RERC Chapter 148 Extra 10

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When Xu Fan was about to fall with Siwa, Cui Dingchen strode over, caught Siwa and brought him in his arms. Afterward, Xu Fan, who wasn’t steady on his feet, stumbled, and his butt fell on the ground. A “bam” sounded.

This was the sound of his butt kissing the ground.

Xu Zhao, who was late, “…”

Cui Dingchen: “…”

Xu Fan, who’s little face was flushed, didn’t cry. He quickly got up and angrily asked, “Big daddy, why didn’t you help me up? I fell on my butt!”

Cui Dingchen rubbed his nose and guiltily said, “…I’m sorry. I forgot.” At the time, he had watched Siwa almost fall.

“You’re already so big.” He meant that he was already an adult, so how could he forget so easily. This wasn’t good.

Seeing that Xu Fan was about to start babbling nonstop, he was about to use Mother Xu’s signature move of rolling her eyes. Xu Zhao quickly interrupted and said, “Sanwa, what were you doing?”

Xu Fan’s attention was immediately diverted. His watery eyes looked at Xu Zhao as he said, “I was helping little brother wear his clothes.”

“Really?” Xu Zhao glanced at Cui Dingchen.

“Mn. Little brother’s clothes are too small. It doesn’t fit him. You need to buy bigger ones.”

“That’s right. Our Xu Fan is right. Aiya, how did our Xu Fan become so exceptional? Too exceptional!”

He was praised again, so Xu Fan was happy. He happily waved his arms around, then told Xu Zhao how he’d helped Siwa get dressed. A thin bead of sweat appeared on his nose, showing that he was tired.

Xu Zhao watched, feeling both distressed and happy. He couldn’t help but bend down, picked up Xu Fan, and kissed him. “Son, you’re too amazing!”

“Mn, I also think I’m amazing!”

He loved Xu Fan’s easy confidence that showed up at any time and anywhere. Xu Zhao laughed loudly.

Xu Fan wrapped his arms around Xu Zhao’s neck without letting go and looked at Siwa. Cui Dingchen had already helped Siwa wear his clothes. Now, he kept putting his hand in his mouth. Seeing this, Xu Fan shouted, “Little brother, you can’t eat your hand!”

Siwa dropped his hand and giggled at Xu Fan.

Xu Fan smoothly said, “You look so swilly.”


Xu Zhao and Cui Dingchen simply couldn’t look at Xu Fan. Xu Fan had unconsciously taught Siwa a lesson by saying that his teacher instructed them to frequently wash his hands and pay attention to personal hygiene. However, Xu Zhao knew that Siwa was hungry, so he put Xu Fan down and went to make Siwa’s bottle.

While he was making the bottle, Mother Cui returned and said that Da Zhaung’s grandma injured her leg, so she went to go take a look. She didn’t expect Siwa to wake up so early. Since Xu Fan and Siwa were awake, it was  now impossible for Xu Zhao and Cui Dingchen to sneak to West Prefecture City, so they could only change their pla and take Xu Zhao and Siwa to the Cui residence to eat breakfast before heading to West Prefecture City.

Therefore, they didn’t eat breakfast at home. They packed the milk powder and toys and brought the two children to ride in the compact car.

As soon as they got in the car, Xu Fan was happy as he pointed outside the window and said, “Little brother, look. The trees outside are running so fast!”

However, Siwa didn’t look. His small hand was currently holding the milk body as he concentrated on drinking milk.

“Little brother! Look!” Xu Fan called out again.
Siwa held the bottle and glanced outside the window as he continued to drink his milk. He drank with relish, making Xu Fan feel a bit hungry. He hadn’t eaten breakfast yet. He stared at Siwa’s milk bottle as he smacked his little lips. He tilted his head to Xu Zhao, who was sitting on the other side of the window, and said, “Daddy, I’m hungry. I want to drink milk.”

“We didn’t bring milk with us today. Hold on a bit longer. We’ll arrive at your uncle’s house soon to eat.” The uncle Xu Zhao was referring to was Father Cui.

“But I’m hungry.”

As soon as Xu Fan’s words fell, the milk bottle was handed over. He turned his head and saw Siwa giving his own bottle to Xu Fan.

Xu Fan asked in surprise, “Little brother, you want to give your milk to big brother?”

Siwa: “Ah.”

Hearing this, even Cui Dingchen couldn’t help but glance at Siwa in the rearview mirror. He secretly thought that Siwa’s personality was very similar to Xu Zhao’s. He was very gentle, considerate, but he wasn’t a coward. He treated his family with his entire heart.

After Siwa was born, he worried that his two sons wouldn’t get along with each other. He read a lot of books about brothers becoming estranged, but it seemed that he’d worried for nothing. Not only did Xu Fan dote on Siwa, Siwa loved and protected his big brother. When Xu Fan and Qiangqiang played with slingshots last time and they were at a stalemate, Siwa wobbled up without hesitation and wanted to bite Qiangqiang with his two teeth.

The adults stopped him, but he had broken into tears because he wasn’t able to help his brother. He used his entire heart to capture his big brother’s heart. When asking Xu Fan if he wanted a little sister now, Xu Fan would say that he didn’t want a little sister and only wanted Siwa.

Now that he heard that his big brother was hungry, Siwa took the initiative to hand the milk bottle to his big brother. This really was a rare sight. Truthfully speaking, Cui Dingchen was touched by Siwa’s actions. He looked at his obedient Siwa. His eyes were filled with gentleness. When he turned to look at Xu Zhao, love burst out from him.

Xu Zhao’s gaze met Cui Dingchen’s through the rearview mirror, and he immediately read Xu Zhao’s thoughts. He gave a small smile, his eyes were filled with responses for Cui Dingchen.

Cui Dingchen became happy. He hummed while he drove the car. He’d only hummed two sentences before Xu Fan cut him off, “Big daddy, don’t sing. You sing very badly.”

Cui Dingchen didn’t get annoyed and said, “Okay, I won’t sing. You sing.”

“What should I sing?” Xu Fan asked.

“Sing the song your treacher just taught you.”

“Little rainfall?”

“Sure, sing it.”

Xu Fan didn’t have stage fright. After singing the children’s song in his tender voice, he instantly said, “Daddy, give me an applaud.”

Xu Zhao was very enthusiastic and instantly applauded.

Cui Dingchen used his free hand to clap.

Xu Fan turned to look at Siwa, who was sitting beside him, and said, “Little brother, clap for your brother. Like this.”

Xu Fan demonstrated for Siwa, and Siwa learned from him. His small hand clapped on air a few times. Xu Fan couldn’t watch any longer and clasped his little meaty hand and helped him clap twice before saying, “Thank you, little brother.”

Siwa giggled and continued clapping his hand as he shouted, “Bwoter, good.”

Xu Fan corrected, “It’s not bwoter. Brother.”




“Aiya, I already told you it isn’t bwoter. Look at your brother’s mouth and say it with me.”


The sound of Xu Fan teaching Siwa how to say brother and how to speak sounded in the entire car the whole ride. Not long later, they arrived at the Cui residence, so Xu Fan didn’t feel like teaching anymore. Siwa also didn’t have the heart to learn. Cui Dingchen got out of the car and as soon as he opened the door, Xu Fan ran out, calling out to his Uncle and Auntie. Siwa wasn’t able to get out of the car, so he could only sit in the car, calling out “ahh”.

Hearing the voices, Mother and Father Cui and Cui Qingfeng all came out. They saw Xu Fan and Siwa rushing up together. It was as if they couldn’t see Xu Zhao or Cui Dingchen. When Cui Qingfeng picked up Xu Fan and Mother Cui picked up Siwa, Father Cui didn’t have anyone to pick up so he finally paid attention to Xu Zhao and Cui Dingchen and invited the two into the courtyard.

Because Xu Fan and Siwa were in the courtyard, it was very lively. Even the Cui family’s cats and dogs circled around them. Xu Fan sat with Cui Qingfeng and asked, “Big brother, did you make money yet?”

Cui Qingfeng had been working for Cui Dingchen for the past two years. He worked very hard, so his work was very excellent. His salary was also rising. He’d also met a man that he liked, who was a very good person. From time to time, he would tell Xu Fan that he’d made money, so Xu Fan had remembered it.

“I did,” Cui Qingfeng replied.

“How much did you make?”

“Not much.”

Xu Fan tiled his head and said, “Please give me food to eat.”

“Pfft” Cui Qingfeng couldn’t help but laugh out loud and asked, “Who did you learn this from?”

“Big daddy.”

“Then your big daddy is shameless.”

Saying his big daddy is shameless? That wouldn’t do. Xu Fan immediately became fierce and said, “You can’t talk about my big daddy!”

There usually wasn’t anyone who dug more pits for his father than him, but he actually protected his father at the crucial moments. Cui Qingfeng smiled and said, “I can’t even say a little bit?”

Xu Fan’s little face flattened, “You can’t.”

“Don’t you dislike your big daddy?”

“I like my big daddy.”

“You like your big daddy? Didn’t you say your big daddy hit you? Do you still like him even after that?” Cui Dingchen had hit Xu Fan once. It was last summer. Xu Fan followed the bigger kids to play in the water by the river. When they weren’t paying attention, a few children fell into the river and the adults had to fish them out. In order to make Xu Fan remember this incident, Cui Dingchen had hit him right on the spot. The beating was hard, so Xu Fan had remembered it for a long time.

He remembered it even now. He thought for a bit before saying, “I still like my big daddy. He hit me for my own good. He was scared that I would fall in the river and drown to death. My daddy and big daddy will cry. I’ll also cry.”

When these words landed in Cui Dingchen’s ears, Cui Dingchen turned around to look at Xu Fan. His heart suddenly felt full. Everything in life was worth it. He glanced at Xu Fan. Xu Fan was sitting in Cui Qingfeng’s arms as he ordered Cui Qingfeng to leave the courtyard. He quickly asked, “Xu Fan, where are you going?”

“Big brother earned money. We’re going to buy beef buns!” Xu Fan turned around after he finished speaking and turned to Cui Qingfeng and said, “Big brother, let’s buy a few more beef buns. I can eat a lot!”

Cui Qingfeng: “…”

Cui Dingchen: “…”

Not long later, Xu Fan carried two bags of buns and placed them on the small table. He very proudly said, “Let’s eat beef buns!” He first handed one to Xu Zhao, then to Cui Dingchen. After giving himself one, he handed one to Siwa and said, “Siwa, you need to take small bites to eat.”

“Okay.” Siwa nodded.

Xu Fan was finally free, so he sat beside Siwa as he munched on his food. After he finished, he ate another one, then drank a glass of thin rice porridge. After eating, he chatted with Father Cui and the others. Chatting three against one, they gave Xu Zhao and Cui Dingchen enough time to eat. So after they finished eating, Father Cui and the two others in his family had only eaten half their food.

Xu Fan opened his mouth and said, “There’s still so much food. I’ll eat a bit more.”

It really scared Xu Zhao, and he quickly stopped Xu Fa, then spoke a few sentences to the three people in the Cui residence, and got ready to head to West Prefecture City.Mother Cui gave them countless warnings, “Dingchen, bring Sanwa and Siwa back more often.”

Cui Dingchen agreed with a smile, then started the car. The entire family went to a district in West Prefecture City and arrived at a two-story small villa. This small villa was supposed to be Xu Zhao and his wedding home, but because of Xu Zhao’s work, he went to live in South Bay Village with him.

Now that Zhaoyang Agricultural Ecology Limited was getting bigger and bigger, it needed to be treated more formally. He discussed with Xu Zhao to transfer some parts of the business to West Prefecture City. This way, it would be easier to develop the entire country. On the other hand, it would be good for Xu Fan and Siwa to attend middle school here. In other words, there was a very big chance that they might live in West Prefecture City in the future.

Xu Zhao and Cui Dingchen also came to visit the house in advance to see what needed to be renovated.

As soon as they entered the courtyard, Xu Fan let out a “wow”. Siwa copied him and also let out an exclamation. The important point being that ever since they were young, the two children had never seen such a clean and nice looking house with a courtyard with an iron fence. The courtyard was large with a field of short lawn. walking into the two-story small building, the main hall was bright. The floor, wall, and furniture were of a simple style, but it looked very good.

What made Xu Fan and Siwa even happier was their room on the second floor. There were two small beds and besides the small cabinets, there were also tons of toy cars, toy guns, comic books, building blocks, small trains, and so on.



Xu Fan turned around and asked, “Big daddy, who’s home is this?”

Cui Dingchen said, “Yours and Siwa’s.”

Xu Fan was dumbfounded.

Cui Dingchen smiled and explained to Xu Fan. After Xu Fan understood, he dragged Siwa to play in the room.



“Let’s play with trains.”



“Siwa, this is your bed. This is big brother’s bed. If you’re scared at night, big brother will sleep with you.”


“That’s right. Call me brother in the future. Don’t call me bwoter.”


“Come play.”


Xu Fan and Siwa’s laughter rang out in the children’s room. It leisurely floated out onto the balcony and into Xu Zhao and Cui Dingchen’s ears. The two stood on the balcony, looking far off in the distance. The lush green trees waved under the blue sky. Between the gaps of the lush trees were busy pedestrians. As they were watching, Cui Dingchen turned his head to Xu Zhao.

Xu Zhao asked, “Why are you looking at me?”

Cui Dingchen said, “Don’t you think I’m very boring?”

“Why do you say that?”

“After marrying me, all it’s been about is having children, raising children, making money, and things like that. There wasn’t anything particularly romantic or passionate. Everything is dull with no ups and downs.”

Xu Zhao laughed. “Isn’t that what life is about? What else could you want?”
Cui Dingchen didn’t speak.

Xu Zhao held Cui Dingchen’s hand and said, “Being with you is already a very romantic thing.”

Cui Dingchen glanced at Xu Zhao affectionately and finally smiled. As the two were gazing at each other, Xu Fan suddenly rushed out of the children’s room and shouted, “Big daddy! Hurry! Little brother is going to pee on the bed! He can’t hold it! He’s going to wet his pants!”

Cui Dingchen quickly ran in to pick up Siwa.

Xu Zhao instantly pushed open the bathroom door.

Cui Dingchen carried Siwa and rushed in. Xu Fan followed inside as well. When they pulled off Siwa’s pants, the kid’s urine fell on Cui Dingchen’s hand.

Siwa blankly looked at Cui Dingchen.

Cui Dingchen looked at Xu Zhao.

Xu Zhao stood by the door with his arms crossed and said, “Who said that life is dull without any ups and downs? I think everyday will be fun and full of life.”

Cui Dingchen laughed. That was right. Everyday would be fun and full of life.

—The End—

The author has something to say: 

We finally finished. After writing for three months, I’m really reluctant, but we have to part in the end. We’ll let Xu Zhao and the others live a full and interesting life in their time. Why didn’t I write about Sanwa and Siwa growing up? That’s because I couldn’t bear seeing them grow up. There are a ton of worries after growing up, so just let them live carefree without any worry.

After finishing this one, it’s time to start writing the next one. I’m very hesitant and nervous, worried that I won’t be able to write it well, and it will be boring. I’m worried that you all won’t like me anymore, but I must still write it. I’ll try my best to write well so that you all will like it. My next novel will still be BL, and will start around July 27th. I hope all the great beauties will add it to their collection. The more the story is added, the more at least I will feel.

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And that’s a wrap! We’re at the end of my first completed translation! Thank you all for sticking with me and for all the support and patience over the years. I’m really going to miss Xu Zhao, Xu Fan, and the rest of the characters. I really hope you enjoyed the series!

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