RERC Chapter 110 Can’t Go

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However, Xu Fan was unaware that by saying “Second Grandpa Cui” and “big car” one after the other, and looking so pleased with himself, he looked so adorable that Cui Dingchen and Xu Zhao didn’t have the heart to scold him and let Xu Fan have his way.

However, when Xu Zhao turned on the TV, he asked Xu Fan to calm down a bit so that the people from the village could watch in peace.However, after Xu Zhao

The villagers were too curious about the TV. When they saw the small images of people moving on the TV, they couldn’t help but chat and discuss them. This wasn’t only the children, but the adults as well.

Knowing that these people lived in poverty and lacked information, Xu Zhao didn’t force the villagers to quiet down. In any case, they had gathered to watch the segment together. It wasn’t like it was something very important.

And so, Xu Zhao, Cui Dingchen, and the villagers watched the TV together. The villagers even watched the commercials with relish all the way until ten minutes later when the image of South Bay Village appeared. The villagers acted as if they’d seen something rare and were boiling with excitement, shiness, and an indescribable feeling. They made comments as they pointed at the image of South Bay Village. There was a sense of novelness and excitement as they were reacquainted with South Bay Village.

“That’s Qiangqiang’s house.”

“My family’s latrine is on TV.”

“Haha, Old Wang is shaving people’s heads over there.”

“I see Sanwa.”

“Look at Sanwa running. Haha. Sanwa looks good even when he’s running.”


While everyone pointed out Xu Fan, Xu Fan looked at the TV in a daze. He was a bit unable to believe that the little fat kid was himself. He was stunned for a while until he saw Xu Zhao appear.

“Daddy! That’s my daddy! My daddy is on TB! So handsome!”

Xu Fan shouted excitedly, causing the group of people to laugh. Even Cui Dingchen, the village chief, and the others laughed. Xu Zhao embarrassedly pulled Xu Fan into his arms and pointed to the chubby little boy on the TV. “Do you see?  You’re also on TV.”

“I’m also on TV?” Xu Fan questioned.

“That’s right. That little man is you.”

“That little man is me.”

“Yes, it’s you,” Xu Zhao softly said.

It was only then that Xu Fan finally believed the little chubby kid on TV was actually him. And so, he used his little meaty hands to rub his little face and whispered, “Daddy, I look so, so good.”

Of course!

Of course he would be narcissistic!

Xu Zhao didn’t plan on replying to Xu Fan’s words. He continued to watch West Prefecture TV intently. He thought that it would be a short interview. IT didn’t matter how long they filmed for, in the end, they would cut it down to two to three minutes. He never expected that they would air the big vegetable greenhouses for a full fifteen minutes. All the villagers who helped out in the greenhouse were on TV, that included Cui Dingchen.

This really was a blessing!

The villagers never thought that they could be on TV one day. How noble. It was all thanks to Xu Zhao’s blessing. When the segment finished, the villagers were still reluctant to part. It wasn’t until Xu Zhao turned off the TV and prompted everyone to return home for lunch that the villagers finally reluctantly went home. And when they got home, all they talked about was the TV segment.

All afternoon, every household in South Bay Village was discussing what had happened on TV. They were saying Xu Zhao put the big greenhouse in front of everyone in the West Prefecture City. Xu Zhao would be famous now!

This was indeed the case. As soon as the news finished broadcasting in the morning, the phone in Xu Zhao’s office rang nonstop in the end, all wanting to buy vegetables.

In the past, in order to gain business, Cui Dingchen and the others had to use ox carts, bicycles, and tractors to send vegetables to the steel factory, restaurants and other places. After answering the phone this time, they didn’t need to deliver vegetables. Instead, people flocked over to buy it.

And so, the next morning, Xu Zhao and Cui Dingchen were harvesting vegetables in the greenhouse with Da Zhuang’s father and the others.At the same time, there were a steady stream of people pushing ox carts or riding bicycles or driving tractors or even driving vans all coming over to buy vegetables. There was no need for Xu Zhao, Cui Dingchen, or the others to deliver the vegetables to the city.

After careful questioning, they learn that they all found out about their vegetables from West Prefecture TV. There weren’t many entertainment channels in this era, so TV, newspapers, and other channels became the focus of everyone’s attention. Therefore, using TV and newspapers were really effective.

Especially during this era, there were very few TV programs, so ads had a high rate of being replayed. There was even a high reposting rate in the newspaper. This was especially so for Xu Zhao’s Zhaoyang Agricultural Ecology Limited. In the short period of a day, he was put in the previews five times and his segment replayed three times. This made Xu Zhao a sensation overnight, driving the sales of the greenhouse vegetables. This made all the employees of Zhaoyang Agricultural Ecology Limited very busy.

However, the busiest of them all was Xu Zhao.

Xu Zhao not only had to welcome the customers, take care of old customers, but also had to deal with scheduling, financing, and arranging the helpers. He wasn’t against making a quick buck, but he wanted to also make the greenhouses profitable for a very long time. Therefore, not only did he take care of the new customers, he also specifically went to West Prefecture City to print two boxes of business cards so that he could give them out when he visited others. He also recorded some customer information in a small notebook.

It could be said that Xu Zhao did a very thorough job. Not only did he raise Zhaoyang Agricultural Ecology Limited’s reputation, he also brought fame to South Bay Village. At the tail end of Xu Zhao’s greenhouse vegetable sales, the village chief of South Bay Village received a pennant from the higher ups that said—Village With the most growth this year in Jiang Ping County: South Bay Village.

The village chief was ecstatic. He had been the village chief for many years, and this was the first time he’d received a pennant, and he even received fifty Yuan as well. This was all thanks for Xu Zhao’s hard work. The village chief excitedly invited Xu Zhao to the village committee to take photos.

“Photos? I’m not used to having my photos taken,” Xu Zhao said.

“Why wouldn’t you be used to it?” the village chief said. “When you were on TV, you looked very photogenic and natural. Don’t lie to me.”

“That was because I was trying to spread the word, so I summoned up the courage to do it.” It truly was because of publicity. That was why he was in a good state and, and the results of the shoot came out good as well.

“This is also to spread the word of our South Bay Village. Alright, enough nonsense. What about Sanwa? Bring Sanwa over, and let’s take a picture together.”

Xu Fan, who was currently playing with marbles in the courtyard, heard the two words “Sanwa”. He immediately lifted his head and asked, “Who’s calling me?”

The village chief turned his head and said, “I called you.”

“Call me for what?”

“Let’s go take a picture.”


Xu Fan answered very bluntly. He picked up the marbles from the ground, grabbed Xu Zhao’s hand and said, “Daddy, l-let’s go take pictures.”

Xu Zhao: “…”

The village chief smiled and said, “Let’s go, let’s go.”

Xu Zhao had no choice. He could only take Xu Fan to the village committee to take pictures. As the village representative, he held the pennant and took a picture with the village chief and secretary, as well as the little Xu Fan.

After taking the picture, Xu Zhao pulled Xu Fan out of the village committee. They happened to bump into Cui Dingchen, who was riding the bicycle.

“Youngest uncle,” Xu Zhao immediately shouted.

Cui Dingchen got off the bike and asked, “What are you doing?”

Xu Zhao replied, “We were taking a photo.”

Cui Dingchen asked curiously, “Taking a photo of what?”

Xu Zhao smiled and replied, “The village chief received the advancement pennant, so he specially invited a photographer to take a picture of us as a memory.”

Cui Dingchen glanced toward the village committee compound and asked, “Where’s the photographer?”

Xu Zhao replied, “They returned to the county town. Why?”

Cui Dingchen was slightly disappointed as he said, “I want to take a family portrait with the three of us.”

Family portrait—

Xu Zhao couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Cui Dingchen deliberatly put on a stern face and asked, “What are you laughing at?”

Xu Zhao smiled and said, “Laughing at how lovely you are.”

Cui Dingchen’s eyes warmed as he looked at Xu Zhao and asked, “Then do you love me?”

Xu Zhao subconsciously looked down to see Xu Fan.

Xu Fan lifted his little face, thinking that Xu Zhao had thrown the “do you love me?” question to himself. He immediately replied, “I-I love Daddy.”

Hearing this, Xu Zhao’s heart softened. He replied with a smile, “Daddy also loves you.”

Cui Dingchen asked, “Then what about me?”

When Xu Zhao heard this, he first glanced at Cui Dingchen before turning to look at Xu Fan.

Xu Fan’s little face turned to Cui Dingchen and replied, “Y-y-you love yourself!”

Cui Dingchen’s expression instantly darkened.

Xu Zhao busted out in laughter.

Cui Dingchen’s expression darkened even more, He reluctantly took out two paper tickets from his pockets and handed them to Xu Zhao. Xu Zhao stretched out his hand and accepted it, asking, “What is it?”

“Movie tickets.”

“Why are you giving me movie tickets?”

“To watch a movie.” Cui Dingchen reached out and rubbed his nose. His tone was normal when he said, “You’ve been really busy these days. We’re at the tail end of the greenhouse vegetable sales now, and you’re also a bit freer. The three of us should go to the movie and take a family portrait while we’re there. Afterwards, we’ll tell our families about us.”

Cui Dingchen said it all in one breath.

Xu Zhao looked at Cui Dingchen with amazement.

Cui Dingchen asked, “What kind of expression is that? Are you not willing?”

Xu Zhao quickly replied, “No, I’m willing.”

“Hm, let’s return to your house.” Cui Dingchen pushed the bicycle and walked forward. He avoided Xu Zhao for a second as he finally released a sigh of relief. Then a satisfied smile bloomed on his face. After a while later, he finally turned back and smiled again. “Come on.”

Xu Zhao quickened his steps to catch up to Cui Dingchen.

Xu Fan padded his short legs from behind and shouted, “Wait for me, wait for me.”

Xu Zhao and Cui Dingchen didn’t wait. They walked side by side and chatted. When they returned to the Xu residence, they became busy again and worked until evening. Father Cui called to say that the Cui family relatives had come to visit and asked Cui Dingchen to return to have a meal and accompany them. And so, Cui Dingchen and Xu Zhao spoke for a bit before he rode his bicycle home.

Xu Fan also went into the village to call Xu Fan for a meal.

Xu Fan, who was playing with his friends, heard Xu Zhao calling him and rushed over. He hugged Xu Zhao’s legs, lifted his head, and said, “Daddy, carry me. Carry me.”

Xu Zhao bent down and picked Xu Fan up.

Xu Fan wrapped his arms around Xu Zhao’s neck and said, “Daddy, I’m hungry. I want to eat eggs.”

“We don’t have eggs tonight.” Xu Zhao held Xu Fan as he walked back home.

“If there’s no gets, I-I-I’ll…” Xu Fan couldn’t think of words to finish the sentence.

Xu Zhao smiled and asked, “You’ll what?”

“I’ll get mad.”

“Yo, angry? So I can’t coax you, huh?”

“Y-you can coax me.”


With eggs.”

What sound logic!

Xu Zhao stretched out his hand to pinch Xu Fan’s little chubby cheeks and walked into the courtyard while praising Xu Fan. He heard the phone in the office ring, so he put Xu Fan down. “Go find Grandma in the kitchen. Daddy is going to take  a work call.”

“Okay.” Xu Fan nodded and ran toward the kitchen.

Xu Zhao entered the hall and picked up the phone, “Hello, this is Zhaoyang Agricultural Ecology Limited. I’m Xu Zhao.”

“Xu Zhao.”

“Yes, that’s me. May I ask who this is?” Xu Zhao didn’t hear anything for a while and didn’t catch a name either.

“I’m Zhou Xiangqian.”

Zhou Xiangqian!

Xu Zhao had almost forgotten about this person. How could he appear now? But because of his good manners, he still politely greeted Zhou Xiangqian, then asked Zhou Xiangqian why he had called.

Zhou Xiangqian laughed and said, “It’s like this. A few classmates returned from out of state recently and we had a fun get together. We suddenly missed the rest of our classmates, so we organized a class reunion just in time for the new year. Everyone wants to get together and they asked me to call you too.”

“But we’re not classmates,” Xu Zhao directly said.

Zhou Xiangqian choked on his words, then said, “The class reunion is for three separate classes. A lot of classmates you had a good relationships with will be there as well.”

Xu Zhao thought for a second then asked, “When is it?”

Zhou Xiangqian replied, “The sixth day of the new year.”

Xu Zhao glanced at the movie ticket in his hand and replied, “On the sixth day of the new year, I’m busy. I can’t go.”

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