RERC Chapter 122 Promise

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Hearing this, Xu Zhao was slightly shocked.

Cui Dingchen immediately regretted it. He regretted being so rude and childish. He shouldn’t have brought up this problem before everything was settled and forced this difficult problem onto Xu Zhao. He was wrong. He shouldn’t have brought chaos to Xu Zhao’s heart and shouldn’t have used his emotions to try and force Xu Zhao to give him a promise.

This was the opposite of taking responsibility.

However, he had already spoken. He couldn’t take his words back.

Xu Zhao heard these words and asked with a bit of shock, “Why are you suddenly asking ‘if’ questions?”

Cui Dingchen couldn’t answer.

Xu Zhao quickly continued to ask, “Is it because of Shen Jiayang?”

Cui Dingchen didn’t want to lie to Xu Zhao and honestly nodded. “Mn.”

Xu Zhao’s expression was full of curiosity as he asked, “Are you two still in contact?”

Afraid that Xu Zhao would overthink, Cui Dingchen quickly explained, “No, it’s about the matter in the past. I haven’t settled on it yet. There’s no feelings between us.”

It was good that there were no feelings between them. As for what it was about, it could be a personal issue regarding money between them, but Xu Zhao didn’t ask for now. Instead, he focused on what Cui Dingchen said before and asked, “Then what does it have to do with me forgiving you or not?”

Cui Dingchen still confessed to Xu Zhao. “It’s because I feel like I didn’t do well. I’m afraid that you’ll start ignoring me, so I asked a very childish question.”

“And so, you’re deciding not to tell me the entire matter for now?”

Xu Zhao was very smart. Cui Dingchen looked at Xu Zhao and said, “Once I settle everything in two days, I’ll come back and tell you, okay?”

Xu Zhao didn’t speak but fell silent as he thought.

Cui Dingchen added another sentence, “Beside you, I don’t have emotional entanglement with anyone else.”

Xu Zhao nodded. “Okay, I’ll wait for you.”

Cui Dingchen finally breathed out a sigh of relief and said, “Then I’m heading out.”

Xu Zhao said, “Be careful on the road.”



“Give me a hug before I go.”


There was always a possibility of someone dropping by in the town, so afraid that someone would see, Xu Zhao gave Cui Dingchen a quick hug. Cui Dingchen finally left.

After Cui Dingchen left, Xu Zhao stood in place in a daze. He pondered about Cui Dingchen and Shen Jiayang’s matter. He believed in Cui Dingchen. Probably because of bumping into each other in Liberation last time, Shen Jiayang was causing a fuss again. He couldn’t help but want to involve himself. After thinking about it, he concluded that this was Cui Dingchen and Shen Jiayang’s personal matter. He would wait a bit longer for Cui Dingchen to settle everything in order to not inconvenience him.

Fortunately, he was busy, so he didn’t have time to bother with Shen Jiayang. He turned around and entered the courtyard. He saw Mother and Father Xu tidying up the small table inside the main hall. There was some sound coming from the kitchen. What was going on?

Did a cat enter the house?

Xu Zhao strode to the kitchen. As soon as he entered, he saw the chubby Xu Fan sprawled against the cutting board. He was on his small tip-toes and was stretching out his small meaty hands, grunting as he tried to reach the bamboo basket that was on the cutting board.

“Xu Fan,” Xu Zhao called.

Xu Fan was still trying to reach it. His water eyes stared directly at the bamboo basket. It was as if he couldn’t hear anything from the outside world.

“Xu Fan,” Xu Zhao called again. “What are you doing?”

Xu Fan finally heard him. He sprawled against the cutting board and replied, “I-I’m trying to get the beef buns.”

“Didn’t you eat already?”

“I-I didn’t eat my fill. My belly isn’t full.”

With a “heyo”, Xu Fan’s small, meaty hands finally reached the bamboo basket. His face was full of satisfaction as he reached inside to grab a beef bun. He smiled as he tried to compromise with Xu Zhao, “Daddy, I’ll just eat one more beef bun. Just one more.”

Xu Zhao seriously said, “Half a bun.”

Xu Fan immediately refused, “Half isn’t enough. Beef buns are very small.”

“Half a bun is enough.”

“Not enough.”

Xu Zhao looked at Xu Fan, thought for a second, then said, “You can eat, but if you get a stomach ache, you’ll have to take medicine. Do you want to take medicine?”

“…” Medicine tasted so bad. Xu Fan knew that, so he immediately admitted defeat.

Xu Zhao split the bun in half and gave it to Xu Fan, then went to eat breakfast with Mother and Father Xu. Just as they finished breakfast, Xu Zhao had just entered his office when Da Zhuang’s father, Zhang Xiaohu, and the others came to report for work. Xu Zhao officially started busying himself with work for the new year.

The first step was having a meeting. This was the first time being a boss for Xu Zhao, but he seriously explained the situation with Zhaoyang Agricultural Ecology Limited, issued out the contents of the job, then started doing his own work.

He harvested garlic heads, Chinese cabbage, and other vegetables, while also plowing, fertilizing, and started planting spring vegetables.

Of course, Xu Zhao didn’t need to do these tasks himself. However, Xu Zhao wasn’t at leisure either. Beside supervising, he also needed to discuss with new customers, sign contracts, etc. He was working early and sleeping late everyday.

Even if this was the case, Xu Zhao wasn’t tired. Instead, he thought the future prospect was very good. He planned everything in much detail and took good care of Xu Fan. He took care of him so well, making others like it as well. It seemed that Cui Dingchen also liked Xu Fan a lot. Cui Dingchen was very busy these past few days and hadn’t returned to South Bay Village. But he still called him everyday, and every time, he would ask to speak with Xu Fan for a bit.

It was the same for today as well.

Xu Zhao could only place the receiver on the table and head into the main hall to call Xu Fan. Xu Fan was sitting in the middle of the main hall. His little head was raised to look at the TV. The TV belonged to Cui Dingchen. Because of West Prefecture TV’s interview with Xu Zhao last time, Cui Dingchen brought the TV over and he never took it back with him. Xu Fan loved to watch it, but he could only watch it for about half an hour every day or every two or three days.

“Xu Fan,” Xu Zhao stood at the door of the west wing and called.

Xu Fan didn’t answer.

Xu Zhao called again, “Xu Fan.”

Xu Fan still raised his small, plump face to watch the TV. His entire focus was on the TV, and he didn’t hear Xu Zhao’s call at all.

“Sanwa!” Xu Zhao shouted.

Xu Fan turned his head over. “Daddy, what is it?”

Xu Zhao said, “Come answer the phone. Someone is looking for you.”

“Who’s looking for me?” Xu Fan learned from the adults and asked. His voice was filled with a milky flavor.

Xu Zhao replied, “Your Second Grandpa Cui is looking for you.”

Xu Fan said, “I-I don’t want to talk on the phone with Second Grandpa Cui.”

Xu Zhao curiously asked, “Why not?”

Xu Fan was completely serious as he said, “B-Because I’m busy. I don’t have tyme1Not a typo. XF was so flustered his words were jumbled 😂 to t-talk on the phone.”


He was so young and already so busy, making others unable to handle it. Xu Zhao spoke a few more words to try and persuade him, but Xu Fan was intent on watching TV. He didn’t want to talk on the phone, and he especially didn’t want to talk on the phone with Second Grandpa Cui. And so, Xu Zhao could only tell Cui Dingchen the truth. “He doesn’t want to talk on the phone with you.”

Cui Dingchen asked, “Why not?”

Xu Zhao was very embarrassed as he said, “Because he’s watching TV. He said he’s very busy and doesn’t have time to talk on the phone.”

Cui Dingchen couldn’t suppress his laugh. The sound carried a hint of joy as he said, “My son is so outstanding!”

This was considered outstanding? How was this outstanding?

Xu Zhao didn’t think so at all.

Cui Dingchen laughed and said, “Then tell him to enjoy watching TV. In any case, I’ll come see you guys in a few days.”

Xu Zhao was curious and asked, “You’re coming over in a few days? Did you settle everything?”

Cui Dingchen replied, “It’s settled.”

“Are things with Shen Jiayang settled as well?”

“Mn. I’ll tell you everything once I’m there.”


Xu Zhao let out a breath of relief. He spoke a few more sentences with Cui Dingchen, then hung up the phone. When he walked into the main hall, the TV inside the main hall was already turned off. Xu Fan was lying against Father Xu’s legs, cracking open melon seeds for him to eat. He threw a melon seed into his mouth and opened it with a “crack”, then took out the melon seed. His small, meaty hand peeled the shell of the melon seed, then without any qualms, moistened the melon seed kernel with his spit before feeding it to Father Xu.

Father Xu didn’t mind and ate the seed Xu Fan peeled.

Xu Fan asked in a milky voice, “Grandpa, is it good?”

Father Xu chuckled and said, “It’s good.”

“I-I’ll peel another one for you. A big one.”

“Okay. Baobao, you peel it.”

Seeing this scene, Xu Zhao’s heart warmed. He thought that God really treated him very well. The affection that he wasn’t able to obtain even after working hard in his last life now surrounded him in this life. It was great. He was even more enthusiastic about life. After shooting Xu Fan and Father Xu a smile, he walked toward the long narrow table, and poured water for Father Xu to take his medicine. He reminded Father Xu to take his medicine on time, before returning to his work.

The next day, seven greenhouses full of vegetables and one greenhouse of fruit were finished being planted and fertilized. Xu Zhao planned to go take a look after breakfast. When he took a step, Xu Fan asked, “Daddy, where are you going?”

Xu Zhao smiled and replied, “I’m going to see the vegetables.”

Xu Fan immediately added, “I also want to see the vegetables.”

“Let’s go.”

Xu Fan immediately ran to Xu Zhao. His small, meaty hand grabbed onto Xu Zhao’s hand. The father and son went in order from the fruit greenhouse no. 1 to the vegetable greenhouse no. 2, vegetable greenhouse no.3…all the way to the vegetable greenhouse no. 8.

The entire time, Xu Zhao walked in the front while Xu Fan ran after him from behind, not getting exhausted in the slightest. In fact, his small, meaty face was already flushed red.

Xu Zhao didn’t continue walking, but sat on the edge of the field.

Seeing Xu Zhao sit, Xu Fan also sat on the edge of the field.

It was already spring. Besides the number of greenhouses on the field, the rest of the field was covered in an endless field of wheat. When the wind blew, the wheat waved. The air was also filled with a faint sweet scent.

It made them feel carefree and relaxed.

Xu Zhao turned to face Xu Fan. He inexplicably thought of two years ago. Xu Fan was skinny, small, and very tan back then. Seeing him made his heart hurt. Now, he was pale and plump, looking very adorable. Xu Zhao was very moved.

“Xu Fan,” Xu Zhao gently called.

Xu Fan raised his head to look at Xu Zhao, “Daddy, what is it?”

“You look more handsome the more you grow.” Xu Zhao had only spoken the truth.

“Mn!” Xu Fan repeatedly nodded without a single shred of doubt.” Daddy, what you said is right!”

He was so cute. Xu Zhao suddenly laughed out loud.

Xu Fan was confused and asked, “Daddy, what are you laughing at?”

“Laughing at how cute you are,” Xu Zhao said.

“T-t-then I’ll laugh too.”

Xu Zhao couldn’t hold it in again. He held his belly as he laughed.

Xu Fan had a face full of loss since he couldn’t find what was so funny. He looked toward the east and west before tugging at Xu Zhao and saying, “Daddy, don’t laugh. Daddy, don’t laugh.”

Xu Zhao hugged Xu Fan and kissed him, saying, “Okay, I won’t laugh.”

Xu Fan was very happy and giggled. Hearing the sound of a car, he turned his head around to take a look and saw a black compact car driving toward them. He immediately stretched out his hand to point and said, “Daddy, look. Second Grandpa Cui is here!”

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