IMG Chapter 79 Military District Swaps Pointers

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Han Shuxin kept thinking about the promise Luo Lingxing made to her to make her something delicious. That was why she woke up early, and with Aunt Lin’s help, washed up and got dressed. Afterwards, she padded down the stairs to make a beeline for the kitchen.

However, on her way to the kitchen, she encountered a person who had the same objective as her.

“Uncle, big brother said he’s going to cook for me, not you,” Han Shuxin looked at Han Junzhan with dissatisfaction, her small hand resting on her hip as she said.

Han Junzhan was too lazy to pay attention to this mischievous brat, and didn’t stop his footsteps as he walked towards the kitchen.

Yesterday, he had already let this mischievous brat take too much of an advantage. How could he continue to let her do as she pleased? It would be too shameful.

Han Shuxin saw that Han Junzhan didn’t stop. Afraid that the food that should belong to her would be stolen, she lifted up her princess dress and also quickly ran downstairs.

“Ah, little miss, slow down so you don’t fall.” Aunt Lin was behind them, scared witless. The little miss swayed side to side as she ran, and it would be very easy for her to fall. Everyone would be worried to death if she fell/

“Grandma Lin, I’m fine. You should quickly go to the kitchen to find big brother first. Don’t let him give his homemade food to Uncle.” Han Shuxin was small and had short legs so she couldn’t outrun Han Junzhan. This made her extremely anxious.

“Okay, okay. Grandma Lin will help tell him so don’t run or else Grandma Lin will be worried,” Aunt Lin patiently coaxed, not daring to go too far from her.

Looking at the anxious little miss, she felt a bit dissatisfied with the young master. The young master was too much. He was actually fighting over food with a child. However, from another point of view, one could say that the young master had gained another emotion, which seemed like a good thing.

Hahh… She was really at a loss.

Han Junzhan arrived at the kitchen first and smelled the sweet fragrant wafting inside. Even if he didn’t really like sweets, he still couldn’t help but want a taste of it.

“What are you making?” Han Junzhan asked as he looked at the tiramisu that was neatly lined on the table.

“Tiramisu. I just learned how to make it. Wanna try?” Luo Lingxing asked.

“Okay.” Han Junzhan nodded, then received the tiramisu that Luo Lingxing personally hand fed him. The sweet flavor melted in his mouth and flowed all the way to his heart. The corners of his mouth involuntarily lifted up a bit, his mood good.

Luo Lingxing saw the smile Han Junzhan revealed. Although the curve of the smile wasn’t large, it still stunned him.

Since the first time he saw this man, he had only seen this man’s paralyzed face without a single expression. It was the first time seeing him smile like this, however…

“You look very good when you smile. You should smile more,” Luo Lingxing said the words inside his heart.

The originally slightly curved corners of his lips raised into a bigger degree, and a certain someone’s mood became even brighter. Even Han Shuxin, who was about to arrive, couldn’t affect his good mood.

“It smells so good! Big brother, what are you making?” Han Shuxin hurriedly rushed over, and then was attracted by the sweet fragrance.

“Tiramisu. It’ll be ready soon. You two go outside and wait,” Luo Lingxing said to the people standing inside the kitchen.

Although they were reluctant, Han Junzhan and Han Shuxin didn’t disobey Luo Lingxing’s wishes, and so they reluctantly left the kitchen.

However, Han Junzhan was still happy since he at least had a taste of the tiramisu before, and he was even handfed by Luo Lingxing. While Han Shuxin, that brat, didn’t get to eat anything. Sure enough, in Luoluo’s heart, he was more important than this brat.

If the people in the military district knew Han Junzhan’s current thoughts, who knew how shocked they’d be.

Very quickly, Luo Lingxing carried the completed tiramisu and warm milk to the dining room. He saw the Han family uncle and niece obediently sitting at the dining table like they were crying for food. He thought it was very interesting.

“Can we just eat this for breakfast? Or would you two like some porridge as well?” Luo Lingxing asked.

“Big brother, this is delicious. Xinxin loves it.” Han Shuxin grabbed a tiramisu and took a bite, not sparing her smiles and praise.

“It’s very good.” Although Han Junzhan didn’t say much, it was already a lot better than before.

Since everyone didn’t mind, Luo Lingxing also sat down and ate breakfast with them.

Since it was the weekend, after they finished breakfast, Luo Lingxing and Han Junzhan went to the military district together to continue training. When Han Shuxin found out, she made a fuss and wanted to go to the military district with them as well.

“No, the military district isn’t a nursery school. Kids can’t go there,” Han Junzhan rejected without a trace of politeness.

Han Shuxin wasn’t happy. In the end, Luo Lingxing had to patiently persuade her, and was finally able to coax her after signing ten autographs for her.

Looking at the pouting Han Shuxin who had to stay at home, Han Junzhan’s mood got even better. Without the brat, he and Luoluo could go to the military district by themselves. Yes, today’s weather was very good.

Once Luo Lingxing entered the military district, he clearly felt that the atmosphere inside the military district was a bit strange. However, he couldn’t pinpoint exactly where.

The passing soldiers would cast their eyes onto Luo Lingxing’s body from time to time. However, when he glanced over, they would immediately turn their gaze.

Luo Lingxing was confused as he walked toward his usual training spot. He realized that the strange atmosphere was even more prevalent here. Moreover, it seemed like there were a lot of strangers here as well.

“Boss, you’re finally here.” When Zhang Xuan saw Han Junzhan, he immediately ran over with an aggrieved expression.

Han Junzhan didn’t answer, only slightly raising his brows.

“Boss, the regimental commanders of the second, third, as well as the fourth legions have come. They’re all here for Xiao Luo,” Zhang Xuan reported to Han Junzhan. When he spoke the end of the sentence, he purposefully lowered his voice, his gaze secretly looking at those currently surrounding Legions.

Hearing those words, Han Junzhan furrowed his brows, his face frozen stiff.

At this moment, the regimental commanders Zhang Xuan spoke of turned to look at Han Junzhan. They immediately walked toward them, their faces full of smiles.

“You guys have been expelled by the legion. I don’t accept people who have been expelled,” Han Junzhan said with a poisonous tongue that he rarely had.

The several regimental commanders’ mouths twitched, the smiles on their faces hadn’t disappeared. The bros walked over  and patted Han Junzhan’s shoulder, and said, “I heard that the first legion had a very talented seedling, so I came over to take a look. Don’t be so stingy.”

”There’s nothing like that,” Han Junzhan brushed off their claws, and said coolly.

”How could that be? Isn’t it that person standing right over there?” The regimental commander of the second legion lifted his chin in the direction Luo Lingxing was standing, indicating that the person they wanted to see was right there.

In fact, regarding the matter of Luo Lingxing training in the military district, this wasn’t the first time they had heard of it. However, they had only heard that Han Junzhan had brought someone here and that they weren’t a recruit. Therefore, they didn’t take much interest in it. But after what happened with Lieutenant General Zhou yesterday, the entire military district was probably curious about this youth. If it wasn’t because some people were too busy and couldn’t get away from their military affairs, the training grounds of the first legion wouldn’t only have these few regimental commanders here to take a look at Luo Lingxing. Seeing that Luo Lingxing wasn’t as sturdy as a soldier, his body was slender and he wasn’t very tall, they really couldn’t imagine that he could knock down Lieutenant General Zhou.

Although Lieutenant General Zhou had participated in the fight as a teaching experience and he wouldn’t use a lot of power when he hit, for someone to be able to knock the lieutenant general down in a matter of seconds, there weren’t many who could do that. When the three regimental commanders saw Han Junzhan entangled with others, they couldn’t help but walk in front of Luo Lingxing. When they were a few steps away from him, they firmly decided to make their move and launched an attack at Luo Lingxing.

Luo Lingxing sensed that he was in danger, and his body reacted before his brain. He quickly dodged to the side, launching a counterattack at the same time. He gathered his spiritual energy in his hands, immediately becoming invincible as he quickly and fiercely threw the enemies out. From dodging to launching a counterattack, it didn’t take more than two seconds. He was so quick that the others couldn’t react in time.

A loud thud sounded, interrupting Han Junzhan who was currently speaking with a few regimental commanders. Everyone stared dumbfounded at the three regimental commanders who still hadn’t reacted. When they saw the serious-faced Luo Lingxing, who was standing above them looking down, they were momentarily silenced.

Han Junzhan’s brows furrowed even deeper. He took a few steps before arriving in front of Luo Lingxing, appraising him up and down. He finally relaxed after seeing that Luo Lingxing wasn’t injured, then he turned his gaze to glare at the three regimental commanders lying on the ground.

The third regimental commander awkwardly rubbed his nose as he climbed up from the group, chuckling. “Don’t be mad. I was just testing him. That’s all. I didn’t expect him to be so skilled at such a young age. No wonder the lieutenant general suffered yesterday as well.”

Up until now, Luo Lingxing still hadn’t figured out what had happened. Why did someone sneak attack him? And seeing Han Junzhan’s reaction, it was clear that he knew them.

Luo Lingxing walked behind Han Junzhan, his hand reaching out to grab hold of Han Junzhan’s clothes. He didn’t say a word.

“Hey, I’m not a bad person. My name is Zheng Hexu. I’m the regimental commander of the third legion, and I have the same military rank as this guy. Are you interested in swapping pointers with me?” Zheng Hexu raised a brow as he asked Luo Lingxing who was standing behind Han Junzhan.

Luo Lingxing blinked, wide-eyed. It was clear that he still hadn’t figured out the current situation. However, he could clearly understand the words that were being said.

“How should we swap pointers?” When Han Junzhan was just about to stop it, Luo Lingxing asked the question. In his previous life, there would often be people who came up to him and asked to swap pointers. Back then, they would use their spiritual energy to do it, but the people these days obviously didn’t have spiritual energy, and they couldn’t cultivate either. Therefore, the method of swapping pointers shouldn’t be the one he normally used or else even if his current cultivation was low, these people would never be able to beat him.

“We’ll compete and learn from each other. Your move just now was too fast. How did you do it?” Zheng Hexu and the others curiously looked at Luo Lingxing.

Luo Lingxing thought for a moment before agreeing, but he didn’t answer their question since he had just spiritual energy just now. If he hadn’t used spiritual energy, he could have never moved that quickly with his current physique.

However, he had used a bit less spiritual energy just now or else the people who were currently lying down would have all needed to go to the hospital.

As soon as the people in the training ground heard that Luo Lingxing was going to swap pointers with the third legion’s regimental commander, they all stopped their current training, and quietly surrounded them to watch the fun.

“You’re still young so you can make the first move,” Zheng Hexu said with a smile. He was too careless earlier and was actually thrown by the other. It was too embarrassing.

Luo Lingxing wasn’t polite, and rushed up with a piercing attack. Zheng Hexu sensed the sharp incoming wind. He retreated the sloppy smile on his face and became serious like a proper officer. They all knew how to operate mechas, and although they would operate mechas for most battles, they normally wouldn’t forget to train their physical body as well. Only a valiant physical body could operate an even higher level mecha. Moreover, wrestling was a method of strengthening the body.

Amongst the soldiers present, although his wrestling skills couldn’t be called the best, it absolutely wasn’t lacking either. However, when he faced Luo Lingxing, he finally realized what the phrase “there is a sky above the sky” truly meant.

Luo Lingxing’s move was crafty and sharp, making others unable to guard against it. It was completely different from the wrestling and other martial arts that he (ZHX) had normally learned. Moreover, Luo Lingxing was petite and especially flexible. He was like slippery mud that one couldn’t grab hold on. It was very depressing.

The crowd outside was shocked as well. Since they were watching from the outside, they could see even more clearly the changes inside the fight. The two people both threw out attacks very quickly. Zheng Hexu’s attacks were known for their strength, both heavy and powerful. If one was hit by it, they would definitely suffer a lot. However, Luo Lingxing was very nimble. It seemed like Zheng Hexu couldn’t attack him at all. Every time it looked like he was just about to hit him, they would immediately see Luo Lingxing appear in a completely different direction. He was so fast that the others couldn’t see his trajectory at all.

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