IMG Chapter 81 Exchanging Gifts

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Imperial Capital Plaza was one of the most popular places in the Emperor Star, so it received a lot of visitors everyday. Moreover, the restaurant on the top floor of the Imperial Capital Plaza became the favorite place for these customers to rest and dine.

It was almost mealtime, and so there were a lot of customers eating there. Han Junzhan and Luo Lingxing were pretty lucky and managed to get the last private room.

“What would you two like to order?” the server stood at the side and respectfully asked.

Han Junzhan handed the menu to Luo Lingxing and motioned for him to order.

Luo Lingxing flipped through the exquisitely made menu. Seeing all the fine food, he said, “This, this, and this…”

In fact, Luo Lingxing wasn’t familiar with the names of these dishes, but there were thankfully pictures underneath the name of the dishes. Since he was able to see the pictures, he ordered four dishes and one soup all at once.

“Please wait a bit. We will serve your dishes soon,” the server gently smiled as they wrote down the dishes ordered, then respectfully exited the private room.”

“I’m going to the bathroom,” Han Junzhan stood and said.

Luo Lingxing nodded. As he was the only one left in the private room, he became bored and opened his terminal to scroll on Weibo.

Scrolling Weibo had become his new hobby after he had opened a Weibo account. Seeing what other people posted and the comments that their followers left was very interesting, and it was a good way to pass the time when he was bored.

“Little prince, look at your poor Weibo. It only has two posts. We’re not begging you to send a post a day, but at least post once every few days so that we have a reason to lick the screen. TAT”

”Little prince, I’m kneeling down and begging you to post. Our spiritual food is all gone already.”

“Little prince, have you accepted a new role recently? I watched ‘The Enchantress’ three times!”

“I’ve seen it 10 times already, but should I say this?”

”I didn’t watch it that much, just a couple dozen times.”

“Little prince’s interaction with the sect leader inside the film is so adorable. There must be love there!”

“Of course. The little prince who doesn’t know martial arts was protected by the sect leader who’s a martial arts expert. Isn’t this the normally seen ‘special relationship’?”

“The others who were beside the sect leader all protect the sect leader. But when the little prince was beside the sect leader, he was the one being protected by the sect leader. It’s too cute! I accidentally fell into the Yang-Luo ship.”

“Same, I’m also a Yang-Luo fan. Some fellow sisters even compiled sweet Yang-Luo clips. You want me to point the way to it?”

“Wowow… Yang-Luo is too cute. I really want Luoluo and God Meng to join a TV program together so that they can send us more sweets our way. I don’t mind getting cavities.”

Luo Lingxing looked at the comment from the girl who kept saying “Yang-Luo ship” with confusion. What did Yang-Luo mean? Why was everyone so excited when they mentioned it and even talked about pointing to where the sweet compilations were? Luo Lingxing had wanted to understand it more but realized that the door of the private room just opened, and he subconsciously looked up.

“Why is it you?” The person standing at the door of the private room clearly didn’t expect Luo Lingxing to be inside and exclaimed in shock.

Luo Lingxing had a good look at the person who came. His brow furrowed tightly, and it was clear that he was also unhappy.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. We couldn’t stop them,” a server bowed his head as he apologized to Luo Lingxing, feeling very anxious.

This was already considered to be disturbing the guests’ meal. If the guests reported to the managers, his monthly bonus would disappear. In this situation, he couldn’t help but silently curse the two who had suddenly charged inside.

“Heh, are you able to afford the food here? Don’t embarrass yourself later. I’m in a good mood today, so just give me this private room.” The overbearing words were smoothly delivered, and it was clear that these words were said many times before. When Su Lingping saw Luo Lingxing’s expression, he felt even more disdain.

Since Su Lingping had spoken these words, it was obvious that he had forgotten what happened at the dealership when Luo Lingxing bought two high-end hover cars at once. The month spent on those cars was enough for him to eat at this restaurant everyday for over a month.

Luo Lingxing ignored Su Lingping and looked at the server instead, his expression full of dissatisfaction.

The server was even more anxious than him, and said to Su Lingping, “Sirs, there are no more private rooms. Please return to the main hall to have your meal there or else you can wait a bit for a private room to open up.”

Su Lingping was clearly dissatisfied with the server’s words and loudly berated, “Do you know who I am? And do you know who this person is? Is this the kind of service you guys provide? You allow in someone who may not even have enough money to pay the bill? Aren’t you afraid that he’ll do a dine-and-dash?”

“Dear customer, I’m very sorry, but please come out for a moment. Please don’t disturb the other customers’ meal.” The server was very dissatisfied at Su Lingping’s overbearing criticisms, but the people who were able to eat here were all rich and influential. They were all people he couldn’t provoke.

“How dare you speak to me like that! Trust me when I say I’ll have your manager fire you right now.” Su Lingping was furious when he heard the server’s words. No one had even spoken to him like that before.

“Xiao Ping, don’t get angry. It’s not worth getting angry over this kind of person. Go call your manager here,” the man standing by Su Lingping comforted him before saying to the server.

“What’s going on?” a deep and imposing voice suddenly came from behind causing everyone to subconsciously turn to the speaker.

When Han Junzhan came out of the bathroom, he heard people arguing over here. He quickened his speed, and when he saw uninvited people standing at the door of his private room, his face immediately became gloomy.

As a soldier, his aura was a lot stronger than the average person. And adding on the fact that he rarely smiled or spoke, and along with his iceberg face, no one dared to come close to him. His face was currently gloomy, causing others to feel even more alarmed, and making their legs tremble.

Su Lingping was actually a bit terrified when he saw Han Junzhan. However, thinking that it would be very embarrassing to act scared in front of the person he liked, he tried to raise his spirits. “I was just saying. How could someone who has been expelled from the Su Family afford to eat here? So you’re leeching off of someone else,” he said to Luo Lingxing.

Su Lingping deliberately laced his words with malice. He wanted Han Junzhan to know exactly what kind of identity the person next to him had, and that was a loser that the Su Family had abandoned and expelled. Someone who had no right to stand by such a person like him.

Han Junzhan’s gaze quickly shot to Su Lingping. That sharp gaze full of murderous intent made Su Lingping’s legs soft, and he directly fell to the ground, completely lost in thought.

“Major General Han, my apologies. I didn’t know you were here. I’ll apologize to you on behalf of Xiao Ping. Your meal will be my treat. Consider it compensation,” Xi Liangqing, who had been standing by Su Lingping’s side, said with a smile.

“Get lost!” Han Junzhan didn’t care and coldly spit out these two words. He closed the private room door in front of the two people. Luo Lingxing didn’t speak from start to finish, and his expression didn’t even change except at the very beginning.

The server stopped paying attention to those two as well and went to serve the other guests. Su Lingping and Xi Liangqing, who were left behind, felt very humiliated, especially Su Lingping.

“Ah’Qing1, the person just now was the Major General?” Su Lingping asked in disbelief, feeling a bit lucky inside his heart.

How could someone like Luo Lingxing know the Major General?

“Han Junzhan, Major General Han,” Xi Liangqing slowly said. He still had a bit of lingering fear.

Although Su Lingping didn’t recognize him, he (XLQ) was able to recognize him (HJZ) with a glance. Han Junzhan wasn’t a stranger to the citizens of this world. Although a Major General wasn’t as recognizable as celebrities from the entertainment industry, Han Junzhan was different. He was the youngest Major General in history and was also very handsome. For this reason, many people considered him a male god as well as a hero.

”How is that possible? H-how does he know Han Junzhan? How does trash like him know Han Junzhan?” Su Lingping said in disbelief.

Although he didn’t recognize him at first, he’d heard a famous name like Han Junzhan before. That person entered the military at 15 years old, and at 18, he led the first legion to fight against the zergs. He seized total victory and made his name famous from that one battle. And especially since he became the Major General at such a young age, this person was a legendary existence. How could a person like that be with Luo Lingxing?

Su Lingping really couldn’t accept this news. Moreover, the atmosphere on the other side of the door wasn’t affected by them. They acted like nobody had come in earlier.

While they were waiting for the dishes to be served, Han Junzhan and Luo Lingxing acted as if they had a tacit understanding and picked up the shopping bag beside them at the same time, then handed it to the other person.

“For you,” the two said in unison. They then looked at the shopping back that was given to them, and both became stunned.

The shopping bag contained the items they had bought downstairs.

Originally, they thought the other party liked the item so they bought it. They never expected that they had bought it as a gift for them.

After being stunned for a bit, the two smiled at each other and exchanged gifts. The atmosphere became even more harmonious.

“Thank you for helping me set up a fitness plan during this period of time. I feel like my body has gotten a lot stronger,” Luo Lingxing sincerely thanked him. The gift was his gift of gratitude. He felt that if he had to shoot a film in the future, he wouldn’t be as weak as he was before. At the very least, if he had an all day shoot, at the end of the day, he wouldn’t feel so weak that he couldn’t even stand up.

Of course, he still needed to continue exercising in the future as well.

“You’re welcome. It’s what I should do.” The corners of Han Junzhan’s mouth tilted up. He wasn’t stingy with his smiles this time as he gently rubbed the top of the bag with his finger. It was clear that he was in a very good mood. Very quickly, the food was served. The disturbance from before was very quickly thrown to the back of their minds. Han Junzhan didn’t ask who those people were either or how they knew each other. To him, those two were merely just passersby.

This place was really worthy of being a top-notch restaurant. Although the food was expensive, it was very delicious. Ever since Luo Lingxing came to this world, he was either eating at home or cooking for himself. He hadn’t had the chance to eat out yet. Now that he had a taste, he thought that the food of this world was very good.

After eating, Han Junzhan didn’t know what he should do next since the strategy only had so many options. Moreover, he never experienced going out with someone before, so he naturally didn’t know what they should do. And so, he brought him home.

As soon as Luo Lingxing entered the door, he saw a large ball running towards him. “Big brother…Where did you go? Xinxin was so bored at home by myself.”

“I went to train,” Luo Lingxing reached out to catch Han Shuxin and said.

“Big brother, bring Xinxin with you the next time you go training,” Han Shuxin said coyishly. Luo Lingxing was instantly struck by the cuteness.

Han Junzhan watched the two hug, cross-popping veins popping on his forehead again. As he thought, they shouldn’t have come home so early.

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  1. The Ah’ in front of someone’s name is used to show affection and closeness. ↩︎

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