RERC Chapter 147 Extra 9

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At this moment, there was a small tomato laying on the ground that was smashed into an unidentified shape. It was unknown if it was leftover from Da Zhuang and Da Ni’ErBefoe Mother Xu could point it out, Xu Fan was already crying loudly as he entered the courtyard. He took tiny, hesitant steps as he entered the main hall and turned to enter the west wing room.

His crying didn’t stop, and he looked very sad.

“Bwoter.” Siwa stretched out his hand and pointed to the courtyard.

Mother Xu patted Siwa. “Your big brother is going to look in the mirror.”

Siwa blankly looked at Mother Xu.

Mother Xu looked at the courtyard. In the blink of an eye, Xu Fan came out of the west wing room. Knowing that he had made a fuss, he felt quite ashamed. He twisted his body and sat in front of Mother Xu. He leaned against Mother Xu’s body and didn’t dare lift his little face.

Mother Xu laughed and said, “Is your nose broken?”

Xiao Xu replied in a very small voice, “No.”

“Then do you still look good?”

“Look good.”

He loved beauty. It didn’t matter if he was looking at a mirror, glass, or the surface of a water, as long as he could see himself, Xu Fan would stop to take a look. At first, Mother Cui didn’t know what kind of problem he had, but after finding out that Xu Fan was Cui Dingchen’s biological son, everything became clear. Because Cui Dingchen was also a person who could spend all morning looking at the mirror. He always thought that he was the best looking person and didn’t let anyone refute him.

Thinking that it wasn’t a big deal, Mother Xu stopped thinking about it. Instead she said, “Alright, go pick up the half piece of tomato and throw it in the compost so that you don’t slip and fall on it.”

Xu Fan quickly went to pick up the tomato. After picking it up, he continued to coax Siwa. Siwa was liftless all morning and took an afternoon nap. He was much better after waking up as he pestered Xu Zhao to go for a walk. His small hand pointed in the direction of South Sun village Elementary.

Xu Zhao knew that Siwa was looking for his big brother, so he brought them to the entrance of the village and sat on a large rock to wait for Xu Fan. However, he was still unwilling and insisted on going to see Xu Fan. It just so happened that Xu Zhao was free, so he hugged Siwa and walked toward South Sun village elementary. He chatted with Siwa as they walked.

“Siwa,” Xu Zhao called out softly.

“Ah,” Siwa replied.

“Do you miss your big brother?” Xu Zhao looked at Siwa.


“Yo, you know how to say ‘miss’ now? How amazing.”

Siwa laughed happily. As he laughed, saliva flowed down. This was a sign that his teeth were growing in. Xu Zhao wiped his face with a handkerchief then kissed his little face. He carried him to the entrance of South Sun village Elementary and walked to the back of the first year’s classroom. He had planned to let Siwa see Xu Fan through the back window.

However, the father and son looked around but didn’t see Xu Fan. They were very puzzled. As their head was filled with questions, they caught a glimpse of half a shadow standing by the door. That chubby, little body, wasn’t it Xu Fan?

Why was he being punished to stand again?  Did he secretly eat in class again?

Xu Zhao started to sweat.

Siwa was still looking for his brother inside the classroom. Unable to find him, he called out “bwoter”. His voice wasn’t loud, but it still attracted the attention of the teacher in charge. The teacher in charge caught sight of Xu Zhao. Xu Zhao smiled and nodded to the teacher.

He then carried Siwa to the school’s entrance and saw the teacher in charge walking over with a smile. He told Xu Zhao the reason Xu Fan was standing outside as punishment. Xu Fan truly was smart. Although he was young, he understood a lot. The only issue was that he loved to talk. This wasn’t a fault, but that little mouth of his chattered nonstop about astronomy, geography, and all sorts of nonsense. If he was with Da Zhuang, the two children could babble from when class started till it ended. Today, he even nagged at the principal’s seven year old grandson until he cried.

Nagged until he cried.

The teacher in charge could only punish him and Da Zhuang to stand outside while listening to class, hoping that they wouldn’t punish the big brothers again, and instead, happily study and play together with them.

Xu Zhao repeated, “Yes, yes, yes. Teacher, you’re right. I’ll make sure to educate him when we head back. I’ll definitely educate him well.”

“No, no need.” The teacher in charge instantly said. “Mr. Xu, that wasn’t my intention. This isn’t a shortcoming of Xu Sanwa. He’s innocent, smart, and clever. This is a good thing. Don’t argue with the child over this, it won’t be good for him. It might even erase the child’s advantages.”

“Then what should we do?”

“Act as if you’re unaware. Let him grow freely. I am optimistic about him.”

Xu Zhao smiled awkwardly.

Since the teacher in charge had to return to class, he didn’t speak with Xu Zhao much and returned to the school to start up class again. Xu Zhao stood in place. His mind was filled with the words “don’t bully the big brothers”, “innocent”, and “clever”.

The words “clever” didn’t seem to match Xu Fan, but about him being innocent…Thinking about it carefully, his Xu Fan really was exceptional. Correct, he was just that exceptional. With a peace of mind, he held Siwa as they sat by the school gate and waited for Xu Fan.

When the school bell rang to indicate the end of school, the sound of noisy children immediately sounded. Xu Zhao and Siwa instantly looked around the school. They were worried they might miss Xu Fan due to all the children, and looked carefully.

It turned out that they were thinking too much.

Because the first person to rush out of the school was Xu Fan. They couldn’t have missed him, but Xu Fan completely didn’t see Xu Zhap and Siwa. He paddled his small, short legs and ran forward. He also turned his head and shouted, “Da Zhuang! Hurry up. Let’s go home and eat!

He was worried about eating again.

Xu Zhao pressed the center of his eyebrow.

Siwa was already excitedly shouting, “Bwoter! Bwoter!”

Hearing the shouts, Xu Fan turned his head and saw Xu Zhao and Siwa. He happily called back, “Daddy! Siwa!”

He quickly ran over to Xu Zhao. Xu Fan stretched out his hand and grabbed Siwa’s ankle before shaking it twice. “Siwa, why did you come here?”

Siwa: “Ahh.”

“Did you come to pick up your big brother?”


“Did you miss your big brother?”


“Then will you go home with your big brother?”


“Don’t say ‘ah’. Say ‘okay’.”


Xu Fan held Siwa’s ankle and walked with Xu Zhao to South Bay Village. Xu Zhao said, “Xu Fan, how was class today?”

Xu Fan replied, “It was good.”

“I heard you were punished to stand?”

“Mn, Da Zhuang was also punished to stand.”

He threw Da Zhuang under the bus yet again. Da Zhuang, who was beside them, quickly refuted and said, “Sanwa, you were also punished to stand. We both were.”

Xu Fan turned to Da Zhuang and said, “You were punished to stand first.”

Da Zhuang insisted, “We were punished together.”

“We weren’t punished together. You were punished first.”

“Together.” Da Zhuang insisted so hard that his face was flushed.

Xu Fan didn’t back down and said, “It was you who was punished first. During class, the teacher said ‘Li Da Zhuang, Xu Sanwa, stand outside and listen to class’. T-the teacher said Li Da Zhuang before saying Xu Sanwa. S-so you were punished to stand first. I was punished after.”

“I…” Da Zhuang couldn’t argue anymore, but he refused to admit defeat. He looked at Xu Zhao and stretched out his finger to point at Xu Fan, instantly selling Xu Fan out. “Uncle Xu, Sanwa secretly drank milk during class today. I saw it. Id didn’t tell our teacher.” But I told you.

Xu Zhao started to sweat again. He didn’t speak and Xu Fan spoke up instead, launching an attack on Da Zhuang. “You secretly ate peanuts and didn’t give me any.”

“You secretly drank milk and didn’t share it with me.”


So the main point to secretly eating and drinking was that they didn’t share?

The two children walked while they bickered. They bickered all the way until they reached the entrance of South Bay Village. Xu Zhao bent down and sat on a rock under a tree and placed Siwa to the side before telling Xu Fan and Da Zhuang a story. The main point of the story was about unity and mutual help, as well as the love of life and the love of learning.

After finishing the story, just as they were about to leave, Siwa suddenly ran to Xu Fan’s side. He raised his little arms and with a “slap” hit Da Zhuang on the arm. After the slap, he quickly hid behind Xu Fan as he snuck glances at Da Zhuang.

Da Zhuang was puzzled.

Xu Zhao was also shocked.

Xu Fan also looked at Siwa in surprise.

Siwa once again hit Da Zhuang before running behind Xu Fan to hide.

W-was this revenge? Did Siwa remember how Da Zhuang had “sold out” Xu Fan, so he was exacting revenge for his big brother?

Xu Zhao didn’t know if he should cry or laugh as he looked at Siwa. He turned to Da Zhuang and apologized, then started to educate Siwa. Siwa, who was reprimanded, lay in Xu Fan’s arms. There was a sense of aggrievedness in his black eyes. At this moment, a loud sound of a bike’s bell sounded out. Xu Zhao and the others looked over and saw Cui Dingchen.

“Big daddy!”


Cui Dingchen got down from the bicycle. He first glanced at Xu Zhao with gentle eyes before turning to his two sons. He handed the bike to Xu Zhao. He first placed Da Zhuang on the bicycle, then with each hand held Xu Fan and Siwa. He gave them both a kiss before walking with Xu Zhao back to South Bay Village.

“What are you doing here?” Cui Dingchen asked.

Xu Zhao replied, “We picked up Xu Fan from school.”

“Why did you go all the way to the school?”

“Siwa wanted to go, then I saw Xu Fan being punished to stand by the teacher. They said it was because he nagged at a kid until they cried. He was also bickering with Da Zhuang just now until both their faces were flushed, so I was thinking of a way to educate them there.”

Cui Dingchen laughed. “Educate him? Let the children solve their own problems. They have their own way of doing things. Adults should meddle too much.”

“Did I meddle too much?” Xu Zhao asked.

“You did.”

“I think I was just guiding them.”

“Guiding them is also interfering.”

Education really is a big problem. Xu Zhao thought about it for a bit. In this era, children developed freely. He actually didn’t have to worry. Like the teacher in charge had said, they should let Xu Fan grow freely. He just had to guide him just a little bit. Otherwise, interfering too much wasn’t good either.

As he was thinking this, Xu Zhao frowned.

Seeing this, Cui Dingchen wanted to wrap an arm around him, but he was holding his two sons in his arms. He took advantage of when the kids weren’t paying attention and placed a kiss on Xu Zhao’s face. The corners of his mouth lifted up in a smile when he heard Xu Fan shout, “Big daddy, why did you secretly kiss my daddy again?”

In the past, it was “why did you kiss my daddy”, and now it was, “why did you secretly kiss my daddy”. It could be seen that this wasn’t Cui Dingchen’s first time secretly kissing Xu Zhao in front of Xu Fan. It just so happened that Xu Fan’s words floated into a passerby’s ears.

This passerby was actually a villager from Sanwa. They laughed and asked, “Sanwa, did your big daddy secretly kiss your daddy again?”

Xu Fan seriously said, “Mn, my big daddy is secretly kissing my daddy everyday.”

“Does it happen everyday?”


The passerby laughed out loud.

Xu Zhao’s face reddened.

Cui Dingchen wasn’t any better. This child, Sanwa, was always throwing his father in a pit every few days. If he (XF) didn’t throw him (CDC) into the pit of fire, he (XF) wouldn’t feel good. Cui Dingchen immediately put Xu Fan down and said, “I’m not holding you anymore. Walk home yourself.”

“If you want me to walk home, then I’ll walk home.” After Xu Fan nonchalantly said that, he also pulled Siwa with him and said, “Siwa, come down. Big brother will hold your hand home.”

Siwa instantly replied. After he came down, he held Xu Fan’s small, meaty hand and wobbled as he leisurely walked home with Xu Fan, leaving Cui Dingchen in  his original place. Cui Dingchen secretly gritted his teeth. This Xu Sanwa was simply too much.

Xu Zhao was unable to restrain his laughter.

After Cui Dingchen chased his two sons home, he sat with a leg crossed over the other on his office chair and said, “Xu Sanwa.”

Xu Fan, who was eating cookies, lifted his head and asked, “What?”

“You should stay home with your little brother tomorrow.”


“Because your daddy and I are going to West Prefecture City to renovate the house.”

“Why are you renovating the house?” Xu Fan tiled his head and asked.

“To live in. In any case, aren’t you and Siwa very close now? It just so happens that you also don’t have class tomorrow, so watch your brother tomorrow.” As he said this, Cui Dingchen’s tone was filled with jealousy.

However, Xu Fan didn’t hear it. He simply said, “Okay.”

He said it so simply that the corners of Cui Dingchen’s mouth twitched. He slapped his thigh and said, “Then it’s decided. Make sure to bring Siwa to your bed tomorrow morning.”

After Cui Dingchen finished speaking, he went upstairs with a huff.

The next morning when Xu Fan woke, he really didn’t see his daddies. He even called out to them a few times but nobody replied. He ran into the courtyard and asked, “Grandma, where’s my daddy?”

“He went to the West Prefecture.”

“Why didn’t he take me with him?”

“Didn’t they tell you yesterday to stay home and watch Siwa?”

Xu Fan’s face was full of confusion. He flattened his little lips like he was about to cry. Mother Xu quickly went to comfort him. Only after giving him a meatbun to eat did he stop from crying.

“Alright, go play.”

“I’ll go find Da Zhuang to play.”


When Xu Fan went to Da Zhuang’s house, Da Zhuang wasn’t awake yet. He returned home and realized nobody was home, so he rode his kid’s car inside the courtyard, huffing and puffing as he played. As he was playing, he heard a cry come from the west wing room.

Little brother!

He immediately threw away the little car and ran to the west wing room and saw Siwa, who was wearing a red dudou, as he cried on top of the bed.


Siwa instantly stopped crying.

Xu Fan reached out his small, meaty hand and wiped away Siwa’s tears. “You’re awake?”

Siwa stretched out his little arm for Xu Fan to hold.

Xu Fan immediately hugged Siwa. He wanted to carry Siwa off the bed, but he was too small. Siwa was too heavy, and he wasn’t able to pick him up. In the end, he left Siwa on the bed and said, “Aiya, you’re too heavy. Big brother can’t lift you. You come down yourself.”

Siwa turned his small body and pointed his meaty butt to Xu Fan. Xu Fan poked Siwa’s butt and said, “Wait, wait. You need to take off the dudou first. You can only get down after putting on your clothes.”

Siwa sat on the bed again and blankly looked at Xu Fan.

Xu Fan saw the small clothes at the edge of the bed. He picked it up and said, “Look, these are your clothes. Come, big brother will help you put them on, okay?”

Siwa opened his mouth and said, “Okay.”

And so Xu Fan grabbed the small shorts and helped Siwa put them on. He had only learned how to wear his clothes not too long ago, how would he be able to help Siwa put on his clothes? He struggled as he brought the small shorts toward Siwa’s legs to put them on. He struggled as he said, “Little brother, stretch your leg. Why aren’t you stretching out your leg? Not this leg, that leg. Aiya, what are you doing…Stand up…Don’t stand up. You’re taller than me when you stand up…Stretch out your arms…”

Xu Fan’s tender voice sounded out in the entire west wing room. Even Xu Zhao and Cui Dingchen, who had forgotten the key and returned to retrieve it, could hear him. When the two adults headed toward the courtyard, they saw a chubby baby huffing as he carried a small, chubby baby from the main hall. The small, chubby baby was wearing a red dudou with a short sleeve shirt on one arm and a small pair of shorts hanging off of one leg.

What in the world was happening?

Xu Zhao and Cui Dingchen stared in shock. They heard Xu Fan say with effort, “Daddy, hurry and help me. Hurry up and help me. I’m about to fall. I’m about to fall down with my little brother!”

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