IMG Chapter 146 Film Nominee

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“Hello, director, did you need something?” Chen Hongliang respectfully looked at the person who appeared on the video screen. It was Qian Xuewen, the director they had worked with before.

“Haha… I have some good news for you guys. I submitted the ‘Interstellar Mecha’ for the Golden Fox Film Awards, and it won numerous nominations. Xiao Luo was nominated for Best Supporting Actor and Best Newcomer. Don’t forget to come to the award ceremony when the time comes.” Qian Xuewen’s entire face wrinkled as he smiled. It was obvious that he was in a very good mood.

He was caught off guard by this situation. Even Chen Hongliang, who was infected by Luo Lingxing’s calm emotions, was still stunned when he heard this news and didn’t know how to reply to Qian Xuewen. He didn’t even know when they hung up the phone. “Xiao Luo, did I hallucinate just now? Director Qian call just now?” Chen Hongliang asked Luo with a blank expression on his face.

“He did,” Luo Lingxing replied, extremely calmly.

“Then did he say anything?”

“He said that I was nominated for Best Supporting Actor and Best Newcomer awards,” Luo Lingxing repeated. He actually wasn’t very interested in the film festival awards.

“Ah! It’s true, so it was true! I’m not dreaming.” Chen Hongliang finally came to his senses. He couldn’t wait to pick Luo Lingxing up and spin him around a few times. This news simply came at the perfect timing.

Although he wasn’t officially awarded the Best Supporting Actor or Best Newcomer, even just being nominated was very beneficial to Luo Lingxing’s future. He knew that with Luo Lingxing’s excellence, it was only a matter of time before he was nominated and won an award. However, he didn’t expect it to happen so soon, especially since this was Luo Lingxing’s first time shooting a movie and he was already nominated. His fame and status would definitely raise even more.

Recently, there were too many negative reports about Luo Lingxing on the internet. It could be seen at a glance that someone had deliberately hired keyboard warriors to target Luo Lingxing. Although Chen Hongliang had also asked some keyboard warriors for help, if this news got out, those people who were in charge of the negative reports wouldn’t be afraid anymore.

As expected, not long after Qian Xuewen notified them via video call, the Golden Fox Movie Awards’s official Weibo released the list of all nominees for the film festival. The internet blew up again. Everyone was talking about the film awards and threw the old news into the back of their heads. The Golden Fox Film Awards was one of the five major interstellar film festivals. There were countless works submitted every year. It was already an honor to be nominated under such fierce competition. If he could take home the trophy, then his status would increase exponentially.

The ones who were the happiest besides Chen Hongliang were the Luo-fans. Seeing that their idol was nominated for the Golden Fox Award was a very happy matter. It was simply an honor. When they saw fans of other idols, they were able to hold their heads high.

That’s right! Our idol is so amazing. He obtained two nominees for his first movie. I am so proud of my idol! This was what countless Luo-fans thought inside their hearts.

Some people were happy while others were worried. At this moment, when Su Lingping saw this list, he smashed everything that could be thrown inside the room. His face had a terrible expression, scaring others.

“How dare he? What right does that wench have? What qualifications does he have!” Su Lingping was like an angry little beast, roaring maliciously. If someone appeared in front of him at this moment, they would definitely be ruthlessly attacked by him. Therefore, not a single servant from the Su family dared to step up and provoke this little young master at this moment. Everyone was very cautious, fearing for their safety.

“Oh, my dear son. What’s wrong? Come here. Make sure you don’t hurt yourself.” As soon as Wei Xinyi entered the house, she was told that Su Lingping had lost his anger. She rushed upstairs and saw the mess.

Su Lingping was still immersed in his own thoughts and didn’t hear her.

Wei Xinyi was worried that Su Lingping would get injured by the fragments around him, so she could only step forward and pull her son out. She worriedly asked, “Ping’Er, what’s going on? What happened? Tell your mama. Mama will help you.”

Wei Xinyi’e eyes flashed viciously. She would definitely not spare whoever dared to bully her precious son. She absolutely couldn’t let her son have any kind of accidents. Her son was the only bargaining chip she had to gain a foothold in the Su family.

Hearing Wei Xinyi’s words, Su Lingping seemed to have found his backbone. With a heart full of grievances, he said, “Mom, that wench was actually nominated for the Golden Fox Award. How can such a lowly person have the qualifications to be nominated?” As soon as Su Lingping thought of that person winning the award and boasting in front of him, his teeth itched with anger. How dare he? Even he hadn’t been nominated before, so who could that wench be? He was obviously now the eldest young master of the Su family, so why was he (SLP) still under him (LLC)?

In the past, because his mother was a mistress and he was an illegitimate child, he was always inferior to that person. Others only curried up to that person, and would snub their noses at him. That person even had a marriage contract with you young master of the Xi family. If he (LLX) climbed up using the Xi family, then that person’s position would definitely rise even higher in the future.

Later on, that person was finally driven out of the Su family with much difficulty, and he (LSP) became the legitimate young master of the Su family. At the same time, he’d also won over the marriage contract, making him (LLX) lose everything he had in the beginning.

That person should have been ruthlessly stepped on. That person should have been as lowly and dirty as dust and begging for his sympathy and pity. So why did that person still enter the entertainment industry and was doing even better than before, doing even better than him. What in the world was going on? He didn’t have the protection of any family, so how could he live so carefreely and comfortably? He even obtained the Golden Fox Award nomination that he (LSP) had worked so hard to pursue.

Heaven was so unfair, so unfair to him. Why did they always allow that person to put him down?!

It was unacceptable! Not allowed! He would never allow such a thing to happen! He absolutely would not allow that person to step on him all the time. He wanted to discredit him. As long as his reputation was ruined, so what if he was nominated? He definitely wouldn’t have the face to continue in the entertainment industry in the future.

“Ping’Er, don’t fret. Don’t worry, mom will definitely get the nomination for you. And I definitely won’t let him win the award. Using your father’s identity, I doubt there will be anyone who wouldn’t give him face.” As soon as Wei Xinyi heard that this involved Luo Lingxing, she became angry. Her hatred and malice toward Luo was no less than her son’s.

If it weren’t for this teenager blocking her, she would have been the legitimate wife of the Su family. And she wouldn’t have had to follow Su Weizhi for so many years or have been ridiculed for so many years. Therefore, she hated Luo Lingxing. Loathed him!

Although Wei Xinyi guaranteed this, Su Lingping still felt that he couldn’t let Luo Lingxing off so easily. The biggest worry during the film festival was having a scandal exposed about one of the nominees. If that happened, there was basically no chance of winning the award. Since the person had already been nominated and he couldn’t prevent that, then he definitely wouldn’t allow him to have the possibility of winning the award.

Su Lingping’s eyes were full of malice. He opened his terminal, found Liu Guanghua’s number and called it. Ever since they cooperated last time, they had stayed in contact. The two usually made an appointment to hang out. Since their statuses were similar, they had similar interests, and they also had a common enemy, they had a lot in common and got along well. He was sure that hearing that Luo Lingxing was nominated, Liu Guanghua wouldn’t be happy either. Since that was the case, they could scheme together.

“Xiao Luo, congratulations. You obtained two nominations for your very first movie. That’s really amazing,” an actress stepped forward and said with a smile.

“Thank you.” Luo Lingxing slightly nodded and thanked her.

Ever since he received the news yesterday, Chen Hongliang’s video communication had been blowing up. It was a good thing that not many people knew Luo Lingxing’s personal number or else his phone would have exploded as well. However, the hotel could be considered peaceful. Everyone who came to the crew surrounded him. It didn’t matter if they had a good relationship or bad relationship before. They all came forward to congratulate Luo Lingxing. Even if Luo Lingxing didn’t care about this matter, he couldn’t ignore these people and could only answer them spiritedly. They were all in the same crew, after all. He would have to see them again, so he had to at least show some superficial politeness.

Yao Qingqing saw Luo Lingxing, who wasn’t far away, and had a complex feeling in her heart. When she had first joined the crew, she saw that Han Yameng was unwilling to work with Luo Lingxing, so she stood on Han Yameng’s side to curry up to him. However, who would have known that Han Yameng would leave the crew that very day and Ye Luohan would replace him as the male protagonist. Anyone could see that Ye Luohan and Luo Lingxing had a good relationship. Because of what happened before, she didn’t dare get close to Ye Luohan even if she wanted to. Everyone pitied her, and some even took delight in her plight, hoping that she would have an even harder time.

Yao Qingqing regretted her original decision. If she hadn’t helped Han Yameng ostracize Luo Lingxing back then, the situation would be very different now.

Yao Qingqing tightly clenched her fists. There was a very complex and contradictory feeling in her heart. On one hand, she blamed Han Yameng for leaving the crew so easily, on the other, she blamed Luo Lingxing for being so petty. She had only made an error on the first day, but hadn’t she already learned her lesson? So what right did he have to shun her for so many days? Even the others didn’t dare get close to her.

The more Yao Qingqing thought about it, the angrier she became. Her beautiful eyes almost spewed fire, but because she had lowered her head, almost no one saw it.

“Qingqing, why don’t you apologize? It’ll be good for your future,” Yao Qingqing’s agent hesitated before speaking.

She also didn’t expect this mere newcomer to achieve such heights in such a short period of time. It wasn’t that others hadn’t shot up in fame overnight, but it was usually short-lived. So when Luo Lingxing entered the crew, she didn’t put him in her eyes. She also didn’t stop Yao Qingqing from scheming. But who knew that the little newcomer’s status would change so drastically in less than a month.

Although Luo Lingxing’s status still wasn’t as high as Yao Qingqing’s, in the past month, she was able to see clearly that this newcomer was different from those who celebrated their fifty-minutes of fame. He had good acting skills and knew when to retreat. A person like this wouldn’t have far greater achievements than just this. With time, he would become a superstar. Even if they couldn’t make friends with him, they definitely couldn’t offend him.

Yao Qingqing’s agent was actually very worried. If she had known, she would have stopped Yao Qingqing from the beginning. She hoped that this newcomer wasn’t too narrow-minded.

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