RERC Chapter 137 Sleep

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Cui Dingchen had been thinking about this day for a long time, ever since he first met Xu Zhao. It wasn’t exaggerated to say that he’d thought about this day every single night. He thought so hard that his heart would hurt.


It was finally today.

The long awaited day finally arrived. He was finally able to wait until nobody could disturb him. Cui Dingchen excitedly pressed against Xu Zhao’s body. Enthusiasm burst from the bottom of his heart as he covered Xu Zhao in it. His entire body trembled as he bit Xu Zhao’s lips, plundering it as much as he wanted. At that moment, Xu Zhao also gave him an enthusiastic response.

He was an enthusiastic baby!

This was too exciting. Cui Dingchen’s heart burned with a fiery “woosh”, driving him to shed Xu Zhao’s clothes with joy. Just as his hands touched Xu Zhao’s pants, a small, milky voice came from outside the door.

“Daddy! Daddy!”

Cui Dingchen’s actions paused.

Xu Zhao was startled and came back to reality. He looked at Cui Dingchen with surprise. “Is that Xu Fan?”

Cui Dingchen sighed. “It’s Xu Fan.”

Xu Zhao said, “He woke up.”

Cui Dingchen softly said, “Mn, he’s up.”

“He might have to pee. I’ll go take a look.”

“I’ll go,” Cui Dingchen helplessly said.

Xu Zhao said, “It’s better if I go. He gets moody at night.”

Cui Dingchen reluctantly moved away from Xu Zhao and took two steps back to make room for him.

Xu Zhao glanced at Cui Dingchen, then opened the door and left. He headed toward the east wing room to hug Xu Fan.

Cui Dingchen stood in place and deeply exhaled. Thinking of Xu Fan…what could he do about that guy? It was his own son. He had to carefully dote and love on him.

He suppressed the depression in his heart. Cui Dingchen went out as well and saw Xu Zhao holding Xu Fan while walking to the bathroom. He reached out his hand to turn on the lamp in the courtyard and followed them. He saw Xu Fan’s confused expression and asked Xu Zhao about the situation.

Xu Zhao replied, “He just needed to pee.”

Cui Dingchen “oh-ed” in response.

Xu Zhao glanced to his side at Cui Dingchen and said, “Youngest uncle, how about you take a bath and look over your documents first.”

Cui Dingchen said, “It’s fine. I’ll wait here for you guys.”

“No need to wait. Xu Fan usually won’t wake up at night, but if he does, he will be very moody and make a fuss. I’ll have to coax him for a while. You should wash up first.”

“Can’t I hoax him?” Cui Dingchen asked.

Xu Zhao helplessly said, “Even his grandma can’t coax him.”

Cui Dingchen could only nod and say, “Then I’ll prepare the bath water for you.”

Xu Zhao replied, “Okay.”

Cui Dingchen went to the west wing room to bring the milk bottle over. He handed it to Xu Zhao, then went to wash up. After washing up, he entered the west wing room and sat on the bed while reading documents. However, he didn’t process anything he read. His entire mind was imagining Xu Zhao’s enthusiastic scene from earlier. The more he thought about it, the hotter his body felt. Thinking about how Xu Zhao will bring Xu Fan over to sleep together soon, he thought that he wouldn’t be able to sleep again tonight.

As he was thinking this, he heard Xu Zhao’s footsteps. He turned his head and looked over. Xu Zhao walked in as he wiped his hair. He curiously asked, “Where’s Xu Fan.”

“He’s sleeping,” Xu Zhao said.

Cui Dingchen put down the documents in his hand and asked, “Where is he sleeping?”

Xu Zhao replied, a bit embarrassed, “In the east wing room.”

He was put in the east wing room again?

D-doesn’t this mean that Xu Zhao a-also… Cui Dingchen’s heart thudded. His gaze toward Xu Zhao instantly turned hot.

Xu Zhao’s hand movement was sluggish. His heartbeat also accelerated.

Cui Dingchen looked straight at Xu Zhao and said, “Lock the door.”

Xu Zhao stammered as he said, “X-Xu Fan won’t wake up.”

“Then don’t lock it. Just close it.”

Before Cui Dingchen finished speaking, he had already stepped off the bed and personally closed the door. He hugged Xu Zhao and kissed him, guiding him toward the bed as they kissed. This time, he was more frantic than earlier. While kissing Xu Zhao, he pulled off Xu Zhao’s clothes. He didn’t spare his lips, neck, or chest.

He wanted him too much. He wanted him so much that that place had become swollen and painful.

However, he was afraid of hurting Xu Zhao. In the end, he made sure to prep him very carefully. The instant he entered Xu Zhao’s body, he felt that his soul would fly out of his body. He then started attacking tirelessly.

One thrust after another.

Again and again and again.

One time after another.

This continued until the sky turned white and Xu Zhao had passed out.

Cui Dingchen hugged Xu Zhao with a satisfied expression. He kissed Xu Zhao’s cheeks, ears, and neck. He couldn’t kiss enough. It was like he wanted to do it once more. Sure enough, he ignored the messy bed and started touching Xu Zhao again. Just as he was about to lift Xu Zhao’s long leg, Xu Zhao immediately woke up.

However, he was dazed and said, “Youngest uncle, no more. No more.”

Cui Dingchen gently said, “Baby, just once more. Once more.”

Xu Zhao frowned and said, “It hurts.”

Hearing this, Cui Dingchen put down Xu Zhao’s leg, hugged Xu Zhao instead, and kissed him gently.

T-this person…he kissed the entire night, so how hadn’t he had enough? Xu Zhao dazedly glanced outside the window and propped himself up.

Cui Dingchen pressed him down and asked, “What are you doing?”

Xu Zhao glanced at the messy bed and floor and said, “Every time my parents go to my uncle’s house, they will return early in the morning. If they see this…”

Xu Zhao and Cui Dingchen hadn’t obtained their license yet. After the two slept together last time, Mother Xu also specially told Xu Zhao as well that Cui Dingchen could spend the night, but before they got married, they couldn’t sleep in the same bed. Otherwise if others find out, it wouldn’t be good.

At that time, Xu Zhao promised her, but in the end, he was seduced by Cui Dingchen until his head became dizzy, and he didn’t remember anything. Moreover, this time he did it with the real weapon and Xu Fan wasn’t there. If Mother and Father Xu saw this, it would hurt their impression of Cui Dingchen. Cui Dingchen immediately said, “You sleep. I’ll tidy up.”

Actually, Xu Zhao couldn’t have been able to tidy up anyway. When Xu Fan previously said that Cui Dingchen wasn’t “pental”, he defended Cui Dingchen in his heart. After all, Cui Dingchen was the gentlest man he’d met. However, in bed, he completely changed. He was like a wolf that had been hungry for 800 years, causing him to be in pain and exhausted. He couldn’t get up from bed at all. He sulked and said, “And Xu Fan as well. Xu Fan…”

Cui Dingchen said, “I know. I’ll change the sheets and bring him over.”


“What’s the rush?” Cui Dingchen’s thoughts turned twisted again.

Xu Zhao glared at Cui Dingchen and said, “My parents always worry about Xu Fan. They’ll be back soon. Hurry and tidy up.”

Cui Dingchen immediately smiled. His smile was full of love and indulgence. He rubbed Xu Zhao’s cheek. “Okay, don’t get angry. Don’t get angry. I’ll tidy up now. I’ll do it now. You sleep a bit more. Just a bit more.”

Xu Zhao’s eyes instantly softened and he genty said, “Mn. You have to tidy up well. I’ll sleep a bit longer.”

After finishing his sentence, Xu Zhao couldn’t hold on any longer. He fell asleep in seconds. Even when Cui Dingchen wiped his body and picked him up so that the sheets could be changed, he didn’t even know. He was even kissed and touched by Cui Dingchen for minutes without knowing.

Afterward, Cui Dingchen started to work. He was very happy while working. He first put the dirty sheets on a stool, then picked up clothes and pillows that were scattered on the floor. He opened the windows to air out the room before heading to the east wing room. He picked up the sleeping Xu Fan from the east wing room and placed him in the west wing room. He stuffed him in Xu Zhao’s embrace, then covered him with a thin blanket.

Thinking that Xu Fan would drink a warm bottle when he woke, he happily went to the kitchen to boil the water. He let it boil for a while before pouring warm water into half the milk bottle, then placed the bottle on the bedside table of the west wing room. He reached out and pinched Xu Fan’s small, meaty face. When he leaned down to kiss Xu Zhao’s face, he suddenly heard two familiar voices from outside the window.

“I wonder if Sanwa is awake yet?”

“Definitely not.”

“Not necessarily. Sanwa sometimes wakes up early.”

“We’ll know once we go back and see.”

It was Mother and Father Xu’s voices.

Mother and Father Xu had returned!

Why did the two elders come back so early? Weren’t they going to have breakfast at their younger brother’s house first?

Cui Dingchen quickly looked around. His eyes locked on the sheets on the stool. Correct, it was the bed sheets. The same bed sheets that had the indescribable things left by him and Xu Zhao. The knowledgeable elders would immediately understand if they came in and saw it.

What should he do?

All Cui Dingchen could think was to wash it immediately. So he picked up the sheets and walked to the courtyard. He quickly threw the sheets into a wooden basin and took a scoop of water from the water tank. He quickly and precisely scooped out several scoops of water into the wooden basin, then tossed the scoop into the water basin. He immediately started washing.

When Mother and Father Xu used the key to open the back door and walked in, they saw Cui Dingchen squatting by the water tank, washing the sheets. The two elders politely greeted Cui Dingchen.

Cui Dingchen quickly stood up and politely said, “Uncle Xu, Auntie Xu, you’re back.”

The two elders smiled in response.

Father Xu laughed and asked, “When did you get here?”

Cui Dingchen didn’t know what he was afraid of but still said with fear, “J-j-just now.”

Father Xu liked how capable Cui Dingchen was and how polite he was to elders. He laughed and said, “Have you had breakfast yet?”

Cui Dingchen honestly replied, “Not yet. I’m waiting for Xu Fan and Xu Zhao to wake up to eat.”

Mother Xu asked in surprise, “Xu Zhao and Sanwa aren’t up yet?”

“Not yet.” Cui Dingchen wiped the water from his hand and said, “We’ll be busy with the vegetable greenhouses today, so I had him sleep a bit longer.”

Mother Xu also understood that Xu Zhao worked hard. After talking with Cui Dingchen, she walked toward the main hall, then realized that the wooden basin by Cui Dingchen’s feet had Xu Zhao’s sheets soaking in it. “Cui Dingchen, why are you washing bed sheets as soon as you get here?”

“…” Cui Dingchen suddenly froze. How should he explain the sheets? He awkwardly smiled, when a thought flashed in his mind. He then calmly said, “Sanwa wet the bed last night.”

If you aren’t reading on then these translations were stolen!

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