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Luo Lingxing was actually not as calm as he looked since he hadn’t used pure martial arts to compete with someone in close to a thousand years so he was a bit out of practice. The martial arts he used were ones that were taught by his imperial brother’s previous bodyguard. Ever since he started cultivating, he rarely used it again. He never thought that the next time he would use it again would be now.

“Oh…” Luo Lingxing couldn’t help but snort. It wasn’t that he was beaten down by Zheng Hexu, but that his body had reached its endurance limits.

Sure enough, his physique wasn’t good. A grade D physique was too limiting. Originally, Luo Lingxing was very excited, and the more they wrestled, the more worked up he got. Therefore, he didn’t want it to end so soon, but his body had already given its warning. Even if he didn’t want it to end, his body couldn’t endure it anymore.

As a result, Luo Lingxing quickly and fiercely kicked Zheng Hexu, kicking the tall and burly man directly out of the fighting ring, and ending the match.

And Zheng Hexu, who was currently lying on the ground, had a brilliant expression. In the end, he was completely helpless.

He had originally thought that the other party was about the same level as him and that he had a chance to win. In the end, that final kick made him completely understand that this guy was purely playing with him earlier and hadn’t used his full strength. It was simply too depressing!

The onlookers were completely stunned. The soldiers who weren’t aware of his physical rank looked at Luo Lingxing with a gaze full of admiration. However, the soldiers who knew his body’s condition were looking at him like he was a god.

Even Han Junzhan didn’t expect Luo Lingxing to be so powerful, but he had always been good at controlling his expression. Therefore, others couldn’t tell what he was thinking by looking at his expression.

However, he wouldn’t say these words to Luo Lingxing.

“Let’s go to the Imperial Capital Plaza’s Emperor Star Cinemas, then we’ll get some food,” Han Junzhan proposed.

These were strategies that he had urgently looked up online. He had directly copied them for Luo Lingxing. He was completely unaware that these strategies also carried along the sentence: Dating essential strategies.

Luo Lingxing never had any dating experience in his previous life. Therefore, he didn’t know that these were things couples did as dates, so he nodded in agreement.

The two arrived at Imperial Capital Plaza. This was the Emperor Star’s largest and most famous shopping plaza. They had everything you could think of, and there was basically nothing that you couldn’t buy here.

“What do you want to buy?” Luo Lingxing asked Han Junzhan.

Han Junzhan shook his head. He didn’t have anything he needed to buy. He normally didn’t have high requirements for material items, and the items they needed at home, they had someone to specially buy it for them. Therefore, he would rarely go shopping himself.

Luo Lingxing: “…”

Since he didn’t need to buy anything, why did they come to a shopping place? To just look around?

Luo Lingxing was a bit helpless as he looked at the dazzling items lined up in the stores. They were completely different from what he’d seen in his previous life. Just by looking at them, they already looked very good.

Therefore, the two people who didn’t need to buy anything walked around the plaza, shoulder to shoulder, as they looked and admired around.

“Does this look good?” a woman pointed to a small delicate object and asked the man by her side.

“Mn, it’s pretty.” The man nodded, then continued to say, “Do you like it? If you do, we’ll buy it.”

“Mn, I love it,” the girl said bashfully.

Afterward, the man took the item to pay for it, then gave it to the woman. The woman happily wrapped her arms around the man’s neck and leaned up to give him a huge kiss. The two left hand in hand soon after.

Seeing this scene, Han Junzhan’s expression deepened, lost in thought.

“Let’s go upstairs,” Luo Lingxing said.


The second floor was even bigger and had even more items, and it was easier for someone to become dazzled. However, for someone seeing it all for the first time like Luo Lingxing, he thought it was very novel. He walked all around to look and didn’t find it boring.

Han Junzhan looked at the excited Luo Lingxing, and the corners of his mouth involuntarily lifted up.

“Wow, this is really pretty,” a woman’s voice landed in Luo Lingxing’s ear. He lifted his head and saw another couple standing in front of him.

The woman had lifted her head to look at the item she wanted, then looked at the man. She then bought the item without any hesitation and gave it to the man.

The man seemed to not expect the woman to have bought the item for him, and was overwhelmed with happiness for a bit.

“For you. Thank you for tutoring me before or else I would have failed the exam,” the woman said to the man with a smile.

“You don’t need to give me anything. By tutoring you, I’m reviewing at the same time.” the man rubbed his head with embarrassment, then gave the gift back to her.

“How will that do? You weren’t obligated to help me study. If you don’t accept this small gift from me, how could I have the shame to ask you for help in tutoring in the future?”

The man slightly pouted, pretending to be unhappy.

Sure enough, the man became anxious and hurriedly accepted the gift. The two smiled while looking at each other and continued shopping.

When Luo Lingxing heard these words, something seemed to flash in his eyes so quickly that others couldn’t catch it.

In the end, the two that both said didn’t need to buy anything each bought something, then carried it to the highest floor of the shopping plaza. Emperor Star’s cinema was located here.

Imperial Capital’s cinema showed movies exactly the same way as they did in the 21st century, so it was a retro-style cinema.

In this era, science and technology has already reached a certain degree. According to reason, these kinds of cinemas should have already been eliminated a long time ago. However, everyone was very interested in the past. Therefore, everyone liked retro things, and  even tried to pursue retro customs and the like. Because of this, this cinema was very popular.

“What do you want to see?” Han Junzhan asked.

Luo Lingxing saw a large screen in front of the cinema, which constantly scrolled through the movies that were currently being screened. Luo Lingxing hadn’t heard of the majority of them, much less what the movies were about.

“I don’t know. You choose.” Luo Lingxing left the choice to Han Junzhan.

In fact, Han Junzhan didn’t know what these movies were about either. And in the end, he chose by the movie name, and picked one called <Titan Passenger1>. According to the title, this movie should be about battleship warfare or something similar.

After choosing the movie, they purchased the movie tickets and the two lined up to wait for admission.

The people in front of them were all couples, and many people casted curious glances at them, especially the girls. After they sneaked a few glances, they would excitedly say something to their companions or boyfriends, then sneak another few glances and chatter again. If the line hadn’t reached them soon after, Han Junzhan might have pulled Luo Lingxing to leave.

Only after entering the theater and the movie started playing had Han Junzhan realized why the women’s eyes were so excited when looking at them. It was because, while he thought this movie was a war movie, in actuality, it was a romance movie. Moreover, it was a tragic romance.

The people who watch romance films were usually couples. Although same sex marriage had long been legalized in this world, it was still rarely seen. Especially since Han Junzhan and Luo Lingxing had very high attractive levels, so it wasn’t strange for the girls to be so excited.

Luo Lingxing and Han Junzhan weren’t interested in romance films. As they watched, their eyelids felt a bit heavy. However, Han Junzhan’s strong self-control made it so that even if he was bored, his expression wouldn’t change. However, Luo Lingxing didn’t have that self-control.

Cultivators paid importance to moving with the heart. Cultivating was an artistic concept, and will not strongly fight against their instincts. Therefore, as Luo Lingxing watched, his eyelids felt even heavenly until they completely closed. His body also leaned to one side.

Han Junzhan sat straight up, his eyes focused to the front. However, he kept observing Luo Lingxing through the corner of his eyes, and seeing that Luo Lingxing had leaned over to one side and onto another man’s shoulder, he suddenly felt a bit depressed. He reached out his hand and gently helped him up again, and as he took back his hand, he “accidentally” pulled Luo Lingxing to lean toward himself, making him lean on his own shoulder. After this, his mood was finally better.

The movie played for a full two hours and Luo Lingxing slept for an hour and a half. When the movie finished, Luo Lingxing finally woke up.

Seeing that the movie screening was only, Luo Lingxing felt a bit embarrassed about sleeping through it.

“It’s fine. We’ll watch something interesting next time. This movie is too old,” Han Junzhan comforted, even though he rarely did this.

Luo Lingxing hurriedly nodded, indicating that he definitely wouldn’t sleep next time.

“Let’s go eat upstairs,” Han Junzhan suggested, and Luo Lingxing didn’t refuse.

There was a restaurant at the top floor of Imperial Capital plaza, and many couples who had just finished watching a movie would like to come here to eat.

Since neither of them liked sitting in the main dining hall and being watched by others, they specifically requested a private room.

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  1. The author is probably talking about The Titanic but didn’t want to violate copyright infringement ↩︎

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