RERC Chapter 128 Take it Slow

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Fan and Cui Dingchen’s relationship?

What kind of relationship could Xu Fan and Cui Dingchen have? Dismissing Xu Zhao’s words, they could see that Xu Fan and Cui Dingchen didn’t have any relationship, so why would Xu Zhao be so serious when talking about this matter with them?

Mother and Father Xu looked at Xu Zhao in confusion.

Xu Zhao lowered his head and was silent.

Mother Xu gently called, “Xu Zhao.”

Xu Zhao raised his gaze to Mother Xu.

Mother Xu smiled and asked, “Why aren’t you saying anything. Didn’t you say you were going to tell us the relationship between Xu Fan and Cui Dingchen?”

Xu Zhao was silent as he looked at Father Xu, then Mother Xu. He finally slowly opened his mouth to say, “Mom, Dad. You should still remember the incident that happened five years ago, right? At that time, I had returned from school for not long before finding out that I had Xu Fan. I never told you guys who Xu Fan’s other father was. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to tell you guys, but it was because I really didn’t know who it was at that time.”

This incident happened five years ago, yet Xu Zhao was bringing it up now. The two elders’ emotions wavered. Mother Xu could only curiously ask, “And now you know who it was?”

Xu Zhao nodded. “Mn.”

“Who is it?”

“Cui Dingchen.”

“Who?” The two elders asked at the same time, thinking that they had heard wrong.

Xu Zhao clearly stated again, “It’s Cui Dingchen. Cui Dingchen is Xu Fan’s biological father.”

Cui Dingchen!

Cui Dingchen is Xu Fan’s biological father!

Father Xu was shocked.

Mother Xu was even more shocked.

Although they didn’t care about the incident from five years ago already, to them, it didn’t matter who Sanwa’s other father was. Sanwa would always be their grandson. Their biological grandson. They would always spoil and love him.


However, Sanwa’s father being Cui Dingchen, it was a bit hard for them to accept immediately. Especially since Shen Jiayang had just so affectionately called out “Dingchen”. It was clear that those two had history. The two elders had planned on speaking to Xu Zhao about this matter, but they were still thinking about it. They didn’t think things would end up like this. Their expressions looked like they were unable to accept the situation.

Father Xu asked, “Xu Zhao, are you sure? Are you sure our Baobao is Cui Dingchen’s son?”

Xu Zhao nodded. “I’m sure.”

“How can you be certain?”

“Through Shen Jiayang.”

“Shen Jiayang?” Father Xu had an impression of Shen Jiayang. It was the delicate and pretty man they saw in the county town just now. At first glance, he looked a bit like Xu Zhao.

Xu Zhao nodded again. “Mn, I’ll slowly tell you guys the story.”

Up next, Xu Zhao slowly and concisely retold the matter from five years ago to the two elders. He emphasized that he and Cui Dingchen were drunk, and he had run away first. He then especially told them how Shen Jiayang tried to trick them.

In the end, Xu Zhao confessed everything to the two elders. Cui Dingchen had already taken back the house, job, and money, and other things that didn’t belong to him. Regarding the matter of being lied to, it had already been five years. The matter was too subjective, and it would be hard to settle in court. Cui Dingchen had already sat inside the police station before when he’d just started his transport business, so he couldn’t do anything illegal. Therefore, he could only teach him a lesson and couldn’t let him suffer a greater punishment.

The two elders looked at Xu Zhao with astonishment.

“That’s about everything that happened.” Once Xu Zhao finished the story, he then said, “The reason Shen Jiayang called Cui Dingchen like that earlier was for you two to hear. He acted like that for you two to make you two not like Cui Dingchen.”

Father Xu lowered his head in silence.

Mother Xu also didn’t know what to say.

The two elders still were unable to accept this matter at this moment. Xu Zhao didn’t force them either. He accompanied the two elders to sit in the office and answered their questions. He told them to take their time digesting this information. He then stood to go find Cui Dingchen and Xu Fan.

He went to Da Zhuang’s house, then went to the small shop, and finally to vegetable greenhouse no. 1, where he saw Cui Dingchen and Xu Fan in front of it. One big and one small person sat on a large stone in front of the vegetable greenhouse. Snacks covered the entire surface of the large stone.

That was right. It was covered in snacks.

There were pickled plum powder, Tang Seng Meat, pancakes, figs, peanut soft candy, melon seeds and others. Although the snacks of this era didn’t have as many additives, flavorings, and other things, this was still too much. They bought too much. Xu Zhao’s gaze turned to Cui Dingchen.

Cui Dingchen whole-heartedly peeled a melon seed for Xu Fan. He didn’t notice Xu Zhao in the slightest as he continued to peel the seed and place it on the pouch on top of the large stone before peeling another one, then another.

The small bag contained a small pile of melon seed kernels. Xu Fan’s small, plump hand to grab out a handful from the small back He quickly used his short, meaty thumb and pointer finger to skillfully pinch one. Each one he pinched was swiftly brought to his mouth as he munched on it.

Cui Dingchen’s gaze was gentle as he asked, “Is it good?”

Xu Fan nodded as he muttered, “It’s good.”

Seeing Xu Fan almost finished eating the seeds in his mouth, Cui Dingchen said, “Then call me Big Daddy for me.”

Xu Fan’s watery eyes looked at Cui Dingchen as he said, “You’re not my daddy.”

Cui Dingchen very calmly said, “Right, I’m not your daddy. I’m your big daddy.”

But Xu Fan didn’t fall for the trap and directly said, “You’re not my big daddy either.”

“…” Cui Dingchen coaxed, “I’m your big daddy. If you don’t believe me, you can ask your daddy later. He’ll definitely tell you this as well. You call me big daddy first, I’ll buy you more melon seeds.”

Xu Fan persisted, “No.”

“…” Cui Dingchen gently said, “If you don’t call me, I won’t buy.”

“I’m not asking you to buy. I’ll by myself.” After Xu Fan finished speaking, he grabbed a pack of pickled plum powder and stuffed it in his pocket.

Cui Dingchen saw this, but pretended that he didn’t. He forced out a smile and asked, “Do you have money?”

Xu Fan’s plump little face was dazed. “I-I-I don’t. My daddy does. My daddy has a-a lot, a lot of cents. I-it can be used to buy a lot of Tang Seng Meat and buy a lot of melon seeds. I won’t let you eat. Won’t let you eat.”

Won’t let you eat—

Cui Dingchen was immediately silent.

Xu Zhao couldn’t help but laugh. This sound instantly attracted Cui Dingchen and Xu Fan’s attention. The big and little one turned their heads at the same time.


Xu Zhao walked up and squatted in front of the large stone and wrapped his arms around Xu Fan.

Cui Dingchen quickly squeezed closer and anxiously said, “How did it go?”

Xu Zhao replied, “I told them.”

Cui Dingchen asked, “And what did they say?”

“Hmm…They’re still digesting the information.”

Hearing this, Cui Dingchen muttered to himself then looked at Xu Zhao and asked, “Then should I go and talk with them as well?”

Xu Zhao asked, “Talk about what?”

Cui Dingchen said, “To talk about my sincerity.”

“Right now?”

“It must be right now.”

Cui Dingchen suddenly stood.

Xu Zhao stood as well.

Cui Dingchen took two deep breaths, then fixed his clothes. He looked at Xu Zhao and asked, “Do I look okay?”


“Then I’m going.”

After Cui Dingchen finished speaking, he walked toward the Xu residence.

Xu Zhao thought it over and gathered all the snacks on the large rock and gathered Xu Fan, who was currently munching on food, up as well and followed back home. When he arrived at the door of the office, Cui Dingchen was already inside chatting with Mother and Father Xu. In fact, it was Cui Dingchen talking and Mother and Father Xu listening.

Cui Dingchen expressed his idea to make up and take care of Xu Zhao and Xu Fan for the rest of his life. Hearing this, Xu Zhao was moved. Mother and Father Xu had difficult expressions.

Xu Zhao roughly understood this kind of parental care for their child. They were worried their child would be treated unfairly and worried about their child. Cui Dingchen understood as well, so neither of them asked Mother and Father Xu to immediately agree or give their opinions.

Of course, Mother and Father Xu didn’t make any negative comments either. For the time being, they were still confused about their past, current, and future relationship. They wouldn’t say anything for now. After a long period of silence, Mother Xu took the initiative to break it and asked, “It’s already noon. You guys must be hungry? I’ll go cook.”

Father Xu said, “I’ll go start the fire.”

Cui Dingchen said, “I’ll help.”

Mother Xu quickly said, “No need, no need. Just have your uncle (Father Xu) do it.”

Cui Dingchen didn’t forcibly help either.

Mother and Father Xu went to the kitchen together.

Cui Dingchen turned and saw Xu Zhao, who was standing at the door.

Xu Zhao said, “My mom and dad dote on me a lot.”

Cui Dingchen laughed and said, “I know. And they don’t hate me either.”

Xu Zhao looked puzzled.

Cui Dingchen smiled and said, “Because they didn’t chase me away.”

Xu Zhao laughed.

Mother and Father Xu not only didn’t chase Cui Dingchen away today, they didn’t chase Cui Dingchen away the following days either. They also didn’t treat Cui Dingchen as enthusiastically as before. However, they loved observing Cui Dingchen more frequently these days. They would observe Cui Dingchen, then Xu Fan, then look at Xu Zhao, as if they were investigating.

Cui Dingchen was a little unused to it at first. After a few days of restraining himself, he started to reveal his true self. Although he was busy with work, he would still come to South Bay Village every day. If he didn’t have to go on a business trip, then he wouldn’t go. He wanted to avoid what happened last year where he was on a business trip for a month, and when he came back, his son only remembered that he was the one who “drove the big car”.

Seeing that Mother and Father Xu didn’t raise any objections, Cui Dingchen brought his work to the Xu residence to do so that he could stay by Xu Zhao and Xu Fan’s side. At the same time, he also helped take care of Zhaoyang Agricultural Ecology Limited matters.

After being featured on TV and being popular in the newspaper, Zhaoyang Agricultural Ecology Limited’s business was getting better, and the company was becoming more formal as well. It had also raised South Bay Village’s reputation by a couple grades as well, making the village chief and secretary overjoyed. They had even received orders from above to fully cooperate with Xu Zhao’s greenhouse business and develop agriculture to win glory for South Bay Village, Jiang Ping County, West Prefecture City, and contribute to the country.

Therefore, before Xu Zhao could bring up the topic of cooperating and expanding the business, the village chief and secretary came to find Xu Zhao themselves and expressed that after the wheat had been harvested this time, they would allocate 20 mus of land and sign it to Xu Zhao for him to grow greenhouse vegetables and fruits.

20 mus of land?

Coupled with the original eight mus of land, it would be 28 mus of land all together. Wouldn’t that be too much? The usually steady and certain Xu Zhao thought that this undertaking was a bit too big. If he lost money, what would Mother and Father Xu and Xu Fan do?

Cui Dingchen said, “I’m here.”

Xu Zhao glanced at Cui Dingchen.

Cui Dingchen was afraid that Xu Zhao didn’t understand, so he said, “I have money, a lot of money. Even if your 28 mus go bankrupt, it’s fine. I can raise my wife, my son, and our elders.”

The tips of Xu Zhao’s ears couldn’t help but turn a bit read as he said, “Who said you have to raise me?”

Cui Dingchen said without blushing, “Then are you going to raise me?”

“…” He didn’t have any restraint.

The brave ushered in more braveness. With Cui Dingchen’s words, Xu Zhao gained a lot of courage, but he still calculated his private accounts. Even if the 28 mus bankrupted, his lifestyle wouldn’t return to the way it was when he’d just transmigrated, so he signed an agreement with the village chief and secretary.

After signing the agreement, Xu Zhao wasn’t as busy, so he took Xu Fan to sell vegetables and understand the market. He also went to the hospital to take a look. He went to the hospital in secret, worried that Cui Dingchen, Mother Xu, and the others would worry too much if they knew.

The reason was because he would sometimes still get headaches. His head was buzzing as he waited for the exam results. He was very scared as he hugged Xu Fan and sat in the hallway as they waited. He was scared he got a terminal illness or something, so he sadly stared at Xu Fan.

Xu Fan asked, “Daddy, why are you looking at me?”

Xu Zhao smiled and asked, “Xu Fan, do you love Daddy?”

Xu Fan happily confessed, “I love my daddy the most. Love Daddy the most in the entire world.”

The little boy looked so cute!

Xu Zhao laughed and asked, “Then will you miss Daddy if you don’t see Daddy?”

Xu Fan immediately said, “I’ll miss Daddy. Miss Daddy so much I will cry.”

Xu Zhao stared at Xu Fan as if he couldn’t see enough and said, “Daddy’ll miss you so much that I’ll cry too.”

Xu Fan tilted his head and said in a milky voice, “Because Daddy loves me.” After Xu Zhao realized that Xu Fan lacked a sense of security, he abandoned his face and shyness and often said this one sentence to Xu Fan—Daddy loves you.

“That’s right, my smart Xu Sanwa.” Xu Zhao rubbed Xu Fan’s little small cheek. He brought up Cui Dingchen and said, “Your big daddy also loves you.”

Xu Fan added, “My big daddy is Second Grandpa Cui.”

Xu Zhao curiously asked, “How did you know?”

“Second Grandpa Cui often says it. So annoying.”


So annoying… This was spun out from his own son.

Xu Zhao couldn’t restrain his laugh. At this moment, the exam results came out. He asked the doctor with fear. The doctor in charge said that there weren’t any problems with his body. Maybe because he used his brain too much, so he had a headache.

He really did use his brain too much. Xu Zhao could finally stop worrying. He hugged Xu Fan and happily walked out from the hospital thinking that the entire spring day was so beautiful. He couldn’t help but tease Xu Fan by saying, “Sanwa, you got heavier again. Have you noticed?”

Xu Fan reasonably said, “I didn’t notice.”

“But you really did get heavier.”

“I didn’t. I still thunk I is very handsome1He mispronounced the words.”

What the heck.

Xu Zhao didn’t think too deeply into Xu Fan’s logic and narcissism. He happily hugged Xu Fan and walked toward the vegetable market. As he walked, he chatted with Xu Fan about what they saw and heard on the streets. Walking further, he suddenly felt that something wasn’t right. It felt like someone was following him. When he looked back, no one was there.

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