RERC Chapter 43 Mid-Autumn Festival

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Xu Fan!

Xu Zhao was startled and wasn’t able to stop the bicycle in time. He directly threw the bicycle to the side and strode forward to Xu Fan’s side. Crouching down, he carefully inspected the injury on Xu Fan’s knee and hurriedly asked, “Where else did you get hurt?”

“My hands,” Xu Fan cried.

Xu Zhao held Xu Fan’s small hands and asked, “Anywhere else?”

“A-and…” Xu Fan cried as he looked at his own arms. He didn’t see any bruises and it didn’t hurt, so he sobbed a couple times without any tears and said, “No.”

The skin was only slightly broken on his legs and hands, so it wasn’t a huge deal.

After examining Xu Fan’s body, Xu Fan’s face, his head and whatnot, Xu Zhao immediately let out a sigh of relief. He was terribly frightened before.

At this time, Xu Fan felt that it didn’t really hurt anymore and slowly stopped crying.

Xu Zhao relaxed. He wiped Xu Fan’s tears as he asked, “Why did you run so fast?”

“I missed Daddy,” Xu Fan replied.

Xu Zhao’s heart warmed as he asked with a smile, “Really? How much did Xu Fan think about Daddy?”

Xu Fan thought for a moment, then said, “I t-thought about Daddy a h-hundred times.”

He thought about Daddy a hundred times—To a two year old child like Xu Fan, “a hundred times” was the peak and there wasn’t anything higher.

Xu Zhao was ecstatic as he asked with a smile, “You thought about Daddy that much?”

“Mn.” Xu Fan ferociously nodded.

“Daddy also thought about Xu Fan a hundred times.” After saying that, Xu Zhao kissed Xu Fan’s plump little face.

Xu Fan immediately swung his small hands around like he was a bit embarrassed.

After a while, Xu Fan suddenly called out, “Daddy.”

“Mn,” Xu Zhao replied.

“Daddy,” Xu Fan called again.

“Daddy’s here.”




Like this, he called “Daddy, Daddy” all the way home. Once they were inside the courtyard, he chased Xu Zhao while calling him like he was afraid that Xu Zhao would run away and disappear again.

Xu Fan didn’t know if he should laugh or cry and directly picked Xu Fan into his arms, and Xu Fan finally stopped calling his name. Xu Zhao was finally able to ask Mother Xu about the busy farming season.

Mentioning the busy farming season, Mother Xu’s face was full of smiles, saying that this year really was a good year. Not only was there a rich wheat harvest, the soybean harvest was very good as well. Everyone couldn’t be happier. They were definitely going to pass this year’s winter a lot better than last year’s winter. Mother Xu was especially happy as she said, “Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival. I’ll stir fry some soybeans for you in a bit.” In the past, Mother Xu was always reluctant to stir fry any soybeans to eat.

“Mom, no need,” Xu Zhao said.

“Why not?”

“I bought some.”

“What did you buy?”

Xu Zhao carried Xu Fan to the bicycle and brought the two sacks that were sitting on the back of the bicycle to the room. Opening it, besides the bag of mooncakes, there were also melon seeds, peanuts, rice crispy treats, pork, pig trotters, milk powder, bread, white flour steamed buns, celery, and other things. The two bags were almost completely full.

“Wow! There’s so much to—” Xu Fan hadn’t said the word “eat” yet when his small mouth was covered by Mother Xu.

Mother Xu quickly whispered, “Lower your voice. Be careful or else Dawa and the others will hear, and they will come to steal your pig trotters.”

Xu Fan directly looked at Mother Xu and immediately understood.

Mother Xu released Xu Fan’s small mouth.

Xu Fan didn’t shout again.

Mother Xu looked at Xu Zhao and quietly berated, “Why did you buy so many things!”

“To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival,” Xu Zhao said.

“We can’t eat this much for the Mid-Autumn Festival.”

“We can. We’ll make red braised pork,” Xu Zhao said.

“Make red braised pork!” Xu Fan repeated.

Mother Xu deliberately rolled her eyes at Xu Fan. She reached out to flick Xu Fan’s plump little face.

Xu Fan knew that his Grandma doted on him. He smiled into Xu Zhao’s shoulder.

Mother Xu smiled and turned to Xu Zhao. She pulled another long face and said, “How much money did you spend? Why did you buy melon seeds and peanuts? There’s even bread and brown sugar? Does the money burn when it’s in your hands or something? Do you suddenly know how to live the high life?”

Xu Zhao smiled and said, “I didn’t spend too much.”

“How much is not much?” Mother Xu asked.

“Over 20 Yuan.”

Over 20 Yuan?

Mother Xu was immediately shocked and anger burned in her eyes. Xu Zhao quickly said, “Mom, I made 3-4,000 Yuan this time.”


Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

Mother Xu froze.

Even Father Xu who had been quietly listening to the side was dazed.

They lived most of their lives never having seen that much money before. 3-4,000 Yuan. This impact was a bit too much for them!

After a while, Mother Xu finally opened her mouth to say, “What did you say?”

“I made about 3-4,000 Yuan from selling mooncakes this time,” Xu Zhao repeated.

Mother Xu’s legs immediately became soft.

Xu Zhao and Father Xu quickly rushed over to support her.

It wasn’t until a long time later that Mother Xu finally came back to her senses and asked, “Xu Zhao, how did you make that much money? Did you do something bad? Let me tell you, we can’t do anything bad.”

Xu Zhao was worried that Mother and Father Xu wouldn’t be able to endure the shock. He put Xu Fan down and told Xu Fan to go to the small courtyard. He moved two wooden stools over to let Mother and Father Xu sit down. Afterward, Xu Fan sat in Xu Zhao’s embrace. Xu Zhao concisely told Mother and Father Xu about the matter of the mooncakes. He said that he managed to convince the steel and cigarette factories, telling them that he had brought Xu Fan around to advertise and went from market to market. He told them everything important.

Mother and Father Xu actually didn’t really understand, but they understood a bit. They didn’t let their son attend school in vain. Although he didn’t graduate from secondary school, his brain was a lot more flexible than most people. Mother and Father Xu were surprised, happy, and excited. It wasn’t until lunchtime that they were finally appeased. It was supposed to be noon nap time, but the two elders were so excited that they couldn’t sleep and went to Xu Zhao and Xu Fan’s little thatched hut instead.

In the thatched hut, Xu Fan sat nakedly on the bed, a newspaper next to his plump legs and feet. On top of the newspaper were milk candies, rice crispy treats, peanuts, melon seeds, and other things. Xu Fan was currently smacking his little lips as he ate, and from time to time, he would turn his head to see Xu Zhao, who was sitting beside him, to make sure that he was still there.

Xu Zhao was currently sitting by the table writing something. In front of him were packs of mooncakes.

“Xu Zhao, what are you doing?” Mother Xu questioned.

“I’m counting mooncakes,” Xu Zhao said.

“Why are you counting mooncakes?”

“I’m preparing some for the village chief,” Xu Zhao said.

“Why are you giving them to the village chief?” Mother Xu asked.

Xu Zhao smiled and said, “They helped us out so much, especially Da Zhuang’s family. Isn’t it normal to give them something to celebrate the holiday? We need to thank them.”

Mother Xu was immediately distressed and said, “Mooncakes are so expensive. You should keep them to sell. As for thanking them… why don’t I stir fry some soybeans and you can give it to them?”

“…Mom. The Mid-Autumn Festival is going to be over soon, so I won’t be able to sell the mooncakes,” Xu Zhao said.

“Then you should return it to the factory and get a refund,” Mother Xu insisted.


In the end, Xu Zhao discussed with Mother Xu and decided to give the village chief one package of mooncakes, the secretary one package of mooncakes, Uncle Zhang’s family one package of mooncakes, Barber Wang’s family one package of mooncakes, Da Zhuang’s family three packages of mooncakes, and they wouldn’t give any to the rest. If they gave out too much, it would cause problems. Xu Zhao definitely wasn’t as good at handling others as Mother Xu was, so Xu Zhao agreed and listened to Mother Xu. When it got dark and everyone was busy cooking food, they would secretly deliver the gifts.

And so, when twilight fell, Xu Zhao began to help Mother Xu cook. When it was almost complete, Xu Zhao carried the mooncakes and was about to leave, Xu Fan, who was currently in Father Xu’s embrace, immediately padded over to Xu Zhao. His small hand skillfully held Xu Zhao’s hand.

Xu Zhao tilted his head down and said with a smile, “Let’s go deliver the mooncakes.”

Xu Fan raised his small head, his milky voice sounded. “We have to give some to Da Zhuang too. Da Zhuang loves eating mooncakes.”

Xu Fan actually knew that Da Zhuang loved eating mooncakes?

Xu Zhao couldn’t help but smile and ask, “Don’t you hate Da Zhuang?”

“I don’t hate him,” Xu Fan said.

“Didn’t you say that he likes to steal your food?”

“I-I also steal his…”


Xu Zhao was speechless as he led Xu Fan to the village chief’s place first. They gave the mooncakes to the secretary and thanked the village chief. The village secretary was fair and just. They then went to Uncle Zhang’s place and thanked Uncle Zhang for lending his phone to Xu Zhao. Up next was Barber Wang’s place. Most importantly was that Old Wang didn’t chase Xu Fan, who went over to listen to the radio everyday, away. He used a radio to train Xu Fan’s hole-filled brain. It could be said that he was a very good teacher.

Finally, they carried the three packages of mooncakes to Da Zhuang’s place. Before they even arrived at Da Zhuang’s place, Xu Fan held his big car and ran to the entrance of Da Zhuang’s home. Before entering the courtyard, he shouted, “Da Zhuang! Li Da Zhuang! Li Da Zhuang!”

Da Zhuang immediately ran out from the thatched hut. He stood in the middle of the courtyard and asked, “Sanwa. Xu Sanwa, why are you calling me?”

“I’m here to give you mooncakes to eat,” Xu Fan said.


“Yeah, the mooncakes my Daddy sold. They’re so good!”

“I want to eat, but I don’t have any money,” Da Zhuang said.

“Don’t need money. My Daddy said he doesn’t need your money.”

“Your Daddy is so nice.”

“Mn, my Daddy is the best in the whole village!”


Every time Xu Fan and Da Zhuang spoke, Xu Zhao felt like he couldn’t keep up with them, especially when the two kids started speaking. There probably wasn’t a third person who could understand their conversation. Xu Zhao sometimes thought that perhaps they themselves didn’t understand what the other one was saying.

Therefore, Xu Zhao no longer cared about these two children and entered the thatched hut in search of Da Zhuang’s father’s parents. He handed the three packages of mooncakes to Da Zhuang’s parents, and they were overwhelmed with favor. They immediately refused, but Xu Zhao was very insistent when he gave the mooncakes, so Da Zhuang’s parents had to accept them.

Xu Zhao looked at Da Zhuang’s father and said, “Brother Li, I was able to make money only because of your care and help.”

Da Zhuang’s father was a bit embarrassed and said, “It’s nothing. It’s because of your own abilities. Besides, didn’t you also take care of us? Since you call me brother, I can’t let you call me that for naught. If you need anything in the future, make sure to tell this brother.”

Xu Zhao stood and said with a smile, “Alright, I’ll definitely come find you, Brother Li, if I need anything.”

“Okay,” Da Zhuang’s father said. “Xu Zhao, don’t leave yet. Have dinner here tonight.”

“No, thanks. My mom already cooked.”

“We also cooked already.”

“You guys enjoy your meal. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.”

After Xu Zhao finished speaking, he exited Da Zhuang’s family’s thatched hut and carried Xu Fan as he walked home. On the road, they bumped into Xu Dawa, and Xu Dawa completely ignored Xu Zhao as he walked away angrily.

“Daddy, it’s Dawa,” Xu Fan’s little face turned toward Xu Zhao as he said.

“I saw,” Xu Zhao said.

“He ignored me.”

“You also ignore him.”


Xu Zhao carried Xu Fan and had just arrived home when Mother Xu finished setting up the Mid-Autumn feast in the middle of the courtyard. The small table was completely full with red braised pork, fried chicken nuggets, sauteed string beans, and tofu soup. Mother Xu was very skilled in cooking and each dish was very fragrant.

There were also mooncakes, peanuts, melon seeds, fruit juices, and wheat flour steamed buns. This was the best meal Xu Zhao had in this house since coming to the world. And similarly, this was also the best meal Mother and Father Xu had.

“Wow! Wow!” Xu Fan stood in front of the small table, his eyes shining brightly.

“You can’t use your hands,” Xu Zhao said.

Xu Fan immediately said, “I know. If the adults haven’t eaten yet, then children can’t eat either. I can’t use my hands. Hmm… I-I need to use chopsticks.”

Xu Zhao looked at Xu Fan and approved. “That’s right. Xu Fan, you’re a very smart baby.”

“Mn, I am a smart baby,” Xu Fan happily said.

After speaking, he moved the stools in the courtyard and moved four stools in front of the small desk. Afterward, he called Grandma, Grandpa, and Daddy to sit by the desk. Just as the four people happily sat down, footsteps were heard from outside the door.

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