IMG Chapter 147 Revenge is Best Served Cold

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Although Yao Qingqing was very unwilling, to be able to obtain her current position, it meant that she wasn’t brainless. Therefore, she sorted out her mood and expression and walked up to Luo Lingxing with what seemed like a sincere smile.

“Congratulations on your nomination. You’re so amazing. You can definitely win the award. When that happens, don’t forget your friends from the crew,” Yao Qingqing said.

The surrounding people didn’t say anything, but there was a hint of mockery in their gaze toward Yao Qingqing.

It was clear how she had treated Luo Lingxing before, but as soon as she heard that he received a nomination, her attitude changed immediately. Even if that was the case, she shouldn’t have changed her attitude so quickly.

Facing the mocking gaze from the others, Yao Qingqing tried to pretend that she didn’t see it. Her hands were clenched so tight that her long nails almost broke through the skin. The pain made her retain her last trace of reason.

“Thank you.” Luo Lingxing didn’t say much and only thanked her. It was perfect that at this moment, the director called him, so he bid goodbye to the others and left. He didn’t pay the slightest bit of attention to Yao Qingqing.

Yao Qingqing felt insulted. Her face was hot, and the eyes the others conveyed were even clearer. She couldn’t stay there any longer.

Dammit. She had already gone over to show a display of friendship, so how dare he not even give her face? Just thinking about how the others mocked her, Yao Qingqing felt so wronged, but she couldn’t do anything about it.”

“Tch. Isn’t it just a nomination for the Golden Fox Award? Look how cocky he is. He even dared to ignore you, Sister Qingqing. He really thinks he’s something. Sister Qingqing, when you get nominated, who knows where he’ll be then,” Zhao Feier stood beside Yao Qingqing and said, flattering her.

Yao Qingqing’s expression wasn’t too good. Zhao Feier was good at reading people’s moods, so she naturally knew why this was. She ran to her side and spoke again, which made Yao Qingqing’s expression even uglier.

“Cut the crap,” Yao Qingqing turned her head and scolded Zhao Feier before turning to leave. Because of this, she didn’t notice the flash of jealousy in Zhao Feier’s eyes.

“Everyone worked hard. Young master Luo already ordered food from Gathering Stars Pavilion as a thank you all for your care and guidance. We hope you enjoy it,” He Yi invited the members of the crew, including the director, screenwriter, and all the staff members.

“Us too? That’s so amazing,” a female staff member cheered.

In the past, whenever celebrities treated a meal, they generally only invited the crew actors, directors, and assistant directors. As for the small staff members in charge of the behind-the-scenes, the makeup artists, and background managers, and others, they were generally not invited. However, Luo Lingxing invited everyone this time. How could the staff not feel moved and happy?

“The little prince is such a good person. He even invited us out to each. He’ll buy us food on occasion as well. I really don’t know what those people online are thinking. How could they smear the little prince’s name?”

Exactly. I want to make the little prince look so extravagant later on. I’ll make him so handsome that those people will have a bloody face. They should really get their eyes checked. Maybe there’s something wrong with them,” a post-production girl said.

“I want to make the little prince beautiful with makeup everyday. But the little prince’s face is naturally beautiful. He looks better without makeup than with. It really makes me very jealous. I feel that as a woman, I can’t compare to a man. It’s so embarrassing.”

“Come on! With the little prince’s attributes, very few women could compare. If they really want to compare with him, they might as well go get plastic surgery.”

“That’s true.” A few female staff members gathered together and started discussing this topic. The target of the discussion was naturally Luo Lingxing. It couldn’t have been helped. Every time they saw Luo Lingxing, they were starry eyed and had endless good things to say about him.

Since Luo Lingxing was treating everyone for a meal tonight, Sun Xueyou didn’t make everyone shoot overtime, which was very rare. He finished work early, cleaned up, and planned to head to dinner. Everyone else was thinking about doing the same.

Luo Lingxing originally planned to head to Gathering Stars Pavilion early, but he didn’t expect that reporters would surround the outside of the hotel. He didn’t know where they came from, and when he realized it, the group of reporters, who all had excellent eyesight, rushed toward him. If he returned to the hotel and hid, this would definitely give the reporters a lot to write about.

“Can I ask how you feel about being nominated for the Golden Fox Award?”

Can I ask if you think you deserve to be nominated for the Golden Fox Award?”

“You won the nomination with your first movie. Can I ask if you played any tricks?”

“It was said that Huan Xing wanted to sign you, but you refused and started your own studio. Did you know in advance that you were going to be nominated.”

“You declined Huan Xing’s offer. Are you confident that your studio will surpass Huan Xing?”

The reporters rushed up and spit out their questions. Many previous topics were raised again, making Luo Lingxing understand once again the difficult barrier that reporters of this world were.

To him, the entertainment industry was fun. Although there were open and hidden battles, he wasn’t afraid of these things. He was already used to it. However, the only thing he wasn’t used to was always being surrounded by reporters. The chatters as they all talked over each other nonstop made him want to frown. But while facing the reporters, he couldn’t frown. This was probably the only thing he couldn’t do at this time.

“I’m honored to be nominated for the Golden Fox Award. This is a testament of my efforts, and I will work even harder in the future to strive for more works that everyone loves. Thank you everyone for your concern,” Luo Lingxing replied without being overbearing or weak. He only picked a few questions to answer and ignored the rest.

“Excuse me, you haven’t signed any artists since your studio started. Is it because no one is willing to sign with you?” a reporter sharply asked.

This question was very impolite. Although everyone was curious, as soon as the reporter asked the question, it became strangely quiet for a few seconds. Everyone quietly waited for Luo Lingxing’s answer. At that moment, even the other reporters didn’t ask any other questions.

If another celebrity was standing here faced with this question, they may feel embarrassed or even insulted. However, Luo Lingxing didn’t feel that way and directly replied, “I created the studio to make obtaining work in the future more convenient. I don’t like being restrained, so I don’t plan on signing with other agencies. As for signing other artists to my agency, if I meet a compatible artist, then I might sign them.”

The reporters didn’t expect Luo Lingxing to answer so frankly, but looking at the smile on his face, it seemed that these were his true thoughts. Suddenly, everyone had a better impression of Luo Lingxing. They thought he was very honest and cute. But on the other hand, they were very shocked by his answer. They never thought that someone would create a studio for this reason. He was treating it like child’s play.

“Luo Lingxing, what do you think about Han Yameng smearing your name online?” a reporter changed the subject. They didn’t want to discuss the studio anymore but wanted to ask about a different incident.

This reporter’s words were like a fuse, and the previously stunned reporters immediately recovered. One question came after another.

“Han Yameng has repeatedly smeared your name online. How do you feel about this?”

“There was previously a post stating that you’re a kept man, but in the end, the news of Han Yameng being someone’s sugar baby broke out. Does this have anything to do with you?”

“The disgusting news that Han Yameng is a kept man was exposed. Was this incident purposely leaked by you?”

“???” Luo Lingxing’s mind was full of question marks, because he didn’t understand their questions. He didn’t understand a single thing they said.

The reporters also noticed Luo Lingxing’s puzzled expression. They all blinked in unison, also puzzled.

“Can I ask what you guys are talking about?”

The reporters saw that Luo Lingxing wasn’t faking his expression and froze.

“The fact that Han Yameng was a kept man was exposed. The photos are everywhere on the internet. Don’t you know about this?”

Hearing this, Luo Lingxing was really surprised. He was able to guess who was behind those posts. Before he was about to deal with him, the other party had already suffered a blow.

Luo Lingxing was a bit depressed, because he realized that most of the difficulties that he had faced since debuting, before he could personally deal with them, someone else had already done so. He was still unsure who this person was because he didn’t pay much attention to it before. But this feeling was becoming stronger and stronger. He kept feeling like someone was secretly stealing the scumbags from behind his back. He didn’t know if he should be happy or sad about this. He could have dealt with these matters himself, but he wasn’t indifferent to the kindness of others.

“I’ve been working overtime on set to shoot the film these days. I’d fall asleep as soon as I returned to the hotel, so I haven’t been online much. I don’t know much about this situation,” Luo Lingxing said with an innocent expression.

The reporters were all a bit surprised. They didn’t know whether Luo Lingxing was too generous or too lucky. So many things had obviously happened, and as a result, he was still in the mood to sleep right after work.

If all of this had happened to others, they probably wouldn’t even be able to eat properly, let alone film well. His situation was very good and he didn’t really pay attention to it all. Most importantly, he didn’t pay attention to what was happening and was still able to have the situation resolved. The person who had tried to smear his name didn’t succeed but set a trap and had their own name smeared instead. Only the very lucky ones could encounter something like this.

Luo Lingxing looked at the time and apologized to all the reporters, “I’m very sorry, but I invited all my entire crew for dinner tonight. It’s almost time. If I don’t leave now, everyone will think that I invited them just to have them pay.”

The last sentence was said very playfully. Adding in the fact that he was very good looking. Especially with his increased cultivation, his appearance had changed for the better. Those who loved beauty would see this good-tempered person and feel more tolerant toward them.

And so, Luo Lingxing easily escaped the circle of reporters. Everyone went to surround other artists. In any case, there were plenty of artists staying at this hotel. Moreover, they obtained a lot of information, and it was more than enough to write a few reports on.

Luo Lingxing left the circle of reporters and got into the van. He opened his terminal and went online. As a result, he found news about Han Yameng everywhere, and realized that this had also all happened today.

Luo Lingxing casually opened a report and saw the striking headline. “The film king is actually a kept man in an affair. He schemed with his financial backer to suppress the newcomers in the industry”.

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