RERC Chapter 105 Delectable Sweet Potato

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“Hi, I am Xu Zhao. May I ask who you are?” Xu Zhao responded with a slight smile and asked, the unfamiliar voice sounded from the other end, “I’m Old Wang, from the first branch of West Prefecture City’s Nongjin Vegetable Market.”

Old Wang?

Nongjin Vegetable Market?

West Prefecture City’s Nongjin Vegetable Market?

There were numerous vegetable markets in West Prefecture City and among them, Nongjin Vegetable Market was the largest and most prosperous. Xu Zhao had long wanted to join Nongjin Vegetable Market, but every vegetable market had certain vegetable farmers and wholesales they already worked with. It was hard to take a step in.

He never thought that someone from the vegetable market would call him first.

Xu Zhao was polite and quickly said, “Hello, Boss Wang.”

“Boss Xu, you’re too polite.”

Xu Zhao said with a gentle tone, “Boss Wang, were you looking for me for something?”

“I wanted to order vegetables from you,” Old Wang bluntly said.

Old Wang briefly explained that he found out about Zhaoyang Agricultural Ecology Limited because he knew people from the steel factory. That was why he had called Xu Zhao. His goal was clear—to order vegetables. It was to order vegetables, but it wasn’t for now but for the winter. He was placing an order for Xu Zhao’s winter greenhouse vegetables. He hoped that Xu Zhao’s prices were favorable. It needed to at least be a bit cheaper than buying from overseas.

According to the prices of last year’s winter vegetables, Xu Zhao slightly raised it by two cents and reported it to Old Wang. Old Wang happily agreed and said, “Then when do you have time? If you can visit the city, how about we sign the contract?”

Xu Zhao said earnestly, “I can do it tomorrow or the day after. What about you? When do you have time?”

Old Wang laughed and said, “Let’s do the day after tomorrow then.”

“All right,” Xu Zhao replied.

“Then it’s decided. You must come.” Old Wang was afraid that Xu Zhao wouldn’t go and emphasized again, “I’ll be waiting at the store for you.”

Xu Zhao laughed and said, “Boss Wang, don’t worry. I’ll be there on time.”

“Okay, then it’s decided. I’ll see you the day after tomorrow.”

“See you then.”

After hanging up the phone, Xu Zhao became a bit excited. This year, he had planted more than eight mus of vegetables. It was eight times more than last year. This was his first time handling so much, so he was a bit nervous. He was worried that the small Jiang Ping County market wouldn’t be able to consume it all. These past few days, he had been brainstorming how to expand his sales channels.

He didn’t expect for Old Wang to call him. Although he didn’t know if Old Wang wanted to place a big or small order, Old Wang was undoubtedly his breakthrough to West Prefecture City. His business would slowly spread and become more and more well known.

The more Xu Zhao thought about it, the more excited and happy he became. He turned his head to look at Xu Fan, who was beside him. Xu Fan was sitting on the small stool playing by himself. Xu Zhao smiled and called, “Sanwa.”

Xu Fan tilted his small chubby face toward Xu Zhao and said, “Daddy.”

Xu Zhao smiled and said, “Come here.”

“What’s up?”

“Come here and let Daddy give you a kiss.”


Xu Fan loved it when his Daddy kissed him. He immediately carried his toy and got up from the stool. Without waiting for Xu Zhao to kiss him, Xu Fan took the initiative to get on his tiptoes and send his little face over, causing Xu Zhao to chuckle.

This little guy was too adorable!

Xu Zhao couldn’t help but bring Xu Fan into his arms and showered him with kisses. Xu Fan, who was being kissed, giggled.

Xu Zhao then said, “Sanwa, let’s go to West Prefecture City.”

Xu Fan asked, “Why are we going to West P-Prefecture City?”

“To sign a contract.”

“What contract?” Xu Fan asked again.

Xu Zhao simply replied, “A contract to make money.”

“A contract to make money.”

“That’s right.”

“I’ll also make money.”


Xu Zhao rubbed Xu Fan’s little meaty face, his happiness showing. Not long later, he couldn’t resist calling Cui Dingchen to tell Cui Dingchen about going to Nongjin Vegetable Market the day after tomorrow to sign the contract.

Cui Dingchen said on the other side, “You’re amazing.”

Xu Zhao happily said, “Thanks for the compliment.”

Cui Dingchen asked, “Are you very happy?”

“Mn, I’m very happy.”

Cui Dingchen asked again, “I’m also very happy. Do you know why I’m happy?”

Xu Zhao didn’t understand and asked, “Why?”

“Because you have me in your heart.”

Xu Zhao’s face was burning.

Cui Dingchen continued, “You were willing to tell me about something that made you happy first. I’m happier than you are.”

Xu Zhao didn’t speak, but the corners of his mouth turned upward in an attractive arc. His heart was filled with sweetness all the way until he hung up the phone. He was also filled with happiness. After explaining this matter to Mother and Father Xu and Da Zhuang’s father, he arranged all the current matters on hand. Early in the morning two days later, he began to dress Xu Fan in beautiful clothes and spread fragrance on him.

Mother Xu watched from the side and said, “Xu Zhao, how about you don’t take Sanwa with you?”

Before Xu Zhao could reply, Xu Fan stomped his foot. His soft, milky voice sounded, “Take me!”

Mother Xu insisted, “Don’t take you.”

Xu Fan stomped his foot again and said, “Take me!”

Mother Xu smiled and reached out to poke Xu Fan’s little meaty face. “Little baby, you’re so clingy.”

The “clingy” Xu Fan took the chance to loop his arms around Xu Zhao’s neck.

He held on tightly. Xu Zhao patted his small meaty arm and said, “How can I put on your shoes if you keep clinging to me like this?”

Hearing this, Xu Fan let go of Xu Zhao’s neck and leaned into his arms.

Xu Zhao gave Mother Xu a smile and said, “It’s already been half a year. Xu Fan hasn’t left the county town before1The author must have forgotten that Xu Fan went to the capital before…. I’ll take him to have a look around. That way, he won’t cause you guys trouble at home, and you two can take a good rest.”

Mother Xu finally agreed.

Xu Zhao carried Xu Fan to the bicycle as always. He rode the bicycle, first going to Fan’s Little Shop, then walking to the bus stop with Xu Fan.

Xu Fan had not ridden in a vehicle in more than half a year, so he suddenly became really happy. He talked nonstop in the vehicle and even chatted with an old granny beside them. The old granny had a boy with her who was a little bit older than Xu Fan. The little boy thought Xu Zhao looked very good, so he wanted to hug Xu Zhao.

Regardless if it was the 21st century or this era, Xu Zhao had always cared for everyone. He reached his hand out to the little boy. But before he could reach the little boy, Xu Fan quickly drilled into Xu Zhao’s embrace and said to the boy, “This is my Daddy. My Daddy. N-Not your Daddy.”

Xu Zhao smiled and said, “I’ll just hug him for a second. Just a second.”

Xu Fan’s entire little body held onto Xu Zhao like an octopus as he said, “No one second.”

Xu Zhao tried to talk some reason into Xu Fan, saying that he would hug someone else’s little boy to spread love, etc. Xu Fan finally agreed to let Xu Zhao hug the little boy. When Xu Fan got off the bus with Xu Zhao, he threw this sentence to the little boy, “This is my Daddy. My Daddy.”

Xu Zhao didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. He carried Xu Fan to Nongjin Vegetable Market’s first branch and found that it was actually a large branch. They had even hired a clerk to sell the produce. Xu Zhao told them his name, and Old Wang very enthusiastically came out to chat with Xu Zhao.

They talked for a full hour and a half. The two wrote the contract, both parties signed it, and the deposit was paid before Xu Zhao carried Xu Fan out of Nongjin Vegetable Market.

It was still currently the peak time for Nongjin Vegetable Market. The inside and outside of the market was very lively. There were people who came to buy roasted sweet potatoes, tanghulu, and rice crispy treats. Xu Fan was instantly attracted to it all.

Xu Fan hung against Xu Zhao’s shoulder. His small body turned left and right. He would look at the roasted sweet potatoes, then the tanghulu, then the rice crispy treats. Ah, he wanted to eat it all. To eat it all!

“Daddy! Daddy! I want to eat r-roasted sweet potatoes, tanghulu, and rice crispy treats.” Xu Fan’s watery eyes looked back and forth between the three of them.

Xu Zhao asked, “Which one of the three do you want to eat?”

“All of them.”

“You can’t. You can only pick one.”

Xu Fan looked at the three and said, “B-but Daddy, I-I want to eat all three. I want the tanghulu, sweet potatoes, and rice crispy treats. Daddy, I want to eat it all.”

“…You can only eat one,” Xu Zhao said.

“All three.” Xu Fan still wanted to eat all three.

Xu Zhao insisted, “Only one.”

Xu Fan flatted his lips unhappily.

Xu Zhao lowered his head to look at Xu Fan.

At this moment, a whistle came into his ear. Xu Zhao subconsciously looked toward the side of the road and saw a black compact back. He immediately recognized Cui Dingchen’s car. Cui Dingchen came.

Youngest uncle!

Xu Zhao was overjoyed. He carried Xu Fan to the compact car. At the same time, Cui Dingchen came out of the driver’s seat, handsome and tall as always. The only difference was that he was a bit thinner.

The moment he saw Xu Zhao, he smiled.

Xu Zhao also smiled. “Youngest uncle.”

Cui Dingchen walked over to them in a few steps and wrapped Xu Zhao, who was carrying Xu Fan, into his arms. However, Xu Fan wouldn’t let Cui Dingchen hug him. His small meaty hands still pointed to the roasted sweet potatoes, tanghulu, and rice crispy treats at the market door and said, “Dingchen, I want to eat all three.”

Cui Dingchen said, “I already bought them.”

Xu Fan turned to look at Cui Dingchen.

Cui Dingchen said, “I already bought all three.”

Xu Fan’s watery eyes looked at Cui Dingchen’s hands and didn’t see anything resembling tanghulu or the others and asked, “Where are they?”

“Inside the car.”

Xu Fan immediately said to Xu Zhao, “Daddy, let’s get in the car.”

Xu Zhao glanced at Cui Dingchen.

Cui Dingchen said, “Let’s get on.”

Xu Zhao carried Xu Fan to sit in the car.

Cui Dingchen originally wanted to hold Xu Fan so that he could give Xu Zhao a big hug, but Xu Fan didn’t cooperate. Therefore, he could only wait for Xu Zhao and Xu Fan to get in the car and quickly buy the sweet potatoes, tanghulu, and rice crispy treats, then get into the driver’s seat. He turned around and handed Xu Fan a small roasted sweet potato. He put the tanghulu and rice crispy treats on the center console and said, “Once you finish one, you can eat the other two.”

He bought all three. Xu Fan immediately nodded. He took the roasted sweet potato, and gave Xu Zhao a bite before he ate.

Xu Zhao said, “Give your Second Grandpa Cui a bite too.”

Xu Fan firmly refused, “No.”

“He’s the one who bought it for you. You won’t give him a bite?”


Xu Fan hid his face and continued eating.

Xu Zhao raised his eyes to glance at Cui Dingchen.

Cui Dingchen turned around and softly called out, “Xu Zhao.”

Xu Zhao asked, “What is it?”

“Come here,” Cui Dingchen called.

Hearing this, Xu Zhao leaned toward Cui Dingchen. He completely didn’t notice the increasing affection in Cui Dingchen’s eyes as he leaned closer and closer to Cui Dingchen.

Cui Dingchen suddenly reached out and wrapped his hand to the back of Xu Zhao’s head. He leaned over and kissed Xu Zhao hard. Xu Zhao was shocked and wanted to break free. He was afraid of startling Xu Fan.

However, Xu Fan was fascinated with the roasted sweet potato at this moment and didn’t notice anything. He was hiding his face as he munched and ate the sweet potato. His little lips and little hands were stained with a layer of caramel. It was so sweet and so delicious!

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