IMG Chapter 144 My Fiancé

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Han-Xing fan 1: Ahhh… What is going on? Can someone tell me what’s happening? The Male God is actually eating with the little prince, and they even posted on Weibo together. Are they going public? 

Ye-fanatic: Previous poster, can you not overthink so much? All they did was eat together, how is that going public? There are so many people who have eaten with the Male God. Are you saying that he’s dating every single one of them?

Han-Xing fan 2: There might be a lot of people who eat with him, but which one of them have you seen him take a picture with and post on Weibo?

Ye-fanatic 2: It’s one thing if a certain group of shippers silently fangirl on their own, but can they stop jumping to conclusions? Can they stop always putting our Male with a certain someone? That person isn’t good enough for our Male God. He’s not even good enough for our Male God’s little finger, yet he’s shameless enough to stick to our Male God all day long. So brazen. 

Luo-fan: The previous poster needs to wash their mouth with soap. How are you seeing that it’s our Luoluo who keeps sticking to the Male God? It’s obvious that the Male God wants it. 

Han-Xing fan 2: The Male God shared the sweetness himself. Even if certain fans are unhappy, they still shouldn’t casually insult others. 

Han-Xing fan 1: When have you seen the Male God post a picture of someone else on Weibo before? This is the first time. The first time!

Ye-fanatic 3: Who knows if it’s because a certain someone had pestered our Male God. Perhaps our Male God was put in a difficult position.

Ye-rational fan 1: Everyone, stop fighting. The Male God merely had a meal with someone. What’s there to fight about? The Male God has worked with Luo Lingxing twice now, and they have a good relationship. Isn’t it normal for them to have a meal together? That group of fanatics, can you please stop tarnishing our Male God’s image? 

Luo-fan 2: That’s right. Because of a certain group of fanatics, the fan space has been in turmoil.

Not only were the fans arguing online, the media had also been paying attention to this. One of the main protagonists of this story was Ye Luohan, so this was already a very hot topic. Countless eyes were on it. Moreover, the other protagonist of this scandal was the same person as yesterday’s scandal, making this topic even more explosive.

The media were simply crazy with joy. The hands which wrote the reports were going soft. They would write whatever headline that would catch people’s attention. the colorful depictions were written as if they had personally seen what happened at the sight.

The artists within the industry were also paying attention to this topic. Countless people even planned to insert themselves into this topic. Even if their reputation was a bit stained, the amount of exposure they would get would be immense.

Therefore, countless small artists from the crew appeared and tactfully broke the news of the warm interactions Luo Lingxing and Ye Luohan had on set to the media and fans. Although the words were very vague, everyone listened with relish. The media were even more active in chasing the wind and spreading hype. The scandal couldn’t be stopped. Of course, a certain person had no intention of stopping it in the first place.

“Hehe, he really dug a hole for himself. I was thinking of how to deal with him, but he already sent himself to death’s door.” Han Yameng read the reports online. The corners of his mouth lifted in a malicious smile.

Since negative news regarding him had appeared online, his popularity had dropped a lot. Numerous jobs that he had lined up were pushed aside. His agency even had him take a short break until the negative news cleared up.

Hehe. Don’t think that he hadn’t realized his agency’s plan. What break? For an artist,especially a popular star, a period of no exposure is basically the same as getting shelved. If he waited until the news settled to return, who would still remember him?

If it weren’t for Luo Lingxing, he wouldn’t had fallen to this level. At that time, he wondered how a little newcomer had the guts to go against him. It turned out to be because he had someone powerful behind him. That was where he gained confidence.

In that case, let him be completely ruined. He wanted to see how he (LLX) would continue in the industry with everyone on his back!

Han Yameng’s thoughts were a bit twisted, but his hand movements didn’t stop in the slightest. He contacted the water army he often cooperated with, explained the situation in a few words, and exposed a cheerful expression.

In a short period of time, the comments online became even more intense. Chen Hongliang and Xiao Ming were about to go bald. Unfortunately, the two main protagonists hadn’t returned yet. It seemed that they were more worried than the two people actually involved.

It was predicted that once Luo Lingxing and Ye Luohan returned, they would definitely be severely lectured by their agents.

“Little ancestor, do you  know what you’ve done? Yesterday’s incident hadn’t even subsided yet, and as a result, you stirred up trouble today as well. Go have a meal with the Male God if you want to, but why did you have to post about it on Weibo?” Chen Hongliang was the personification of rage. He used all his willpower to stop himself from opening Luo Lingxing’s head to look inside.

“He said that I have to post on Weibo often so that the fans will be happy,” Luo Lingxing innocently said.

Chen Hongliang: …

“You can post more often on Weibo, but don’t post things that people can easily misunderstand.” Chen Hongliang felt weak. “But he also posted it. He said if I didn’t post it and he was the only one to post it, the fans would get even more worked up,” Luo Lingxing repeated to Chen Hongliang what Ye Luohan had said.

Chen Hongliang: …God Ye, what in the world were you thinking?

Meanwhile, Xiao Ming also had a headache while facing Ye Luohan. Unlike Chen Hongliang’s fury, his face showed helplessness.

“What in the world are you trying to do?” Xiao Ming couldn’t understand Ye Luohan’s actions.

He had inadvertently asked the question that Chen Hongliang was thinking. If Chen Hongliang was here, he would definitely give him a thumb’s up.

Ever since Xiao Ming started representing Ye Luohan, this was the first time he’d seen Ye Luohan treat someone specially. When Luo Lingxing had opened his Weibo account, he was also the first to follow him. God knew how the person who had not been on Weibo in ages found out that the other party had created a Weibo account.

Ye Luohan’s own Weibo hadn’t been updated in years. The occasional times where he had updated it, he would only repost official announcements from the set. His personal Weibo posts were very rare, so forget about posting pictures of someone else. In the end, he suddenly posted and dropped a huge bomb on his fans.

Moreover, he, who had never participated in auditions, had personally joined a newcomer’s audition for the ‘Interstellar Mecha’. And after learning that one of the male protagonists of ‘Supreme Duel Heros’ was stepping down, he actually took the initiative to take the role. Everyone knew that it had been years since Ye Luohan took on a TV drama.

Now thinking about it, each and every one of these abnormalities involved a certain person, and that was Luo Lingxing. Xiao Ming simply dared not think about it. He felt that he gleamed the truth.

“He’s my fiancé,” Ye Luohan calmly said, completely unaware of the impact his words had on Xiao Ming. “What did you say?” Xiao Ming dully asked. He felt that an atomic bomb had just gone off inside his head, causing him to hear things.

“You heard me,” Ye Luohan said with a displeased expression. It was clear that he didn’t want to repeat himself, and he was also unhappy with Xiao Xing’s reaction.

“A-are you telling me the truth?” Xiao Ming asked with a glimmer of hope, but Ye Luohan’s silence was tacit acquaintance.

Fiancé? They turned out to be fiancés? My god! Why wasn’t he notified earlier? Why did he have to be told now? He would rather not know about this. This bastard only knew how to give him trouble!

Xiao Ming immediately regretted stopping Ye Luohan just now. He should have just let the bastard go to sleep and acted as if today’s incident had never happened.

Xiao Ming didn’t dare imagine what would happen if this bastard’s fans knew that he wasn’t just dating, but he actually had a fiancé. He knew the impact wouldn’t be less than if the zergs attacked the Emperor Star.

Xiao Ming sadly wondered if it was too late to pretend that he didn’t hear anything just now.

“He still doesn’t know,” Ye Luohan threw out another heavy bomb.

Xiao Ming was now completely stunned. His once flexible brain could no longer turn or think.

It was one thing to have a fiancé, but it was another to have a fiancé who didn’t know his identity. What kind of situation was this?

“Clear this up for me. What is going on? Don’t tell me you got engaged with him without him even knowing?” Xiao Ming thought that this idea was impossible and not logical.

However, who knew that Ye Luohan would obediently nob and confirm his hypothesis.

Luoluo and his engagement really was arranged by their parents without obtaining the two’s consent first. However, he was now extremely grateful to his parents for arranging it so early, or else how would he have encountered his adorable Luoluo?

Xiao Ming felt that he was hit with too many bombs today. His three views were shattered, but the bastard in front of him acted as if nothing had happened.

“Are you unaware that it is illegal to get engaged with someone without their consent?” Xiao Ming couldn’t help but show his fury. If it wasn’t for the fact that they were currently at the hotel, the volume of his fury might have shattered the sky.

Ye Luohan heard the harshness in his tone and said with a frown, “Our families agreed to it.”

“His family also agreed?”

“Hm.” Of course they agreed. Moreover, the other party were the ones who looked for them. How else would the engagement have happened?

Xiao Ming felt that his brain wasn’t being used enough. He clearly knew that he shouldn’t continue to ask, but he couldn’t control his mouth.

“His family agreed, but no one told him. Aren’t you guys just tricking him into marriage?”

Ye Luohan, who had no competition as the most desired person in the entire empire, actually needed to use these kinds of means to trick someone into marriage. It seemed too strange no matter how he thought about it.

With a hook of a finger, thousands of men and women would fight to marry him, yet he had to “trick” someone into marriage?

A cold light flashed through Ye Luohan’s eyes, frightenting Xiao Ming. It was only then that he realized what he had said.

“Um, that’s not what I mean. I’m saying that…um…” Xiao Ming stammered. He wanted to explain, but he didn’t know how to because that really was what he’d meant.

“He knows that I’m his fiancé, but he only knows my identity as Han Junzhan.” This was the first time Ye Luohan said this many words to someone other than Luo Lingxing.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Xiao Ming was one of the few people who knew about his dual identity, he wouldn’t bother speaking nonsense with him.

Xiao Ming understood everything at once. He suddenly developed a sense of sympathy for Luo Lingxing. To marry such a cold person, who knew if they would be sexually blessed in the future. However, he was aware of how different Ye Luohan was when facing Luo Lingxing. Perhaps they would be very blessed together.

In short, he felt that he had learned too many secrets tonight. He didn’t know if he could see the sun tomorrow morning. How depressing!

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