IMG Chapter 149 Nightmare Punishment

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Affected by Han Yameng’s incident, Luo Lingxing felt that he couldn’t keep this slow pace of his personality. He’d never placed people like Su Lingping and Han Yameng in his eyes before. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to punish them, but his personality was a bit carefree. He did this according to his mood. When he put his mind to his, he naturally wouldn’t let a single one of those people run. In his eyes, those people were like ants. No matter how they ran, they could never escape from the palm of his hand, therefore, he could punish them whenever he wanted.

However, there were so many times that someone rushed to punish them before he could, making him unable to show his hand. If he continued his slow pace, he was afraid that someone else would snatch away these three pests first.

As a cultivator, if these ill-fated relationships were always resolved by others and he only reaped the benefits, it would be detrimental to his cultivation.

And so, Luo Lingxing finally picked up his spirits and planned on how to treat these people. His favorite method was to give the others a taste of their own medicine. However they treated Su Lingxing in the beginning was how he would treat them now.

Although someone had already ruthlessly punished Han Yameng and the entertainment industry, which he cared about the most, he probably didn’t have a place in anymore, Luo Lingxing thought that he still needed to personally teach him a lesson. He always planned to make sure that this person wouldn’t be able to continue in the entertainment industry anymore, so he should probably change his plans now.

After the crew had dinner, Chen Hongliang became busy again. Only He Yi was left behind with Luo Lingxing. Because the Golden Fox Film Awards started mid May, Chen Hongliang needed to take care of Luo Lingxing’s matters. However, He Yi had received some training during this time, so he was fine being left alone. Chen Hongliang was able to have peace of mind when he left.

Luo Lingxing’s situation in the crew had obviously become a lot better. At the very least, nobody would dare try to make things difficult for him now, so the shooting went very smoothly and the speed had increased a lot as well.

On this day, because the filming went very smoothly today, Sun Xueyou became happier the more they filmed. And the more they filmed, the more energetic he became as well. Before they knew it, they filmed until eight o’clock at night.

“Haha, everyone did very well today. We’re ahead of schedule now. As a reward, everyone can take tomorrow off. You should all rest well. We’ll continue the day after tomorrow.” Everyone raised his hand and happily gave everyone a day off.

“Yay!” “Director Sun is amazing!” The staff members cheered. Although the actors didn’t act as excited as the staff members, they all had smiles on their faces. They were obviously very happy and looking forward to this small holiday.

Since they had traveled to the Film World to shoot, Luo Lingxing couldn’t use this short period to return to the Emperor Star. Moreover, so many things had happened that he was worried he wouldn’t be able to take care of it all in time. Going like this would be good as well. Just as he wanted to sleep, someone brought a pillow over to him. He could use this chance to take care of Han Yameng.

“If there’s nothing happening tomorrow, don’t let anyone bother me,” Luo Lingxing instructed He Yi before returning to his room.

“Got it,” He Yi respectfully replied.

After washing and taking care of his personal hygiene, it was already nine in the evening. Luo Lingxing didn’t sleep immediately. Instead, he sat in bed in his pajamas, watching the actions of a few people.

If anyone came in at this moment, they would see a mirror hanging in the air in front of Luo Lingxing. The image in the mirror wasn’t of Luo Lingxing but Han Yameng and what he was currently doing. This could be considered a simple monitoring screen.

Of course, Luo Lingxing wouldn’t have something like that. This mirror was much more convenient than a monitor.

This was his Magical Transformation Spirit Mirror. Previously, he had secretly sprinkled some colorless and odorless light powder on Han Yameng and the others. This light powder usually didn’t have any effects, but as long as Luo Lingxing used his spiritual energy, all actions of the person who had light powder on them would be displayed on his spirit mirror. This was definitely a lot more convenient than a monitor, and it was imperceptible.

At this moment, Han Yameng didn’t know that every single one of his moves were being watched. He was currently in his own home, so he didn’t try to control his expression. The once pleasing face, at this moment, looked very fierce. It was like he was a completely different person than the famous film king. This was enough to signify just how much he had experienced these past few days.

“That damn Luo Lingxing. I definitely won’t let him off. Definitely! And the agency, hehe…When I was useful, even the higher-ups were polite to me. Now that they can’t use me, they want to kick me away. Do they really think I’m that easy to bully? Even if I do leave, I’ll make sure to peel off a layer of their skin in the process. And that Liu Group…”

Han Yameng muttered about the people who threw stones at him when he was down, who silently watched without doing anything, or those who tried to destroy him. There was a hint of madness on his face. It was obvious that his mental health was in a precarious state.

This was what he did almost every night before bed. After repeating this, he would fantasize about the pleasure he would receive from trampling those people under his feet so that he could get a good night’s sleep.

Luo Lingxing looked at the sleeping Han Yameng. The corners of his lips slightly lifted up, evoking a smile that was completely different than usual. There was a trace of evilness, but it was more mesmerizing than usual. Unfortunately, Luo Lingxing was the only person in the room right now, so no one had the blessing of seeing it.

Luo Lingxing silently recited a chant. His hands quickly followed in action. His fingertips revealed a sliver of light, and Luo Lingxing pointed the light through the mirror toward Han Yameng. That light seemed to have a mind of its own as iti drilled through the Spirit Mirror and into Han Yameng’s head. Gradually, the person showed a layer of sweat on his forehead. His brows furrowed tightly, and his expression became distorted. It was as if he was caught in some kind of nightmare and unable to wake up.

After doing this, Luo Lingxing couldn’t be bothered to continue watching the other party sleep. He waved his hand and the picture on the Spirit Mirror changed.

Not only did he sprinkle light powder on Han Yameng, he also sprinkled some on Su Lingping and Liu Guanghua. This was done in case of an emergency. On a whim, he wanted to see what they were up to today. When their images appeared, Luo Lingxing was stunned for a second before moving the Spirit Mirror to the other side of the room, facing him. He silenced the voices as well.

Hehe. He had been worried about how to repay them back by giving them a taste of their own medicine. As a result, these people gave him a huge surprise. If he didn’t make good use of it, then wouldn’t he be letting them off easy?

And so, Luo Lingxing didn’t put away the Spirit Mirror and instead, let it “face the wall and reflect”. Meanwhile, he happily slept until he naturally woke up the next day. Luo Lingxing didn’t remember about the Spirit Mirror until after he washed up. And so, he turned the Spirit Mirror back around. The people in the image were still sleeping, but he couldn’t be bothered to look at these people’s sleeping postures. He didn’t want to contaminate his eyes.

Using magic to capture the image shown on the Spirit Mirror last night, he saved it in a folder on his terminal for later use. He believed that he would be able to use this file very soon, and he’d be able to let that person experience the pain Su Lingxing had suffered through before.

It could be said that the Spirit Mirror was a very good thing to have. Not only could it monitor others, like a surveillance video, it could generally record everything it monitored and even make a copy  of it onto his terminal. It was definitely a lot more powerful than a monitor.

Luo Lingxing sent a text to He Yi, telling him that he was awake, and that if anything important happened, to come over. He then went to his small kitchen to make himself breakfast.

They stayed in a suite inside the hotel, so they had a kitchen and a bathroom, making it very convenient. Since filming usually started very early, he was always too lazy to make breakfast for himself. But as long as he had time, he liked making food for himself. Of course, the food cooked by Aunt Lin was also to his taste, but unfortunately, he couldn’t eat her cooking here.

After eating fast food for several days, Luo Lingxing felt that his stomach had been ruined. He urgently needed some comfort food, so he planned to make a few bowls of fragrant porridge and delicious little buns.

Luo Lingxing planned to make Century Egg and Pork Congee. He learned how to make this from Aunt Lin. Although when he first got here, he was a bit unable to tolerate the taste of Century Egg, after eating it a few times, he thought the taste of this porridge was very special. It made people want to eat it more and more.

Besides the spiritual food that was already inside his space, he also put in many ingredients from this world. After all, once those spiritual foods were gone, they were gone. So not only was it necessary, but all he ate now was food from this world.

First, wash the rice and put it in the pot to cook. Then cut the lean meat into strips and cover it in starch to marinate. This would make the pork more tender and taste fresher. Then cut the century egg into small pieces and put it in the pot after the porridge boiled. After cooking it on low heat until it thickened, it can be eaten.

While cooking the porridge, Luo Lingxing let the dough rise. He then made the filling. He chose two flavors: pork and shiitake mushrooms and vegetables with winter shoots.

He originally planned to only make it for himself, but then he remembered that he should keep friendly with the crew. After all, they still had to get along with each other for a few more months. Even if he didn’t become close friends with them, at the very least, he shouldn’t make enemies. After all, having more people like Han Yameng would be bad.

He usually didn’t talk much. It wouldn’t be easy to have him take the initiative to talk to others. Since ancient times, a table of food was the best way to develop sentiments. Not to mention the saying “the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.” If he made breakfast for everyone, they would be more cordial with him. To him, making more food was the same as cooking for himself. If he could make the mood a bit better, then it was all worth it.

Therefore, Luo Lingxing chose a meat filling and a vegetarian filling. Everyone’s taste was different, after all.

Luo Lingxing made the buns very quickly. The buns were small and cute, making others almost not want to eat them.

When the steaming buns came out of the pot, the porridge was ready as well. The thick rice mixed with the almost transparent and sparkling century eggs and white pieces of meat. It looked very appetizing.

“Xiao He, come here.” Luo Lingxing sent a text message to He Yi and a few seconds later, a knock came at the door.

Luo Lingxing waved his hand and temporarily put away his Spirit Mirror ,then opened the door. He Yi stood outside the door, and with him was a person that Luo Lingxing wasn’t expecting to see.

“It smells good. What did you make?” Ye Luohan smelled a tempting fragrance as soon as he entered and involuntarily asked.

This fragrance was very familiar, after all. Luo Lingxing often made his own food when he stayed at the Han residence. His food tasted very good. Speaking of which, he hadn’t eaten Luo Lingxing’s food in a very long time, and he missed it very much.

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