RERC Chapter 132 I’m Back

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The attending doctor hurriedly rushed over. After conducting a detailed exam of Xu Zhao and confirming that the wound on the back of Xu Zhao’s head was healed and there were no other problems, only then did he check the reaction that Cui Dingchen spoke of. He didn’t dare trust that Xu Zhao would wake up. After all, Xu Zhao’s situation had neve been seen or heard of before. With his many years of experience, Xu Zhao’s ability to react was definitely not a bad thing, but it was a good sign.

It was a good sign!

When Cui Dingchen heard this, at first, he was shocked, but then he kept repeating the three words “a good sign”. That meant that the possibility of  Xu Zhao waking up had increased greatly. Cui Dingchen showed his long-lost smile.

Sending the attending doctor away, Cui Dingchen entered the ward excitedly. He didn’t care that Xu Fan was only a four-year-old child. He expressed his excitement to Xu Fan and said to Xu Fan, “Xu Fan, your daddy is going to wake up!”

Xu Fan’s eyes widened as he said, “My daddy is going to wake up!”

“That’s right. He’s going to wake up.”

Xu Fan turned his head to look at the sleeping Xu Zhao, then back to Cui Dingchen and asked, “When will my daddy wake up?”

Cui Dingchen excitedly said, “Very soon.”

Sensing the adult’s joy, Xu Fan’s eyes lit up.

Cui Dingchen’s eyes also brightened. He brought Xu Fan to sit next to Xu Zhao. They stared at Xu Zhao for over half an hour. When he got up again, pain flared from his knees. He rolled up his pants to see the bruise on his knee. A little blood had also appeared, which showed that the fall just now was a bit serious.

Cui Dingchen gently hissed.

Xu Fan immediately ran over, frowned and said, “Big daddy, your leg. Your leg is injured.”

Cui Dingchen raised his gaze to Xu Fan. Xu Fan was really similar to Xu Zhao. His frowning eyebrows were exactly the same as Xu Zhao’s, and there was a reassuring warmth in his concern.

“Does it hurt?” Xu Fan’s milky voice asked.

Cui Dingchen smiled and said, “It doesn’t.”

However, Xu Fan thought it hurt. His little eyebrows frowned deeper as he said, “It hurts.”

Cui Dingchen pulled his pant legs down and picked up Xu Fan. He said, “It really doesn’t hurt.”

“You also ‘hiss'” Xu Fan observed very carefully, imitating Cui Dingchen’s voice just now.

Cui Dingchen froze for a moment. He thought, then said, “When I ‘hiss’ just now, I was playing around. It really doesn’t hurt at all. In the past, big daddy got hurt a lot worse than this.”

Xu Fan turned his head and asked, “T-t-then did you cry?”

Cui Dingchen replied, “I didn’t.”

“Why didn’t you cry?”

“Real men don’t cry easily1Let’s remember that this is outdated logic. It’s okay for anyone to cry. Don’t suppress your emotions..”

Xu Fan looked at Cui Dingchen and said, “T-t-that men don’t… cry? I-I don’t understand.”

Hearing this, Cui Dingchen laughed. He held Xu Fan as he walked toward the hospital telephone. As he walked, he explained to Xu Fan the meaning of “real men don’t cry easily”. After he finished his explanation, they had already arrived to the phone.

He picked up the phone and gave the Xu and Cui residences a call. He conveyed how Xu Zhao’s situation had turned for the better since yesterday. The Xu and Cui families were very happy. 

However, no one was as happy as Cui Dingchen. He had been blaming himself. Faulting himself for being incompetent and letting Xu Zhao suffer such harm.

He had always been afraid that Xu Zhao wouldn’t wake up, so he was filled with endless fear every single day. He couldn’t eat or sleep. All the colors in the world had faded. He even thought that if Xu Fan wasn’t there, he wouldn’t have lived any longer.

However, it wasn’t the same anymore. It was completely different. Xu Zhao might wake up immediately, which made him feel that life was beautiful again. He was filled with enthusiasm for the rest of his life. He was no longer walking on ice. His emotion completely changed. 

Even his daily work had changed a bit, although it was still as busy as before.

He was busy taking care of the Xu family, his own company, as well as Xu Zhao’s greenhouses. And it just so happened that now was the time that the greenhouse vegetables ripened. Cui Dingchen entered an unprecedented phase of busyness. In addition to arranging manpower to harvest the vegetables, sell the vegetables, and store the vegetables, he also had to set the vegetables prices, communicate with the customers, manage finances, etc. In addition to researching what vegetables to plant for next season, he was also very attentively taking care of Xu Fan.

Although he had called over Cui Qingfeng, Father Cui, and others to help, Cui Dingchen was still unable to finish everything. He could only cut into his sleeping time again and again to finally put the greenhouse vegetables sales on track. 

Just when Cui Dingchen was able to catch his breath, he caught a cold. He hadn’t had a cold in many years, and this made him feel very frustrated.

In order to prevent the cold from being passed onto Xu Fan, Cui Dingchen wore a face mask every day and had Mother and Father Xu and the others drink indigowoad root as preventative measures. He took Xu Fan with him as usual. Xu Fan didn’t catch the cold and was very healthy. 

However, Mother Xu couldn’t watch on. She was very concerned as she said, “Cui Dingchen, how about you let us watch Sanwa? You should rest well. Don’t overwork and harm your body.”

“Auntie Xu, I’m not tired.” Cui Dingchen calmly smiled.

“How aren’t you tired? You’re running around all day long, and you don’t have any time to rest.”

Cui Dingchen gently replied, “I don’t run around much. I drive every day. Besides, there have been a lot of matters with the vegetable greenhouses recently. You and Uncle Xu have worked hard. You should pay attention to your body and don’t overwork yourself.”

He was still worrying about them even now. Mother Xu didn’t have any resentment toward Cui Dingchen anymore. It had disappeared long ago. She had seen Cui Dingchen’s actions. For Cui Dingchen, she only felt distress and sadness.

Cui Dingchen, ah, he was someone who spoke gently and kindly, but he was actually very strong and brilliant. He also didn’t listen to advice, like having someone else take care of Sanwa. If he said he’d take care of himself, that he would. If someone wanted to help reduce his burden, he wasn’t willing.

In the end, he was Sanwa’s father. Mother Xu could only say, “Then you go back early today and sleep. Don’t overwork yourself. You need to sleep more.”

“Okay, I know. Thank you, Auntie Xu.” Cui Dingchen nodded, but still stayed in South Bay Village for a while. He took Xu Fan back and forth between the vegetable greenhouses. After making sure there were no issues, he drove Xu Fan to West Prefecture City People’s First Hospital.

As soon as they entered the ward, they saw a nurse taking Xu Zhao’s temperature. When the nurse saw Cui Dingchen, she happily told Cui Dingchen that Xu Zhao had another reaction today. And the reaction was greater than yesterday.

Correct, it was another reaction.

Ever since the small reaction Xu Zhao had the first time, he would have a bit more reaction every few days. He didn’t look like someone who was sick, but seemed like someone who was dreaming. He would wake up after the dream finished.

Cui Dingchen kept this belief.

Hearing the nurse’s words, Cui Dingchen quickly took Xu Fan to Xu Zhao and called out to him a few times. However, he didn’t get a response. The father and son weren’t disappointed but started doing their own things. 

Xu Fan sat on the bed and listened to the radio. The radio was recently purchased by Cui Dingchen for Xu Fan to listen to. Xu Fan learned how to use the radio in five minutes. Every day while Cui Dingchen was busy with work, he would sit beside the radio and listen to it. 

Meanwhile, Cui Dingchen moved the stool again and sat at the small table beside him. After glancing at Xu Fan, he began working on his documents. He was focused for a long time, and when he returned his senses, he heard the “crackling” of the signal from the radio.

What was Xu Fan doing? 

Turning his head to take a look, Xu Fan had his little butt raised in the air while his face was pressed against the bed, asleep. T-this sleeping posture… Cui Dingchen quickly secured his face mask, got up, and walked to the hospital bed. He turned off the radio and put it on the bedside. With one hand on the butt and the other on Xu Fan’s little body, he picked up Xu Fan and held him. His little, meaty face was red from being pressed down.

This little guy really made one distressed. 

Cui Dingchen couldn’t help but kiss Xu Fan’s little face. After putting Xu Fan on the bed, he reached out and touched Xu Fan’s little, meaty face. His heart softened. This child was growing quickly as he learned all of his and Xu Zhao’s good points. He especially learned Xu Zhao’s ability to endure hardships.

These days, he had been busy, and Xu Fan followed him to be busy. However, Xu Fan never complained about being tired. It was only when he saw other kids being close with their parents, he would miss Xu Zhao. Besides that, he was a very good child.

He was a good child. He (XF) was a lot stronger than he (CDC) was as a child.

Cui Dingchen watched Xu Fan for a while, then came to Xu Zhao’s bedside. He gently clipped Xu Zhao’s fingernails and toenails, then sat beside Xu Zhao and softly said, “Xu Zhao, you’ve slept for a long time. Don’t you miss us?”

He watched Xu Zhao with his eyes closed still with his lips pursed as he peacefully slept. He always thought that Xu Zhao had been too tired these past five years and needed rest. That was why he didn’t bother Xu Zhao anymore. He tugged the quilt up for Xu Zhao, then grabbed the thermos and exited the room to refill it.

When he returned to the ward, he sat by the table. While drinking the hot water, he read the documents. Because of the cold, his nose was clogged, and he would occasionally cough. Perhaps because he had just gone downstairs and experienced the cold wind, he coughed a bit frequently.

Afraid of waking Xu Fan, he immediately drank the warm water to suppress it. Suddenly, a voice drifted in his ear. “Youngest uncle, did you take your medicine?”

Cui Dingchen casually replied, “I just took it.”

Just as he finished replying, Cui Dingchen completely froze. After a while, his eyes slowly turned red. He turned his head with much difficulty and very slowly until he saw the person on the hospital bed.

That person was none other than Xu Zhao.

Xu Zhao had actually lost a lot of weight. Wearing the hospital gown, his complexion was a bit pale and his lips were a bit dry. However, he still looked very neat and beautiful. His dark and clear gaze stared right at Cui Dingchen. The corners of his mouth were hooked up in a familiar smile. Speaking slowly, his voice was very soft:

“Youngest uncle, I’m back.”

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