RERC Chapter 135 Still Kiss

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As soon as Cui Dingchen sat up, he also picked up Xu Fan, who had rolled himself into a ball. He put him opposite him and looked at Xu Fan with a gloomy expression.

Xu Fan opened his mouth first and asked, “Big daddy, why did you push my butt?”

The corners of Cui Dingchen’s mouths involuntarily raised up.

Xu Fan continued to ask, “Why did you push my butt?”

Cui Dingchen extended his hand to rub his eyebrows and explained, “You’re the one who sat on my face first.”

Xu Fan said with reason, “I didn’t.”

“You did.”

“I didn’t.”

Cui Dingchen’s expression sank, “You’re not going to admit it?”

“Didn’t sit! Hmph!”

It was no wonder that Xu Fan kept insisting that he didn’t sit on his face. He didn’t even know where he had sat just now, so he was a bit afraid of Cui Dingchen. This made him want to find his daddy even more. He said a few more words to Cui Dingchen, then immediately drilled into Xu Zhao’s arms and pasted himself on Xu Zhao’s body. He secretly revealed his watery eyes to watch Cui Dingchen, who’s expression was becoming worse by the second.

Sensing Cui Dingchen’s gaze, he immediately pushed his small, meaty face into Xu Zhao’s chest and forcefully closed his eyes. His long eyelashes were pushed up by his eyelids. He was so blatantly—pretending to sleep.

Pretending to sleep?

This little rascal actually knew how to pretend to sleep?

Cui Dingchen fully admitted that Xu Fan was his biological son. He was usually very lively, cute, and looked innocent, but he was actually very cautious. He thought it was frustrating but also funny, so what could he do?

Endure it, of course.

Cui Dingchen lay on the bed again and also pretended to sleep. In fact, he squinted his eyes to look at Xu Fan. As expected, Xu Fan opened his eyes again and glanced at him before quietly crawling to one side, further away from him. He went to the other side of Xu Zhao and grabbed the milk bottle from the bedside. He lay down beside Xu Zhao, driving his warm bottle as he waved his legs.

So adorable!

Cui Dingchen couldn’t look at Xu Fan. He didn’t have much contact with Xu Fan in the past, and he thought Xu Fan was very similar to himself. When Xu Zhao got sick, he stayed with Xu Fan everyday. He saw Xu Fan’s well-behaved side and thought Xu Fan was very sensible.

Now it seemed like the image was all fake. As long as this child had Xu Zhao by his side, his true nature would undoubtedly be exposed. Moreover, this personality was too similar to his casual appearance. This really was his biological child.

Biological child!

Cui Dingchen turned away from Xu Fan.

Xu Fan held the milk bottle with both hands as he chugged it. He drank half the bottle all at once. After he finished drinking, he didn’t go to sleep. He moved around in Xu Zhao’s arms and hummed a song, off-beat. His meaty arms and legs waved in the air. He would wrap his arms around Xu Zhao for a while, then hug Xu Zhao for a while. He didn’t look sleepy at all.

Cui Dingchen couldn’t help but call out, “Xu Fan.”

“What?” Xu Fan’s little milky voice responded.

Cui Dingchen asked, “You’re not going to sleep?”

Xu Fan lay in Xu Zhao’s arms and replied, “I’m already awake. Why sleep more?”

“Then big daddy will help dress you.”

“Don’t want Big Daddy to dress me. Want Daddy to do it.”

“Why note?”

Xu Fan thought for a moment but couldn’t think of anything. His watery eyes stared at Cui Dingchen as he asked back, “Why do you have so many ‘why’?”

How was that so many “why”?

Cui Dingchen was suddenly dumbfounded by his four-year-old son. He realized that once Xu Zhao returned, that little, lively chatterbox had returned. Thinking about it, it was good. He wouldn’t steep to a four-year-old’s level. He turned his head to look outside the window. The sky was already bright.

In the end, he slept at the Xu residence. He was too embarrassed to lie in bed any longer. He leaned over and kissed Xu Zhao, then stood to change his clothes. He told Xu Fan he was going to make breakfast, then walked out of the west wing room and went to the kitchen. Mother Xu was cooking and Father Xu was tending the fire.

Cui Dingchen washed up and wanted to help Mother Xu.

Mother Xu was naturally unwilling.

However, Cui Dingchen still helped out. Seeing that breakfast was about to be ready, Cui Dingchen skillfully took a bowl and chopsticks from the cabinet. He rinsed it before putting it on the chopping board to use for porridge later.

Seeing Cui Dingchen earnestly preparing Xu Fan’s small bowl, small chopsticks, and small spoon, Mother and Father Xu shared a look. Their eyes were filled with satisfaction. At this moment, they heard Cui Dingchen say, “Auntie Xu and Uncle Xu, I have something I’d like your opinion on.”

“What is it? You can tell us.” Mother Xu had recently changed her opinion on Cui Dingchen. She now treated Cui Dingchen almost like a half son.

Cui Dingchen was silent for a second. He glanced at Father Xu, then back at Mother Xu. He politely and seriously said, “I hope you will agree with me marrying Xu Zhao.”

“Marriage?” The two elders said in unison.

Cui Dingchen, who looked calm on the surface, felt a flash of nervousness. He said, “Mn. I want to marry Xu Zhao.”

Before this, the two elders had been secretly and opening looking for a partner for Xu Zhao. But now that the partner had appeared, the two elders thought it was a bit too soon. However, the two elders were satisfied with Cui Dingchen, but what did Xu Zhao think? Mother Xu glanced at Father Xu and asked, “What does Xu Zhao think?”

“Xu Zhao is very filial and listens to you two. Are you guys against it?”

“We’re not against it,” Mother Xu hesitated then said.

After she finished speaking, she got an eye roll from Father Xu. Mother Xu stayed silent. Father Xu seriously asked, “Then what does your family think about this?”

Hearing this, Cui Dingchen felt a big relief in his heart. This showed that Father Xu also agreed, but he didn’t take the situation lightly. He was also sincere as he replied, “My brother and sister-in-law both like Xu Zhao and Sanwa. These past few days, they wanted to come over and visit you and Auntie Xu, but it’s been very busy over here so it’s been delayed. So they wanted me to ask you when you will be free for them to pay a visit.”

Father Xu glanced at Mother Xu.

Mother Xu still stayed silent.

Father Xu thought it over then gently said, “I’ll ask Xu Zhao later when it will be a good time.”

“Okay, good.” After Cui Dingchen finished speaking, he caught sight of the steam rising above the stove. The steamed buns were finished steaming. He said, “It’s cooked. I’ll go call Xu Zhao and Sanwa.”

Mother Xu said, “I’ll go.”

“I can just go.”

Cui Dingchen left the kitchen first and strode into the main hall. He turned to the west wing room and heard Xu Fan’s milky voice from outside the door.

“Daddy, slow down. My leg is hurt.”

“Got it, got it.”

Cui Dingchen strode inside and asked, “Where did you get hurt?”

Xu Zhao laughed and said, “He’s not hurt. He’s just being naughty. He bumped his leg on the bed and is acting spoiled.”

Cui Dingchen looked at Xu Fan’s leg. It was just a small red mark. He shook his head and laughed, then looked at Xu Zhao and said, “I’ll help Xu Fan dress.”

Xu Zhao smiled and said, “No need. He’s already dressed. By the way, how did you sleep last night?”

“Very good.” Besides being kicked in the face by Xu Fan, it was the sweetest and most restful sleep he’d had in a long time. As soon as he woke up, his cold was better.

“That’s good.” Xu Zhao lowered his head and put on Xu Fan’s shoes.

Cui Dingchen stood to the side and said, “I spoke with Mom and Dad about something just now.”

Xu Zhao asked without raising his head, “About what?”

“About the two of us getting married.”

Xu Zhao froze. He raised his gaze to Cui Dingchen.

Cui Dingchen’s heart suddenly got stuck in his throat.

Xu Zhao’s gaze was gentle as he asked, “What did Mom and Dad say?”

Cui Dingchen didn’t relax. “They asked about your thoughts. What do you think?”

“My thoughts…?”

“Mn.” Cui Dingchen looked at Xu Zhao with bated breath.

Xu Zhao put on Xu Fan’s final shoe, then said, “Okay.”


He said it very casually like he was agreeing to dinner, but for Cui Dingchen, it had a different meaning. He excitedly asked, “Xu Zhao, do you agree? You’re agreeing to marry me?”

Xu Zhao nodded. “I agree.”

Cui Dingchen hugged Xu Zhao.

Xu Zhao laughed in Cui Dingchen’s arms.

However, Xu Fan was unwilling and used all his strength to push Cui Dingchen. “Don’t hug my daddy. This is my daddy. My daddy.”

Cui Dingchen was too happy and didn’t care about the actual situation. He scooped Xu Fan up from the ground. One hand looped around Xu Zhao while the other hugged Xu Fan. Using strength that he’d never used before, he madly kissed Xu Fan’s little, meaty face, causing Xu Fan to flatten his lips.

Xu Zhao quickly asked, “What’s wrong? What’s the matter?”

Xu Fan rubbed his little, meaty face and said, “Big daddy’s beard is prickly. It hurts.”

Xu Zhao glanced at Cui Dingchen.

Cui Dingchen was slightly embarrassed. “I didn’t bring a razor with me.”

Xu Zhao asked, “Isn’t it all because you kissed him too hard?”

Cui Dingchen laughed then softly said, “Wife, you’re right.”

“…Don’t randomly call me right now.” Xu Zhao was a bit shy.

Cui Dingchen laughed and asked, “Then when can I?”

“We’ll talk again once we get the license.”

License? Cui Dingchen almost forgot about this matter. He happily and very anxiously said, “It’s better to strike while the iron is hot. Let’s just get it today.”

Xu Zhao quickly said, “That won’t do.”

“Why note?”

“The matter regarding my 28 mus of vegetable greenhouses is more urgent.”

Cui Dingchen raised his brow and asked, “More urgent than marriage?”

Xu Zhao quickly explained, “The vegetable greenhouses can’t be delayed. Marriage can be pushed back a bit. It won’t change anything between us, right? If the 28 mus suffer a loss, then my parents will be very sad.”

Knowing that Xu Zhao paid a lot of money for those vegetable greenhouses, Cui Dingchen didn’t make things hard for Xu Zhao and said, “Then come visit my family soon to officially meet my brother and sister-in-law. They’ll come over later too so that our two families can have a meal together and discuss the big day. How does that sound?”

Xu Zhao nodded.

Cui Dingchen happily said good, then couldn’t help but kiss Xu Zhao on the face.

Xu Zhao was slightly shy.

Xu Fan had an unhappy face as he said, “You kissed my daddy again. I’m going to tell my grandma.”

After speaking, Xu Fan ran toward the west wing room.”

Xu Zhao was surprised.

Cui Dingchen stepped forward with his large stride and scooped Xu Fan from the ground. It didn’t matter how much Xu Fan struggled, he didn’t put Xu Fan down. He then said, “I’ll give you a penny to buy pickled plum powder.”

Xu Fan looked at Cui Dingchen and said, “A penny isn’t enough to buy pickled plum powder.”

Cui Dingchen was curious and asked, “Why isn’t it enough?”

Xu Fan added, “You need two pennies to buy it.”

Cui Dingchen laughed, then said, “I’ll give you two pennies to buy pickled plum powder.”


“Then you can’t tell others about Big Daddy kissing Daddy.”

Xu Fan nodded.

Cui Dingchen rummaged through his pocket for a long time but didn’t find two pennies. However, without Xu Fan seeing, he accepted two pennies from Xu Zhao, then handed it to Xu Fan. Xu Fan grabbed the money and ran out of the main hall. He bumped into Da Zhuang’s father and the others who had just come to word and told them that he got two pennies from Big daddy.

Da Zhuang’s father casually asked, “Why did your big daddy give you money?”

Xu Fan immediately said, “Because Big daddy told me not to tell grandma that Big daddy kissed Daddy.”

Big daddy kissed Daddy—

In an instant, not only did Mother Xu hear this, but everyone from Zhaoyang Agricultural Ecology Limited also heard this. Xu Zhao, who had just walked out from the main hall, turned red.

The one with the thicker skin, Cui Dingchen’s eyes also flushed. He awkwardly laughed twice, then said, “C-child likes to speak nonsense.”

Xu Fan stomped his little foot and said, “I’m not speaking nonsense! You kissed my daddy! I said don’t kiss, but you still kiss. You kiss.”

“…” Cui Dingchen’s ears were red. He secretly gritted his ears. Did god actually send him this son to punish him?

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