IMG Chapter 78 Uncle And Niece Struggle

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Aunt Lin couldn’t help but wipe the cold sweat from her forehead. Seeing the angry young master and the little miss who was pouring kerosene on the fire, she really didn’t know what to do.

And Luo Lingxing was even more stunned. He never thought that the first kiss as well as the second kiss he had protected for a thousand years would be lost on the same day. Moreover, they were both lost to the uncle and niece of the Han family. W-What is going on here?

Luo Lingxing didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.

“Aunt Lin, send her back!” Han Junzhan tried to suppress the cross-popping veins that were forming on his forehead, as he said in an unyielding tone.

“No, I want big brother.” Han Shuxin muttered with dissatisfaction. Her small hands tightly wrapped around Luo Lingxing’s neck as she buried her head in the space between her neck

Han Junzhan felt that the girl’s movements were becoming more and more of an eyesore. He hadn’t even been able to act this intimately with Luoluo yet, while this mischievous girl was taking advantage of him. It was simply unbearable.

Han Junzhan quickly video called a certain person, and after seeing the small figure appear on the screen, all the accumulated anger he felt towards Han Shuxin was vented on this person.

“Quickly take your daughter away or else I’ll make her sleep on the streets tonight!” Han Junzhan gritted his teeth and said.

Han Junyu, who was on the other side of the screen, was clearly shocked. He had probably never seen Han Junzhan this angry before.

Although Han Junzhan also didn’t know how to deal with children before, he had never been so angry with a child before either. Or perhaps it was better to say that it was rare for anyone to anger the rather emotionless Han Junzhan. This really was a fantastic story. He was really curious about what his daughter did to make his younger brother who had face paralysis mad.

He understood his own daughter. Although she was usually delicate and a bit willful, she wasn’t a horrible child. On the contrary, she was loved by all. So why did it seem like she wasn’t liked now?

Just as Han Junyu was trying his best to guess the situation, his daughter’s voice came from the other side of the screen.

“I don’t wanna. I wanna sleep with big brother tonight.”

Han Junyu swore that in that moment, he could definitely see the cross-popping veins forming on his younger brother’s forehead. His face darkened and his anger was about to directly pass through the screen.

Thinking of the reason why his daughter went to his younger brother’s house, he felt that he found the reason why his younger brother was angry.

This was a good discovery.

Hehe… This was a rarely seen opportunity. His younger brother’s usually had faint emotions, unlike a normal person’s. It was rare for him (HJZ) to have such a character, so if he (HZY) let this chance go, then what kind of older brother would he be?

“Xinxin has recently been obsessed with a TV drama,” Han Junyu cleared his voice and began. “It’s the newly popular drama ‘The Enchantress,’ and she became infatuated with the actor who plays the prince. She makes a fuss everyday about wanting to chase this celebrity. I don’t know how she found out, but she learned that the person she liked was at your place, so she bugged me to send her over. She wouldn’t listen to me at all, so I let her stay at your house for a few days first. Once her infatuation cools down a bit, I’ll bring her back home. Take good care of Xinxin for me. If you really can’t do it, you can just have your wife look after her.”

Han Junyu didn’t give his younger brother an opportunity to refuse and cut off the video call as soon as he finished speaking and blocked Han Junzhan’s calls so that he (HJZ) couldn’t call back.

Luo Lingxing the entire conversation between Han Junyu and Han Junzhan, and realized that the little girl in his embrace was actually his fan. No wonder he thought it was a bit strange when he first saw her. She was clearly an ordinary person, but there were always some white spots surrounding her.

Now Luo Lingxing understood that the white spots surrounding Han Shuxin’s body was Power of Faith. Probably since she was still young, it was completely instinctive of her to worship and like her idol and she was unable to control it. That was why  Power of Faith would emit from her body from time to time.

“Xinxin likes big brother. I really like you.” Han Shuxin hugged Luo Lingxing’s neck as she constantly rubbed her small head against him to express her love.

At this time, the Power of Faith surrounding Han Shuxin continuously got thicker, then it revolved around Luo Lingxing’s body. This probably happened because Han Junyu’s words from earlier reminded her of the robe wearing little prince, and so her love for Luo Lingxing had also increased a lot. Thus, the Power of Faith also got thicker.

Feeling the Power of Faith gently revolve around him and drill itself into his body made him feel very comfortable, and Luo Lingxing became a lot happier.

He has now gained more patience and become a lot more gentler towards this fan of his. Especially since this little girl was Han Junzhan’s niece.

And so, this idol and fan interacted very harmoniously. Beside them stood a dark-faced god who was glaring daggers at Han Shuxin, who wanted nothing more than to toss her out. However, seeing Luo Lingxing’s gentle smile, his anger dissipated a bit.

Han Junzhan’s gaze lingered on Luo Lingxing as it trickled down from his eyes, the tip of his nose, and finally stopped at those pink lips. Remember the warmth and taste of the earlier touch, an electric current suddenly shot through his body, making him shudder.

This feeling was very unfamiliar, but he didn’t want it to stop, making him want more and more. Although Han Junzhan didn’t understand it, it didn’t affect his body’s instincts.

Han Junzhan stepped forward and “peeled” Han Shuxin off Luo Lingxing’s body, then threw her at Aunt Lin. “It’s getting late. Children should sleep early,” he said.

Han Shuxin waved her arms in dissatisfaction, seeking Luo Lingxing’s hug again. However, when Luo Lingxing opened his mouth to speak, she suddenly became very obedient.

“Go to sleep now. I’ll make you delicious food tomorrow,” Luo Lingxing said with a smile, his expression towards Han Shuxin was very gentle.

In fact, Luo Lingxing had always liked children. When he was still a prince, he loved his imperial older brother’s son. He was small, soft, and sweet smelling. He felt really good to hug. And so seeing Han Shuxin now, he couldn’t help but to soften his attitude and actions.

After hearing Luo Lingxing’s words, Han Shuxin finally stopped struggling. Her small hand obediently circled around Aunt Lin’s neck. She looked towards Luo Lingxing and said in a milky voice, “Then, big brother, you must cook for me tomorrow.”

“Mn,” Luo Lingxing replied.

Han Shuxin’s mischievous mind thought for a second before adding on, “You can only cook for me. Don’t let my uncle eat.”

It was obvious that the child had not forgotten the matter of her uncle wanting to rob her big brother. He had even complained to her daddy!

Han Junzhan, who had finally calmed his emotions with much effort, was once again provoked and angered. If she wasn’t his niece, she probably would have long been beaten until even her parents wouldn’t be able to recognize her.

This mischievous child was really good at taking an inch but wanting a mile. Luoluo had never said he would cook for him (HJZ) before. So this mischievous child was the first one to be able to try his cooking, yet she still wasn’t satisfied.

Even if Han Junzhan was angry, he couldn’t do anything to Han Shuxin. In the end, all he could do was look at Luo Lingxing.

The corners of Luo Lingxing’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. He could clearly see the grievances and expectations in Han Junzhan’s eyes. He felt a headache coming.

“It’s getting late, so I’m going to sleep. See you tomorrow.” Luo Lingxing didn’t know how to reply to this pair of uncle and niece, so he could only make his escape.

Han Junzhan and Han Shuxin who were left behind glared at each other, both giving a cold snort at the same time before returning to their own rooms.

Aunt Lin witnessed the whole exchange from the beginning. Her heart fluctuated greatly before finally calming down, and in the end, she mostly felt happiness.

Although this was the first time seeing the young master act childish, the young master acting this way was more lively. Moreover, this was all thanks to the future young madam: Luo Lingxing.

It looked like the marriage the old master arranged for the young master was the correct choice. However, the next morning when Luo Lingxing woke up, he didn’t forget the promise he made to Han Shuxin last night: to cook for her.

Recently, he had been busy with filming, school, and exercising. He hadn’t cooked for a while and was looking forward to it.

However, before he started, Luo Lingxing decided to film his entire cooking process. He didn’t have any more finished videos and hadn’t posted anything on Bilibili for a while. He heard that you had to post often to attract new fans, so he wanted to use this chance to film the good food that he’d be cooking.

Before shooting, Luo Lingxing decided to see the response to the videos he had previously posted on Bilibili. He would decide what to make afterwards.

Opening the terminal and signing into Bilibili, he casually opened the last video he had uploaded. Luo Lingxing was instantly started by the bullet comments that appeared.

The bullet comments on the screen already appeared in a thick layer. If he didn’t turn off the bullet comments he wouldn’t be able to clearly see the contents of the video. This clearly showed that a lot of people were paying attention to his videos.

“I clearly followed the steps God Luo showed, but did mine turn out to look like that? What I made was a pile of shit. *depressed*”

”Hahaha… I successfully made it. It really is very tasty. I hope God Luo can make more videos so I can learn some more.”

“I also made it successfully. I made it for my boyfriend and he said it was very good.”

”As part of the clumsy club, I’ll just quietly watch God Luo cook.”

“God Luo is really skilled. God Luo’s voice sounds so nice. I wonder what he looks like? He must be very handsome!”

“I also wanted to see what God Luo looks like. God Luo, God Luo. I’m begging you to show your whole body in your next video…”

“God Luo, can you make tiramisu? I want to learn how to make tiramisu and then give it to the girl I like when I confess.”

”Wow, how romantic. It’s rare to see such a virtuous man in this day and age. God Luo, teach us how to make tiramisu next.”

“In the language of love, tiramisu means to go with me. It’s very romantic.”

Luo Lingxing kept looking through the bullet comments. Although he was reading very quickly, he didn’t miss a single comment. After he finished reading them, he decided to make tiramisu this time because he saw there were a lot of bullet comment requests for this.

Tiramisu was a western dessert and Luo Lingxing actually wasn’t very skilled at this. He hadn’t made this before, but the internet was very powerful nowadays. You could find the recipes to all common desserts online, so Luo Lingxing searched for the tiramisu recipe, then prepared the ingredients accordingly.

After setting up the camera, Luo Lingxing began recording. Of course, to the unanimous request of having him reveal his face, he completely ignored it.

Since he needed to record the detailed process, the first tiramisu he made took a long time to make. However, after he finished recording, Luo Lingxing made more tiramisus and his speed had greatly increased. Moreover, the flavor was also adjusted to be more suitable for children.

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