RERC Chapter 140 Extra 2

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To ask for a younger sister—This matter was too difficult. Not to mention the probability of having a younger sister was low, and even if Xu Zhao accepted the fact that men could give birth in this world, Xu Fan was already troublesome enough. Why would he give himself more trouble?

He bent down to pick Xu Fan up, soothed him for a bit, then gave Xu Fan five pennies to buy snacks. He watched as Xu Fan’s sadness and grievances were swept away and happily ran out of the courtyard. Xu Zhao couldn’t hold back his laughter, turned to Cui Dingchen, and realized Cui Dingchen was looking at him.

“Why are you looking at me?” Xu Zhao asked.

Cui Dingchen laughed and said, “I think it’s good.”

“What’s good?”

“Having a daughter.”

Xu Zhao: “…”

Cui Dingchen asked, “Don’t you think so?”

Xu Zhao didn’t reply.

Cui Dingchen continued to ask, “Wife, don’t you think so?”

“Go over there.”

Xu Zhao turned around and walked toward greenhouse no. 1, ignoring Cui Dingchen. But Cui Dingchen didn’t give up and followed him. He couldn’t help but stretch out his arm and wrap it around Xu Zhao’s waist. He ignored Xu Zhao’s glare and hugged Xu Zhao while walking into greenhouse no. 1. Seeing that there were people inside the greenhouse, he rubbed Xu Zhao’s butt, then went to check on the vegetables and fruit growth process with Xu Zhao.

After the advertisement from Provincial TV. Zhaoyang Agricultural Ecology Limited suddenly became popular. The 28 mus of vegetable and fruit greenhouses were all sold out. In the past, Xu Zhao and Cui Dingchen worked hard to create sales, scared that they wouldn’t sell. But they didn’t need to worry about it at all now.

When the vegetables and fruits had just been planted, there were already a large quantity of orders coming to their door. Xu Zhao nor Cui Dingchen had to contact customers to get these orders. Xu Zhao just needed to plant enough vegetables and fruits. Therefore, Xu Zhao intended on building a few more mus of vegetable greenhouses. Besides observing the growth of the vegetables and fruits recently, he had also been busy building greenhouses.

They were busy until noon. Cui Dingchen went to West Prefecture to handle matters in his own business. In the evening, he came back on time to have dinner with the rest of the family, then sat in front of the TV to watch TV for a bit. Xu Zhao and Cui Dingchen then went to the office to take care of some of their own documents. After reviewing them for half an hour, the two looked at the office door, then started counting together:






Xu Fan’s voice sounded from outside the door, “Daddy!”

Xu Zhao glanced at Cui Dingchen.

Cui Dingchen put down the document and said, “It’s my turn to bathe him today.”

Xu Zhao said, “After bathing him, put on his floral water before having him wear the dudou.”

Cui Dingchen nodded. “Got it.”

Cui Dingchen opened the office door and picked up Xu Fan, who was trying to get inside, and said, “Let’s go. Big Daddy will help you bathe.”

Xu Fan’s small finger pointed inside the office as he said, “I want Daddy to bathe me.”

“Daddy is busy.”

“F-fine then.”

Not long later, Cui Dingchen got a half full wooden basin of warm water and placed the plump Xu Fan inside it. The water overflowed. Cui Dingchen said, “Sanwa, it seems you got fatter again.”

Xu Fan immediately refuted, “I didn’t.”

“Then why is the water overflowing?”

“I don’t know either.”

“It’s because you’re too fat and squeezed it out.”

“I didn’t squeeze. I-I’m not fat at all. My daddy says I look very good and cute.”

“Fine, fine. You look very, very good.”

“Mn.” Xu Fan earnestly nodded his head and happily let Cui Dingchen bathe him.

Cui Dingchen quickly bathed Xu Fan, then put floral water on him. He helped him put on his dudou then carried Xu Fan to the big bed in the west wing room. He turned around and went to the courtyard to wash Xu Fan’s clothes. When he raised his gaze, Xu Fan had padded his short, little legs to run upstairs. He immediately called out to stop him, “Xu Fan.”

Xu Fan hugged his toy car and turned his head around and asked, “What?”

Cui Dingchen asked back, “What are you doing?”

Xu Fan’s small, meaty finger pointed upstairs as he said, “I’m going to sleep. Going to sleep with Daddy.”

He (XF) was pestering his (CDC) wife again!

Cui Dingchen immediately said, “Don’t go.”

Xu Fan asked, “Why not?”

Cui Dingchen hooked his finger at Xu Fan.

Xu Fan ran to Cui Dingchen while hugging his toy car.

Cui Dingchen hung Xu Fan’s small shorts onto the room, then carried Xu Fan to the west wing room and asked, “Do you want a little sister?”

Xu Fan didn’t hesitate and said, “Mn.”

“Then you won’t be able to sleep with your daddy in the future.”


“Because only then can your daddy give birth to a little sister.”



Cui Dingchen was having a difficult time because of Xu Fan’s “whys”, but it was normal for children to have a lot of questions. He touched Xu Fan’s small, meaty hand, then told Xu Fan the origin of human beings. He explained in a fairy tale way of how Xu Fan arrived. It was because Big Daddy and Daddy had slept together. If Xu Fan ran upstairs everyday to sleep with Daddy, then how could his little sister come?

Hearing this, Xu Fan’s big, watery eyes stared at Cui Dingchen.

Cui Dingchen didn’t know if Xu Fan understood or not.

A while later, Xu Fan finally said, “I-I won’t sleep with my daddy in the future. I won’t sleep with Daddy, then Daddy and Big Daddy can give birth to a little sister.”

Cui Dingchen gave Xu Fan a thumbs up. “That’s right, my son is so smart.”

Xu Fan gave off a healing smile and said, “Mn, I’m very smart.”

Cui Dingchen patted Xu Fan’s meaty butt and said, “Go on. Go to sleep by yourself.”

“But Daddy didn’t hug me yet.”

“Then go get a hug from your daddy really quick.”

Cui Dingchen carried Xu Fan out of the west wing room when Xu Zhao, Mother and Father Xu all came from the courtyard. When Xu Fan saw Xu Zhao, he stretched out his little arms. “Daddy, hug me.”

Xu Zhao reached out and picked up Xu Fan.

Xu Fan immediately said, “Daddy, I will sleep by myself today.”

Xu Zhao was very surprised. Xu Fan was more than four years old. He had intended to cultivate Xu Fan’s independence and wanted Xu Fan to sleep alone, but Xu Fan had stuck to him like universal glue. He didn’t expect Xu Fan to take the initiative this time to bring up sleeping alone. He happily asked, “You want to sleep by yourself?”

Xu Fan nodded. “Mn.”


“Because Big Daddy said he’s going to give birth to a little sister with you.”

When Xu Zhao asked “why”, Cui Dingchen had already predicted that Xu Fan would pit his own father, but he didn’t really expect him to do it. He was pitted against so hard that even Mother and Father Xu looked at Cui Dingchen. Cui Dingchen embarrassedly rubbed his nose and quickly explained, “Um, I didn’t say—”

“Big Daddy, you did say!” Xu Fan directly interrupted him.

Cui Dingchen looked at Xu Fan.

Xu Fan very seriously said, “Daddy, Big Daddy said it!”

Xu Zhao nodded. “I believe you.”

“Then when will I have a little sister?”


Xu Zhao coaxed Xu Fan and brought him to the west wing room. He let Xu Fan listen to the radio as Xu Zhao and Cui Dingchen went upstairs. As soon as they got upstairs, Xu Zhao asked Cui Dingchen, “He had already forgotten about the matter of getting a little sister, so why did you bring it up again?”

“I’m nurturing his independence.”

Xu Zhao asked, “This is nurturing his independence?”

“If not?” Cui Dingchen started to pull at Xu Zhao’s hand and pulled Xu Zhao into his arms. When Xu Zhao resisted, he kissed Xu Zhao on the mouth and pushed him onto the bed. After two hearty bed exercises, Cui Dingchen kissed Xu Zhao’s face and whispered, “I just want to send away Xu Fan for one night and happily live in our two-person world.”

“Then what about tomorrow?” Xu Zhao weekly asked.

“Xu Fan will definitely forget about it tomorrow.”

“You underestimate your son too much.”

The next day, Xu Fan came to find Xu Zhao as soon as he opened his eyes, as usual. When he saw Cui Dingchen, the first thing he said was, “Big Daddy, where’s my little sister?”

Cui Dingchen looked at Xu Zhao.

Xu Zhao gave Cui Dingchen a look that said “you reap what you sow”.

Cui Dingchen had to explain to Xu Fan that his little sister wouldn’t come here in a day or two. It would take time, and she would come out of Xu Zhao’s stomach, etc.

Cui Dingchen had really underestimated Xu Fan. Ever since Xu Fan could sit, Mother Xu would take him around to visit others and listen to folk art, stories, and stories from the Zhang and Li families. His small brain was filled with a pile of very strange things. Every minute and second he would have unspeakable questions pop up. Especially when Cui Dingchen used waves of knowledge to explain the “origin of his sisters”, causing Xu Fan to have even more questions.

Toward his own son’s questions, of course he tried his best to answer. However, Xu Fan had too many questions. Cui Dingchen really was tired. He knelt next to Xu Fan and said, “Xu Sanwa, can you speak a bit less please?”

Xu Fan continued to ask, “Why do I have to speak less?”

“Because Big Daddy is tired.”

“Why are you tired? I’m not tired.”

Cui Dingchen was really afraid of Xu Fan. How could he be so energetic? Cui Dingchen had to beggingly look at Xu Zhao. Xu Zhao pretended he didn’t see it. Over the next two or three days, he watched as Xu Fan bothered Cui Dingchen for a little sister. On the fourth day, Xu Fan finally stopped asking about the little sister because Da Zhuang stole Da Ni’Er’s cookie. Da Ni’Er bit Da Zhuang’s arm, causing Da Zhuang to cry. He thought about how his little sister could also bite him, so he didn’t want a little sister anymore.

Cui Dingchen breathed a sigh of relief.

Xu Zhao was also a lot more relaxed now. Xu Fan had finally stopped.

The two took advantage before Xu Fan woke up to ride their bikes to the county town to take care of some matters. While they were there, they bought some meat and eggs for the festival. When they came back, they saw a group of children going to school together.

The two couldn’t help but sigh. In two years, Xu Fan would also start preschool, so they were feeling a bit nostalgic. Among the group of children, they saw a familiar chubby child. The chubby child wore a backpack and hugged something to his chest. He brought Da Zhuang to follow the large group of people. Their small, short legs moved really fast.

What was he trying to do?

Xu Zhao called out, “Xu Fan!”

Xu Fan turned his head to see Xu Zhao in response but didn’t stop. He continued to walk.

Xu Zhao jumped down from the bicycle and asked, “Xu Fan, what are you doing?”

Xu Fan turned his head and replied, “I’m going to school.”

Going to school?

A four year old wanted to go to school with seven and eight year olds?

Xu Zhao’s head hurt a bit. He reached out and pressed his head. He could clearly see that Xu Fan held a small piggy bank in his arms. The small piggy bank was given to Xu Fan by Cui Dingchen a few days ago. Inside was some small money that Xu Fan had earned from Cui Dingchen by moving stools, cutting bears, and handing out towels. The total probably didn’t go over five Yuan and two cents. Xu Fan usually protected it very fiercely. What was he taking it out this time for?

Xu Zhao shouted, “Why did you bring out your piggy bank?”

Xu Fan’s milky voice replied, “I’m paying tuition.”

Xu Zhao, Cui Dingchen: “…”

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