RERC Chapter 125 Son

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Shen Jiayang?

Why did Shen Jiayang call?

Recalling how Shen Jiayang was two-faced and acted shamefully, Xu Zhao was full of disgust, but was also on alert. However, he maintained his calm as he calmly said, “Oh, it’s you. Did you need something?”

“There is something.” Shen Jiayang’s voice was very gentle, sounding like someone who could never hurt a fly.

Xu Zhao asked, “What is it?”

Shen Jiayang was a bit bashful for a few seconds, then said, “Uh, well, is Dingchen with you?”



He was still calling his name so intimately after everything! This really was Shen Jiayang.

Xu Zhao wasn’t affected and directly replied, “He’s not. Is something the matter?”

Shen Jiayang sounded very indifferent as he said, “It’s nothing big. Dingchen left a very expensive piece of clothing here. I’m afraid he’ll catch a cold, so I’m anxiously looking for him. I thought he would be at your place, but since he’s not, what should I do?”

What was he trying to do? He was still trying to bluff in front of him? They weren’t students anymore, yet he was still so childish. Xu Zhao directly said, “That’s very easy to handle.”

Shen Jiayang was curious. “Hmm? What should I do?”

Xu Zhao resolutely said, “Just throw it away!

Shen Jiayang was instantly stunned and silent. Xu Zhao’s words and tone didn’t sound angry or jealous. This was not what he’d expected.

Xu Zhao continued to ask, “Did you need anything else?”

Shen Jiayang didn’t speak.

Xu Zhao didn’t want to speak with Shen Jiayang at all, so he slightly impatiently said, “If there’s nothing else, I’m hanging up.”

“Wait!” Shen Jiayang finally spoke.

Xu Zhao frowned and asked, “What is it?”

Shen Jiayang lowered his voice and asked, “Xu Zhao, do you love Cui Dingchen?”

Xu Zhao asked back, “Does it have anything to do with you?”

Shen Jiayang firmly said, “It does. I love Cui Dingchen.”

Hehe, Shen Jiayang loves Cui Dingchen? It must be love since Cui Dingchen had money, power, plus he was tall and had extraordinary looks. Who wouldn’t love him? However Shen Jiayang wasn’t qualified to love him.

Xu Zhao let out a silent chuckle then asked, “So?”

“So, so… The one you love is Qi Shuai, not Dingchen. So I hope that you will take a step back so that no one gets hurt.”

Take a step back?

Xu Zhao chuckled out loud this time. “Shen Jiayang, did you know?”

Shen Jiayang asked, “Know what?”

Xu Zhao talked word by word. “You’re the most shameless person I’ve met. There’s no one as shameless as you.”

“Xu Zhao, you…”

Xu Zhao’s voice lowered as he asked, “I, what? Do you think my words are ugly? But they’re nowhere as ugly as the deeds you’ve committed. I really can’t understand how you, who used dirty means to take what should have belonged to me in these past five years, have no sense of remorse and are even shameless enough to ask me to take a step back. Shen Jiayang, you’ve renewed my definition of shameless.”

“Xu Zhao!” Shen Jiayang roared.

Xu Zhao slowly said, “What? Anxious now? Do you think that I’m the same Xu Zhao who you bullied easily? Shen Jiayang, let me give you a piece of advice. Don’t do evil deeds or else if you fall into my hands, I’ll make you regret ever knowing me!”

Shen Jiayang’s hand trembled.

Xu Zhao didn’t continue talking nonsense with Shen Jiayang and hung up the phone. He sat in front of his desk and calmed himself. He wouldn’t take out his anger on Cui Dingchen because of Shen Jiayang. It was quite the opposite. His heart hurt for Cui Dingchen.

Cui Dingchen was only being responsible for himself and his people, and in the end, he had enough bad luck for eight generations and met a scum person with evil intentions like Shen Jiayang. Behind his back, this person even tried in futility to ruin his relationship.

Fortunately, Xu Zhao wasn’t the original Xu Zhao and understood people like Shen Jiayang and wouldn’t fall for his trap. He knew that Shen Jiayang wasn’t someone who would give up easily. He was very excited to see how Shen Jiayang would court death next. It would be best if he self-destructed completely.

Of course, before that, he couldn’t let himself, Xu Fan, and those around him get hurt. Xu Zhao thought of the countless possibilities he (SHY) could “court death”, but his thoughts slowly stopped wandering to Shen Jiayang and focused on Cui Dingchen again. His gaze involuntarily fell on the phone.

As he was looking at it, the phone suddenly rang.

Xu Zhao was startled, but reached out to answer it. He habitually said, “Hello, this is Zhaoyang Agricultural Ecology Limited. May I ask who this is?”

“Xu Zhao, it’s me, Cui Dingchen.” A deep, man’s voice came from the other side.

Youngest uncle!

Xu Zhao was stunned and greeted, “Youngest uncle.”

Cui Dingchen hummed in response. He was still hesitant to talk. He was going to wait for Xu Zhao to call him, but since parted yesterday, it had already been 24 hours, 48 minutes, and 32 seconds. It wasn’t a very long time, but each second felt like years. He didn’t sleep very well, and it felt like his heart was being pointed by the edge of a sword, stretched tight. If he wasn’t careful, he’d draw blood.

At the same time, he couldn’t stop missing Xu Zhao and Xu Fan. He wanted to hear Xu Zhao’s voice, so he sat in front of the phone. He didn’t want to pressure Xu Zhao. He just wanted to hear Xu Zhao’s voice, and then he’d hang up. He was finally unable to restrain himself and dialed Xu Zhao’s phone. After it rang a few times, he immediately regretted it, thinking he made the wrong move. He wanted to quickly hang up the phone, but didn’t expect Xu Zhao to answer it so quickly.

The moment he heard Xu Zhao’s voice, he was really unwilling to hang up the phone, and was a bit conflicted as he said, “Um, uh, I wanted to ask if you’re busy with the vegetable greenhouse house? If you are, I can head over to help.”

Xu Zhao replied, “No need. Brother Li and the others are taking care of it.”

Cui Dingchen asked, “T-then what about delivering vegetables?”

Xu Zhao replied, “It’s already been arranged. Su Qingqing and Wang Huzi are making the deliveries today.”

“Did more weeds grow in the fruit greenhouse today?”

“No.” In fact, there were some, but Da Zhuang’s father and the others had already pulled them.

Cui Dingchen continued to ask, “Did Xu Fan go to Da Zhuang’s house to play?”

Xu Zhao replied, “No, he’s playing in the courtyard.”

“T-then…” He’d already asked what he could. Cui Dingchen couldn’t think of any more “general” questions to ask, so he said, “T-then I’ll let you get back to work. I’m hanging up.”

Xu Zhao didn’t speak.

Cui Dingchen didn’t speak either, nor did he hang up.

After a way, Cui Dingchen’s voice sounded again. “You should get back to work.”

Xu Zhao felt like Cui Dingchen was going to hang up the phone, so he quickly said, “Wait!”

Cui Dingchen hurriedly replied, “Yes?”

Xiao Xu greeted, “Youngest uncle.”


Xu Zhao said, “I’m going to the county town tomorrow to shave Xu Fan’s head.”

Cui Dingchen said, “Mn, Xu Fan’s hair is getting a bit long.”

Xu Zhao asked, “You’re not coming over?”

Cui Dingchen was started. He didn’t dare believe it as he said, “I-I can go over?”

“Why not?”

“Yesterday, I—”

Xu Zhao laughed and said, “You just confessed yesterday and you’re not going to recognize him as your son anymore?

Recognize him as his son?

Could he do that?

Cui Dingchen’s heart trembled. He’d never been this happy in his life as he hurriedly said, “I do, I do! I’ll go over now and recognize him as my son!”

“There’s no need for that. Tomorrow—”

Without waiting for Xu Zhao to finish speaking. Cui Dingchen interrupted, “I’ll head over there now! Xu Zhao! I’m heading over now! Right now! Right this instant! You wait for me with my son!”

This was the first time Xu Zhao heard Cui Dingchen sound so excited and anxious. After hanging up the phone, he became happy because Cui Dingchen was happy. He was happy that he was chosen. After calming down a bit by sitting in front of the table, he stood and left the office to watch Father Xu playing ball with Xu Fan.

When Xu Fan saw Xu Zhao, he immediately threw away the ball and used his short legs to run over. He hugged Xu Zhao’s leg and raised his little face to say, “Daddy, carry me, carry me.”

He still wanted to be carried!

Xu Zhao gently smiled and picked Xu Fan up.

Xu Fan’s little arms immediately looped around Xu Zhao’s neck. His milky scent flowed to Xu Zhao’s nose, smelling especially good. Xu Zhao smiled and said, “Let’s good. Daddy will take you for a walk.”

Xu Fan added, “Let’s go on a walk!”

Xu Zhao carried Xu Fan and left the village. They passed through the village and arrived at the entrance of the village. They stopped under the shade of a tree. Xu Fan was very curious and asked, “Daddy, why aren’t we walking anymore?”

Xu Zhao put Xu Fan down and knelt down beside him and said, “We’re not walking anymore. We’re going to wait here for someone.”

Xu Fan’s watery eyes looked at Xu Fan as he asked, “Wait for who?”

Xu Zhao replied, “We’re waiting for you big daddy.”

“Who’s my big daddy?”

“Your big daddy is Second Grandpa Cui.”

“Why is Second Grandpa Cui my big daddy?”

This question was really hard to answer. Xu Zhao thought for a second then decided to tell Xu Fan the truth. “Because you were born from me and your Second Grandpa Cui.”


“…” Xu Zhao’s lips curled up. He looked at Xu Fan and called out solemnly, “Sanwa.”

Xu Fan simply asked, “What?”

Xu Zhao summoned the courage to say, “Baobaos who love to ask ‘why’ are the best Baobao.”

Xu Fan’s eyes widened as he said, “I’m the best Baobao!”

Xu Zhao nodded, “That’s right!”

“Daddy,  I think I’m very good.”

“That’s right!”

Two seconds later, Xu Fan suddenly asked again, “Daddy, I-I don’t know why I’m this good either!”


Fine. He had successfully changed the topic. As for the topic of his father, he’d leave it for Cui Dingchen to handle. In any case, he wasn’t able to defeat Xu Fan, so he happily knelt beside Xu Fan and listened to Xu Fan’s unrestrained nonsense. He would occasionally kiss Xu Fan’s little cheek and encourage him to talk more. They stayed like this until they heard the sound of an engine in the distance. He turned his head to look over.

He saw a black compact car that was speeding over as fast as lightning, all the way until it came up to them when it suddenly braked. A “screech” sounded at the same time as a wave of dust fell down.

It was a huge wave of dust.

Xu Zhao and Xu Fan drew back at the same time in order to avoid the dust. Before the dust could settle, a tall figure suddenly walked over and drew Xu Zhao into his arms.

Xu Zhao was started, but when he smelled the faint soap scent, he knew it was Cui Dingchen.

Xu Fan’s watery eyes widened as he shouted, Second Grandpa Cui! Why are you hugging my Daddy again?”

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