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There was a certain forum that was the favorite place for gossip. It was also the place celebrities hated the most because celebrities’s dark histories would often appear here.

Post subject: Let’s discuss a certain teen idol who relies on his body to rise his rank: Recently, there have been many new teen idols in the entertainment industry. The more handsome they are, the easier time they have moving up since we all love looks. For celebrities, their face is their most valuable asset, and it’s also the thing fans love the most. If they continued steadfastly, they would naturally gain lots of fans. However, there will always be those who want to take a shortcut. They don’t want to put it in the work but expect to be rewarded. However, is there such a good thing in this world? You must always pay with something. Since they don’t want to pay with sweat, they must obviously pay with their bodies to obtain what they want. It’s because of these rotten apples within the entertainment industry that outsiders are full of misunderstandings and speculation about the industry.

I’ll cut to the chase. Let’s talk about this teen idol that I know. This teen idol was unknown when he first debuted. He used some extraordinary means to obtain a supporting role in a TV drama. Afterward, he quickly pushed past the normal route that newcomers of his level must go through to obtain a movie opportunity that even experienced actors would covet. Moreover, he quickly squeezed out the female protagonist, replacing her to consummate with the male protagonist. In fact, I’m flabbergasted just thinking about this. As an actor, it’s normal to want more screen time, but how can a man steal a woman’s role? Don’t you feel ashamed? And I really can’t understand how the director could boldly change the ending for a newcomer who had just debuted.

Seeing this, everyone must think that this newcomer is very powerful. After all, he could make a director change the ending of his film. That’s something not many people could do, but since he was able to do it, it would be strange if he didn’t have a backer.

Not only that, this teen idol recently accepted a TV drama as the male protagonist. It’s already the role that acts the most in the film. To other newcomers, this is already a very rare opportunity. Unfortunately, he was still not satisfied because this TV drama had two male protagonists. The other male protagonist probably didn’t have a high enough status to hype him up, so he plotted to have the other male protagonist replaced to someone with a higher status. He would entangle himself with the other male protagonist on set every day in order to create more hype.

Reading this far, I’m sure everyone can guess who I’m talking about. Yes, that’s right, I don’t plan to hide it either. I’m talking about Luo Lingxing. I’m sure the recent news of ‘Supreme Duel Heros’ replacing their actor has caused a lot of noise, and everyone has heard about it already. One of the male protagonists of ‘Supreme Duel Heros’ was supposed to be Han Yameng, but he was later replaced by Ye Luohan. Between Ye Luohan and Han Yameng, I’m sure everyone would undoubtedly choose the former. It can’t be helped that his status and popularity is higher. As long as one stuck to his side, their popularity would also double.

Therefore, Luo Lingxing isn’t a fool. He naturally knew who would help him climb up faster. It’s said that after the Liu Group withdrew their investment, he personally made up for all the lost investment. As a newcomer who had just debuted and only had two films under his belt, where did he get all that money? Who would believe it if he said he didn’t have a backer!

Moreover, numerous Weibo scandals have also surfaced recently. He’s using Ye Luohan to unabashedly hype himself. It’s so fake and disgusting to see. What’s most disgusting is that not only did he squeeze Han Yameng out, he even spread rumors online and made false accusations. How is a person like this worthy of staying in the entertainment industry? He’s going to make a complete mess of the entire industry! Luo-fans should all open their eyes and take a good look at how your idol acts. This is the true face of your idol! Just because this down-to-earth person who fought step by step to gain his current status didn’t have a backer, he was pulled down by this person using unscrupulous means to accomplish his goals. This kind of person doesn’t deserve to be an idol. He’ll corrupt our children. This kind of person should get out of the entertainment industry!

Luo-fan 1: What nonsense. Luoluo would never use those kinds of means to get to the top. It’s all hearsay. If you feel that you are so righteous, why don’t you just ascend to the heavens? Luo-fan 2: The last couple sentences must be what you really want to say, right? You’re trying to clear Han Yameng’s name? Hehe, all water armies talk like fanatics. I wonder who dared to hire you?

Hater 1: [satisfied] I said it a long time ago, Luo Lingxing is a nobody. He’s disgusting. As expected, the truth is being revealed one by one. For a celebrity to act like this, is he not afraid of others finding out that he has a backer? Hater 2: The heavens are watching our actions. If there’s someone who can’t stand to watch his actions, then we should come out. As a newcomer, he shouldn’t act so arrogant. Those who are arrogant will be struck by lightning. 

Luo-fan 3: The previous poster must be crazy. The little prince has worked hard step by step to accomplish all of this himself. It’s because the little prince is too exceptional and achieved excellent results, so he’s too eye-catching. Since he’s like that, there are many who have become jealous.

Passerby 1: How exciting. This is what you call truly living. How splendid and colorful. Tsk tsk… Passerby 2: I’m not a Luo-fan, but think of how old Luo Lingxing is. He can’t be that scheming, right? 

Hater 1: The previous poster is too naive. This is nothing. The entertainment industry is full of corruption. They would do anything to get famous. Even things that you can’t imagine, they are willing to do. 

Passerby 3: If all of this is true, he’s truly too terrifying. 

Ye-fanatic 1: Post owner, you can crusade whoever you want, but don’t you dare involve my Male God. My Male God is a high branch that can’t be climbed by just anyone. 

Ye-rational fan: The previous poster must be a huge hater of our Male God, right? Even if you don’t speak, no one will think you’re a mute. 

Passerby 4: Just what kind of holy person is Luo Lingxing? I feel like I see this name everywhere recently. 

Hater 3: You can find this out just by looking it up. He’s a newcomer who wastes no effort jumping around that this post is talking about. This entire post is to solemnly condemn Luo Lingxing regarding his shamelessness, as well as clear Han Yameng’s name from his recent negative news. It has attracted the attention of countless fans and passersby. A battle of words is of course inevitable.

Luo-fan naturally wouldn’t allow anyone to slander their idol. The haters also wouldn’t let go of this opportunity to slander. There were also some Ye Luohan’s fanatic and rational fans mixed in. All in all, it was chaos.

Recently, the frequency of hot searches and gossip reports on Weibo regarding Luo Lingxing was too high. Those who wanted to cause scandals to gain fame had to obediently take the backseat.

There was obviously a bloody storm online, but the involved person was still calm, as if he wasn’t the one everyone was discussing.

Chen Hongliang looked at the top ten hot search list on Weibo. Luo Lingxing occupied half of them. He didn’t know if he should be happy about all this exposure or if he should worry that he would be blacklisted.

“Why aren’t you the least bit worried?” Chen Hongliang glanced at Luo Lingxing, who had been very calm, and he suddenly didn’t feel as anxious as before.

One had to know that in the past, once he saw negative news about Luo Lingxing online, he would instantly become anxious and would even sometimes join the battle.

However, after experiencing it more often, and especially since Luo Lingxing wasn’t the least bit worried, he, who was next to Luo Lingxing, also slowly stopped worrying.

Was calmness contagious? Did that mean the anxiety he previously felt was all self-inflicted?

“What’s there to worry about? Those with a discerning eye will know that this was all made up at a glance,” Luo Lingxing calmly said. What was done was done, and he had a clear conscience, so naturally there was nothing to worry about. If worrying was helpful, then of course he would worry.

“Even if it’s all made up, a lot of people are saying it. Numerous passersby who don’t know the truth will believe it. When that happens, you’ll be in trouble.” Chen Hongliang was very curious about how Luo Lingxing cultivated such a calm personality. The ability to stay calm under this kind of disaster was amazing.

“They won’t be around for long,” Luo Lingxing said with an inscrutable look. He had sensed that this event wouldn’t end so simply. There would always be someone who wanted to shoot him down, but in the end, they had no means to hurt him in the slightest. In fast, it was these people who wanted to slander him who would have a bad ending.

Don’t ask him why he had this hunch because he didn’t know either. He just had a feeling.

If he was an ordinary person, he might not have taken this feeling seriously. However, as a cultivator, Luo Lingxing’s foresight had always been stronger than ordinary people, and they often became reality.

Of course, even if he had this kind of feeling, he wouldn’t stay still and do nothing. Those who dared slander him, he had to at least teach them a lesson or else they would jump around again later, making him feel disgusted.

Moreover, he wasn’t a pushover who would be pushed around without complaint.

Since the entertainment industry valued public opinion, then he would use the same made to give the other person a taste of his own medicine. He liked this saying a lot.

Chen Hongliang glanced at Luo Lingxing with a complicated expression. Confusion, trust, questioning were all displayed, but there was never any doubt.

The more he interacted with Luo Lingxing, the more Chen Hongliang felt that he had this otherworldly feeling. Sometimes he felt that Luo Lingxing was on a pedestal, high and unreachable, like how he seemed now.

However, he also sometimes felt that the other party was ignorant like a child. For example, he had a terrible temper when he was woken up. Ever since he (CHL) was kicked, he didn’t dare to personally wake Luo Lingxing up again.

In any case, Chen Hongliang thought that his impressions of Luo Lingxing were quite contradictory, but he trusted Luo Lingxing’s abilities.

Moreover, Chen Hongliang didn’t have any doubt about Luo Lingxing’s acting skills and abilities. He had faith that Luo Lingxing would go far in the entertainment industry. He had no doubts about that, or else he wouldn’t have continued to act so “recklessly.”

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