t quick enough, he would be pulled away and lectured by Aunt Lin.

Sigh… And to think Aunt Lin doted on him the most in the past. But after Luoluo arrived, Aunt Lin only had Luoluo in her eyes. It seemed this young master would need to retreat to second place, but he was happy about this result. He wished that everyone could spoil Luoluo as much as he did.

Ye Luohan and Luo Lingxing arrived on set and received strange glances from everyone.

It was no wonder. After all, the two had disappeared for two days, then reappeared. Together, no less. These two didn’t try to avoid suspicion before, so it was normal to attract attention. However, these two never paid attention to this. They didn’t care about other people’s opinions, after all.

“Anhua, where have you been these past few days? Why haven’t you been on set?” Seeing that Guan Anhua finally appeared, Zhao Mengran hurried over. If it wasn’t for the fact that Luo Lingxing hadn’t been on set either, she would have thought he was avoiding her.

“It’s nothing.” Guan Anhua didn’t want to talk to Zhao Mengran at all.

After drinking, he calmed down a lot. He had completely lost all hope toward Zhao Mengran, and his unwillingness toward her had decreased a lot as well. He definitely wouldn’t waste time or energy on such a woman.

However, Zhao Mengran was a person without foresight and completely didn’t notice Guan Anhua’s indifference and coldness. She said, “I’m glad your body is fine. If you’re not feeling well, I’ll have Huihui buy you some medicine. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable. You haven’t been on set these past few days, and I’ve been bored. Can you come and chat with me?”

Guan Anhua hadn’t been here these past few days. In order to avoid making any mistakes, Zhao Mengran rested on the side and didn’t do anything besides filming. After all, there was no one to remind her on what to do and what not to do. In fact, Zhao Mengran still had the instinct to make use of advantages and avoid disadvantages, but this instinct was instilled by Guan Anhua.

Ye Luohan, Xiao Ming, and Luo Lingxing looked at Zhao Mengran like they were looking at someone insignificant. They never thought Zhao Mengran would act like this. Although they heard Guan Anhua say some things in the past, it was much different from experiencing it themselves.

A person couldn’t be this dense. A person couldn’t be this ignorant. Even if they never did anything wrong in the past, it was still very strange.

While Zhao Mengran might be dense, Lin Huihui wasn’t. She learned that Guan Anhua was Zhao Mengran’s old agent, and that the separation was an unpleasant one. Not only had Luo Lingxing been surprised, but Lin Huihui was surprised as well. She never expected film queen Zhao to treat Guan Anhua like this.

“The director is looking for you. Let’s go over there first or else Director Feng will scold you again,” Lin Huihui whispered to Zhao Mengran.

Perhaps it was because the first time she was scolded by him, it had left a deep impression, so after hearing this, Zhao Mengran couldn’t help but shudder. She then hurriedly took Lin Huihui to Feng Ruiyu without even saying goodbye to Guan Anhua.

Rushing over, then rushing away. It really made someone want to scratch their head in confusion.

“Don’t mind her. Let’s head over there as well. I’m afraid your workload will be very heavy today,” Guan Anhua said. These two had taken two days off, so they had a lot of scenes to make up. they would probably have to work overtime for a few days. Feng Ruiyu was frowning as always, as if the other person owed him 1.8 million Yuan. He would only turn twenty next year, but he acted like a sixty or seventy year old grandpa.

“Luo Lingxing, come here. We’ll shoot your scene next,” Feng Ruiyu shouted at Luo Lingxing.

“Okay.” Luo Lingxing obediently walked over to Guan Anhua. He asked the makeup artist to do his makeup, then waited for the next scene to start.

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