RERC Chapter 139 Extra 1

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In the early morning before the sun rose from the horizon, Cui Dingchen woke up. He didn’t get up immediately. He lay on his side of the bed. His gaze was gentle as he looked at Xu Zhao, who was sleeping.

Although he and Xu Zhao didn’t hold the wedding yet, they had already obtained the marriage certificate. They had already set the day to hold the ceremony, so he proudly and righteously slept together with Xu Zhao on the second floor of the Xu residence. His heart was full of happiness everyday.

The only thing that wasn’t perfect was—Xu Fan.

Xu Fan, this child, clung too much to Xu Zhao. He had to sleep with Xu Zhao every night. As soon as he washed in the morning, he would pad upstairs and sit on the big bed to wait for Xu Zhao. He would occasionally bother Xu Zhao in the middle of the night, which seriously affected the bed activities of the two. And so every night, Cui Dingchen would carry the sleeping Xu Fan to the first floor and let him sleep alone.

Although the first thing Xu Fan did after waking up was to head to the second floor to find Xu Zhao, Cui Dingchen thought that an extra second with Xu Zhao was an extra second. This moment, for example. He could hug Xu Zhao in his arms. His long legs wrapped tightly around Xu Zhao. His heart was full of joy. Suddenly, he heard Xu Fan’s milky voice from outside the door.

“Daddy! Big Daddy!”

Cui Dingchen immediately closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep. He saw the light on top of the door come on through the slit of his eyelids. He then saw the door being pushed open and a small child wearing a red dudou and holding a milk bottle walked in.

Wasn’t this Xu Fan? His small arms and small legs were very meaty.

“Big Daddy!” Because Cui Dingchen slept on the outer part of the bed, Xu Fan called out to Cui Dingchen when he reached the bed.

Cui Dingchen pretended not to hear.

Xu Fan called again, “Big Daddy! Why are you holding my daddy while sleeping again? Why was I carried downstairs to sleep again.” Xu Fan would always fall asleep upstairs everyday but would wake up downstairs. It made it so that even he wasn’t clear on where he slept.”

Cui Dingchen still didn’t answer.

Xu Fan stood by the bed with no other choice. He held the milk bottle as he gulped two mouthfuls of the warm drink before placing the milk bottle on the bedside table. He then muttered, “T-then I-I’ll also hug Daddy while I s-sleep.” He then climbed up the bed.

His small, meaty body climbed up the bed. He started to lift his short, chubby legs and wobbled as he tried to climb up the side of the bed, but his small legs were too short. He wasn’t able to climb up at all. His entire body hung off the edge of the bed, and he wasn’t swinging.

Cui Dingchen almost laughed.

Xu Fan was still swinging on the bed, but this wouldn’t do. He stretched out his leg and touched the ground. Standing firmly on the ground, he looked around the room and finally saw the small stool that he sat on every day. He brought it to the edge of the bed and was able to easily climb up the bed.

When he got on the bed, he went to Xu Zhao, but Xu Zhao was sleeping on the inside of the bed. So he didn’t care about the consequences and used his small, meaty hands and small, meaty legs to climb over Cui Dingchen’s body. He didn’t spare any effort.

Cui Dingchen originally wanted to continue pretending to sleep and hug Xu Zhao. But Xu Fan messed around too easily. He (XF) didn’t treat him (CDC) as a person. He tried his hardest to crawl over. His little butt sat on his face. He quickly opened his eyes and pulled Xu Fan from the edge of the bed. He sat with him as he asked, “Xu Fan, what are you doing so early in the morning?”

Xu Fan’s watery eyes looked at Cui Dingchen as he said, “I w-want to sleep with my daddy.”

Cui Dingchen said in a gentle voice, “It’s already bright outside. You’re still going to sleep?”

“Then why are you still sleeping?”

Yo, this naughty kid knew how to refute.

Cui Dingchen laughed and said, “I’m not sleeping anything. I’m getting up now.”

Xu Fan said, “You get up, t-then I’ll s-sleep with Daddy.”

Cui Dingchen: “…”

He really knew how to talk. Cui Dingchen stared at Xu Fan, speechless.

Xu Fan also stared at Cui Dingchen. He kept looking and was suppressed by Cui Dingchen’s aura. He stopped looking and turned around, facing his butt toward Cui Dingchen while he lay beside Xu Zhao’s legs. He followed Xu Zhao’s legs up and drilled into Xu Zhao’s arms.

He purposefully didn’t look at Cui Dingchen, because he was still a little afraid of his big daddy, but he knew that as long as he climbed into his daddy’s arms, he would be safe since Big Daddy listened to Daddy. Therefore, he drilled into Xu Zhao’s arms. His small face was lying on Xu Zhao’s neck. One small, meaty hand tightly wrapped around Xu Zhao’s neck before opening a sparkling eye to secretly look at Cui Dingchen.

He was too cute.

Cui Dingchen bursted out in laughter.

Xu Fan finally spoke, “I’ll hug my Daddy to sleep.”

Cui Dingchen said, “Okay.”

Xu Fan added, “Not sleeping with you.”

Cui Dingchen tried to discuss it with him. “Can’t you sleep with me as well?”

“No,” Xu Fan firmly refused as he placed his short legs onto Xu Zhao’s body. He wanted to tightly hold onto Xu Zhao, but his legs were too legs. He was stunned he wasn’t able to hold on.

It caused Cui Dingchen for a while. He tried to discuss it and said, “Just sleep with me once, okay?”

“No.” Xu Fan was as firm as before.

Cui Dingchen unhurriedly asked, “Do you want to eat beef buns?”

Xu Fan was instantly silent.

Cui Dingchen added, “And pig trotters.”

Xu Fan blinked his eyelashes.

Cui Dingchen added, “And roasted pork belly.”

Xu Fan’s small lips smacked as he said, “I-I want to eat.”

Cui Dingchen repeated the first question, “Then sleep with me too, okay?”

Xu Fan thought it over then said, “Then you can’t hug my daddy.”

“Okay, I’ll hug you then, okay?”

“Okay.” In order to eat, Xu Fan agreed like this.

And so, Cui Dingchen lay in bed again and held Xu Zhao and Xu Fan in his arms. Not long later, one big and one small person fell asleep again with Xu Zhao.

Xu Zhao was tossed around by Cui Dingchen for too long last night, so when Xu Fan and Cui Dingchen were making a fuss, he’d heard it in his daze, but he really didn’t have the energy to open his eyes. He fell asleep again not long later. When he woke up again, he saw Xu Fan and Cui Dingchen, the father and son, sleeping beside him. They were laying on their side with one hand out. He realized that Xu Fan’s eyebrows looked very similar to Cui Dingchen’s.

It looked very good.

Xu Zhao kissed them one by one, then got up and got dressed. He then went downstairs to wash his face. When he went upstairs again, Cui Dingchen and Xu Fan were hugging each other while sleeping. Wasn’t this pair of father and son arguing about something just a few moments ago?

Xu Zhao didn’t pay attention to them and returned back downstairs to grab Xu Fan’s clothes. Just as he brought it upstairs, Xu Fan and Cui Dingchen woke up. Xu Zhao handed Xu Fan and Cui Dingchen their clothes and had them put it on themselves.

Xu Fan and Cui Dingchen stood in front of the three door wardrobe’s mirror to get dressed.

Cui Dingchen was tall and looked at the upper part of the three door wardrobe’s mirror. Xu Fan was short and looked at the bottom part of the three door wardrobe’s mirror. The father and son dressed in front of the mirror, washed their faces, then stood in front of the mirror again to cut their hair. However, it seemed like they didn’t look at the mirror and the two were unable to cut their hair with their clothes on.

Cui Dingchen asked Xu Fan to the left from time to time so that his view of his pants wasn’t blocked. Xu Fan didn’t resist. He stood to the left and also complained at the same time that he couldn’t see his handsome face. He even said that he was Baobao and told Cui Dingchen not to fight over the mirror with him.

Xu Zhao: “…”

They really were father and son, looking at the mirror first thing in the morning. Xu Zhao couldn’t help but press the space between his eyebrows  and said, “Youngest uncle, Xu Fan, stop looking in the mirror. It’s time to eat.”

Cui Dingchen and Xu Fan finally stopped looking at the mirror and followed Xu Zhao downstairs for breakfast.

Mother and Father Xu usually cooked breakfast because Xu Zhao and Cui Dingchen would work late into the night. And since they were young, it was better to sleep in a little in the morning. The two elders were very willing to have the two sleep a bit more.

Therefore, breakfast was prepared by the two elders everyday. It was prepared very early, even earlier than the others in the village. So after the family had breakfast, most of the villagers had already eaten breakfast.

Xu Fan once again ran to Da Zhuang’s house to eat half a vegetable pancake, then went to play with Da Zhuang and Da Ni’Er. After playing for a while, he pulled Da Ni’Er, while wobbling, to his own house to play with his children’s size toy cars. The children’s size toy cars were specially purchased by Cui Dingchen for him when he went on a business trip to Shanghai. Xu Fan really cherished it. Besides riding it himself, he’d only let Da Ni’Er ride it.

Da Ni’Er and Da Zhuang looked very similar, but were paler and had larger eyes than Da Zhuang. So she looked a lot better and cuter than Da Zhuang. Xu Fan really liked small kids, small cats, and small dogs. He was similar to Xu Zhao in this aspect.

Seeing Da Ni’Er having fun, Da Zhuang said to Xu Fan, “Sanwa, let me ride the car too.”

Xu Fan decisively refused, “No.”

“Then why do you let Da Ni’Er ride it?”

“Because Da Ni’Er is my little sister.”

“But Da Ni’Er is my little sister,” Da Zhuang said. “If you don’t let me ride it, then I’m taking her home.”

Xu Fan angrily said, “Not letting you ride.”

Da Zhuang decisively took Da Ni’Er off the toy car and grabbed Da Ni’Er’s little hand and said, “Little sister, let’s go. We’re not going to play with Sanwa.”

Da Ni’Er nodded, then obediently followed Da Zhuang.

Xu Fan was stunned. He threw the toy car aside and quickly followed them to Da Zhuang’s house. Not long later, he came back with his head drooped. Once he found Xu Zhao, he hugged Xu Zhao’s legs and rubbed against them. He looked very sad and wronged.

Cui Dingchen curiously asked, “What’s wrong? Do you want money to buy pickled plum powder again?”

Xu Fan said, “I don’t want money.”

Strange. Wasn’t this what he looked like when he saw others eating pickled plum powder and Tang Seng Meat before coming home to ask for money? But in the end, he said he didn’t want money. Xu Zhao said, “If you don’t want money, then what do you want?”

Xu Fan’s thick milky voice carried grievances. “I want a younger sister. I want a younger sister like Da Ni’Er.”

Xu Zhao: “…”

Cui Dingchen: “…”

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