RERC Chapter 11 Missing One Piece

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That boy, Xu Sanwa!

He was actually forcing sales onto others!

Xu Zhao quickly walked towards them and apologized to the four middle-aged women. He dragged Xu Fan into the shade under the tree, about to reprimand him, when the four middle-aged women walked over. Amongst them, the thin woman walked up and said in a gentle voice, “Are you really selling popsicles?”

Xu Zhao immediately put on a smile and replied, “Yes, would you like to buy popsicles?”

In this era, it’s hard to encounter such a neat and polite young man. The woman felt her heart fill with happiness as she asked, “How do you sell them?”

“Three cents per popsicle,” Xu Zhao replied.

“Then I’ll take four to try first.”

“What flavor would you like?”

“There are different flavors for popsicles?” The woman thought it was very interesting.

“Mn. I have corn, green tea, red bean, milk, original, and soybean. These six flavors.”

It was very novel.

The woman immediately said, “Then give me six popsicles, one of each.”


The woman didn’t even try to bargain. After paying the money, she returned to the other three middle-aged women and re-entered the steel factory.

Xu Zhao had some suspicions in his heart. He had a strange feeling that those four middle-aged women weren’t looking to buy popsicles, but he couldn’t figure out exactly why he felt like that. However, he had already sold six popsicles before the people from the steel factory got off work. That was a good omen.

Xu Zhao continued to wait for the workers of the steel factory to get off work.

At that moment, Xu Fan called out, “Daddy.”

Xu Zhao tilted his head down to look at Xu Fan.

Xu Fan lifted his small face, full of expectation for praise and asked, “Daddy, didn’t I do good?”

What could Xu Zhao say?

Of course he could only praise Xu Fan!

Xu Fan was very happy from the praise. He pursed his small lips and went to sit under the shade of the tree. Even while he was sucking on the popsicle, it didn’t impede his speaking.

Xu Zhao turned to Xu Fan and asked, “Xu Fan, are you tired?”

Xu Fan replied, “I’m not tired.”

“I’m asking if talking has made you tired yet?”

“How can talking make me tired?”

“…Then you can continue.”

“Okay, Daddy.”




“Daddy, look. The auntie from before came out again.” Xu Fan’s small finger pointed to the door of the steel factory.

Xu Zhao followed his finger and didn’t see the four middle-age women from earlier, but the single woman who had bought the popsicles from him earlier.

The woman walked straight towards Xu Zhao.

Xu Zhao immediately stood up to greet her.

“Young man, do you have any more popsicles left?” the woman asked.

“We do,” Xu Zhao replied.

“How many do you have?”

“We still have 213.”

“Then sell them all to me.”

Xu Zhao was shocked.

The woman smiled and explained to Xu Zhao. Starting today, the steel factory was providing cool treats for their workers to prevent heatstroke. The woman originally planned to head to the county town with the section chief, but when she came out of the factory, she was stopped by Xu Fan and was forced to listen to the marketing pitch. These women were all married and had kids, and they were immediately pulled in by Xu Fan because of their maternal instinct. That was why they decided to buy and try Xu Zhao’s popsicles.

And when they tried it, they fell in love with the flavor. That’s why the section chief had the woman go again to buy all of Xu Zhao’s popsicles to give to the front line workers to prevent heat stroke.

When he heard this, Xu Zhao had a flash of understanding of why he felt like the woman wasn’t here to purchase popsicles earlier. It was because she came to buy wholesale. Xu Zhao’s mind quickly turned without a sound in that split second.

“Can you sell them all to me?” the woman asked.

“Of course, but it’s heavy. Sis, how about this? I’ll help you carry the popsicles into the factory.”

“That would be great.”

The woman smiled, and her impression of Xu Zhao increased.

Thereafter, the woman started walking.

Xu Zhao carried the foam box and followed behind.

And at the end was Xu Fan, taking large steps with his tiny legs.

The three people entered the steel factory. Xu Zhao became a sweet-talker and praised the woman while inquiring about the situation of the steel factory. Those who were handsome and sweet-talkers could receive many benefits. Not long later, not only did Xu Zhao understand the situation of the steel factory, he also learned the woman’s name.

The woman’s name was Yang Yun. She was the clerk inside the steel factory.

Xu Zhao called her Sister Yun.

Once they reached Sister Yun’s office, Xu Zhao accepted the full 6.39 Yuan. This was his first time earning money with his own efforts after coming to this world. He expressed his gratitude to Sister Yun and said, “Sister Yun, I’ll leave the popsicle box here and pick it back up tomorrow. Otherwise, you won’t have anywhere to put the popsicles.”

“Won’t you need to use it?” Sister Yun asked in reply.

“It’s fine, we have another one at home.” Actually, they didn’t have another one.

Sister Yun smiled and said, “Well, alright. However, you won’t be able to enter the steel factory unless someone brings you inside.”

He was waiting for this sentence.

Xu Zhao looked at Sister Yun and asked, “Then what should we do? The popsicles melt very easily.”

Sister Yun thought for a second, then said, “How about this? I’ll give you a pass so that you can enter the factory tomorrow. you’ll exchange the pass for the foam boax. Does that work?”

“Yes, of course. Sister Yun, you’re the best!”

Everyone liked to be praised, especially by a handsome fellow.

Sister Yun immediately smiled and said, “You should hurry back home. It’s very hot today. Be careful not to get heatstroke.”

“Mm. You can get back to work, Sister Yun. Bye,” Xu Zhao said with a smile.

Xu Fan who was standing next to Xu Zhao’s legs also parroted, “Bye, Sister Yun.”

This greatly amused Sister Yun.

Xu Zhao turned to Xu Fan and said, “You can’t call her Sister Yun. Call her Auntie.”

“Bye, Auntie,” Xu Fan obliged.

A maternal smile appeared on Sister Yun’s face. She secretly praised in her heart that this father-son pair was too handsome. She had lived over 40 years and this was her first time seeing such a handsome pair. Even if they were wearing tattered clothes, the father and son were both clean, polite, and knew how to do business. They were very likable!

Sister Yun gave a parting glance to Xu Zhao and Xu Fan.

Xu Zhao carried Xu Fan, and excitedly left the steel factory. When they arrived under the shade of the tree, he let Xu Fan down, then squatted in front of Xu Fan with his gaze fixed onto him.

Xu Fan’s face was blank as he asked, “Daddy, why are you staring at me?”

Xu Zhao didn’t say anything as he clasped Xu Fan’s small face in his hand and kissed it with a loud “Muah.” “Son, you’re amazing!” he happily said.

At first, Xu Fan was embarrassed. Regardless of whatever release, his Daddy kissed him, and so he happily swung his tiny hands back and forth.

“Son, you’re amazing!” Xu Zhao said again.

Xu Fan happily copied, “Daddy, I’m amazing!”

“Yes, very amazing!” Xu Zhao joyously kissed Xu Fan numerous times.

Xu Fan giggled and wrapped his arms around Xu Zhao.

While they were laughing, Cui Qingfeng came over and asked in confusion, “Xu Zhao, where’s the foam box?”

Xu Zhao stood and replied, “I gave it away.”

Foam boxes weren’t worth much, so Cui Qingfeng asked instead, “Then what about the popsicles?”

“I sold them all.”

“Sold them all? Quit joking.”

“I’m not joking. If you don’t believe me, then just ask our Sanwa.” Xu Zhao rubbed Xu Fan’s little face.

“We sold them all!” Xu Fan pointed at the steel factory and continued, “We sold it to the auntie inside there.”

Xu Fan was unable to lie.

Cui Qingfeng widened his eyes in shock and asked, “Really?”

“Really,” Xu Zhao replied with a smile.

“How did you sell it all?”

“Xu Fan sold it.”

“Xu Fan?”

Xu Zhao pulled Cui Qingfeng under the shade of the tree and explained what happened.

“Is that for real?” Cui Qingfeng asked in surprise.

“It’s true.” Xu Zhao took out the 6.39 Yuan.

Cui Qingfeng finally believed it.

Xu Zhao explained the situation, “Actually, it was all a coincidence. The temperature has been rising recently, and since the steel factory is a state owned business, they wanted to increase their image by issuing gifts around the new years. The steel factory was very efficient this year and the county had a bumper harvest, that’s why the managers requested a cool reward for the workers, and the higher-ups approved it.

“The steel factory originally wanted to give the workers money, but there were many workers who wouldn’t buy themselves cool foods like popsicles or ice water in order to save money, and that wasn’t in accordance with their goal of providing benefits to relieve the heat. That’s why management brought up the idea of handing out popsicles. That way, it would be more intimate, would save costs, as well as bring them closer.

“Today was their first day implementing this system. The section chief and the clerks personally inspected the market and decided to get popsicles. That was when Xu Fan brainlessly rushed up to them. That’s how we obtained this opportunity and sold everything all at once.”

It was sold all at once!

Cui Qingfeng heard his heart surge. He pulled Xu Fan over and gave him a kiss.

Xu Fan used his small hand to rub his face in disdain.

Cui Qingfeng excitedly kissed Xu Fan again, but Xu Fan hastenly used his small hand to cover his face, not allowing the kiss.

Xu Zhao let a big laugh out.

Cui Qingfeng followed with a smile, then excitedly asked, “Then starting tomorrow, will we be able to send them popsicles everyday?”

“No,” Xu Zhao said.

Cui Qingfeng’s smile stiffened. “Why not?”

Xu Zhao continued, “Them encountering us today was just a coincidence. Tomorrow, they might inspect other popsicle factories and not eat our popsicles anymore.”

“Then what should we do?”

“We need to think of a plan to grab this opportunity.”

“How should we do that?”

“I haven’t thought of it yet,” Xu Zhao looked at Cui Qingfeng and said.

Cui Qingfeng: “…”

Xu Zhao added another sentence, “However, don’t worry. I will definitely do my best in order to grab hold of this opportunity.”

“Mn, Xu Zhao. I believe in you!”

Cui Qingfeng currently admired Xu Zhao so much that he wanted to prostrate himself before him. He really admired Xu Zhao for his behavior, business sense, his smarts, his looks, and basically everything about him. To him, Xu Zhao had almost become a god in his heart.

When they got home, Cui Qingfeng told Father Cui the matter of selling 400 popsicles in one afternoon.

Father Cui was so happy that he almost sat up.

Mother Cui carried the basket and headed to the market to purchase a full catty of pork as well as half a chicken. She cooked red braised pork, chicken and potatoes, stir fried string beans, a pot of vegetable and tofu soup, and a whole pot of fragrant rice. It could be called a very rich meal, and especially to the poor Xu family, the meal was simply a delicacy.

As soon as the dishes were served, Xu Fan started drooling.

“Xu Fan, your saliva,” Xu Zhao said.

Xu Fan quickly used his small hand to wipe the saliva off of his mouth.

Seeing this, Mother Cui quickly used her chopsticks to pick some red braised pork for Xu Fan.

Xu Fan looked at the red braised meat in his bowl, his eyes gleaming, and immediately reached out to grab it.

“Use your spoon,” Xu Zhao said.

Mother Cui smiled and said, “It’s fine, just let him use his hands. Using a spoon isn’t convenient. Xu Fan, go ahead and use your hand.”

Xu Fan looked at Xu Zhao.

Xu Zhao nodded.

Xu Fan’s small hand grabbed the red braised pork and stuffed it into his mouth. The fragrant and tender meat juice as well as the oil instantly smeared onto Xu Fan’s red tiny lips. Xu Fan, who had tasted the fragrant meat, let out a happy smile that could cure the soul and said, “Wow! It’s so good!”

Mother Cui laughed.

Cui Qingfeng and Father Cui also laughed along.

Xu Zhao watched the meat-eating Xu Fan and gave a knowing smile. Inside his heart, he hoped that Xu Fan wasn’t as thin as he was.

Not long after eating, the second batch of 200 popsicles were frozen and ready.

Once Xu Zhao and Cui Qingfeng finished packing, they glanced down to see Xu Fan dozing off by his leg, his small head slowly lowering. He was extremely cute.

“He fell asleep just like that?” Cui Qingfeng said with a smile.

“Kids are all like this. Can I put him on your bed?” Xu Fan lifted Xu Fan into his arms and asked.


After he placed Xu Fan onto Cui Qingfeng’s bed, Xu Zhao and Cui Qingfeng headed to the intersection to sell popsicles. Just like yesterday, they arrived at the intersection at 2:30, which happened to be the time where everyone was rushing back to work. The weather was currently blistering hot, and when they saw someone selling popsicles, they bought one on the way to lift their moods. They also had many returning customers.

Xu Zhao and Cui Qingfeng were selling popsicles together when they suddenly saw a familiar figure.

The author has something to say:

—Mini theatre—

Author: Sanwa, someone said you exposed your cock.

Xu Fan: I didn’t. I exposed my little pee pee.

Xu Zhao: =.=”

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