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While these people were talking, the 20,000 meter run had already ended. The group of recruits were huffing out breaths, Luo Lingxing only needed a moment to adjust. He used his towel to wipe the sweat on his forehead as he walked towards them.

“Where’s Junzhan?” Luo Lingxing looked left and right and didn’t see that familiar figure.

”The Major General went to the Marshal’s office. The Major General wanted me to ask you if you wanted to do other exercises after running? Zhang Xuan said, completing his duty.

“He’s going to do other exercises as well?” Zhou Kui furrowed his brow, clearly not approving. “Even if he can run 20,000 meters, his body is still like that. He’s going to over train himself.”

Luo Lingxing looked at the person who spoke. Since he didn’t recognize him and Han Junzhan wasn’t here, he didn’t pay attention to him. Instead, he pointed to a group of soldiers training in the distance and asked Zhang Xuan, “Can I try that?”

Zhang Xuan looked in that direction and saw a group of mecha troops in the middle of training. His eyes widened as he said, “You want to try using a mecha?”

It turned out that thing was called a mecha. Luo Lingxing secretly memorized this name.

This wasn’t the first time he saw mechas, but every time he saw one, he couldn’t help but be shocked by this tall machine. Especially when he saw those mechas battling each other, he felt that the long gone excitement inside his body finally returned, making him eagerly wanting to try it.

“Mn, can I try that?” Luo Lingxing asked again.

“You must have a physique of at least Grade B or higher to operate a mecha. You can’t operate it now,” Zhou Kui said instead of Zhou Kui.

Hearing this, Luo Lingxing was a bit disappointed. Thinking that his body being a Grade D was only temporary, he thought he could wait until his cultivation was a bit higher, his physique would naturally improve as well. He would be able to try using a mecha one day.

Zhou Kui saw the child’s slightly disappointed expression, his heart couldn’t bear it, so he opened his mouth to say, “Why don’t I teach you some wrestling moves? Although you can’t pilot the mecha, you can still exchange pointers with others.”

“Wrestling?” Luo Lingxing repeated. It seemed he hadn’t heard of that before. However, he knew what exchanging pointers meant. Therefore, this new thing must be good.

“Yes, would you like to learn?” Zhou Kui said with a smile. He acted like the strange uncle trying to entice the small child.

“Xiao Luo, you should learn. Lieutenant General Zhou is considered very amazing in wrestling inside the army. Moreover, you’d be exercising at the same time,” Zhang Xuan urged from the side since this was a rare opportunity.

As soon as Luo Lingxing heard about exercising, he naturally wouldn’t refuse. Therefore, he cheerfully nodded his head.

Zhou Kui rarely saw pure children like this inside the military district. For a second, he felt like he was standing in front of his own son and he became even more set on teaching wrestling.

Besides the soldiers who were currently training, when the others heard that Zhou Kui was going to teach Luo Lingxing wrestling, they all ran over to observe. This was a very rare opportunity, after all, and they could also learn a bit just by watching.

Everyone was thoughtful enough to leave enough space for them, then surrounded the circle, standing on the side to watch the excitement.

“Then I’ll teach you the simple moves first. Pay attention and watch.” Ever since Zhou Kui was promoted to the rank of general, he rarely took the initiative to teach other wrestling.

Zhou Kui assumed the wrestling posture, then quickly threw a punch to Luo Lingxing. Of course, this punch was only for show and he wasn’t really going to hit him. As a cultivator, even if Luo Lingxing knew that the other party was only demonstrating and wouldn’t actually hurt him, his body still subconsciously dodged and struck back without him thinking about it. It happened automatically, and when Luo Lingxing finally reacted to what happened, he realized that the surrounding people all stood still with a dumbstruck expression on their faces. The silent scene was a bit awkward.

Especially when Luo Lingxing saw Zhou Kui, who was lying on the ground, he felt even more embarrassed.

“Uh… Sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose,” Luo Lingxing hastily apologized. He blinked, embarrassed and at a complete loss.

At this moment, Luo Lingxing heard a very familiar voice, “What’s going on?”

Everyone finally regained their senses after hearing Han Junzhan’s voice. However, they didn’t reply Han Junzhan and kept staring at Luo Lingxing instead.

“What just happened? Why was Lieutenant General Zhou lying on the ground in the blink of an eye?” someone asked, puzzled.

“Hey, did you see what just happened?” someone else poked the person next to them and asked.

“It was too fast. I couldn’t see clearly.”

“…” Everyone buzzed with chatter, their gaze falling on Luo Lingxing every once in a while like they were looking at an alien.

Zhou Kui didn’t react for a long time before crawling up from the ground. He rubbed his sore waist then looked at the helpless Luo Lingxing. He felt that today’s experience was a bit mysterious.

“Junzhan,” Luo Lingxing softly called as he squeezed next to Luo Lingxing’s side and lightly tugged his sleeve. Han Junzhan’s heart trembled when he heard this.

“What’s wrong?” This was the first time Han Junzhan saw Luo Lingxing looking so helpless. He momentarily felt a bit distressed, and he looked at his superiors with a gaze full of criticism.

“Hey, hey, hey. I didn’t bully him,” Zhou Kui quickly said, afraid that he would become frozen by his subordinate’s icy stare.

Han Junzhan didn’t say anything and didn’t give the other party a chance to speak again either. He directly took Luo Lingxing and left the military district. It wasn’t until their shadows had completely disappeared that the others reacted, their expressions completely vexed.

It seemed like they discovered another treasure. They hoped this treasure wasn’t scared away by them.

Luo Lingxing also thought that he had overreacted earlier, however that was his body’s conditioned reflex. He couldn’t control it. It looked like he could only apologize the next time he came. Thinking like this, he threw this matter to the back of his head.

Han Junzhan saw that Luo Lingxing was fine and wasn’t hurt, so he finally relaxed. However, the sound of a certain person calling his name lingered in his heart, making it tremble slightly.

When the two arrived home, it was already dinnertime. Aunt Lin had already become accustomed to this a long time ago. When she saw the two return home, she called them to eat.

“Mn.” Han Junzhan nodded, then pulled Luo Lingxing upstairs to change. In the end, they walked halfway before being stopped by a little mischievous child who came from who knows where.

The person blocking their path was a little five year old girl with pigtails. She was wearing a pretty princess dress, making her look very delicate and cute like a doll.

The little girl’s gaze was fixed on Luo Lingxing and she wasn’t blinking at all.

When Han Junzhan saw the child, he couldn’t help but hold his forehead and asked Aunt Lin who was behind them, “Who brought her here?”

“The eldest young master sent her here. The little miss said she wanted to come find her older brother, therefore the eldest young master said she could come and stay for a few days,” Aunt Lin answered truthfully.

The eldest young master that she spoke of was the eldest son of the Han family, Han Junyu. He was Han Junzhan’s older brother. And this little girl was Han Junyu’s daughter, Han Shuxin.

“You don’t have an older brother here,” Han Junzhan said helplessly. He had no idea how to deal with children, and normally, this niece of his wouldn’t come here.

Han Shuxin completely ignored Han Junzhan, her line of sight completely focused on Luo Lingxing. A beautiful smile instantly blossomed on her delicate face. She threw herself at Luo Lingxing, her small hand tightly holding onto Luo Lingxing’s thigh as she called out in a sweet voice, “Older brother. Pretty older brother.”

It was obvious little friend Han Shuxin came here to look for Luo Lingxing.

Han Junzhan’s expression was a bit gloomy. His eyes were tightly fixed on Han Shuxin’s two arms which were wrapped around Luo Lingxing’s thighs.

Han Shuxin innocently looked at Luo Lingxing and said, “Older brother, older brother, Xinxin1 likes you. Can Xinxin marry you when I grow up?”

When Han Junzhan heard this, his face immediately darkened. He then corrected Han Shuxin’s address of him and said, “You should call him auntie.”

Han Shuxin had an expression that said “you lied to me” and angrily said, “Aunties are female. Older brother is a male. Uncle, you’re lying to me.”

Han Junzhan was helpless and said, “Then call him uncle.”

Han Shuxin didn’t listen. “No, I’ll call him older brother. Xinxin is going to marry older brother when I grow up. I don’t want to marry uncle.”

Han Junzhan felt a cross-popping vein forming on his forehead as he blurted out in a smooth manner, “He’s going to be my wife, so he can’t marry you.”

This was the first time Han Junzhan had made Luo Lingxing’s identity clear. Although the whole Han family knew of this matter, this was the first time Han Junzhan had admitted it so it was a bit incredible.

Even Han Junzhan didn’t realize that this would be the first thing he would say after hearing his niece say that he wanted to marry Luo Lingxing.

“Uncle, you liar. Older brother is a man and Uncle is also a man. How can older brother become your wife?” Han Shuxin still didn’t believe  him.

“Then what will make you believe me?” Han Junzhan really didn’t know how to interact with children and his patience was about to run out.

Han Shuxin tilted her small head and seriously thought about it before saying, “Daddy and Mommy will always kiss on the lips. Daddy said you can only kiss the person you like on the lips.”

Han Junzhan didn’t think about it and directly embraced Luo Lingxing in his arms and pressed down towards those rosy lips. He had originally planned on a light kiss and part as soon as their lips touched, but the soft touch seemed to have enchanted him. He couldn’t help but caress him, stretching out the tip of his tongue, as he was enticed to enter deeper.

Luo Lingxing was originally standing by the side, watching the show, but he didn’t expect the fire to land on his body in the end. Before he was able to react, he became flustered by the other party’s kiss that insistently became deeper. His whole body became soft inside the other’s embrace.

Although Luo Lingxing had lived more than a thousand years in his previous life, he was still just a spring chicken. He had protected his first kiss this whole time, not to mention that he lost it to such a deep kiss. His legs went soft and couldn’t support his body any more and his brain couldn’t react at all.

It wasn’t until he felt that the person in his arms had almost stopped breathing that Han Junzhan ended the kiss that he had wished to last longer. In the end, he didn’t forget to flaunt to Han Shuxin by saying, “Do you see now?”

Han Shuxin’s eyes widened, her cheeks puffing out in anger and her small arms madly pounded at Han Junzhan before she coldly made a sound, “Hmph!”

However, when she turned to Luo Lingxing, her expression immediately changed. She blinked her large eyes as she stretched out her arms and cutely said, “Older brother, hug.”

Luo Lingxing completely couldn’t resist the cuteness power of the little girl. Once he regained some strength in his legs, he picked up the girl who was begging for a hug.

Then, under everyone’s surprised gaze, Han Shuxin quickly placed a kiss on Luo Lingxing’s lips. Afterwards, she looked at Han Junzhan with a pleased expression and said triumphantly, “This time, older brother is also Xinxin’s.”

Han Junzhan suddenly felt like he wanted to immediately throw this little girl out of the Han residence if not for Aunt Lin quickly stopping this once she saw the situation.

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  1. Calling yourself by your own name is a cute way to refer to yourself. A lot of children will refer to themselves in third person. ↩︎

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