IMG Chapter 148 Time Has Come

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A recent editor from Phoenix Gossip received a very interesting set of photos. The main character in the photos was Han Yameng, who had caused a lot of trouble recently.

As everyone knew, Han Yameng had joined the crew of ‘Supreme Duel Heros’ as the male protagonist, but on the first day of entering the crew, he had a feud with the other male protagonist, Luo Lingxing. He even threatened the director to have the investment pulled if he didn’t replace Luo Lingxing. So how could a currently popular celebrity dare to threaten the director when he didn’t have any investment in the film? And who was the person who had made the investment? The editor was able to obtain a deep understanding, and the result was amazing.

The Liu Group were the investors behind ‘Supreme Duel Heros’. If the director was threatened with having the funds withdrawn, then he must have been talking about this large investor in order to make the crew suffer such injury. The editor dug deeper since Han Yameng didn’t have anything to do with the Liu Group. Perhaps he was a hidden second generation related to the group?

However, after thinking about it, it was impossible. After all, Liu Group’s chairman’s son was also in the entertainment industry. Everyone knew about this. If Han Yameng really was a son of the Liu Group, it was naturally impossible to hide his identity. So after investigating and checking the photos that were received, the situation was self-evident. It was better to release some of the photos first, then everyone would probably understand the situation.

Luo Lingxing naturally also saw the photos. He furrowed his brows, because he didn’t expect to see such exclusive photos. Moreover, the protagonist of the photos were very clear. It would be impossible for someone to say that it was a misunderstanding.Not only that, the scale of each photo was really too unimaginable. Some of the toys were even captured, making everyone online sigh about how openly film king Han was playing around.

Luo Lingxing knew what the comments would be like even if he didn’t read them, but this report still wasn’t over.

Report continues: After seeing the photos, I’m sure everyone is aware of the situation. This is the reason why film king Han dares to threaten the crew with the investments. Of course, this matter still isn’t over. If Han Yameng had succeeded, then someone would have replaced Luo Lingxing as the male protagonist. Is everyone curious on who the replacement would have been? There’s no need to guess, I’ll tell you. It’s Liu Guanghua. That’s right. It’s the son of film king Han’s financial backer.

Tsk tsk tsk…Others who are having an affair have to be careful that the wife and son don’t find out, but look at how amazing film king Han is. Not only has he conquered someone else’s husband, he didn’t have mercy on their son either. Other mistresses are probably very jealous, huh? In fact, we can all film king Han how he did it. This reporter is also very curious.

Alright, as an extra service, I’ll upload more photos for everyone to enjoy.

The message was followed by dozens of high-definition uncensored photos, each of which were very clear. Luo Lingxing didn’t look at them but directly closed this page and opened another report. It was basically the same as the previous one. Moreover, there were thousands of reports like these on the internet, and they were all uploaded within the last hour.

Luo Lingxing couldn’t help but admire them. Only those who were very well informed could obtain this news in such a short period of time and were even able to stop him from inquiring about this subject. It really was a tough job for those reporters.

“I didn’t expect Han Yameng to be such a disgusting person. I supported him so much in the past and even fought with the Luo-fan numerous times, and this is how he repays us? It’s too much!”

“A fan turned into a hater. I’m decisively turning from a fan to a hater, and a hater for life. People like this are seriously disgusting. He even found someone to make a report saying that Luo Lingxing was a sugar baby, and in the end, he got his face slapped not even a few days later. His own dirty laundry was aired for everyone to see. How was he shameless enough to try and frame others? He’s really too disappointing.

“I’m so tired. I didn’t expect my idol to be this kind of person. I don’t want to chase celebrities in the future. Fan circle, goodbye!”

“He deserves it! He should get a good slap in the face. The previous reports were basically a preview of himself. Those reports should be used on himself. And he’s even a film king. Blah!”

“I never expected the entertainment industry to be this chaotic. His private life is unruly, yet he still tried to frame others. How could someone be so vicious? And that Liu Guanghua too. He’s not a good person either. These kinds of people should get out of the entertainment industry.”

“I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it. Mengmeng, quickly come out and tell us that this isn’t true TAT”

“You don’t even believe in these clear pictures? Do you need to see it happen live or something? Aren’t you scared of tainting your eyes?”

All the fans were blowing up, especially Han Yameng’s fans. How much they protected him in the past is how much they hated him now. In order to protect Han Yameng before, they fought with other fans in a desperate attempt to defend their idol. They unconditionally believed in him. In the end, this was how they were rewarded. Their idol gave them a huge, harsh slap in the fast. It hurt so much that even their hearts were hurting.

They didn’t care what other fans said. They didn’t mind fighting with other fans. They just didn’t want to see their favorite idol getting framed, so they were very willing to do all of this. They only hoped that their idol would be safe and at ease so that he could shoot more films for them. Even if they were isolated and other fans didn’t understand them, they were still willing.

However, when all these unbearable things came out about their idol, they lost all their strength. They became the weakest people under the sky. Broken and in pain. It was an infuriating pain.

“Bam!” Han Yameng couldn’t resist smashing the latest version of his quantum computer and all the devices that could access the internet. It was as if he wouldn’t be able to see these reports if he did this. He wouldn’t be able to see the comments nor the questions that his fans had asked under his Weibo.

Han Yameng sat on the sofa with a dull expression. He never thought that things could get to this point.

In the past, all the hate was directed toward Luo Lingxing due to his guidance. So how come in just a few days, the wind turned so quickly? He didn’t know when the pictures that were posted online were taken. There were even countless pictures that he couldn’t even remember when it happened. In the end, these photos were leaked online for everyone to see. All his hard work in the past was wasted! Wasted!!!

“Yameng…” Han Yameng’s agent looked years older at this moment. He visibly aged.

He had carried Han Yameng since the beginning and watched him go from the beginning to his current position. While carrying him, even his status has risen. It could be said that they lived and died together. Now that Han Yameng’s celebrity life could be said to be completely over, then his status as an agent was also in danger.

Han Yameng heard his agent’s voice. As if he was shaken awake, he viciously glared at his agent, causing the agent to jerk back.

“Why didn’t you delete the reports online? Why haven’t you found someone to take down all those photos!” Han Yameng asked furiously. Each of his words were filled with hatred.

This was the first time Han Yameng’s agent saw him like this. He was immediately scared as he said, “I contacted the agency as soon as I could, but…”

The agency? Right, we still have the agency. They need to set all of this in order or else I’ll be ruined. Completely ruined!” Han Yameng’s speed of speech was both fast and slow. When he spoke fast, he seemed to be accusing others. When he spoke slowly, he seemed to be whispering comforts to himself. Looking at his appearance, his mental state obviously wasn’t good.

Han Yameng’s agent knew that this matter had given Han Yameng a huge strike, but he wasn’t able to help. As soon as he found out about this matter, he reported it to the agency, but the agency gave him an extremely cold answer, because the agency intends to abandon Han Yameng. Even though Han Yameng was their agency’s current number one, they still decided to give up on him. He heard from someone in charge in the agency that the person trying to restrain Han Yameng right now was someone that they couldn’t afford to offend. So they could only choose to abandon him.

But in this case, the agent didn’t dare tell Han Yameng this because he felt that Han Yameng’s current mental state wasn’t right. If he told him this now, something might happen. He might even bring danger onto himself, so he could only try to appease him (HYM) as much as possible.

“Yameng, don’t worry. The agency will definitely do their best to help you. These reports will be handled as long as we wait a bit longer. Let’s wait for everyone’s attention to shift, then we’ll be fine.” The agent tried his best to appease Han Yameng, but didn’t dare to approach him at all.

“Right. Everything will be fine soon. I’m a film king, after all. I still have lots of fans. They’ll definitely help me,” Han Yameng murmured, as if comforting his agent. He automatically ignored the hysterical questioning from his fans on Weibo.

On this side, Han Yameng seemed to be wading in deep waters. On the other side, Luo Lingxing’s atmosphere seemed to be like spring blossoms, full of harmony.

When Luo Lingxing rushed to the Gathering Stars Pavilion, everyone had already arrived. They all called out to Luo Lingxing, saying that he needed to drink three cups of alcohol as punishment for being late.

“I’m very sorry. I was stopped by reporters. I will drink three cups as an apology.” Luo Lingxing quickly drank three cups in a row. Everyone happily forgave him and started eating and drinking. The atmosphere was extremely harmonious.

Luo Lingxing got up and went to the bathroom. Chen Hongliang followed him.

“Have you seen the reports online about Han Yameng?” Chen Hongliang stood behind Luo Lingxing and asked.


“I never thought the tide would turn in this direction. We haven’t even made a move yet, and he already dug himself into a pit. I wonder who leaked this news in such a timely manner,” Chen Hongliang said while observing Luo Lingxing’s expression. Unfortunately, the only thing he saw was his indifferent expression. He didn’t look happy or angry.

Sometimes he wondered if this teenager really was only nineteen years old. Shouldn’t kids this age be hot-blooded? But Luo Lingxing was always very mature and indifferent. Sometimes, even an elder wouldn’t be as calm and indifferent as he was.

“Even if someone else hasn’t made these allegations toward him, I wouldn’t have let him off. I was just a step too slow this time.”

Everyone was responsible for their actions. It wasn’t that he wasn’t going to get his revenge, but revenge is a dish best served cold. Once the time had come, that person would be completely done for.

If one listened carefully, they could hear the trace of disappointment in Luo Lingxing’s voice.

“Xiao Luo, do you think someone is helping you behind the scenes?” Chen Hongliang paused, then said.

“It’s possible,” Luo Lingxing replied.

He also thought this. It wasn’t once or twice. Every time there was a little unfavorable news about him on the internet, it was always quickly resolved. Moreover, the person who framed him would always be exposed and left with dozens of cuts and bruises. Just like this time, he didn’t even have the chance to handle Han Yameng, and as a result, disgusting news about Han Yameng appeared. It made him feel a bit like a “useless hero”. Someone was always stealing the scumbags from him, making him unable to act himself.

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