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Sanwa wet the bed?

Mother and Father Xu were surprised. Ever since Xu Fan learned how to walk, he would pull his own pee pee to tell the adults that he needed to use the bathroom. When he learned to speak, it didn’t matter if he was night or day, he would call someone. So how could he wet the bed?

Mother Xu opened her mouth to say, “That’s impossible, right?”

Cui Dingchen rubbed his nose and explained, “He drank a lot of water yesterday and played like mad too.”

Generally, if children play like crazy during the day, they would sleep talk and wet the bed at night. Adding on the fact that he drank a lot of water, the chances of him wetting the bed increased greatly. In the end, Xu Fan was still a four-year-old child. Therefore, Mother and Father Xu’s doubts quickly disappeared. Mother Xu rushed over to wash the sheets.

Cui Dingchen was startled and quickly said, “I’ll wash. I-I’ll wash the sheets. You just returned. You should rest a while.”

Seeing how Cui Dingchen kept insisting, Mother Cui didn’t intervene. Cui Dingchen thought that he was seen through. He didn’t expect that just as he was drying the sheets, he would see Mother Xu carry Xu Fan out and say, “Why did you wet the bed last night?”

Xu Fan immediately refuted, “I didn’t.”

“Then why is your big daddy washing the bed sheets?”

“He wet the bed himself.”

The corners of Cui Dingchen’s mouth twitched.

Fortunately, Mother Cui only scolded Xu Fan with a few sentences and told him he couldn’t speak so impolitely and didn’t pursue this. Cui Dingchen instantly breathed a sigh of relief. He entered the west wing room and saw Xu Zhao. Xu Zhao’s skin was fair and clear as he slept soundly. He couldn’t help but kiss Xu Zhao’s face again, directly waking Xu Zhao up.

Xu Zhao opened his eyes and saw Cui Dingchen. He asked, “Are my parents back?”

Cui Dingchen nodded. “They’re back.”

“Then I should probably get up?”

“It’s fine. You can sleep a bit longer.”

“I should get up.”

As a result, when Xu Zhao tried to get off the bed, his legs went soft.

Cui Dingchen quickly supported him.

Xu Zhao immediately turned his head to look at Cui Dingchen.

Cui Dingchen felt a bit guilty. The reason why Xu Zhao was like this was because he went too hard last night. Xu Zhao’s face looks all right, but his entire body was covered with small strawberries. He was worried and also embarrassed as he asked, “Can you walk?”

“I can.”

“T-then next time, I’ll be gentler.”

Cui Dingchen’s words were very soft, soft and vague. Xu Zhao’s face turned red. What could he say? He could only nod, then supported himself up. He really was able to get up. It wasn’t very uncomfortable.

Xu Zhao changed his clothes, then left the room with Cui Dingchen. The entire family had breakfast at home. After breakfast, they began dealing with the trivial matters at work. In between work, Xu Zhao “reported” to Mother Xu about going to the Cui residence. Moreover, the Cui family planned on visiting next week with a matchmaker to discuss the wedding.

Mother Xu asked, “They’re coming here?”

Xu Zhao said, “They’re coming to our house.”

Xu Zhao thought that Mother Xu didn’t agree, but who would have known that it was because Mother Xu thought the house was too messy. It wouldn’t be good if outsiders saw this. And so, she instructed Xu Zhao, Father Xu, and Xu Fan to clean up all the rooms, and inside and outside the courtyard in advance.

When the time came, he even instructed Xu Fan not to rummage through the boxes and cabinets. He wasn’t allowed to provoke Da Ni’Er next door into crying. He wasn’t allowed to hug Qiangqiang’s family dog. He wasn’t allowed to chase Da Zhuang’s family’s big white goose… In short, he had to be well-behaved.

However, when the two families ate and drank together that day, Xu Fan caused Da Ni’Er to cry, then hugged Qiangqiang’s family dog, then chased Da Zhuang’s family’s big white goose through a ditch, causing Da Zhuang to be so angry as he pulled his sister, Da Ni’Er, to complain. He complained about how Sanwa was so bad, then Xu Fan was taught a very serious lesson. Only then did he obediently sit in Xu Zhao’s arms.

At this time, Xu Zhao and Cui Dingchen’s wedding date was set. It was scheduled for next year. On one hand, it was because that date next year was an auspicious day, on the other hand, because Xu Zhao and Cui Dingchen were busy with work, so the two had agreed on this date.

Just as the date was set, the people in the village also found out. In the past, the villagers disliked Xu Zhao’s past and other things, but they gradually found that Xu Zhao was kind and Xu Fan was very lively and cute. The villagers slowly changed their opinion of Xu Zhao.

Later Xu Zhao made a fortune through greenhouse vegetables. Not only did he not look down on the villagers, but he also brought everyone along to make enough money to eat meat. The villagers started to like Xu Zhao. After that, they heard that Xu Fan was actually Cui Dingchen’s son, and that the two of them were in love. The news quickly spread, and finally their story became an inspiring and tragic tale.

In any case, the person the villages liked, admired, and wanted to protect the most, besides the village chief and secretary, was Xu Zhao. After learning that Xu Zhao and Cui Dingchen were getting married, the village was full of sounds of congratulations. Everyone secretly prepared wedding money.

Meanwhile, Xu Zhao was worried about what Xu Fan thought. After all, he would have to live together with Cui Dingchen everyday in the future. Therefore, he specifically asked Xu Fan, “Xu Fan, are you willing to live together with your big daddy?”

Xu Fan’s plump little hand pinched a piece of soft bread. He replied while eating, “Willing.”

“Why are you willing?”

“Because Big Daddy buys me bread to eat.” Saying this, Xu Fan widened his watery eyes and continued, “Big Daddy also has a big car!”


Fine. It seemed that Xu Fan was conquered by Cui Dingchen’s food and big car. So Xu Zhao stopped worrying and started his own work.He would occasionally discuss marriage matters with Cui Dingchen. Since Xu Zhao worked in South Bay Village, Cui Dingchen didn’t insist on having Xu Zhao and Xu Fan move to West Prefecture City or the county town. However, they couldn’t live in the west wing room. It was too close to Mother and Father Xu, and the sound insulation wasn’t good.

Therefore, Cui Dingchen paid for cement floor slabs and bricks. He hired a house builder and above the three tiled rooms, built another four rooms. He changed the tiled house into a two-story building. This way, Mother and Father Xu could live downstairs, while he and Xu Fan lived upstairs. As for Xu Fan, he could live wherever he wanted.

This two-story small building became the first one in South Bay Village, attracting the envy and admiration of the rest of the villagers. After all, South Bay Village was not the poorest village in the surrounding area, so they weren’t envious for long before starting to get busy.

Because Xu Zhao’s 27 mus of greenhouse vegetables as well as his one mu of greenhouse fruits were ripe. The first families in South Bay Village that had manpower all went to Xu Zhao for work, therefore the entire village was busy together.

Of course, Xu Zhao and Cui Dingchen were also busy.

Xu Zhao didn’t have to do farm work, but he had to constantly arrange the schedule. Besides helping Xu Zhao with matters, Cui Dingchen also provided cars and drivers to deliver the vegetables to West Prefecture City.

South Bay Village was full of people every day. Fresh vegetables occupied the vegetable markets in the county town and West Prefecture City. This attracted the attention of a large number of people. This time, even Provincial TV noticed and directly invited Xu Zhao to have an interview with Provincial TV.

The interview with West Prefecture TV last time was also broadcasted in several cities in the West Prefecture. This was different. This was Provincial TV, which had the audience of the entire country. Moreover, this was an interview. Xu Zhao knew that although they didn’t suppress businessmen in this era, agriculture was still encouraged and promoted by the state. He took advantage of this.

He had the intention of making the vegetables business even larger. After the Provincial TV broadcast, the 28 mus of produce will definitely be sold out again, and his brand will become even more popular. Therefore, he immediately agreed.

After Cui Dingchen and Father Xu came back from delivering vegetables, Xu Zhao told them about the situation with Provincial TV.

Cui Dingchen said, “That’s good.”

Xu Zhao laughed and asked, “You also think it’s a good thing?”

“Of course. We won’t have to worry about the vegetables selling or not in the future.”


“When will it happen?”

“Next week.”

“We’ll go together.”

“I’m going too.” Xu Fan, who had just returned from playing casually said even though he didn’t know where his daddies were going.

Cui Dingchen laughed and asked, “Where are you going?”

Xu Fan raised his little head and said, “W-wherever you guys are going, I’m going too.”

Cui Dingchen deliberatly said, “We’re not taking you.”

“Take me!”


“Yes!” Xu Fan anxiously stomped his little foot.

Mother and Father Xu laughed.

Mother Xu said, “Just take him to experience the world.”

Xu Zhao glanced at Cui Dingchen.

Cui Dingchen smiled and said, “Okay.”

In a blink of an eye, it was the day to head to Provincial TV. Xu Zhao and Cui Dingchen woke up early, then called Xu Fan to wake up. Xu Fan grumbled as he caused a fuss. When Cui Dingchen said “we’re going to Provincial TV”, Xu Fan instantly became awake. He lifted his small arm and said, “Daddy, help me put on my clothes. I’m going to Provincial TV.”

Cui Dingchen chuckled.

Xu Zhao was unable to restrain his laughter.

After dressing Xu Fan, the family washed up, got in the car, and left South Bay Village. The villages had come together to send them off. They were obviously only participating in an interview with Provincial TV, but they acted like they were leaving forever.

However, Xu Zhao was very happy that the villagers were very attentive to him. He withdrew his gaze. When he glanced at Xu Fan, who was sitting in the car, Xu Fan was burying his head as he nibbled on the corn. He reached out and took it and said, “Xu Fan, why are you still eating?”

Xu Fan raised his little, meaty face, looked at Xu Zhao and said, “I-I didn’t eat my fill. I’m not full. You kept telling me to go. To go.”

“You’re blaming me?”

“Daddy, I-I’m not blaming you.”

“…Don’t eat in the car. Sit properly.”

Xu Fan felt wronged as he said, “But I’m hungry.”

Xu Zhao thought for a second then said, “Hold it in. If you eat too much, you won’t look good on TV.”

Xu Fan looked at Xu Zhao with wide eyes.

Xu Zhao said, “Don’t eat anymore and you’ll look good on TV later.”

Xu Fan immediately agreed, “Won’t eat anymore.”

Cui Dingchen, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, smiled when he heard this. He looked at Xu Zhao and Xu Fan through the rearview mirror. There was an inseparable sweetness in his heart. The gaze he used to look at Xu Zhao was also filled with sweetness.

Xu Zhao felt the joy in Cui Dingchen’s heart. He told Cui Dingchen to drive properly, while he looked out the window. There were large fields of verdant wheat outside, gently blowing in the wind, looking like a wave of green wheat. A faint fragrance mixed with it, giving off a sense of hope. Everything was fresh. As long as one worked hard in life, everything would be beautiful.

At this moment, Cui Dingchen called, “Xu Zhao.”

Xu Zhao returned to his senses and replied, “Hmm?”

Cui Dingchen said, “After this program, we’ll be able to hold our wedding.”

The corners of Xu Zhao’s mouth slightly lifted up, “Okay.”

Xu Fan added, “I-I’ll also join the wedding.”

Cui Dingchen said, “Yes, you’ll join.”

“I’ll wear a suit.”

“I bought it.”

“You bought it for me. I look very good wearing it.”

“Not handsome.”

“You’re not handsome.”

“You’re the one that’s not handsome.”


There was a deep, low voice and a small milky voice ringing out nonstop in the car. The sound of laughter would occasionally ring outside the window. The sound of wind accompanied the car as it drove into the beautiful distance.

—Main Text End—

The author has something to say:

After the end, I spent the first day sleeping, then started writing the extras the second day.

It’s finally finished. I have so many things I want to say, but I also don’t know what to say. Thank you all for your companionship this entire time, especially those who had been with me from the beginning till the end and gave me so much encouragement. This novel received the most saves, comments, and landmines. Really thank you all. Thank you so much (with a bow).

I know that I have a lot of shortcomings. In the process of this series, many beauties pointed them out. I saw them all. Although I didn’t reply, I recorded them all. I hope I can avoid those problems next time and write better and even better.

The main text ends here. I’m actually very slow. Every time I have writer’s block, I have to go into my character’s mind for many days. I am really sad that the end is here. I can’t bear to part with Xu Zhao, Xu Fan and Cui Dingchen. I can’t bear to part with you beauties. I wonder if we’ll be able to encounter each other again in the next story. I’m very nervous, but I will work hard to write well. I hope that we can meet again in the next story.

And so, I ask the beauties to save the next story in advance. Once this story’s extras are done, it’ll be time to start it, probably around the middle of July. I bow to all the beauties once again. Thank you for your continued encouragement and support.

This is the end of the main text, but there are still a few more extras to look forward to 🙂

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